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CHILDREN:  Elihu Sherman, others?
COMMENTS:  Would like to trace parents, children, siblings of Jabez Sherman.  I am a descendant of great-grandson, ALDEN SHERMAN, who lived in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, and married MARY ANN BARTON.
   Carol Harris Lonero --  (July, 1999)

JACOB SHERMAN, b. 1748, Plymouth, MA
CHILDREN:  Jacob Sherman
COMMENTS:  Looking for any information on Jacob Sherman b. 1748 Plymouth MA, son of Jacob,, grandson of David. I know he married Betty Williams but have been unable to find out anything else. Believe he had a son Jacob who immigrated to PA but gotta prove it! Thanks! 
RESEARCHER:  Patti --  (May 8, 1999)

JACOB HAVEN SHERMAN, SR.,   b. Portsmouth, NH, d. 1850, St. Louis, MO
CHILDREN:  Lucinda (b. Nov. 14, 1809, NH), William Smith (b. Jan. 4, 1812, NH), Rebecca (b. Feb. 13, 1814, NH), Leverett R. (b. Feb. 14, 1818, Buffalo, NY), Jacob Haven Jr. (b. June 4, 1820, Buffalo, NY), John T. (b. June 11, 1823), Lothrop Blockman (b. June 17, 1825), Richard Hamilton (b. Sept. 11, 1827), Mary H. (b. Nov. 20, 1830)
COMMENTS:  Jacob was the son of RICHARD "HAM" HAMILTON SHERMAN, who fought in the Revolutionary War for New Hampshire.  We believe that Jacob was a boat captain.  We think Jacob's daughter, LUCINDA SHERMAN, may have married and lived in Massachusetts.   We need help finding information on Jacob's son and  daughter, WILLIAM SMITH SHERMAN and MARY H. SHERMAN, and their descendants.  We believe they stayed in St. Louis, Missouri.  (See separate queries for  REBECCA, LEVERETT, JACOB JR., and LOTHROP)
   Ruth Ganson Sherman --  (September, 1999)
JACOB HAVEN SHERMAN, SR., b. June 5, 1787, Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH
SPOUSE: REBECCA STEBBINS, b. July 20, 1787, Springfield, Hampden Co., MA
CHILDREN: Lucinda, William Smith, Rebecca, Leverett R., Jacob Haven Jr., John T., Lothrop Blockman, Richard Hamilton, Mary H.
Looking for information on Jacob Haven Sr.'s parents (father Richard Shearman - see separate query) and siblings and/or hearing from anyone interested in this family.
Sherry Sharp --  (April, 1999)
JACOB HAVEN SHERMAN, JR.,  b. June 4, 1820, Buffalo, NY, m. Dec. 15, 1853, St. Louis, MO
CHILDREN:  Paul William (b. March 11, 1855, Wallisville, TX, m. Nina Margaret Shelton), Emma Sherman (b. Jan. 1, 1860, Wallisville, TX, m. John Henry Scales), Edward Haven, (b. Jan. 15, 1863, Wallisville, TX, m. Nellie Shelton), and Sidney Scott Sherman (b. Dec. 25, 1857, Wallisville, TX, m. 1. Mary Annie Brunson, 2. Virginia Smith)
SIBLINGS:  Lucinda (b. Nov. 14, 1809, NH), William Smith (b. Jan. 4, 1812, NH), Rebecca (b. Feb. 13, 1814, NH), Leverett R. (b. Feb. 14, 1818, Buffalo, NY),  John T. (b. June 11, 1823), Lothrop Blockman (b. June 17, 1825), Richard Hamilton (b. Sept. 11, 1827), Mary H. (b. Nov. 20, 1830)
COMMENTS:  We need help finding information on Jacob Jr.'s siblings, WILLIAM SMITH SHERMAN and MARY H. SHERMAN, and their descendants.  We believe they stayed in St. Louis, Missouri.  (See separate queries for  Jacob Jr.'s father, JACOB HAVEN SR., and his siblings, REBECCA,  LEVERETT., and LOTHROP)
  Ruth Ganson Sherman --  (September, 1999)
SARAH, b. 1830, KY
CHILDREN: Paul (b. 1857, TX), Andrew (b. 1857, TX), Virginia (b. 1859, TX)
In 1860, this family was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX. They were not there in 1870.
Sherry Sharp  --  (April, 1999)

JAMES SHARMAN, b. 1798, Wenhaston, Suffolk, England, m. 18 Oct 1821
  MARY KERISON (or Kerrison), b. 25 Oct 1801,  Wenhaston, Suffolk, England. 
  They had 9 children all born in Suffolk (Wenhaston & Halton). They came to and remained in Quebec, Canada. I understand that James had 2 brothers, George and John. 
George was convicted of poaching and shipped to Australia for imprisonment. John was personal servant to one of the English nobility. He and his master found a sum of money after the Battle of Waterloo which was deposited in the Court of Chancery. John died young and the family were not able to prove ownership through inability to declare their relatives four generations back.
  Lavern Klatt <lklatt@TheOffice.NET>

JAMES SHERMAN,  b. mid-1700's
CHILDREN:  Adonijah Sherman
I am looking for information regarding James Sherman, father of Adonijah, who might have served in the Revolution. I have the record of Adonijah and understand that there is a record for James. My line continues through Adonijah Jr on to Benjamin Sherman, who went to Georgia in the early to mid 1800's. He married in Georgia and many of his descendents still live in Georgia. I have access to the Sherman Family Bible that shows Adonijah's family.
RESEARCHER:  Anne Simmons -- (Sep 16, 1999)

JAMES SHERMAN,  b. Nov. 11, 1829, Genesse Co., NY, 
SPOUSE:  KATE TOMPKINS, b. Nov. 29, 1830
CHILDREN:  Rosa and Clara
COMMENTS:  James and his father, REUBEN SHERMAN, farmed in LaSalle Co., IL, near Streator.  See separate query for REUBEN SHERMAN, b. 1808)
 Diane Sherman Heuring  --  (September, 1999)
JAMES SHERMAN,  b. abt. 1780, Clinton, OH, or North Carolina 
CHILDREN:  Jane (b. Feb. 20, 1806) (See separate query.)
COMMENTS:  James was in Ohio by 1820.
  John Dwyer  --   (September, 1999)
JAMES SHERMAN , b. Jan. 12, 1820, Mansfield, OH, d. Sept. 26, 1882, Frederick Co., VA
SPOUSE:  ANGELINE NEWCOME (or NEWCOMB), b. Aug. 26, 1824, d. April 20, 1896
CHILDREN:  Emily Catherine, Artimitia McC, Victoria Eugene, Winfield Scott, Columbus W., Mary E., Harry A., Frances Ann "Fanny", and Merniva B.
SIBLINGS:  Maria, Rebecca, Mary E., and Charles L.
  Emily Catherine Sherman was my great grandmother.  She married SAMUEL NEWTON GRIM, and they lived in or around Winchester, VA, until moving to Baltimore, MD.  I'm looking for any information on her father JAMES SHERMAN, or her grandfather, ROBERT SHERMAN.
Joyce --   (July, 1999)  

JAMES CALVIN SHERMAN, b. Feb. 29, 1872, Hardy Co., W.VA
SPOUSE:  SARAH ELVIRA STURGEON, m. Nov. 8, 1890, Green Co., OH
I need to know James'  parents' names and birthdates.   We don't have much information on James.  Thanks for your help.
RESEARCHER:  Barbara Hampton --  (Jul 11, 1999)

JAMES DARWIN SHERMAN b. Aug. 11, 1831, Saratoga Co., NY, d. May 25, 1863, Battle of Vicksburg
COMMENTS:  Looking for any information on James and his wife.  
RESEARCHER:  K --  (May 2, 1999)

JAMES IRVINE SHERMAN, b. 1805, Newberry Co., South Carolina, d. March 12, 1879,  Maydell, Cherokee Co., Texas, 
SPOUSE:  TOBITHA LUCINDA HENDRICKS, b.1813, Newberry Co., South Carolina.
CHILDREN:  Permelia Jane Sherman, b. Jan. 3, 1836, Coweta Co. Georgia, m. Thomas P. ODOM, Nov. 16, 1854, Rusk, Cherokee Co., Texas.
COMMENTS:  Any info. on parents of James Irvine and/or Tobitha Lucinda and/or sibling info on any of these three gratefully appreciated. Happy to share my info.
RESEARCHER:  < >  2003-07-22
JAMES IRVINE SHERMAN,  b. 1779, Newberry, South Carolina
SPOUSE:  CATHERINE IRVING, b. 1783, Newberry, South Carolina
CHILDREN:  James Irvine, b. 1805, Newberry, South Carolina
COMMENTS:  I am in search of James and Catherine's parents.
   Betty Dours --  (September, 13, 1999)
JAMES MARK SHERMAN, b. 1800's, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Illinois
CHILDREN:  Ella, and 4 other children
I am looking for any information about James M. Sherman. He was a Methodist-Episcopal Minister. He attended a seminary in Illinois. After graduation, he was sent to Indian Territory (I assume Oklahoma and Texas) as a circuit preacher. James was, reportedly, either the son or grandson of Senator John Sherman.

James M. Sherman loved preaching, fast horses (in case the sermon wasn't well-received), and played the violin. He had five children. His wife, name unknown, was an English emigrant. They lived in Central Texas by the 1890's.

Ella Sherman, their daughter, was my great grandmother. Ella married William Selby Hardin (aka Bud Hardin) and they lived in Williamson County, TX. Their union produced one child, Violet Webb Hardin, my grandmother. William died about 1900 from gunshot complications. Family rumor has it that he joined the Rough Riders under an assumed name and was wounded while in Cuba, which may just be an attempt to legitimize being shot.

Any information or leads regarding James Mark Sherman and his lineage would be appreciated.

RESEARCHER:  Paul Kerr <> 2003-03-18
JAMES NEIL SHERMAN, b. November 27, 1910, Purcell, Oklahoma, d. October 10, 1990
COMMENTS:  I am looking for information on James Neil Sherman.  Thanks for any help that you can provide. 
RESEARCHER:  <  >  2003-07-22
JAMES SCHOOLCRAFT SHERMAN (former Vice President of the United States)
CHILDREN:  James Schoolcraft Sherman (m. Jane Morgan)
COMMENTS:  Thanks for the comprehensive information on the Sherman History. My husband, Scott Frances Sherman, is the son of James Schoolcraft Sherman & Jane Morgan. Vice President J. S. Sherman was his Great grandfather. I am working on a genealogy tree and the information found on the descendant pages helped fill in many blanks. The family has had a new generation begin in April, 2002 with the addition of Samuel Schoolcraft Sherman.
RESEARCHER:  Mollyanne Sherman <> 2002-12-10
JANE SHERMAN, b. December 2, 1831, New York, m. Jan. 21, 1850, Franklin County, Ohio, d. 1907, Boone, Wright County, Missouri
John, Edwina, Andrew J, Maratha, Orlando, Ada, Rosa Lee, Mary A, Harve C, and Dora B.
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestry of Jane Sherman. Believe her brother, Joel, was living with her in 1860 Somerford, Madison, Ohio census. Earlier research (1850) shows this Joel in Sharon, Worthington, Franklin, Ohio census with probably a widowed mother, Elizabeth, and married brother, Jasper. Ohio marriage record for both Jasper and Joel show different wives after 1860 and/or the original wives of earlier census records. Jane and James Eaton moved to Missouri and lived out their lives. They had 10 children, 7 alive in 1900 in Cedar, Dade, Mo and then Boone, Wright, Mo, where Jane dies in 1907...just before dc's are kept. Research in the actual area reveals her grave, and some ancestors that don't know of her parentage, siblings. 
RESEARCHER:  Brenda Parker <> 2002-04-04
JANE SHERMAN  b. Feb. 20, 1806, NC, d. Sept. 22, 1870, IA 
COMMENTS:  See separate query for Jane's father, JAMES SHERMAN, b. abt. 1780.
  John Dwyer --  (September, 1999)
JANE SHERMAN b. July 10, 1929, Bolton Landing, Warren Co., NY
COMMENTS: See separate queries for Jane's father, Theodore Sherman, and her grandfather, Fred Sherman.
Bill Perkins --  (June, 1998)
JANE SHERMAN, b. Dec. 29, 1830, m. June, 1850, Miami City, Ohio
SAMUEL S. LANE, b. Long Branch, New Jersey
COMMENTS: Who were Jane Sherman's parents and where did they come from ? Jane's mother may have been Mary Sherman.
Laurie Lane --  (April, 1999)
JANE SHERMAN, b. 1816, Ulster Co., New York, d. 1892, New York (?)
COMMENTS:  In the 1850's, Jane and Peter lived in Sullivan Co., New York. In 1880, they lived in Midland Co., Michigan.
Terri Bartley  --  (Sept. 1997)
JEFFERSON T. SHERMAN, b. abt.1815-1820
SPOUSE:  POLLY, d. March 8, 1849, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Huron
Catherine E. Sherman, m. HENRY CLAY DROWN and moved to Decater, Michigan area in 1865.
COMMENTS:  Looking for the parents of Jefferson T. Sherman, and the surname of his wife POLLY.  Jefferson T. and Polly were named on Catherine's death certificate. All are my grandparents and would be grateful for any info.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
JENKINS SHERMAN, b. 1762, Rhode Island, m. somewhere between Rhode Island and Onondoga Co., New York
CHILDREN:  Job Jenkins, m. ????? around Onondoga Co., New York
COMMENTS:  Jenkins and his family moved to Illinois about 1819. Can you help me on any of this? I have the genealogy going back on Jenkins, but do not know what happened to his siblings. I have descendant information on Job and who we believe are his brothers and sisters too. Thank you.  
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
JEROME D. or D. JEROME SHERMAN, b. July 19, 1831, Wayne County, New York, d.  died March 17, 1874
COMMENTS: Jerome's parents were DAVID H. SHERMAN and VELINA MARSH SHERMAN CASE.  My question is where did he die? New York? Wisconsin? After his father's death, Velina remarried to Daniel Case, and the family resided in Wisconsin. Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003--7-22
JESSE SEELEY SHERMAN, b. before 1858, New York (?)
CHILDREN:  STERLING SAMUEL SHERMAN, WILLIAM A SHERMAN, and DANIEL E SHERMAN (my great grandfather).  Daniel was born 3/11/1854 married Jeanette or Nettie Braymer, August 29, 1878.  She died in 1888 and he then married her sister, Mary L Braymer, in 1892.  They had a son named FRED E SHERMAN b. June 24, 1893 in Colorado.
COMMENTS:  I am looking for any information on JESSE SEELEY SHERMAN AND LUCINDA WOODARD SHERMAN.  He was a farmer in 1858 in Monroe's Meadow, New York, and then in 1868 moved to Salem, New York. He had a sawmill , flax mill and potato starch mill.   I would appreciate any information.  
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
JESSE SHERMAN b. 1795, New Jersey, m. 1818, Ovid, Seneca Co., New Jersey
COMMENTS:  Jesse moved to Thompkins/Ulysses Township, New Jersey  in early 1800's, before marrying Eunice Williams. (See separate query for JESSE SHERMAN'S grandfather, THOMAS SHERMAN (b. 1747).
   Deane Sherman --  (September, 1999)
JOB SHERMAN, b.1770, Rhode Island, m. 1792, Coventry, Connecticut, d. Mexico, New York
SPOUSE:  LUCY ROOT, b. 1772, Coventry, Connecticut, d. Mexico, New York
RESEARCHER:  Sally Maitland <> 2002-11-07
JOB SHERMAN, b. January 7, 1742, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, d. 1777, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (as a soldier in the Revolutionary War)
SPOUSE:  DEBORAH BRIGGS (daughter of Job Briggs)
CHILDREN:  Briggs Sherman, born January 6, 1765, died June 22, 1831
COMMENTS:  This information came from my grandmother, but she recently passed away. I am not even sure that your Shermans are related to Job. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.
RESEARCHER:   James M. Larrabee Jr. <> 2002-04-24

JOB SHERMAN, b. abt. 1788, Masonville, New York (?), d. 1860, Masonville, New York
CHILDREN:  Lewis, Diantha, and William
COMMENTS:  Do you have info on JOB SHERMAN,  such as parents, etc.? He lived and died in Masonville and Afton, New York, but may have moved to area with Vermont Sufferers. Have most of info from Job down to present, but can't seem to get any farther back. The land Job settled on was part of a tract of land given to HEZAKIAH BROAD, who was a Vermont Sufferer. Other names are Lewis, Schuyler, Henry C., Elauson, Harriet, Harry, Diantha, Robie, William Judson (went by the name of Judson), William Crandell, Ralph, all Shermans. Some records indicate he might have come from Windham Co., Connecticut. Can any one help? 

Millie (Sherman) Lockwood <> 2003-07-22 

SPOUSE:  NANCY (Former married name was BROWN, had son PERRY P. BROWN)
COMMENTS:  This family of Shermans lived in Greene Co., IL Carrolton.  In Land Record books B, p. 179, lists Nancy's son, PERRY P. BROWN, to be indentured out to James Meldrum.  Date on this record was May 27, 1826.  Anyone connected to this family?
Jean Sherman Friedman --   (July, 1999)

JOHN SHERMAN/SCHERMAN, b. Carroll Co., MD (?), m. March 29, 1775, Carroll Co., MD (?)
Looking for children of JOHN SCHERMAN/SHERMAN. Last known location was Carroll County, Maryland. 

Imogene Sawvell Davis <> 2001-02-05 

JOHN SHERMAN, b. March, 1862, Ohio
COMMENTS:  I am looking for the parent's of my g-g-grandfather, John Sherman. Census records state his date of birth as March, 1862 and both he and parents birth locations as being in Ohio. He was orphaned at a very young age and lived at the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio. He also is said to have had a sister, Jennie, who also stayed in the same orphanage (born 1865 according to census records) and possibly a brother named Andy. His parent's probably died at about the same time, possibly of one of the many epidemics that were common at that time. I estimate John's parent's death date as being between 1865 and 1875. My grandmother tells me her grandfather always said that the people at the orphanage told him he was somehow related to General William Sherman of Civil War fame. Previous researchers have found no records exist at the orphanage for the years he was there. Please send me any helpful info.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

JOHN SHERMAN, b. 1450, Diss, Norfolk, England, d. 1504
COMMENTS: I have traced my husband's family tree from published on-line trees starting (or ending) with his great-grandfather, FREDERICK DOWNER SKINNER and have run into some confusion.  I have JOHN SHERMAN (1450-1504, Diss, Norfolk) married to Agnes Fullen (or Fuller); John's father as THOMAS SHERMAN (1420 - 1504 or 1493, Yaxley) married to AGNES MELTON (1425 - 1437; Norfolk)...then one report had Thomas' father as HENRY SHERMAN (1390) married to Johanna (1395) but another listed Thomas' father as JOHN SHERMAN married to Mary Lance. Can anyone clear this up for me? It is very exciting to discover that he is connected to such an illustrious family. Thank you for your help
RESEARCHER:  Bev Lohm -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

JOHN SHERMAN, b. abt.1797, Connecticut, m. 1824, Morris Co., New Jersey
CHILDREN:  John Hinchman Sherman (b. 1827, Morris Co., New Jersey), Laury Sherman (b. 1834, Morris Co., New Jersey), Ile Sherman (b. 1837, Morris Co., New Jersey), Margaret Sherman (b. 1840, Lorain Co., Ohio)
COMMENTS:  I am searching for the parents of my GG grandfather, JOHN SHERMAN,  b. ca 1797 CT. He was in Morris Co., New Jersey by early 1820s.  They moved to Lorain Co., Ohio, where their last daughter, Margaret,  was born.  John Hinchman Sherman became a lawyer and was a Pottawattamie Co., Iowa Judge in 1856, when he married Nettie Smith.  John and Nettie had a  son,  William John Sherman, b. 1860, Council Bluffs, Iowa.  John Hinchman Sherman went to Denver, Colorado as a Circuit Court Judge and died of heat stroke in 1861.
Alice Sherman Neely <> 2003-03-03

JOHN SHERMAN b.1857, Denmark
CHILDREN:  Alvina Sherman (b. 1879), Georgie Sherman (b. 1896), Della Sherman (b. 1886), Josephine Sherman (b. 1888), Edward Sherman (b. 1892)
We would like to know if these people are in the Sherman line that is mentioned in this web page.  ALVINA SHERMAN was  my mother-law's mother.   
RESEARCHER:  Linda Condon --  (Feb 25, 2000)

I descend from Rev. John Sherman.  Looking for others who descend from this line.  
RESEARCHER:  Ivy Harrison -- LEAFOFPOISON@WEBTV.NET  (Oct 16, 1999)

JOHN SHERMAN, b. abt. 1797, S. Kingston, Rhode Island (?)
CHILDREN:  Sarah Waite Sherman ( b. Oct. 22, 1817, S. Kingston, RI, d. April 24, 1905, E. Holliston, MA) m. Abner Amos Fogg (b. April 19, 1809, N. Hampton, NH, m. July 3, 1837, Medway, MA, d. July 8, 1871, E. Holliston, MA)
I am trying to find more information on John Sherman married to Anna (maybe Waite). 
RESEARCHER:  Kathryn Fogg --  (Aug 23, 1999)

JOHN SHERMAN, b. abt. 1819, Orange Co., NY, d. Wayne Co., NY (?)
HARRIET BOWERS, b. abt. 1827, Cayuga County, NY, d. 1900, Wayne Co., NY
CHILDREN:  Frances (b. 1842, d. 1847), Abraham  (b. 1845), Rodney (b. 1848. d. 1849), Alfred (b. 1851), Amy (b. 1854), William (b. 1857), Mary (b. 1858), Allen (b. 1860, d. 1867), Edwin (b. 1862, d. 1867), Edward (b. 1864),  and Etta (b. 1866, d. 1867).  All the children were born in Wayne Co., NY
COMMENTS:  I'm looking for any additional information on these Shermans.  I'm willing to share the information I already have.
 Virginia Sherman Dorn  --  (March, 2000)
JOHN SHERMAN (or SHEARMAN), d. 1795, Caswell Co., NC
CHILDREN: Temperance (m. William Wallis, Sr., July 26, 1795, Caswell Co., NC), Elizabeth (m. John Burch, April 12, 1791, Caswell Co., NC), Catherine (m. William Thompson, Sr., abt. 1810)
I would like to know if THOMAS SHEARMAN (m. SARAH BURCH, Dec. 11, 1800, Caswell Co., NC) was the son of this John Sherman. The families of Thomas, Temperance, and Elizabeth moved to Russel Co., VA between 1800 and 1810, and then they moved to Clairborne Co., TN. Catherine's family was in Claiborne Co., TN by 1830.
Doug Sherman  --  (June, 1998)
JOHN SHERMAN, b. 1650/51, Stratford, CT
COMMENTS: John is a descendant of Hon. Samuel. Would like to know if anyone has the family name of John's wife, Elizabeth. (Also see separate query for John's grandson, Samuel Sherman)
Sherm Fulton  --  (June, 1998)
JOHN SHERMAN, (David, Ebenezer, Samuel, Hon. Philip), b. 1760, Tiverton, Rhode Island
SUSANNA, b. abt. 1762, Rhode Island, d. Aug. 23, 1826, East Palmyra, NY
CHILDREN: Pamela, John, Susan, Merritt, and Warren
 John and Susanna went to Cambridge, New York before 1790 where they lived for a while, then on to East Palmyra, New York in about 1795 where they lived until their deaths in 1826 and 1827.  Looking for information on John Sherman's wife, Susanna, i.e. maiden name and where they were married.
Earl M. Sherman  <>  2003-07-22
JOHN SHERMAN, b. 1812, IL ?, d. 1884
JANE BATES, b. 1814, d. 1900
CHILDREN: Sarah Ellen (b. Nov. 2, 1837, IL, d. 1934) , m. James Patterson Hoopingamer
James Patterson Hoopingamer was my gggrandfather.
Doris Olsen  --  (January, 1998)
RACHEL, b. 1832, KY
CHILDREN: Sarah F. (b. 1850, MO), Richard F. (b. 1852, MO), Hamilton (b. 1853, MO), Ellen A. (b. 1854, TX), Charles (b. 1856, TX)
In 1860, this family lived in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp --  (April, 1999)

JOHN DAVIS SHERMAN, b. Kaiser Valley, PA
COMMENTS:   My grandfather, and indeed much of our family, called Kaiser Valley, PA home. It was where my grandfather grew up and many relatives still reside. The running joke is everyone in the town is related, we just have to figure out to what degree. I wish I knew my great grandfather's name, but I don't. My grandfather's name was John Davis Sherman. If anyone can point me into the right direction to begin, I would appreciate it.
RESEARCHER:  Frederick A. Sherman --,  (Apr 7, 1999)

JOHN FORTUNE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1780, Ireland, d. Oct. 13, 1826, Hancock County, Georgia, m. Dec. 12, 1805
SPOUSE:  NANCY COLEMAN, b. Jan. 10, 1785  (parents:  Isham COLEMAN and Ann ROPER)
CHILDREN:  Louise* (b. Virginia), Frances (b. Nov. 15, 1807, Virginia), Robert Harrison (b. July 30, 1809, Virginia), Edwin T. (b. July 25, 1811, Virginia), Mary Ann Rebecca (b. Nov. 4, 1813, Virginia), John Withers (b. July 15, 1815, Georgia), Nancy Suranny "Vancy" (b. June 13, 1867, Georgia), Elizabeth (b. Sept. 13, 1819, Georgia), Demcus L. (b. Sept. 21, 1821, Georgia), and George Washington (b. Dec. 26, 1825, Georgia)
COMMENTS:  * Louise may have been a child from a previous marriage.  Seeking John Fortune Sherman's ancestors, as well as information about any of his descendants.
RESEARCHER:  Mercer Lancaster Sherman -- -- Nov 15, 2002

JOHN HOWARD SHERMAN, b. June 11, 1939, Watertown, NY
SPOUSE:  REBECCA SUE THOMAS, b. Sept. 21, 1948, Toolele, UT
CHILDREN:  Tara Sue Sherman, Melony Sue Sherman
SIBLINGS:  Richard Sherman
  Looking for information on the parents/grandparents of JOHN HOWARD SHERMAN.  Most of them were in upstate New York, later moving out west in the 1940's - 1950's.
Tara S. Sherman --    (July, 1999)  
JOHN LEE SHERMAN, b. bef. 1775, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, d. Sept. 27, 1824, Union Co., Ohio
SPOUSE:  MARY 'POLLY' CADWELL,  d. Sept. 15, 1819, Union Co., Ohio
COMMENTS:  Looking for anything in Fairfield Co., CT on my John Lee
Sherman.  John Lee's parents were VINSON SHERMAN, b. 1742, d. 24 Jul 1846, b. Fairfield Co., CT, and JERUSHA SEELEY d. 26 Jul 1846 Stamford, Fairfield Co.
RESEARCHER:  Rev John Gray <>  2001-12-15
JOHN N. SHERMAN, b. abt. 1840, Elmira, New York (?)
COMMENTS:  John was my great great grandfather. He served in the Civil War, BAT F, 1st Reg, New York Volunteer, Light Infantry. Some of his war items were donated to the Chemung County Historical Society. He was primarily  from Elmira, New York. Would like to know who his parents were.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
JOHN NYE SHERMAN, b. 1814, possibly Vermont, m. in Ohio, d. 1874, Cedar County, Missouri
CHILDREN:  Hugh Glenn (b. 1856), Ida May (m. Harden M. Williams in 1869)
I would like any information anyone can give me on this ancestor of my husband. He served as Justice of the Peace for Cedar County, Missouri. I thank anyone who has any information they can pass on to me.
RESEARCHER:  JoAnne Sherman <jaxhuni@hotmail.com2002-01-03
JOHN WILBERFORCE SHERMAN, b. April 11, 1806, probably Oneida Co., New York, m. April 26, 1831, d. Jan., 1874, Rosalia, Kansas
JERUSHA SMITH PRATT, b. May 9, 1810, Pultneyville, Wayne Co., New York, d. Oct. 14, 1852, Pultneyville, Wayne Co., New York
CHILDREN: Almond Pratt, Sarah Jane, Emma Annette, Ellen Jerusha, John Wilberforce Jr., Morton Herbert, Marshall B., and Arthur Alonzo (my ggrandfather) (see separate listing for Arthur Alonzo Sherman)
Phineas L. Sherman (see separate listing)
They lived in Phelps, New York until 1845. After Jerusha's death, John moved with his brother, PHINEAS SHERMAN, to Kansas.  Looking for the parents of John Wilberforce Sherman and his brother, Phineas L. Sherman. John was a blacksmith. He and Phineas owned various properties in Wayne and Ontario counties, NY, before moving to Iowa in 1855. Phineas stayed in Iowa, but John moved to Kansas in 1865.
Peggy Booker  <>  2003-07-22
JOSEPH SHERMAN (SHEARMAN), b. abt. 1792, NY or VT (?), m. abt. 1817, d. 1865, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
CHILDREN:  Sanford, James, Wright, Peter, John, William, and Joseph Carlisle
I am looking for the parentage of Joseph Sherman (Shearman) born about 1792
in the US (maybe NY or VT).   He went to Canada as a young man and married Leah Welch about 1817ish. They had 7 sons and lived in Hastings County, Ontario Canada. He died in Rawdon, Hastings County in 1865.  His sons, Sanford, James, Wright, Peter, John, William and Joseph Carlisle all immigrated, with their families, to the US in 1885- 1887. I don't know where Joseph was born and who his parents were. Perhaps Nathan from NY state? Does this ring a bell with anyone?
RESEARCHER:  Marlene Demarest --  (Oct 9, 2000)
JOSEPH SHERMAN, b. about 1880, Mt. Carmel, Illinois (?), m. about 1921
CHILDREN:  Olivene Veleta Lytle, b. 1915 (Katherine's daughter by a previous marriage.  Joseph adopted Olivene and possibly closed the family records.)
COMMENTS:  I have a step-grandfather named Joseph Sherman.  He married my grandmother, Katherine Saunders, about 1921. They didn't have any children.  They lived in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. I have been unable to find anything beyond this. Maybe some of this connects with your family line. Look forward to hearing from you.
RESEARCHER:  < >  2003-07-22
JOSEPH SHERMAN, b. 1857, Delaware, Ohio (?), m. March 29, 1878, Gratiot Co., Michigan, d. about 1890, Gratiot Co., Michigan
COMMENTS:  I am looking for the parents and siblings of Joseph Sherman.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
RESEARCHER:  <>  203-07-22

JOSEPH SHERMAN, b. May 14, 1650, Watertown, MA, m. Nov. 18, 1673, Watertown, MA, d. Jan. 20, 1730/31, Watertown, MA
SPOUSE:  ELIZABETH WINSHIP, b. April 15, 1652, Cambridge, MA
I left the USA to live in England nearly 40 years ago (at the age of 14) and have only recently discovered knowledge of my ancestors both in the USA and, to my surprise, England (it's a long story, but I lived very near Dedham for many years and used to visit the village, and some of the houses, where our ancestors lived before I even knew they were our ancestors.) My daughter was born in Colchester. I am a writer and poet and am now writing a book that will have some autobiographical/ancestral information and narratives in it. I am particularly keen to know the following: ELIZABETH WINSHIP, who married JOSEPH SHERMAN in 1673, and was born in 1652 in Cambridge - does anyone know when she died or how to locate her family and kin connections? Who did Captain John Sherman (born 1612) marry? Who did Martha Sherman (born 1640, died 1687 marry? I would love to have contact with other descendants
RESEARCHER:  Diana Gates Smith Gittins --  (Jun 7, 2000)

JOSEPH SHERMAN, b. Berkshire, England ?
SPOUSE:   MERCY ENDELL, b. Berkshire, England?
illiam, and a couple others, b. Newark, Ohio?
Joseph and Mercy Sherman came to the U.S. in the mid-1800's, and settled in Newark, Ohio. Does this ring any bells with anyone?
RESEARCHER:  Richard Mylius Sherman <>
DATE:  2000-08-03
JOSEPH FOSTER SHERMAN, b. Feb. 19, 1882, PA ?

  Gwenn Sherman (m. unknown Klepfer & m. Edward Cyphert), Betty Sherman (m. Kenneth George), Joseph Sherman, Buela Sherman, David Sherman, Judy Sherman (adopted by Bertha & Joseph, but is the biological daughter of their daughter Betty Sherman & unknown)
  Martha Sherman (m. Unknown Yeany, Yeaney), Ann Sherman (m. Unknown Gaddis),Mary Sherman (m. Unknown Stanton), Ednie/Eanie/Eddie ? Sherman (m. Unknown Henderson), Cary? Sherman (m. Unknown Brinter), Byrd Sherman, Hany Sherman, Clyde Sherman
  I am looking for the names of my gGrandfather Joseph Foster Sherman's parents (and beyond)!   I would appreciate any help with this line of Shermans!
RESEARCHER:  Karen Smith <> 2001-04-26 

*** See "SUCCESS STORIES" page! ***
, b. Aug. 12, 1804, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
Looking for parents of Joshua Sherman.   Possible father to Joshua is JAMES SHERMAN.
RESEARCHER:  Gordon H. Green --  --  (Aug 30, 2000)  

JOSHUA SHERMAN, b. Aug. 13, 1804, Niagara, Erie or Chautauqua, NY, d. June, 1851, Rome Twp., Jones, IA
SPOUSE: (1) Unknown, m. before 1824, (2) MARY ANN MEEKER, b. April 8, 1803, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY, m. abt. 1826, Chautauqua, NY, d. June, 1845
CHILDREN: (1) Elias, b. March 1, 1824, Chautauqua, NE
Looking for more information on this family with the hope that I can eventually connect to one of the "Original Sherman Immigrants".
R. Scott Sherman  --  (August, 1998)
JULES SHERMAN, b. Aug. 28, 1901, d. Oct. 12, 1978, Miami Beach, FL
Mary Sissors (sp?) - owned a shoe store in University City, MO
Looking for any children born to my father, Jules Sherman, after he and my mother divorced. Executrix of his will was Nancy S. Smith, Highland Park, IL. His father may have been Levi Sherman.
Doris Carnahan  --  (January, 1998)

JULIA ANN SHERMAN, b. 1837, Gates Mills, Cuyahoga Co., OH
COMMENTS:  Julia and Joseph moved to Calhoun Co. MI. Need more information re. father, GEORGE SHERMAN, who married MARTHA PAULINE EGGLESTON. 
RESEARCHER:  Elizabeth A. Cromer -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

KARL K. SHERMAN b. Illinois
SPOUSE:  Ollie
CHILDREN:  Karl K. Sherman, b. Illinois
COMMENTS:  My father was Karl K. Sherman from Ill. His father was also Karl K. Sherman, who was married to Ollie. That's all I know! 
RESEARCHER:  Diane Sherman -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

KENNETH SHERMAN, b. July, 1894, East Tawas, Michigan
COMMENTS:  I am looking for any relation to Kenneth Sherman of East Tawas, Michigan. The only information I have is that he was my Grandmother's uncle, he married late in life, and did not have any children of his own. I believe he had 2 brothers, one named Chris who lived in Iron Mountain, Michigan. The other brother, I know nothing about.
RESEARCHER:  Tanya <> 2001-07-27
L. R. SHERMAN, b. 1817, NH
MARGARET, b. 1827, OH
CHILDREN: Edward H. (b. 1843, IL), John (b. 1845, IL), Levit (b. 1847, MO)
In 1860, these Shermans were living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp --  (April, 1999)

LEAH SHERMAN, b. May 9, 1924, Kansas City, MO
I am looking for my mother's birth parents. She was born Leah Sherman on May 9, 1924 and placed in the Kansas City, Missouri Orphanage. She was adopted by Ralph and Mary Marietta Rockhold of Lineville, Iowa and Princeton, Missouri.. The only record she could get from the Kansas City courthouse in 1974 had no parent listed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
RESEARCHER:  Susan -- FORDS5555@MCOL.NET  (Sept. 28, 1999)

LENA SHERMAN , b. abt. 1880, Stuart, Holt Co., Nebraska (?)
CHILDREN:  Guy Raymond Cadwallader, b. 1900
I am seeking out information on a Lena Sherman, late 1800's or early 1900's, who married a Franklin Cadwallader. We know they had a son Guy Raymond Cadwallader born 1900. And they lived in the Stuart , Holt Co., Nebraska area. Any information would be greatly appreciated - our keys stopped turning. 
RESEARCHER:  Laura Cadwallader -- ,   (Sep 28, 1999)

LEROY T. SHERMAN, b. Oct. 13, 1933, Miami, FL, d. Nov. 27, 1994, Miami, FL
COMMENTS: Leroy Sherman was my father. (See separate query for Leroy's father, Thomas T. Sherman, and his grandfather, Frank Sherman.)
Sharon Sherman  --  (March, 1999)
LEVERETT R. SHERMAN, b. Feb. 14, 1818, Buffalo, NY
CHILDREN: Edward Decatur (m. Elizabeth Swinney), John Hamilton (b. July 2, 1845), and Levi Spencer
SIBLINGS:  Lucinda (b. Nov. 14, 1809, NH), William Smith (b. Jan. 4, 1812, NH), Rebecca (b. Feb. 13, 1814, NH), Jacob Haven Jr. (b. June 4, 1820, Buffalo, NY), John T. (b. June 11, 1823), Lothrop Blockman (b. June 17, 1825), Richard Hamilton (b. Sept. 11, 1827), Mary H. (b. Nov. 20, 1830)
COMMENTS:  We need help finding information on Leverett's siblings, WILLIAM SMITH SHERMAN and MARY H. SHERMAN, and their descendants.  We believe they stayed in St. Louis, Missouri.  (See separate queries for  Leverett's father, JACOB HAVEN SR., and his siblings, REBECCA,  JACOB JR., and LOTHROP)
  Ruth Ganson Sherman  --  (September, 1999)

LEVI D. SHERMAN, m. Oct. 25, 1847, Essex Co., NY (?)
I am interested in Levi D. Sherman m. Harriet Fowler 25 Oct.1847.  WILLIAM SHERMAN, 1812--- 1862?   SANFORD SHERMAN m. EMMA LOCKE.  MARTHA JANE SHERMAN, b. 29 Mar.1837, m. JEDEDIAH BARNETT.  They are all supposed to be from Essex Co. NY.
RESEARCHER:  Pat Heisel --  (Jan 19, 2000)

*** See "SUCCESS STORIES" page! ***
b. 1835 or 1836, Fairfield, VT, m. (1) 1866, m. (2) 1881, Colorado Springs, CO, m. (3) 1906, Colorado Springs, CO, d. Feb. 17, 1912, Colorado Springs, CO
JENNIE GALER, b. 1843, Dunham, Quebec, Canada,  d. 1877, Colorado Springs, CO (2) LOUISE B. GOULD, d. 1901, Colorado Springs, CO, and  (3) ISABELLA J. (PETTIT) DARRAUGH
CHILDREN: With Jennie Galer: Clarence Galer Sherman (b. 1867), Agnes Maud Sherman (b. 1869, my grandmother), and Gertrude Clarissa Sherman (b. 1870).   With Louise Gould: Marion H. Sherman (b. 1884),  Edith E. Sherman, and Ruth Sherman (Edith and Ruth probably died in infancy)
SIBLINGS:  Cynthia Page Sherman (b. 1826), Alvah Francis Sherman (b. 1827), Polly Wilmarth (Marion Polly) Sherman (b. 1830), and Elijah Sherman (b. 1832)
   A newspaper article about Linus Sherman (Colorado Springs Gazette, Feb. 18, 1912) the day after his death mentions "From the end of the [Civil] war until 1872, Captain Sherman lived in Illinois, after which he removed to this city, which he has made his home since."  His regiment, the 9th Vermont Infantry, which was mustered out on Dec. 1, 1865, spent 6 months in Chicago as paroled prisoners and were exchanged on Jan. 10, 1863.  This leads me to assume that he may have returned to the Chicago area after the war.  If he appears on the 1870 census, it will be with his wife, Jennie, and their 3 children, Clarence, Agnes and Gertrude.  I would appreciate it if anyone could point me to the correct location in Illinois.
Margaret Burwell --   (August, 1999)
MARY KIRK, b. 1834, TN
CHILDREN: William K. (b. 1856, TX, Devilla Esther (b. 1859, TX), Amanda Petronile (b. 1863, TX), Mary (b. 1861, TX), Levert (b. 1867, TX)
In 1860, this family was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp  --  (April, 1999)
LOTHROP BLOCKMAN SHERMAN, b. June 17, 1825 (probably Buffalo, NY or St. Louis, MO)
CHILDREN:  William Kirk (b. Oct. 1, 1856, m. Laura Cecelia Jones), and Leverett Lothrop (m. Mary Virginia Rino)
SIBLINGS:  Lucinda (b. Nov. 14, 1809, NH), William Smith (b. Jan. 4, 1812, NH), Rebecca (b. Feb. 13, 1814, NH), Leverett R. (b. Feb. 14, 1818, Buffalo, NY), Jacob Haven Jr. (b. June 4, 1820, Buffalo, NY), John T. (b. June 11, 1823),  Richard Hamilton (b. Sept. 11, 1827), Mary H. (b. Nov. 20, 1830)
COMMENTS:  We need help finding information on Lothrop's siblings, WILLIAM SMITH SHERMAN and MARY H. SHERMAN, and their descendants.  We believe they stayed in St. Louis, Missouri.  (See separate queries for  Lothrop's father, JACOB HAVEN SR., and his siblings, REBECCA,  JACOB JR., and LEVERETT)
  Ruth Ganson Sherman --  (September, 1999)

*** See "SUCCESS STORIES" page! ***
, b. abt 1854/55, CT (?), d. January, 1947, Kansas City, MO (?)
  Chester, Harry E., Valentine, Louie Roscoe (my father, born 1905); Edwin (born 1908), and Shirley
COMMENTS:  It is my understanding that Louie Sherman was born in Connecticut, moved to Kansas City, MO (when?). He owned a munitions factory in Kansas City, MO. It is my understanding that he is related to Roger Sherman, but I am very uninformed as to how to go about finding out detailed info. Any help? 

  Jennifer Sherman Mann <> 2001-01-09 

LOUIE LEGRAND SHERMAN, b. Jan. 1862, CT, d. 1940, Hinsdale, MA
COMMENTS:  I am searching for the Sherman line behind LOUIE LEGRAND SHERMAN, my great great grandfather.  His father may have been PHILO SHERMAN from Newtown, Connecticut, born in 1825. This is from information on a Family Tree Maker disc and an old newspaper piece. Some of the information on the disc seems contradictory. Any help would be appreciated. 
RESEARCHER:  Dave Darby -- -- Oct 10, 2000

LOVE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1688, Sudbury, MA, d. July 11, 1759
SPOUSE:  PETER HAYNES, m. abt. 1728, Brimfield, Hampden, MA
CHILDREN:  Mary Haynes, b. Aug. 18, 1729, Brimfield, Hampden, MA, m. Jonas Haynes (her cousin), d. April 20, 1815
I am looking for more information about Love Sherman  Do you have any info to help me? I am also descended from Mehitable Sherman daughter of Samuel and Martha Tripp Sherman.  Mehitable married Abraham Baker
RESEARCHER:  Pearl Payne --  (May 14, 1999)

LOVINA SHERMAN , b. 1821, Addison Co.(?), VT (according to 1870 Iowa census), m. abt. 1839, Sangamon Co., IL (while on the way to Iowa), d. 1873, Colony, Delaware Co., IA
SPOUSE:  WILLIAM HARRISON GRAVES, b. Andover, NH, d. 1897, Colony, Delaware Co., IA
CHILDREN:  HENRY (b. 1841), JULIA (b. 1846), MARCIA JANE (b. 1848), and ORRIN (b. 1860)
COMMENTS:  I am looking for the parents of Lovina Sherman.  They may be  CALEB SHERMAN (see separate query) and SARAH HAWLEY (b. abt. 1799, Addison Co., VT).  Sarah's mother is a Lavinia Darrow.  Some of Sarah's siblings ended up in Sangamon Co. IL,, where Caleb and Lovina were.  Caleb remarried in Sangamon to SARAH TAFT in 1839.  Sarah Taft was from Vergennes.  She died in 1842 in Sangamon.  I still need documentation for some of these suppositions:  the marriage of Caleb Sherman and Sarah Hawley, the proof of Lovina Sherman's relationship to them.  I would also like to know Caleb's origins.  Also see separate queries for Lovina's daughter, MARCIA JANE GRAVES, and grandaughter, RUTH LOVINA McPHERSON.
Bob Baxter --   (August 10, 1999)  
LUCIUS HOYT SHERMAN, b. December 14, 1845, Albany Co, Albany, New York, d. November 10, 1904, Fairfield Co., Bridgeport, Connecticut
SPOUSE: ELIZA JANE SALE, b. May 12, 1843, Fairfield Co., Darien, Connecticut, d. November 10, 1904, Fairfield Co,. Bridgeport, Connecticut
CHILDREN: Clarence R., Lucius B., Agnes D., George S., Elmer Russell, Edward J., all born in Connecticut
COMMENTS: Looking for information on the parents of Lucius Hoyt Sherman and their ancestors
RESEARCHER:  Jack Rajotte <> 2002-04-27

LUCY SHERMAN,  b. June 25, 1828, Ohio, m. 1849, Washington Co., OH, d. Dec. 3, 1869, Kahota, Clark Co., OH
SPOUSE: HEZEKIAH DAVIS, b. May 3, 1827, Morgon Co.,OH, d. Jan. 8, 1903, Oregon
CHILDREN: Charles Davis (b. Jan. 5, 1850), Phebea Davis (b. Sept. 20, 1852), Joanna Davis (b. March 6, 1855), Lafayett Davis (b. Oct. 8, 1857), Mary Davis (b. Jan. 30, 1861), Hester Davis (b. June 29, 1863), Lousana Davis (b. Nov. 17, 1866), and Willard Davis (b. May 10, 1869)
COMMENTS: I am trying to trace the line of my Great Great Grandmother, LUCY SHERMAN. Lucy's husband, Hezekiah, was a shoemaker. Following Lucy's death, he moved his family to Oregon to follow one of his married daughters. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
  Susan Zeni <> 2001-01-30 

LUCY SHERMAN, b. Little Compton, RI (?)
CHILDREN:  Benjamin S. Brownell (my great-grandfather), m. Harriet Bunker (?)
My gg grandmother was Lucy SHERMAN who married Thomas BROWNELL. The family was originally from Rhode Island (Little Compton, I believe), and they went then to Massachusetts (Bristol County - Dartmouth, New Bedford, Westport), and my branch ended up in New Hampshire. My grandfather was Benjamin F. BROWNELL who married Ida THURLEY.  My g grandfather was Benjamin S. BROWNELL who married Harriet (BUNKER, I believe, but am not sure). Both Benjamins are buried in NH, and Benjamin S.'s death certificate listed Thomas BROWNELL and Lucy SHERMAN as his parents. Does anyone have any info on Lucy?
RESEARCHER:  Nancy Brownell Brant --  (Feb 11, 2000)

Looking for information on Lucy Sherman who married a Hezekiah Davis and their family. Also looking for information on a Wakeman Sherman who married a Corrine Walker and their family.
RESEARCHER:  Jackie --  (Jul 26, 1999)

LUCIA or LUTIA SHERMAN, b. 179?, Clinton New York, d. Vienna, New York
SPOUSE:  LINUS PARKER, b.1791 Watertown, Connecticut
COMMENTS:  They moved to Oneida Co. New York, then to Illinois. Parents of Lutia were Joshua Sherman and Naomi Munger. Would like more information on them, as this is all that I have.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
LUTIA SHERMAN, b. April 17, 1799, Clinton, NY, m. Dec. 29, 1816, d. Feb. 6, 1842, Vienna, NY
COMMENTS:  Lutia is supposedly related to Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  She was also said to be related to General William Tecumseh Sherman.
   John Parker  --  (July, 1999)
LUVIA A. SHERMAN, b. Nov 26, 1803, Fleming, Cayuga, or in Auriesville (Fultonville), Fulton, New York; d. Sep 13, 1899,  Blair, Washington, Nebraska
CHILDREN:  Nelson, Lodema, Helen, Elvira, (Ella,) Jane and Olive (and 4 more)
Looking for her ancestors.  Per 1880 Nebraska Census, she reported Father born in Rhode Island and Mother born in Vermont. Obituary in "The Pilot" (Blair, Nebraska), Sep 14, 1899: "She lived her early life in New York state until the age of twelve or thirteen when, with her family, moved to Michigan where they resided until the French and Indian war, when they were compelled to leave. She was married to James Flinn and eleven children blessed this union..."  These Flinns lived in Union Springs and Cancadea, New York, as well as moving to Iowa, settling in Nebraska.  Some Flinn children may have stayed in New York, many to Nebraska, Oklahoma and California.  Sound like your Sherman family names? I descend from Olive.
RESEARCHER:   < >  2003-07-22

LYDIA SHERMAN, b. Broadalbin or Gloversville, NY
CHILDREN:  Azubah Crannell (m. Oscar Guy Manchester)
I am researching my deceased husbands family for our children. He was OSCAR GUY MANCHESTER, Jr. (b. July 14, 1934, Broadalbin, NY), son of OSCAR GUY and AZUBAH (CRANNELL) MANCHESTER, Sr. of Lasselville, NY.  His father is deceased, his mother still living at the age of 86. Her mother was LYDIA SHERMAN.   Her father was ROBERT CRANNELL.  I think they were from around Broadalbin and Gloversville NY.  If you can give me any help in this Sherman family I would really appreciate it. 
RESEARCHER:  Juanita Booth --   (Aug 25, 2000)

LYDIA SHERMAN , b. Oct. 25, 1785, Danby, Rutland Co., VT, m. Feb. 6, 1806, d. Oct. 1827, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
WILLIAM COLVIN, b. April 2, 1778, Danby, Rutland Co., VT, d. Oct. 1827, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
COMMENTS:  I'm looking for more information on Lydia Sherman.  Lydia and William were my g-g-g grandparents on my father's side.
Linda Hampton  --  (March, 2000)
LYDIA SHERMAN , b. Oct. 25, 1785, Danby, Rutland Co., VT, m. Feb. 6, 1806, d. Oct. 1827, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
WILLIAM COLVIN, b. April 2, 1778, Danby, Rutland Co., VT, d. Oct. 1827, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
COMMENTS: Lydia Sherman was the daughter of Levi Sherman and Abigail Sprague.   Does this line connect to anyone?
Ida Marie Menge  --  (April, 1999)
MARCIA G. SHERMAN, b. August 20, 1882, Michigan (?)
JOSEPH C. GOSS, Sr., b. ????, MI, d. 1958?, Cadillac, MI
CHILDREN: Clauida (nee Kopp), Joseph C. Goss, Jr.
COMMENTS: Looking for information on the descendants of Marcia G. Goss (nee Sherman). She had two brothers: Eber and George.
RESEARCHER:  Joseph Charles Goss <> 2001-12-15
MARGARET H. SHERMAN,  b. 1829, Moravia, Cayuga Co, New York,  m. ca 1851, d. 1887, Moravia, New York, buried Indian Mound Cemetery, Moravia
CHILDREN:  Avery Charles Nostrandt (b. July  31, 1852, Moravia, New York) and Frank Owen Nostrandt (b. 1864, Moravia, New York)
COMMENTS:   Anyone know Margaret's parents or siblings names?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MARGERY WASHBURN SHERMAN, m. Feb. 2, 1647/48, Stratford, CT
COMMENTS:  I am seeking information on Margery Washburn Sherman who married Isaac Nichols in Stratford, CT on 2-2-1647/48.
RESEARCHER:  James Allie <> 2001-08-24
MARGUERITE MARGARET SHERMAN, b. January 24, 1878, Deerfield Township, Livingston County, Michigan, m. Oct 9, 1895

COMMENTS:  I am searching for descendants of Marguerite Margaret SHERMAN . Her parents were LEVI GEORGE SHERMAN and MARY MARBLE SHERMAN.  They had eight children. If you have any information I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MARIA SHERMAN, b. Sept. 26, 1817 ( probably Woodbury, Litchfield, CT or Liberty, Sullivan Co., NY), m. aft. 1849, d. Dec. 6, 1875, Machias, Cattaraugus Co., NY
SPOUSE:  ELIAS DAVIS WARREN, b. Nov. 16, 1823, probably Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY, d. 1857, Machias, NY
CHILDREN:  Frances Emily Warren and Ella Warren
SIBLINGS:  Hiram Starr Sherman, Edward Stowe Sherman, Albert Clark Sherman, and Emeline Sherman
Seeking descendants of Maria and Elias.  Maria was the daughter of JUDSON SHERMAN and PERCY RILEY.  See separate query for Maria's sister, EMELINE SHERMAN.
Karen Mohr --  (May, 1999)

MARK SHERMAN (SHEARMAN), b. abt. 1762-65, d. abt. 1840-50, RI (?)
CHILDREN:  Jonathan
I am looking for information on Mark Shearman. He was a blacksmith at  Kingston Hill in South Kingston, RI. He was born appox. 1762-5 and died appox. 1840-50 at home of son,  Jonathan. He married Sarah Holley. His father was Philip born in Portsmith, RI in 12/12/1715, who married Alice Shearman on 2/14/1744.
RESEARCHER:  David P. Sherman --  (Apr 2, 1999)

MARTHA SHERMAN, b. 1792, supposedly in Carzenovia, New York area, buried in Clayton, New York
CHILDREN:  Samuel (my great grandfather, m. Nancy Ann CLARK and settled in northern New York), David or Davis (m. Nancy's sister, Polly CLARK),  JCJC [?] (no further info), and at least one brother who I can't name.
COMMENTS:  I think the father of Nancy and Polly CLARK was Harvey [CLARK], and his father possibly Israel.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MARTHA JANE SHERMAN, b. March 29, 1837, Essex Co., NY (?)
I am also interested in Levi D. Sherman m. Harriet Fowler 25 Oct.1847.  WILLIAM SHERMAN, 1812--- 1862?   SANFORD SHERMAN m. EMMA LOCKE.  They are all supposed to be from Essex Co. NY.
RESEARCHER:  Pat Heisel --  (Jan 19, 2000)
MARTHA JANE SHERMAN, b. 1837, Moriah, Essex Co. NY, m. Galesburg, IL
COMMENTS: I believe Martha Jane Sherman was the daughter of Samuel Sherman and Azubah Green.
Linda Dorei  --  (June, 1997)

MARVIN SHERMAN, b. 1849, Michigan, d. 1935, Anacortes, Skagit Co., Washington
SPOUSE:  CLARA BELL BYTHROP (or BRYTHROP), b. Nov. 25, 1859, Michigan, d. May 7, 1945, Anacortes, Skagit Co., Washington
CHILDREN:  Lou (b. June 19, 1886, Minnesota),
Lee (b. 1883, Alabama), Ollie, Mosse, Gladys, Mae (b.  May 4, 1894), twins James & Wade (died at birth?), Alvin (born March 29, 1901), Ubey (Bud) (b. May 26, 1906), Ruby (b. May 26, 1909), Addie (died young), & boy? (died young)
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestors of my husband's father, Lou Sherman, born 19 June 1886 in Minnesota to a Marvin & Clara Bell (Bythrop or Brythrop) Sherman.  Supposedly Clara's mother's name was "Elizabeth Peoples", why totally unknown. Also have never been able to locate the Byrthrop or Bythrop surname at all!!! Any information would be very much appreciated!
RESEARCHER:  Linda --  (May 5, 2000)

MARY SHERMAN, b. abt. late 1890's, Santa Barbara, California
SPOUSE: LLOYD CARTER, b. ca. 1896, Vallejo, California
CHILDREN: Sherman M. CARTER, Austin Morgan CARTER (my dad - died in 1965), Mary (died early).
COMMENTS:  Lloyd had a twin brother named Floyd. They had a brother Willie CARTER of Dunsmuir, California. If you have any information on my Sherman line it would be appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MARY SHERMAN, b. Ohio, d. after 1847, Iowa (?)
COMMENTS:  My 4x g-gma was a Mary Sherman who was born in Ohio. Mary and 2 brothers (one named John) and a brother-in-law named Elkanah Bush moved to Marshall Co., Iowa in 1847. The family story is that she is a first cousin to General Sherman, but I cannot find her in the Sherman family tree, and really know so little about her before she came to Iowa. I do have a picture of her, and would dearly like to find out which branch she belongs on. Can you help?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MARY SHERMAN, b. Jan. 5, 1860, m. Sept 11, 1879, d. Apr 12, 1913
COMMENTS:  Looking for link between Mary and William Tecumseh Sherman.  I have some family photos, but not many names to attach them to. 

MARY SHERMAN, b. abt 1830, Rhode Island
  Ella Frances Ormsbee (my great-grandmother), b. 1850, Providence, Rhode Island
COMMENTS:  This line of Shermans are from Rhode Island.  
  Andy Hatcher <> 2001-01-12 

MARY SHERMAN, b. abt 1848
SPOUSE:  CHARLES SQUIRES, b. 1846, Middlebury, Wyoming Co., New York
CHILDREN:  Sherman, Anna, Grace, and Ina
COMMENTS:  I am looking for the parents of Mary SHERMAN,  who married Charles SQUIRES.   Charles' brother, William Robbins SQUIRES, b 1842 Middlebury, Wyoming Co, New York, m Mary Jane SHERMAN b 1839, the daughter of Nichols SHERMAN (1810-1880) and Ruth Amelia BELDING. Nichols was the son of Samuel SHERMAN (1770-1852) and Mary Dawley; Samuel died 1852 in neighboring Genesee Co (Bethany) New York. It seems quite possible that Charles SQUIRES' wife Mary was closely related to his sister-in-law Mary Jane (SHERMAN) SQUIRES.
<>  2002-12-11
MARY SHERMAN, b. abt 1625, Plymouth, Massachusetts, m. abt. 1645, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, d. abt. July, 1699, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
CHILDREN: Thomas, Mehitable, Mary, Alice, John, Daniel, and Robert
According to what I know on the Shermans, they weren't even in this country in 1625. So, who does this Mary Sherman belong to?
Kathy Mulvihill  --  (June, 1997)
MARY SHERMAN, b. March 6, 1657, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, m. May 27, 1679 (?), d. abt. 1685, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
ELLIS BARRON III, b. July 22, 1655, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, d. 1713 (?)
CHILDREN: Mary, Moses, Samuel, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Grace, Ellis, Mehitable
James, Samuel, Abigail, Abiah, Joanna, Hester, Grace, John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mercy
Can only claim Mary Sherman as ancestor if I can prove the Barnes/Barron mystery. Need to prove the name Barron changed to Barnes.
Mary Manroe  --  (April, 1999)

MARY ANN SHERMAN, b. Oct. 20, 1824, Rhode Island (?), d. Dec. 1891
COMMENTS:  My 3ggm, Mary Ann SHERMAN, was the daughter of ARNOLD SHERMAN (Robert, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, Philip.  Now that I have her ancestors, is anyone else researching the SHERMAN/BOSS connections? There are apparently many, over several generations. Any info gratefully received. I have photo of Joseph Boss, son of Josiah & Mary Ann, at his home in Pt Judith (Rhode Island) and other BOSS info (Rhode Island & California) to exchange.
RESEARCHER:   Patty Boss Bathen -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

MARY ELIZABETH SHERMAN, m. 1869, Tennessee (?)
CHILDREN:  Wesley A. Wilson, b. 1870, Tennessee
I am looking for any help on my Sherman ancestors.  I know that my mother's grandfather (John Wilson) married a Mary Elizabeth Sherman , poss. in Tennessee, 1869.  Their oldest child, Wesley A., was born in Tennessee  in 1870.  I know they were in Eadmonson Co., KY in 1880, and in Warren Co., KY. in 1900. The children were in Evansville, IN in 1914, but the parents are listed as dead,at that time.  I have been unable to find Mary Sherman's parents, 1900 census shows that her parents were from Tennessee, but I can't find them.  A family story is that she was the daughter of Gen. W. T. Sherman, who disowned her when she married a confederate soldier, or that she was a niece, or a cousin.  I am unable to verify any of this.  Can you help? 
RESEARCHER:  Hilary L Patmore --  (May 1, 1999)

MARY GARDINER SHERMAN, b. 1791, Narragansett, Rhode Island, m. Nov. 1811, d. April 27, 1863, North Chenango, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania
Looking for info on Mary Gardiner Sherman, b.1791.,  m. Samuel Slocum, November, 1811.
RESEARCHER:  Maryanne Land-Miller --  (Jan 13, 2000)

MARY JANE SHERMAN, b. Sept. 22, 1860, Cuba, Allegheny Co., New York, d. Oct. 24, 1924, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
MICHAEL PATRICK HURLEY, b. July 16, 1850, Gleason, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania, d. March 18, 1918, St. Mary's, Pennsylvania
CHILDREN:  Kathryn, John, Edward P., and Alice A.
COMMENTS:  Mary Jane claimed to be related to William Tecumseh Sherman, even though her father, PATRICK SHERMAN, was from Enniscorthy, Ireland, and General Sherman's ancestors were British.  Perhaps she was a niece of cousin of some sort.  Seeking any information about ancestors or other relations of Mary Jane Sherman.
Steve Klein  < >  2003-07-22
MARY SEREPTA SHERMAN, b. late 1800's, Sault Saint Marie, Canada
My great grandmother, Mary Serepta Sherman, lived in Canada. Her husband was Ernest George Stanhope. They were born in the later 1800's and lived primarily in Sault Saint Marie, Canada. My grandmother indicated that her mother was related to General William T. Sherman. Any information available would be appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Lisle W. Conly --  (Aug 16, 1999)
MARY W.  SHERMAN, b. 1820's ?, Providence, Rhode Island
SPOUSE: WILLIAM H. BUDLONG, Providence, Rhode Island
CHILDREN: Carrie Sherman Budlong, b. 1859, d. 1919
  Trying to validate a family story that General William T. Sherman named a hotel after his "favorite niece, Carrie".  I'm also trying to find the parents of Mary W. Sherman.
Bonnie H. Currah  <>  2003-07-22

MATTHEW SHERMAN,  b. before 1634, Dedham, Essex, England
I am a Sherman from Thamesville, Ontario, Canada who has traced our ancestors back to "Matthew Sherman" who arrived in Boston in 1634. He is supposed to be descended from Thomas Sherman of Dedham, Essex, England. I will send you the tree if you want. We left the States as UEL after the Revolutionary War. We were from Newton, Connecticut before the War. 

Dave Sherman <> 2001-01-09 

MAUDE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1866, Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY, m. 1880
FRED N. SARGENT, b. 1859
CHILDREN: F. Louise Sargent (b. 1885, m. Mr. Reynolds) Lawrence Sargent (b. Aug. 11, 1888)
Any help with Maude Sherman's parents, or what happened to this Sargent family, would be appreciated.
Marge Howe  --  (January, 1998)
*** See "SUCCESS STORIES" page! ***
SHERMAN, b. Aug. 8, 1685, Portsmouth, RI, d. Swansea, MA ?
ABRAHAM BAKER, b. 1681, Yarmouth, MA, (parents: Daniel and Elizabeth (Chase) Baker), d. Swansea, MA ?
CHILDREN: Stephen (b. 1798, m. Esther Buffum), John, Dinah (m. 1739, Jonathan Boyce), Rebecca (m. 1736, Ebenezer Boyce), Hannah (b. 1718, m. 1748 Obadiah Wheeler), Susanna (m. 1763 Benjamin Jones), Thankful (m. 1751 Johnathon Wheeler)
I descend from Mehitable Sherman's son, Stephen Baker. I have a lot of information on his line.
Joy Harrington  --  (June, 1997)

MELISSA SHERMAN, b. April 13, 1845, Lake George, NY, d. January 9, 1918, Maquoketa, IA
COMMENTS:  Melissa was my 
Great-Great Grandmother.   I was told that she was a cousin to General William Sherman but I am having trouble tracing the connection. I believe that she descended from General Sherman's uncle, Daniel Sherman, and would appreciate any help that you could provide to trace Melissa.
RESEARCHER:  Nancy Eggers --  (Aug 2, 1999)

MERRITT L. SHERMAN, b. Jan. 6, 1831, Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY, m. 1858, d. Aug. 21, 1906, Portland, OR
CHILDREN:  Estelle Sherman (married Harvey Smith and resided in Portland, Oregon),   Edith Sherman (married George Wulfing and resided in Richland Center, WI),  Eugene Sherman (was a resident of Elgin, IL),  Kathryn Sherman (married A. J, Frankland and resided at Oakland, CA),  Bertha Sherman (married Charles Cold and resided at Portland, OR), and  Carrie Sherman (married E. B. Van Alstine and resided at Mitchell, S.D.)
COMMENTS:   Looking for ancestors of  MERRITT L. SHERMAN.  He was a  farmer, moved with his parents in 1844 to Kane County, IL and at age 18, worked at the harness trade. In 1852 went to the Pacific slope, journeying across the plains, and remained in that region six years until about 1858. In 1861 he enlisted in company K, Fifty-second Illinois volunteer infantry, as first sergeant, and served three years. After the expiration of his term of enlistment, in the summer of 1864, he came to Richland Center, WI and engaged in the harness business, remaining a resident of the place until the fall of 1904, when he removed to Oregon and resided in the city of Portland until his death. 
RESEARCHER:  Mel Sherman <>  2000-09-24
SPOUSE: (1)  Don't know name, d. abt. 1810,  (2)  LYDIA COGSWELL
CHILDREN:  Susanna (b. 1800), Sidney (b. 1805).  Sidney became a General and was known as the "hero of the Texas Revolution".
COMMENTS: Did Micah and his first wife have any other children?  Did Micah and his second wife have any children?
Al Beasley   --  (March, 1999)
MICHAEL SHERMAN , b. 1780, Hadden, Middlesex Co.,  CT
CHILDREN:  Ann (b. 1802), John (b. 1805), James Adam (b. May 5, 1809, d. 1875), Michael (b. 1815), Jacob (b. 1817)
COMMENTS:   Looking for parents of Michael Sherman and Mary Koon.
Mona Gauger  --   (March, 1999)

MORT (possibly MORTIMER) SHERMAN, b. 1912, Cleveland, OH, d. abt. 1958-60

  That's all we know about the family.  Any information would be helpful!
  Heather Petras <> 2001-01-01

MOSES SHERMAN, b. July 8, 1723, North Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island, m. March 31, 1745, Exeter, Rhode Island, d. 1807, Exeter, Rhode Island
  SARAH AUSTIN (daughter of Pasko Austin and Margaret Sunderland)
  Millicent Sherman Dawley (b. July 20, 1747) Elizabeth (Betsy) Sherman (b. October 4, 1949), Hannah Sherman (b. February 26, 1752), Emblem Sherman (b. June 25, 1954), and Moses Sherman (b. March 25, 1756)
  I am looking for information on the parents of Moses Sherman. Descent is believed to be from Philip Shearman and Sarah Odding through their son Eber and his son Peleg.
  Francine Paradis <> 2001-04-21 

MOSES SHERMAN, b. c. 1770, d. 1852, Knox Co, Ohio
COMMENTS:  I am trying to find the parents of Moses Sherman. Moses lived in Herkimer Co., New York. I've been going through the census (1790 at Easton, Albany Co and 1800 at Herkimer Co) and some brief mentions of him in Norway Tidings, a local publication (1887 and 1888).
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
MOSES SHERMAN, b. 1769, Brimfield, Massachusetts
COMMENTS:  I have been trying to locate Moses' Sr. parents. I believe that they came from England and so far have found no trace as to who they are. Any help appreciated. He is my 4th ggf.
RESEARCHER:  Grace Gipson  <> 2002-05-07

MOSES SHERMAN, b. March 1, 1769, Brimfield, Massachusetts, m. 1790, d. Knox Co., Ohio
They had a total of 7 children, all born in New York.
 Patricia King <> 2001-02-04

MOSES SHERMAN, b. March 1, 1769, Brimfield, Massachusetts, m. 1790, d. March 30, 1852, Knox, Ohio
COMMENTS:  I am looking for information on the Sherman family, especially my great-great-great-great-great- grandfather, Moses Sherman.  Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Stephanie Sherman Willis <> 2000-10-10 

MOSES SHERMAN, b. 1769, MA, d. 1852, Knox Co., Ohio
SPOUSE: ? REEVES, d. 1802, Norway, Herkimer Co., New York
CHILDREN: Moses Reeves (b. 1801, NY, see separate query), Silas, Elizabeth, Jesse, Mary, William Eli, and Ira
Looking for more information on Moses Sherman. Also see separate query for Moses' son, Moses Reeves Sherman, and grandson, Byrom Bears Sherman.
J. Lind --  (June, 1998)
MOSES BENJAMIN SHERMAN, b. 1855, PA, d. 1942, Tacoma, WA
SUSAN VIOLA LEACH (parents: Solomon Leach & Susan Higley)
CHILDREN: William Clay (m. Johanna Hartwell), Martha, Mury Bird
Moses Sherman lived in Drummond, Montana, where he was a water tender for the Northern Pacific Railroad, eventually moved to Tacoma, WA.
Susan J. Edminster --  (June, 1997)
MOSES REEVES SHERMAN, b. 1801, NY, d. 1888, MO
CHILDREN: Byrom Bears (b. 1825), Abner Gauf (b. 1827) , Cornelius Jackson (b. 1830), Maritty (b. 1832), William (b. 1835), Emily (b. 1838, Mary Jane (b. 1840), Thomas Jefferson (b. 1845)
Looking for more information on Moses' father, Moses Sherman, b. 1769, MA (see separate listing). Also see separate listing for Moses' son, Byrom Bears Sherman.
J. Lind --   (June, 1998)

COMMENTS:  I'm a descendant of Moses Reeves Sherman.  I hope to make contact with another descendant of same to exchange info on same. The line I'm part of derived from the families that gathered in southwest Missouri, Newton and McDonald counties.
RESEARCHER:  Richard Lee Childers --  (Apr 19, 1999)

MURRY SHERMAN, b. 1801, Rensselaer, New York
SPOUSE:  PATIENCE CRANDALL, b. 1801, Rhode Island
CHILDREN:  Egbert Reasoner (born 1828 or 1829), Mary Jane (born 1830), Eber Crandall (born 1833), Murry Noxen (born 1835), Joseph L. (born 1837), Charles E. (born 1839), and Thomas
COMMENTS:  They moved to Michigan after Joseph L. was born (1837), but before Charles was born (1839).
RESEARCHER:  Sharon Miller <carlsharon@core.com2002-04-04

MYRTLE (or MIRTLE) SHERMAN, b. 1898, Nebraska
COMMENTS:  I have seen her name spelled both ways. Census 1920, IL has given name spelled, MYRTLE.  Would love to be able to locate her parents, siblings etc. 
Rev. Marion L. Putnam --  -- Nov. 17, 2000 

NAOMI SHERMAN, b. 1891, New York, d. April 28, 1972, d. Lakeland, Florida
SPOUSE:  (1)  Mr. BARLOW  (2)  WILLIAM REILLEY, Auburn, New York  (3)  CARL LENHART
CHILDREN:  Albert Sherman Barlow (Reilley)
COMMENTS:  I've been told that we were related to Gen. Sherman. Naomi's father was Charles Sherman. Naomi had one son Albert Sherman Barlow (Reilley), adopted by William Reilley of Auburn, New York.  Also, Aunt Ruth Sherman married Raymond Hart.  Both Ruth and Naomi died in Lakeland, Florida.  Thanks!
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
NATALIE SHERMAN, b. 1895, NY, d. 1979, N. Hollywood, CA 
CHILDREN:  Redfield Finlay, Jr.
COMMENTS:  I am trying to find the (known) link between GENERAL WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN and my paternal great-grandmother, NATALIE (SHERMAN) FINLAY, whose father was either General Sherman's son or grandson.  Does anyone know the names of the children of PHILEMON SHERMAN?
  Wendee Holtcamp   --  September, 1999)

NATHAN SHERMAN, b. June 4, 1761, RI ?, d. June 5, 1820, Sodus, Wayne Co., NY
COMMENTS:  Lived in Shaftsbury VT during the Rev. War. Buried in Shelby Center Cemetery, Orleans Co., NY. 
RESEARCHER:  Jean Maris -- -- Nov. 18, 2000

NATHAN SHERMAN, b. Feb. 24, 1800, Weathersfield, Windsor Co., VT
CHILDREN:  Cordelia Sherman, b. abt. 1820  (see separate query)
COMMENTS:  I'm trying to complete the line for Nathan Sherman back to Rev. John Sherman.  I'm also trying to find out about Cynthia Scott and her ancestors.  
  Kenn Roberts  --  (February, 2000)
NATHAN SHERMAN, b. Aug. 17, 1817, PA
CHILDREN:  Arabella, Olive, Simeon, Eliza, and Renselar
COMMENTS:   I am looking for information about the ancestry of Nathan Sherman.
Eric Segal  --   (March, 1999)
NATHAN SHERMAN, m. Aug. 7, 1814, Middlebury, Genessee Co., NY (Middlebury may be in Wyoming Co. now)
COMMENTS: Looking for information on Nathan's ancestors. We found one reference to a Daniel Sherman as his father. Nathan is Ralph Whiteley's ggggrandfather.
Fern Whiteley --  (April, 1999)
NATHAN SHERMAN, b. RI?, d. 1820, NY
MERCY MATTESON, b. July 7, 1763, E. Greenwich, RI (parents: Joseph and Ruth Jones Matteson), d. 1839, NY
COMMENTS: Seeking proof of parents of Nathan Sherman. They may have been Lory or Loy and Hannah Matteson.
Judy Reynolds  --  (April, 1999)

NATHANIEL SHERMAN , b. April 24, 1755, Rochester, MA
Descent probably through William the Pilgrim. Question exists with Nathaniel Sherman in NYC by 1807, probably the Nathaniel born in Rochester, MA, b. 24 April 1755 who married Abigail Haskell . I have information and some original documents on family from this point on.  If any one else is researching this line, please contact me.
RESEARCHER:  Celeste Sanborn Sherman --  (Jul 18, 1999)

NELSON SHERMAN, b. Nov. 6, 1819, Peru, Clinton Co., NY, d. Sept. 9, 1879, Rochester, Olmsted Co., MN
CHILDREN:  George Nelson Sherman (b. Nov. 13, 1872, Rochester, MN, d. Oct. 2, 1933)
COMMENTS: Nelson Sherman was my great-grandfather.  I am descended from his marriage to Susanna Crad(d)ock, and their son, George nelson Sherman.  I am looking for information on Nelson Sherman's parents and other ancestors.
William Berkman  --   (March, 1999)

NEWELL SHERMAN, b. 1809, VT, m. Ohio
CHILDREN:  Gideon and Jonathan Fletcher, b. Ohio
I am searching for the parents of Newell Sherman born 1809 in Vermont. He married Clarissa Clark in Ohio and they had two sons. Gideon and Jonathan Fletcher were born in Ohio and then the family moved to Iowa. They finally ended up in Northern California (Yreka, Modoc, and Chico). Please help me if you can. I have been searching for years. Thank you. 
RESEARCHER:  Donna Creed --  (Dec 12, 1999)

NEWELL SHERMAN, b. July 14, 1809, Vermont (or NewYork?), m. 1835, Portage Co., Ohio
CHILDREN:  GIDEON SHERMAN (b. March 7, 1836, Portage Co., Ohio) and JOHN FLETCHER SHERMAN (b. Aug. 5, 1843, Ohio)
COMMENTS:  Found Newell Sherman in 1840 Census - Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio with wife Clara Clark Sherman and 1 son and 2 daughters. Their daughters both died young.  I know where he went from there but where did he begin? They all traveled west to California where they died. I need to know if anyone at all has a Newell Sherman born about 1809 in their family data. He is really a stumbling block! Any help at all appreciated very much!
RESEARCHER:    Karen Herndon < >  2003-07-22

NICHOLAUS SHERMAN, b. abt. 1801, NY, m. bef 1830, d. aft. 1850, Richland, Oswego Co., NY
CHILDREN: Jemima (b. abt. 1830), James (b. 1832), Nicholaus (b. abt. 1834), Palmer (b. abt. 1836), Lydia Ann (b. 1837), William H. (b. abt. 1840), Ralph B. (b. 1843), Irving (b. abt. 1847), Jerome S. (b. abt. 1849)
Nicholaus is my gggreat-grandfather, and I'm trying to trace his ancestry. See separate query for Nicholaus' son, also named Nicholaus.
RESEARCHER:  (August, 1998)
SPOUSE: ELECTA J. LEWIS, b. July 29, 1832, d. June 2, 1901 (parents: Michael Lewis and Eunice Gould)
SIBLINGS: Jemima (b. abt. 1830), James (b. 1832), Palmer (b. abt. 1836), Lydia Ann (b. 1837), William H. (b. abt. 1840), Ralph B. (b. 1843), Irving (b. abt. 1847), Jerome S. (b. abt. 1849)
Looking for any information on Electa (Lewis) Sherman's parents, Michael Lewis and Eunice Gould. See separate query for Nicholaus' father, also named Nicholaus.
RESEARCHER:   (August, 1998)
NOBLE SHERMAN, b.  Montcalm or Gratiot Co., MI (?)
SPOUSE:  (1)  ALBINA, d. 1894, Hinckley, MN   (2)  RUTH LAMBERTON   (3)  FLORA SWEET  
CHILDREN:   Don't know names
SIBLINGS:   Mary, Charles Elcony, Eunice, Jenny and Fred.  HALF-SIBLINGS:  Benjamin, Willis Harrison,  Celina Phebe  (b. NY, my great-grandmother), and Hannah
COMMENTS:   I'd like to find out more about Noble's second marriage (to Ruth Lamberton).  Noble and his brother Fred were in a great fire at Hinckley, Minnesota in 1894.  Fred, his wife Eva, and all their children were killed, as well as Noble's first wife, Albina, and all of their children.  The Shermans worked for the Brennan Lumber Co.  If anyone is interested in the papers I have regarding this, I would be glad to share them.  See separate query for Noble's parents, WILLIAM R.  and DIANNA (HEATH) SHERMAN
Myrth Sunday   --  (November, 1999)
OLIVE SHERMAN, b. July 11, 1806, Moriah, Essex Co., NY, m. Feb. 9, 1825, Moriah, Essex Co., NY, d. March 9, 1885, Rochester, NY
TIMOTHY WALLACE, b. Sept. 8, 1800, Lunenburg, MA, d. May 3, 1893, Buffalo, NY
CHILDREN: Anna Marie, Marion Sherman, William Silas, George Addison
George, Laura, Alfred, Mary Ann, Henry
Olive is the daughter of Nathan Sherman. Eager to learn more about siblings and children.
Susan W. Hynes  --  (June, 1997)

OLIVER SHERMAN, b. abt. 1869, MI (?)
CHILDREN:  Russell Sherman (my grandfather - b. Sept. 12, 1889, Romulus, Wayne Co., MI), Jenny Sherman, and Nellie Sherman
Does anyone have any info on Oliver Sherman?  I think his daughter Jen married a KNOX and his daughter Nellie married a PITTEN.  Russell (my grandfather} married CLARA TRAVIS.  I would appreciate any info.
RESEARCHER:  Rosella Staggs --  (Aug 19, 2000)

ONLEY SHERMAN, b. May 15, 1866, Bucklands, MA, m. July 4, 1887, Adams, MA
SIBLINGS: Floraina and Leslie
Onley was the oldest son of Joshua and Amanda Sherman.
Bev Sherman  --  (April, 1999)
ORRA W. SHERMAN, b. Dec. 3, 1872, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
Does anyone have any information on Orra W. Sherman when he was in high school in Alden, Iowa?  It was around 1887.
RESEARCHER:  Harold Sherman <

OREN SHERMAN,  b. 1800's, Chicago, IL (?)
Is there any information on Shermans that settled in Chicago? I am a descendent of OREN SHERMAN, who settled in Chicago in the 1800s. Forgot his brother's name at the moment, but he was mayor of the city at one point. 
RESEARCHER:  Renee Sherman Mulcrone --  (Jan 19, 2000) 

ORREN SHERMAN,  b. 1832, Milton Twp., Jefferson Co., Indiana
SPOUSE: MARY JANE RODGERS, m. Dec. 25, 1853, Milton Twp., Jefferson Co., Indiana
CHILDREN:  4 children
COMMENTS:   Orren was the son of NATHANIEL and ABAGAIL (WELLS) SHERMAN.  In the 1860 census, Orren's wife, Mary Jane, is living with her parents, the youngest child only months old.  Orren is not in the household.   He is alive in 1861 because he is named in the settlement of his father's estate and present when the inheritance was metered out.  What happened to him after that?   Mary Jane remarried to JEHIAL A. RHOADS, July 29, 1869, and moved to Greenwood Co., Severy, Kansas.  Her Sherman children were left in Jefferson Co., Indiana and raised by her parents, MOSES and ANNA (McCULLOUGH) RODGERS.  Orren is not in the Civil War soldier ranks of Indiana.
Ellen Belcher  --   (March, 1999)
ORRIN LAMONT SHERMAN, b. Oct. 28, 1899 ?, Sharlot or Lansing, Michigan
SPOUSE:  Doris ?
CHILDREN:  Ralph Albert (b. June 8, 1913, Minnesota, moved to Florida)
I need all the help I can get to find info on Orrin Sherman.
RESEARCHER:  Mary Mitchell <arizmom@hotmail.com2002-01-01

PALMER SHERMAN, b. Aug. 10, 1799, Ohio, m. Aug. 23, 1832, Huron, Ohio
  George Taylor Sherman (b. 3-28-1836, IL, my ggg-gf), Amanda Sherman (b. 11-11-1838), Louisa E Sherman (b. 10-16-1841), Fanny Maria Sherman (b. 8-26-1845), Agnes Ann Sherman (b. 9-4-1848), Nicholas James Sherman (b. 10-16-1851), and Mary Ellen Sherman (b. 8-23-1856)
  I am looking for any info on my ancestor Palmer Sherman and any of his descendants.
Amy Hicks <> 2000-12-19 

PELIG SHERMAN, b. July 27, 1785, North Adams, Berkshire Co., New York, d. Dec. 23, 1854, Mayfield Twp., Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, m. July 31, 1806, North Adams, Berkshire Co., New York
SPOUSE:  LUCINDA SHELDON, b. Sept. 10, 1787, North Adams, Berkshire Co., New York, d. Wakeshem, Michigan
CHILDREN:  Phebe, David, Joel, Welcome, Anthony, George, Isaac, Sarah, Benjamin, John, Jacob, and Andrew
SIBLINGS:  John, Daniel, Munson, William, George, Charles, David, Joel, Welcome, Sarah, Solomon, and Isaac
  I would be especially interested to find out more about Pelig and Lucinda (Sheldon) Sherman's son, BENJAMIN SHERMAN, and his descendants.
  Nancy Brantingham  --   (August, 1999)
PERRY HAWKINS SHERMAN, b. Feb. 18, 1839, Wallingford Twp., Rutland Co., Vermont, d. 1908, Des Moines, Iowa
SPOUSE:  JERUSHA SMITH, b. 1840, Yorkshire Corners, Cattaragus Co., New York
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestors and descendants.
  Mona A. Gauger  --  (September, 1999)
PETER SHERMAN,  b. February 2, 1848, d. Sept. 24, 1921
SPOUSE:  REBECCA MICHAEL, b. March 24, 1847, d. Sept. 30, 1895
CHILDREN:  Hettie Catherine (b. July 27, 1880, d. Nov.19, 1967, m. Hurley Stuart Ricewick), Emma Jane (b. March 20, 1883, d. 1958, m. Brittain Slusser), Elmira Rebecca "Emily" a.k.a. "El" (b. Nov. 1, 1886, m. Martin Wolfe), Emila Rosanna "Mile" a.k.a. "Myla" (b. March 22, 1890)
COMMENTS:  The 1880 census shows this family living in Black Creek Township, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  Children known to have claimed Granduncle relationship to Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, which seems unlikely. Who where the parents and grandparents of Peter Sherman?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

PETER SHERMAN (first Governor of Rhode Island)
COMMENTS:  I would welcome any contact from Shermans. We have a copy of the Sherman family genealogy. My mother, and her sisters are a direct line descendant of Peter Sherman, 1st Governor of Rhode Island. She is very interested in genealogical research.
RESEARCHER:  Catherine Goetz --  (Oct 27, 1999)

PETER SHERMAN, b. abt. 1863, Marshfield, Massachusetts
CHILDREN:  Roy Sherman (b. abt. 1883, m. Bessie Raymond)
ine from Peter and Ruth Sherman of Marshfield Massachusetts, my grandfather Roy Sherman, b. about 1883 m. Bessie Raymond.  Am interested in the Raymonds, my grandmother Bessie's people, and all the Pratts and Bateses who married into the Sherman and Raymond lines in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties.
RESEARCHER:  Alan Davis -- adavis4@hotmail  (Aug 13, 1999)

PETER SHERMAN, b. 1823, Oil City, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania
COMMENTS:  I am looking for information about Peter Sherman born in 1823 in Oil City, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania. My great grandfather was ALBERT E. SHERMAN, and he would have been Peterís grandson. Thank you
Josephine Vowell --  (Jun 23, 1999)

PETER SHERMAN, b. c. 1791, NJ
CHILDREN:  NANCY MARIA SHERMAN, m. Henry Cyrus Morgan in Jefferson Co., IN
COMMENTS:  Searching for Peter Sherman's parents.  Peter moved to Indiana. 
RESEARCHER:  Betty Storey <>
DATE:  2000-08-26
PETER SHERMAN, b. abt. 1791, NJ, d. aft. 1860, Indiana
CHILDREN:  Sarah Ann (1821-1908), m. DANIEL FLYNN, Dec. 30, 1841, Switzerland Co., Indiana
COMMENTS: Looking for more information about this Sherman family.
Richard Flynn   --  (March, 1999)
PETER SHERMAN, b. Feb. 16, 1857, Hartford or Lyman, Vermont, d. July 30, 1914, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
SPOUSE: MARY S. LAWRENCE, b. Aug. 31, 1862, Manchester, New Hampshire
COMMENTS: Looking for information on siblings and/or parents of Peter Sherman.  Name was possibly changed from Ducharme.  Have only baptism records of 4 childrem from St. John the Baptist in Rhode Island.  Lists name as "Ducharme".  Mary was French-Canadian, probably attended French-speaking church.  Do have one supposed sibling, JOHN SHERMAN, b. July 18, 1859 in New Hampshire.
RESEARCHER: (March, 1999)
PHILENA ,SHERMAN, b. 1836 ?, m. bef. 1854, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada
COMMENTS: Found a Parthena Sherman, 1796-1870, buried in Wolfe Island; may be mother of Philena (my ggggrandmother). Separately found a Parthena Sherman, daughter of Samuel Sherman (1730), descendant of Samuel (1618), Benjamin (1661), Enos (1699). Parthena's siblings in this line are: Stiles (1762), Lemuel (1769), Samuel Jr. (1775), Sarah and Mabel. Would like to make a connection between Parthena, daughter of Samuel, and Parthena of Wolfe Island.
Christine Morrell   --   (August, 1998)
COMMENTS:  I am a descendant of PHILLIP SHERMAN. In Roy V. Sherman's book, I am listed on page 100. Descendant from Hariett Jean Sherman, Francis Roy Sherman, Lewis H., Elizha Washington, Enoch, Thomas, Elisha, Eber, Phillip. A number of years ago, I visited the Sherman house in Dedham, England (Henry Sherman). I certainly enjoy making connections to my heritage. Please contact me if I can ever be of assistance.
RESEARCHER:   Craig Sherman McCoy <> 2001-01-12

  I am looking for the ancestors of PHILLIP SHEARMAN (SHERMAN), First Secretary of Rhode Island. I have information from a couple of different sources that doesn't jibe. Any help would be appreciated.
RESEARCHER:   Dora Hildebrand -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

PHILIP SHERMAN, b. abt. 1860, Rhode Island 
SPOUSE:  ATALENA HULL, B. 1860-70, Rhode Island
CHILDREN:  Julia Ann (b. March 10, 1886), Clara H., Philip, and possibly Ben
Julia was my grandmother and was born in Rhode Island as were her mother and father. I can find Shermans but not this family, can you help?
 Carol Maridon   < >  2003-07-22
PHILIP SHERMAN b. Feb. 5, 1610, m. 1653, Roxbury, Massachusetts
SARAH ODDING, b. Feb. 5, 1609, Madron, Cornwall   
CHILDREN:  Edmund Sherman (b. 1638, Roxbury, Massachusetts)  
COMMENTS:  Seeking ancestry information for both Philip Sherman and Sarah Odding, and tie-in to John Shearman, b. 1396, Yaxley, Suffolk, England.  also, corrections and/or additions to vitals shown above.  Also, surname of Dorcas, wife of Edmund, and her ancestry.  My line from Philip is :  Philip (1), Edmund (2), Nathan (3), Samson (4), Mercy (5), John Crapo (6), Phineas W. (7), Phineas E. (8), Lloyd C. (9), Allen E. Crepeau (10). (See separate query for EDMUND SHERMAN, son of Phillip and Sarah)
Allen E. Crepeau --  (March, 2000)
SPOUSE:  SARAH ODDING, b. Feb. 5, 1609/10
CHILDREN:  Sarah Sherman Mumford, Hannah Sherman Chase, and Phillipia Sherman Chase
COMMENTS:  I'm looking for death information on SARAH (ODDING) SHERMAN.  Her parents were GEORGE and MARGARET ODDING, and they came from England.   If anyone has more information on her, I would appreciate any help I can get.
   Linda Smith  --   (August, 1999)

I'm related to Philip Sherman and Sarah Odding. Does this line fit with your Shermans? 
RESEARCHER:  Laurine Griffin --  (Jan 18, 2000)

CHILDREN:  Benjamin (m. Hannah Mowrey), Edmund (m. Dorcas Hicks), and Sarah (m. Thomas Mumford)
I do have some data relating to ancestor Phillip Sherman, b. 1610 spouse Sarah Odding, I descend from three of his children Benjamin and Hannnah Mowrey, Edmund and Dorcas Hicks and Sarah and Thomas Mumford. Willing to share data. 
RESEARCHER:  Virginia Rusch --  (May 4, 2000)

PHINEAS L. SHERMAN, b. June 14, 1802, Deerfield, Oneida Co., New York, m. Aug. 10, 1830, Richfield, Otsego Co., New York, d. Dec. 27, 1873, Shellrock, Butler Co., Iowa
EVELINE ROBINSON, b. Sept. 14, 1803, Richfield, Otsego Co., New York, d. Feb. 7, 1876, Waterloo, Iowa
CHILDREN: Benton, infant son, Buren Robinson, John Wilberforce, Wright Prescott, Ward Bannister, Eugene Leland, James Polk, George Dallas
John Wilberforce Sherman (see separate listing)
Looking for the parents of Phineas L. Sherman and his brother, John Wilberforce Sherman. John was a blacksmith. He and Phineas owned various properties in Wayne and Ontario counties, New York, before moving to Iowa in 1855. Phineas stayed in Iowa, but John moved to Kansas in 1865.
Peggy Booker  --  (April, 1999)

PHOEBE SHERMAN, b. late 1700's, Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., New York
CHILDREN:  George S. (could be Sherman) Rector
COMMENTS:  Looking for information on Phoebe Sherman who married William Rector. They lived in Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York in the early 1800's. Had at least one child, George S. (could be Sherman).
RESEARCHER:  Carol Rector --  (Aug 16, 1999)

PINKHURST SHERMAN, b. Poland, Lithuania - the former Germany
My family of Sherman's came from Lithuania & Warsaw, Poland - traveled to the UK in 1904, and 1919 (both countries the former Germany).  I suspect my line of Sherman's being some of the last to move out of the area - due to the Cossacks
and Germans.  Well I have a family website giving details of my Sherman roots - could we exchange links? Can you fit anything to my tree?
RESEARCHER:  Richard Sherman <radio.won@lineone.net2001-09-27

COMMENTS:  Please help, I have searched high and low for my Polish roots.  I am seeking Sherman's who came from Poland, especially Mogielnica.  My family came over from Poland around 1910 to the UK. Am I a Yaxley, German or American descendent of Sherman?  I would love to know. Do take a look at my unique family tree 

Richard Sherman
<> 2001-03-12

POLLY MINERVA SHERMAN, b. abt. 1815-1830, Lancaster, Ohio (?), m. New York
My family says she was born in Lancaster, Ohio area. There is a famous Civil War general Sherman of Civil War from Lancaster, but that is not my family I am sure.  But her father could be a relation, or a brother to him. The name Polly Minerva comes down our line several times so I feel there is a connection to this particular Polly Minerva Sherman

ay Karry <> 2001-03-31 

PRINCE SHERMAN, b. Feb. 26, 1753, Ware, Massachusetts
COMMENTS:  Prince was the son of Samuel Sherman.  He left Ware after Revolutionary War, with other families, and went to Vermont, 1790 Census.  Land grant in Canada, 1798. Looking for when he died and where. Some researchers of this branch feel he died in Vermont. I believe in Canada. Any help appreciated.
>  2003-07-22
PRUDENCE SHERMAN, b. Oct. 20, 1706, New Haven, Connecticut
COMMENTS:  Looking for any information on Prudence Sherman, daughter of David and Mercy? Sherman.  Any additional info on Prudence would be appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Hazel Stapel <HazelMStapel@compuserve.com2002-01-22
PRUDENCE SHERMAN, b. July 5, 1784, Connecticut (?), m. Aug. 7, 1803, d. July 19, 1849, Pleasant Mills, New Jersey
THOMAS WESCOAT, b. Dec. 5, 1779, d. July 19, 1849, Pleasant Mills, New Jersey
COMMENTS: Prudence may be the daughter (or grandaughter ?) of Roger Sherman.
Brenda Blazer  --  (March, 1998)
R. H. (or S) SHERMAN, b, 1830, New York
MARY A., b. 1836, Texas
CHILDREN: Austin (b. 1857, Texas), William (b. 1856, Texas), Martha (b. 1858, Texas)
In 1860, this family was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., Texas. According to 1870 census, they were no longer living there.
Sherry Sharp  --  (April, 1999)
RACHEL SHERMAN, b. Feb. 16, 1807, Otsego (?), New York, d. Oct. 28, 1857, Bradford, Pennsylvania
JOHN BURNSIDE, b. April 18, 1791, Milford, Otsego Co., New York, d. Aug. 24, 1842, Miland, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania
COMMENTS:   Looking for more information on this Sherman line.
Patti Bacon  --   (June, 1997)

REBECCA SHERMAN, b. early 1700's, Fairfield, Connecticut (?), m. 1720-30, Fairfield, Connecticut (?)
COMMENTS:  Seeking info on Rebecca Sherman, probably married to Issac Judson, Fairfield, Connecticut, circa 1720-30.
RESEARCHER:  John Linson Dodd --  (Feb 10, 2000)

COMMENTS: Rebecca's father was JACOB SHERMAN, and her mother was REBECCA STEBBINS.  If you have any information, I would love to hear from you.
Elaine Jones   --   (October, 1999)
REBECCA SHERMAN, b. Feb. 13, 1814, NH
CHILDREN:  William  (b. Dec. 8, 1840, IA, m. Annice Atkins), Jacob (b. July 11, 1842, IL), Rebecca (b. Oct. 16, 1867, MO, m. Sam H. Doebner), John (b. Jan. 27, 1851, MO, m. Mary Hyten), Mary (b. Oct. 16, 1854, TX), Linus (b. March 2, 1856, TX, m. Fannie Shelton)
SIBLINGS: Lucinda (b. Nov. 14, 1809, NH), William Smith (b. Jan. 4, 1812, NH),  Leverett R. (b. Feb. 14, 1818, Buffalo, NY), Jacob Haven Jr. (b. June 4, 1820, Buffalo, NY), John T. (b. June 11, 1823), Lothrop Blockman (b. June 17, 1825), Richard Hamilton (b. Sept. 11, 1827), Mary H. (b. Nov. 20, 1830)
COMMENTS:  We need help finding information on Rebecca's siblings, WILLIAM SMITH SHERMAN and MARY H. SHERMAN, and their descendants.  We believe they stayed in St. Louis, Missouri.  (See separate queries for  Rebecca's father, JACOB HAVEN SR., and her siblings, LEVERETT, JACOB JR., and LOTHROP)
 Ruth Ganson Sherman --  (September, 1999)

RENALDO SHERMAN, b. abt. 1853, Pana, IL (?)
CHILDREN: Emergy Eunice Sherman, b. May 12, 1873, Pana, IL
I am looking for RENALDO Sherman, my great grandfather.  Who were his parents and when was he born, etc. Thank you for any information anyone can provide.
RESEARCHER:  patricia wainwright -- rodopat@netscape,net  (Apr 11, 2000)

REUBEN SHERMAN, b. 1808, Eaton, NY (?), d. 1878 
CHILDREN:  James (b. Nov. 11, 1829, NY, see separate query), George (b. abt. 1835, NY), William (b. abt. 1843, IN)
SIBLINGS:  Ira (b. 1786), Samuel (b. 1791), Asa (b. May 24, 1807), Hiram (b. 1810), Oliver (b. 1821), Elizabeth, Mary, David, Ephraim, and Azuba (b. Nov. 29, 1802, Wash Co., NY)
COMMENTS:  Looking for descendants of REUBEN and ALMEDA (SHEAD) SHERMAN.  Reuben and his sons farmed in LaSalle Co., IL, near Streator.  See separate listing for Reuben's son, JAMES SHERMAN.
 Diane Sherman Heuring  --  (September, 1999)

RICHARD SHERMAN (SHEARMAN), b. 1745, New Hampshire (?), d. 1809
CHILDREN:  Jacob Haven Sherman, Sr., b. June 5, 1787, Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH, m. Rebecca Stebbins
COMMENTS:  Looking for info on RICHARD SHERMAN (SHEARMAN), 1745-1809. Enlisted in Revolutionary War on Jan. 3, 1777 in 3rd New Hampshire Regiment, discharged on Dec. 17, 1780. Said to have had a wife and 8 children, one being JACOB HAVEN SHERMAN, SR., born June 5, 1787 in Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH. Jacob Haven, Sr. married REBECCA STEBBINS, and they had 9 children. I think possibly Richard was connected to the family of EDWARD SHERMAN (son of WILLIAM and SUSANNAH SHERMAN), who was born about 1724, died about 1809, Hunterdon, NJ. 
RESEARCHER:  Sherry Sharp -->   Oct 31, 2000 

RICHARD SHERMAN , b. abt. 1660, probably Suffolk, England
SPOUSE: SUSANNAH HALLS, b. 1683, Exning Suffolk, England
CHILDREN: William and 10 other children, born at Rougham, England in the years 1691-1702. 
My ancestor, William Sherman, married Elizabeth Thurston, 1723, Rougham, England
Carol Main  --  (March, 1999)
RICHARD JOHN JOHNSTON SHERMAN, b. November, 1902, Brooklyn, New York, married September 29, 1935
CHILDREN:  Richard George, Dorothy Emily, Edward Andrew, and Rita Ann
COMMENTS:  Richard also had one sister that I know of - Emily Haupt, nee Sherman.
RESEARCHER:   Dottie Kennard <> 2002-08-24

ROBERT SHERMAN, b. Laurens Co., SC (?)
CHILDREN:  John Madden Sherman
I am looking for more information on  ROBERT SHERMAN who married ELIZA STEWART in Laurens County, South Carolina. They later moved to  Rome, Georgia.  They had a son by the name of  JOHN MADDEN SHERMAN. Thanks so much.
RESEARCHER:  Joy Sherman Walston --  (Aug 31, 1999)

SUSAN, b. 1817, TX
CHILDREN: William M. (b. 1841, TX), James F. (b. 1843, TX, Mary L. (b. 1846, TX), Robert O. (b. 1849, TX), Newton S. (b. 1852, TX), Joseph B. (b. 1854, TX), Edward (b. 1856, TX)
In 1860, this family was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp --   (April, 1999)

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA
COMMENTS:  I am a descendant of ELIZABETH SHERMAN, ROGER SHERMAN'S sister. She married CAPT. BUCK, and my paternal grandmother was a Buck. Now I am trying to trace the Sherman line backwards from Roger but am confused by the number system. It looks like WILLIAM SHERMAN is Roger's father, but who was Roger's grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., and where does MARY LAUNCE fit in? Thank-you for your help. 

Joan Carlson <> 2001-02-12 

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA
COMMENTS:  This is all very interesting. I have a copy of the Thomas Townsend Sherman book (1920). My father, Alden O. Sherman, is one of the last people in the book (born 1918). I am a member (although not active) of the Colonial Dames in the State of Connecticut, being directly related to Roger Sherman (signer of Declaration of Independence etc.) as my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather. I think I got the number of greats correctly! The most interesting Sherman (besides Roger, and my father) was Rev. John Sherman, who became the first Unitarian in New York State to found a church. As an active Unitarian, I find that thrilling. Are there any other Shermans in Connecticut that have some of these same connections? Sherman is my own name. I didn't change my surname when I married.
RESEARCHER:  Jane E. Sherman <> 2000-12-21

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA, d. July 23, 1793
I know my roots go directly back to Roger Sherman (Declaration of Indep.) and Gen. William T. Sherman. From there, I don't really know, but am wanting to find out.  I also have a variation of the coat of arms, but my motto is "Conquer death by virtue" possibly misinterpreted somewhere along the way. The symbols are different as well, all but the lion in the center (facing the other way, though). Sound interesting? Let me know. Thanks!! 
RESEARCHER:  Laura Boyer --  (Oct 27, 1999)

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA, d. July 23, 1793
COMMENTS:  I have been researching my familyís genealogy because I wish to become a member of CAR (Children of the American Revolution) I have been told by my relatives that I am related to Roger Sherman. I have been trying very hard to trace my family all the way back to Roger Sherman and if any of you have any ideas or can help me in any way please let me know! Thanks
RESEARCHER:    Kari Jae Fermenich -- -- Oct 20, 2000

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA, d. July 23, 1793
I am a descendant of Roger Sherman, signer of Declaration of Independence. I would like to share or exchange information with other Sherman descendants.
RESEARCHER:  Kenneth "Ken" Allen Akers -- kakers@netzero.net  (Oct 8, 1999)

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA, d. July 23, 1793
COMMENTS: I was wondering how I could find out my genealogy from ROGER SHERMAN. I don't have much information other than my father and grandfather's names: DAVID MARSHAL RABER and ROBERT RABER. My brother's middle name is SHERMAN and we've been told that Roger Sherman is our ancestor. Though, with 15 children to his credit, I bet a lot of people are related to him. Is there anywhere you could suggest I look? Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  Wendy (Raber) Wing -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

ROGER SHERMAN (Honorable), b. April 19, 1721, Newton, Middletown, MA, d. July 23, 1793
I am a descendant of Hon. Roger Sherman of the New Milford, CT, branch. I was the first Sherman to be born in New Milford in over 200 years after Roger Sherman left for New Haven and settled there with his second wife and new family.
RESEARCHER:  Barnaby Van Der Kar Gloger --  (Mar 26, 1999)

RUBY SHERMAN, b. about 1804, d. Aug 26,1868, buried in Old Burt Cemetery in Essex County, New York
COMMENTS:  Looking for parents of Ruby Sherman.
RESEARCHER:   <>  2003-07-22

RUPERT SHERMAN, b. New England
SPOUSE:  GLADYS MYERS, m. South Haven, Michigan
COMMENTS:  My grandfather's name was Rupert Sherman and his brother was Harry Sherman. They were from one of the New England states. My grandfather married Gladys Myers and lived in South Haven, Michigan for all of their married years. I would like to know if my grandfather or his brother has been found in any of your research.
RESEARCHER:  Linda Sherman Marble --  (Aug 27, 1999)

Ruth's parents are SAMUEL SHERMAN and MARY ---, and Samuel's parents are PELIC SHERMAN and HANNAH---. This is all I have, can someone fill in the blanks?

Diane Edwards <> 2001-02-16 

RUTH SHERMAN, b. May 29, 1798, Marion Co., NY (or Wayne Co., NY), m. April 18, 1819, d. April 16, 1885, probably Davis City, Decatur Co., IA
JOHN H. BROWN, b. Sept. 18, 1793/1796, probably NY
CHILDREN: Elizabeth Brown Hasrow, William S. Brown, Mary Ann Brown Drake, Deborah Brown Post, David Brown, Ruth Eugenia Brown Carpenter, John Simpson Brown, Albert Brown, Joseph Marion Brown
Looking for more information on Ruth Sherman, her spouse, and her descendants.
Barbara Bernauer  --   (April, 1999)

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