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Christensen, Larsen Mar. 2009


Bachenberg 11 June 2014

Riepe 11 June 2014

Heitmeier, Gosling/Gesling

Pogemiller 1 July 2014

Teachman 8 January 2015

A website devoted to Teachmans.


William H. Miller 31 December 2013

(Miller and Biggerstaff pages share information)

Samuel Biggerstaff 18 June 2015

Mann and Kise 14 June 2012

The four main branches of the Dan and Joan family tree reflect the American melting pot. Shurtliff and Teachman are English in origin. Gallagher, of course, is Irish and Bachenberg, German. There are also a few Danes and Swedes thrown in for good measure and probably some nationalities we have yet to discover.

Dan is the son of Darrell and Kathleen Shurtliff and the grandson of James and Anna (Larsen) Shurtliff and Edward and Hazel (Moore) Gallagher. Joan is the daughter of Carl and Dorothy (Teachman) Bachenberg and the granddaughter of Ray and Nellie (Riepe) Bachenberg and William and Elizabeth (Mann) Teachman.

We keep looking for a famous connection - or even an infamous one - and have yet to find either (of course that depends on your definition of "famous"). Mostly we're business people, farmers and laborers just trying to get along and make our corner of the world a better place to live. The thing we probably most have in common is the building pictured above.

Almost every family has at least one place where members settled, lived, married neighbors (and friends) and truly has a "family tree". For Dan, that most recent place could be the Danes of Big Flats, Adams County, Wisconsin. For Joan, it could be the Germans of of Des Moines County, Iowa. As secure as that feeling of family may be, it may also get complicated as the branches and twigs intertwine.

Please note that stories are important in pointing a direction to research and a number of word-of-mouth histories have been included for that reason. Also note that these stories may include some (or many) inaccuracies. The researcher may judge accuracies or inaccuracies for him/herself.

Keep track of the ball and you'll keep track of the branch you're on. Just remember this is a work in progress. If you decide you want to find out more or make a connection, just email us and we'll get back to you. Enjoy the trip.

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