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OSHUA SHERMAN, b. Aug. 12, 1804, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
Looking for parents of Joshua Sherman.   Possible father to Joshua is JAMES SHERMAN.
RESEARCHER:  Gordon H. Green --  --  (Aug 30, 2000)  

For some time I have had a request for the parents of Joshua Sherman b Aug 2, 1804 in Chautauqua Co., NY. After writing an E mail in late January,  I received a referral to a Sue Kulp.  I wrote her an E Mail  and on Feb 3rd 2001 I received an E Mail with 3+ pages of Quaker Meeting Notes.  It contained all the information I needed, it took the line back to England and also a side line to the Mayflower.

Gordon & Rosalynd Green
June 29, 2001

, b. abt 1854/55, CT (?), d. January, 1947, Kansas City, MO (?)
  Chester, Harry E., Valentine, Louie Roscoe (my father, born 1905); Edwin (born 1908), and Shirley
COMMENTS:  It is my understanding that Louie Sherman was born in Connecticut, moved to Kansas City, MO (when?). He owned a munitions factory in Kansas City, MO. It is my understanding that he is related to Roger Sherman, but I am very uninformed as to how to go about finding out detailed info. Any help? 

  Jennifer Sherman Mann <> 2001-01-09 

A Shermans of Yaxley member shared the following information on LOUIE ARTHUR SHERMAN and his family.

1910 Census for Kansas City, Missouri
SHERMAN, LOUIE A., age 50, b. Illinois
Alta (wife), age 38, b. Illinois
Chester C., age 14, b. Kansas
Lucile, age 12, b. Kansas
Valentine, age 7, b. Missouri
Louie R., age 5, b. Missouri
Edwin (young), b. Missouri

1920 Census for Kansas City, Missouri
Another son was added to the family - William, b. about 1913
Chester was then the head of his own family:
SHERMAN, Chester, age 24
Izetta (wife)
Edith (age 6)
Elmer (age 4)

January 15, 2001

GLANCY SHERMAN, b. before 1920, Tennessee (?)
COMMENTS:  My paternal family was born and raised in Sequatchie TN -- the surrounding community around Jasper TN, about 30 miles west of Chattanooga. During the late 1920s or 1930s, MR. CLANCY SHERMAN arrived in Sequatchie and opened a handle factory. This company made handles for axes, hatchets, etc. and employed a large number of locals; his products were marketed around the world. Mr. Sherman built a beautiful home with front acreage and he and his wife lived alone in the huge house, and had no children. Mrs. Sherman had a car and driver, and she shopped locally, but about once a year she apparently visited New York and other great cities to shop. The handle factory was sold when Mr. Sherman was up in age; he preceded his wife in death, and she left her fortune when she died, to a lifelong companion and housekeeper, a lady who was a dwarf. In conversation this past holiday, our family spoke with affection of the Sherman's and how they had contributed to the community.  Apparently, the beautiful house was sold recently for only $32K in a state of disrepair, and was bought by a lawyer who is suppose to restore it. We were just wondering where Clancy Sherman originally came from, how he acquired his wealth, and curious about his family history.
RESEARCHER:  George Hoback <> 2001-01-09

George located a helpful book compiled by the Marion County Historical Society called "History of Marion County, Tennessee, Volume I", which gave a lot of information about GLANCY SHERMAN.   Copies of the book can be obtained from Curtis Media Corporation, 1931 Market Center Boulevard, Suite 105, Dallas, TX  75201, Phone:  (214) 651-1025.  Some of the details about Glancy in the book include:

GLANCY SHERMAN, b. October 10, 1862, Wellsburg, Erie County, PA, m. Jan. 3, 1906, Chattanooga, TN, d. Oct. 17, 1936, Sequatchie, TN (Glancy's Parents:  Harley and Ellen Lick Sherman, Glancy's Siblings:  Harriet and Samuel)
SPOUSE:  BERTHA ALICE TOWER, b. June 30, 1873, Ashtabula, OH, d. March 24, 1967, Sequatchie, TN
COMMENTS:  Glancy was a very successful businessman.  As a young man, he became interested in real estate and moved to Middlesboro, Kentucky, then to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He owned large parcels of timberland in Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee.  In 1889, Glancy came to Sequatchie, Tennessee and became president, treasurer, and general manager of Sequatchie Handle Works.

January 12, 2001

SHEARMAN, b. Aug. 8, 1685, Portsmouth, RI, d. Swansea, MA ?
ABRAHAM BAKER, b. 1681, Yarmouth, MA, (parents: Daniel and Elizabeth (Chase) Baker), d. Swansea, MA ?
CHILDREN: Stephen (b. 1798, m. Esther Buffum), John, Dinah (m. 1739, Jonathan Boyce), Rebecca (m. 1736, Ebenezer Boyce), Hannah (b. 1718, m. 1748 Obadiah Wheeler), Susanna (m. 1763 Benjamin Jones), Thankful (m. 1751 Johnathon Wheeler)
I descend from Mehitable Sherman's son, Stephen Baker. I have a lot of information on his line.
Joy Harrington <> 1997-06-01

I did find Mehitable and the vast family of Shermans that she is from .... it was just interesting that others had bits and pieces of info.  Some folks had down to her father's generation, but of course I didn't know who he was.  Some folks had a Mehitable but no further info or dates, so I wasn't sure if it was the same one.   Finally, I found info at the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, Rhode Island.  It's interesting to see that still people will daughter out a line so quickly when there is so much information.

Joy Harrington
April 21, 1999


I had become more interested in my "roots" as I became older and my grandfather, MYRON ADELBERT SHERMAN, had played a key role in my life.  He and I were "best friends" and I felt very guilty after having been the teenager who sat at his bedside helping him to grow stronger after a stroke, when he suffered another stroke that took his life.  Knowing his strength, determination, and stubborness, and that I did not carry his name because he was my mother's father, I became very determined to find the "Sherman" in me.

I have been a computer nut for years, but not an Internet nut - for the most part because I never really understood what it had to offer until I decided to take a chance and see.  I sat down one day, after working on my family genealogy on a program I had purchased, and subscribed to the Internet.  My first real investigation was to go to a directory - probably Yahoo - and type in GENEALOGY.  Wow!  I was impressed at the number of sites I could access and got really confused with the whole experience.  I did click on a couple personal home pages and thought that they know so much - how would I ever get there?  Then somehow, I don't even know how (isn't that the truth, sometimes even now) I got to a place that said put in the name of the family member you are looking for.  Well, I didn't have to think long there.  I typed in my grandfather's name, MYRON ADELBERT SHERMAN, JR.  After awhile, a page of Myron Adelbert Sherman's came up, with sources to click on for more information.   Well, thanks to the home pages of a very wonderful woman,  I found my entire family genealogy.  My cousin, MARGE SHERMAN LUTZVICK, had done a trememdous job, and I hurried and emailed her, ordered the book she had written, and began my adventure in bringing my grandfather back, closer to me than he had ever been.

I know my grandfather is proud of what I have done, and even prouder of the Sherman Family.  Now I not only have found my family, but I have become a new "bean" in the SOY (Shermans of Yaxley, England) Family.  I get newsletters, emails, and pictures regularly from different parts of my family and a sense of belonging.   I have given my kids more stories and a heritage along with family now, and I can leave my legacy for others to enjoy.  Thank you, Marge, and all of the Shermans of Yaxley for your research now and evergoing, and may I and others discover, learn, and benefit from your undertaking.

Jan Pierce Nottingham <>
(John, Thomas, John, Thomas, Henry Sr., Henry Jr., Samuel, Philip, Samuel, Ebenezer, David, Gideon, Harvey, Clark, Myron Sr., Myron Jr., Harriet)
May, 1999

SHERMAN,  b. 1835 or 1836, Fairfield, VT, m. (1) 1866, m. (2) 1881,  CO, m. (3) 1906, CO, d. 1912, Colorado Springs, CO
JENNIE GALER, b. 1843, d. 1877, Colorado Springs, CO (2) LOUISE B. GOULD, d. 1901, Colorado Springs, CO, and  (3) ISABELLA J. (PETTIT) DARRAUGH
CHILDREN: With Jennie Galer: Clarence Galer Sherman (b. 1867), Agnes Maud Sherman (b. 1869, my grandmother), and Gertrude Clarissa Sherman (b. 1870).   With Louise Gould: Marion H. Sherman (b. 1884),  Edith E. Sherman, and Ruth Sherman (Edith and Ruth probably died in infancy)
COMMENTS:   Looking for information on Linus' 3 children from his marriage to Louise Gould.
Margaret Burwell <> 1997-07-01

Recently, I decided to bite the bullet and hire a professional researcher in Salt Lake City.  It has proved to be money well spent.  I now have an extensive record of Linus' life in Colorado Springs, CO, and documentation of his children, Clarence and Marion, who moved on from there to California.  So, I have updated my query, based on the new information I've obtained.  (See "Ongoing Queries")

Margaret Burwell
July 18, 1999

SHERMAN, b. abt 1850
  Adrian Fisher Sherman, Sr., b. abt. 1890, Kansas (see separate query), and Edith Sherman
COMMENTS:  Adrian C. Sherman was my great-grandfather.  He was a drummer boy in the Civil War.  He was also a Knight of Templar, and I have his sword with his name on it.
 Adrian Craig Sherman <> 2000-03-01

SHERMAN, ADRIAN FISHER, Sr., b. abt 1870, Kansas (?), d. abt. 1924, Kansas
  Adrian Fisher Sherman, Jr. (b. 1918, Chicago, IL)
COMMENTS:  Adrian Fisher, Sr. was my grandfather.  He graduated from the University of Kansas in the 1890's, and practiced law in Topeka, Kansas until his death about 1924.
 Adrian Craig Sherman <> 2000-03-01

Shortly after posting my query, I was contacted by Art Cohan (  I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Art had information on my Sherman line, all the way back to HON. SAMUEL SHERMAN (1618 - 1700), one of the first Sherman immigrants from England, and even further back.  Art had already checked all the census data up to 1920 on my line of Shermans, so we have been rapidly exchanging information.  He also put me in touch with a distant cousin.  Thanks, Art!

Adrian Craig Sherman
April 14, 2000

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