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The registers of this church, opened in 1864, were all lost during WWII. I am compiling a list of marriages that took place in this church from various other sources: Civil marriage certificates; newspaper marriage notices; notes in baptism registers of other churches - the vast majority of the references are from this last named source.

In 1908 the Catholic Church passed a canon law that said that only a marriage that took place in a Catholic church would be considered binding. From that date, the parties to the wedding would be required to produce a certificate of Catholic baptism, and when they applied for one at the church they were baptised in, the priest would often make a note in the baptism register. Some churches started using special registers that had spaces for marriage and confirmation details to be entered at a later date.

Many people who married at St.Alexander's church were not baptised there, so I have searched the baptism registers of nearby churches and extracted details of anyone who was later married at St.Alexander's. I now have details of almost 600 marriages, including one person who was baptised as far away as Kilbroney, Co.Down, Ireland.

Obviously, this is an ongoing project and if anyone has certificates or information that I do not have on my list, and would not object to my adding to the database, please get in touch with me at my email address.




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