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SHERMAN, AARON, b. August 25, 1748, Grafton, Massachusetts
Aseneth, Sally, Elijah, Aaron, Ephraim, Anna, Otis, John, Luke, Betsy, and Hannah
COMMENTS:  I am looking for descendants of Aaron Sherman,   My line descends through Luke, who moved to Niagara County, New York in the early 1800's. Luke was married to Candace Farr.  Anyone of this line, please contact me.
RESEARCHER:  <> 2003-07-22
AARON SHERMAN, b. Sept. 8, 1857, Michigan, d. California
COMMENTS:  I believe Aaron's father was Thomas.
Mary Mitchell <> 2002-12-08
ABEDNIGO  SHERMAN, b. early 1800's, Washington, D.C.
CHILDREN:  Emeline (b. 1840, Pomeroy, Ohio, m. WILLIAM ROSEBERRY, 1860, Hamilton, Illinois), Margaret, Ella, and 5 others
COMMENTS:  Searching for more information on my GG Grandparents, Abednigo and Nancy (Wood) Sherman. They started out in Ohio, and moved into Illinois during the mid 1800's.
RESEARCHER:  Pam King Copple <> 2002-09-03

ABEL SHERMAN, b. Hamilton, Canada
I am looking for an ABEL SHERMAN that came from a place near Hamiliton, Canada.   His Great, Great Grandson, CLAYTON CLIFFORD SHERMAN, was from Algonac, Michigan. I am just getting started in finding my roots, and need a lot of training. 
RESEARCHER:  Michael Scott Sherman --  (Nov 24, 1999)

ABIEL SHERMAN, b. March 6, 1744, d. July 31, 1834, Nassau, New York
SPOUSE:  MARY BOUGHTON, d. Nassau, New York
COMMENTS:  I am looking for information on any children of Abiel Sherman.
RESEARCHER:  Barry Schinnerer <>  2002-12-29
ABIEL JOHNSON SHERMAN, b. Aug. 22, 1818, Haddam, CT, m. Oct. 4, 1848, d. Dec. 14, 1895, buried in Haddam, CT b. Aug. 22, 1818, Haddam, CT, m. Oct. 4, 1848, d. Dec. 14, 1895, buried in Haddam, CT
MARTHA ANN HURLBURT, b. Feb. 8, 1819, Wethersfield, CT, d. Dec. 29, 1889, buried with her husband Abiel (also with their children, Charles and Charlena).
CHILDREN:  MARY ANN (b. May 1, 1849), CHARLENA E. (b. July 30, 1853), CHARLES L. (b. July 30, 1853), EDITH GERTRUDE (b. Nov. 28, 1859), and EDSON (b. May 18, 1861)
COMMENTS:  Looking for information on Abiel's grandfather, BENJAMIN SHERMAN, who was listed in the East Hampton, CT vital records.  See separate queries for Abiel's father, BENJAMIN SHERMAN, and his grandfather, also named BENJAMIM SHERMAN.
Jim Wilson --  (July, 1999)  
ABIGAIL SHERMAN, born 1622, Dedham, England, m. 1645, Reading, Massachusetts
COMMENTS:  Abigail Sherman was the daughter (I thought) of Richard Sherman and Elizabeth________. However, on your website, I find that Richard left no known descendants in the colonies!! The LDS Family Search lists 7 children. Where did they come from? Does anyone know when Richard did come here? It wasn't with his brother Edmund. Thanks for a great website. This is the first time that I have researched my Sherman line. I've been really impressed with the quality of the research. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate your time. Thanks.
RESEARCHER:  Margaret Gardner <>

ABRAHAM SHERMAN, b. 1879, W. Virginia (?)
COMMENTS:  Most of my father's people originated in West Virginia.

Joseph Sherman <> 2001-02-22 

ABRAHAM SHERMAN, b. March 28, 1850, Ocean Twp., NJ, d. April 22, 1921, Garden Grove, Ocean Twp., NJ) 
CHILDREN:  Frank Sherman, b. Nov. 19, 1875, New Jersey (see separate query for Frank Sherman) 
My husband's great grandfather was FRANK SHERMAN.   Frank's father was ABRAHAM SHERMAN.   Abraham was married to MARIA V. (her maiden name was on Frank's death certificate , but I couldn't make it out. It looked like JEFFERSON or ZEFERSON. The first letter was hard to read, but the rest of it was efferson) I think that Abraham's father's name was Abraham also, but I have yet to confirm it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (See separate query for FRANK SHERMAN)
RESEARCHER:  Wanda Branson -- (Feb 20, 2000)
CHILDREN: Mason Sherman ALLEN, b 1840 d 3/4/1879.  He was a cheese maker in Ohio, probably Cleveland.
COMMENTS:  Who are parents of Abrigale SHERMAN and James Madison ALLEN? RESEARCHER:  <> 2003-07-22

ADOLF SHERMAN, b. Stockholm, Sweden, mid-1800's
CHILDREN:  Mabel (m. Chris Peterson), and Ellen (or Helen - m. Walter Peterson)
COMMENTS:  The Shermans that I am looking for came from Stockholm, Sweden to America (Chicago) in the late 1800's or early 1900's. There were two sisters, namely Mabel and Ellen (Helen), daughters of Adolf Sherman. Early in the 1900's they married respectively two brothers, Chris and Walter Peterson. Ellen and Walter are my grandparents. Any information about their coming to the US and before would be appreciated. I have info on the descendants of these couples for anyone interested. Surnames include SHERMAN, PETERSON, ZINGRAF, GAVEN, and CARTER.
RESEARCHER:  Suzanne E. Kerley --  (May 27, 1999)

ADONIJAH SHERMAN,  b. mid to late1700's
I am looking for information regarding Adonijah's father, James Sherman, who might have served in the Revolution. I have the record of Adonijah and understand that there is a record for James. My line continues through Adonijah Jr on to Benjamin Sherman, who went to Georgia in the early to mid 1800's. He married in Georgia and many of his descendents still live in Georgia. I have access to the Sherman Family Bible that shows Adonijah's family.
RESEARCHER:  Anne Simmons -- (Sep 16, 1999)
COMMENTS:  I'm searching for information on Adrian Sherman, my father's grandfather,
and great-grandfather.  If you have info or can pass this to other Shermans, I'd greatly appreciate it.
RESEARCHER:  <> 2003-07-22
ALBERT SHERMAN, b. abt. 1813, Lincoln, MA
CHILDREN: John Dexter Sherman (b. Oct. 7, 1849, Uxbridge, MA)
I'm trying to gain genealogy information on a line out of Lincoln, MA.
Joseph S. Hall, Jr. --   (May, 1999)

ALBION AARON COPARIS SHERMAN, b. 1821, m. Sept. 9, 1850, Franklin, Maine, d. 1892, buried in Sullivan, Maine
  PHOEBE GORDON FRENCH, b.1830, d. 1886, locations unknown, buried in Sullivan, Maine
  Evelyn (my great grandmother - b. 1858 d. 1931, locations unknown), Charlotte, Myra, Frank, William, and Mary
Albion was reportedly a descendant of Roger, the signer, but I have no ancestral info.  I would welcome any info you could provide. Thank you.

  Jane Ring <> 2001-04-25 

ALFRED CORTIS SHERMAN, b. abt. 1900, Amangansett, LI, NY (?)
SIBLINGS:  Ruth Sherman (m. Mr. Castro)
CHILDREN:  Frank Thomas Sherman (my Dad, b. 1922, Amangansett, LI, NY, d. 1995, and a daughter that died in infancy
My dad, FRANK THOMAS SHERMAN, was born in 1922 in Amagansett, LI, NY. He was in the process of beginning to put together a family tree when he passed away in 1995. His parents were ALFRED CORTIS SHERMAN & LUCY ETTA BENNETT. He had one sibling, a sister who died in infancy. Alfred's mother's name was MARGARET, I do not know her maiden name. I also do not know Alfred's father's first name, but I do know that he left his wife & children for a period of time to go west during the gold rush. Alfred was one of many children, but I only know the name of one sister, RUTH SHERMAN CASTRO, who was the youngest. I know that ADMIRAL FORREST SHERMAN is related in some way. It has also been passed down by word of mouth that we are descended from both ROGER SHERMAN & WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN.  If anyone thinks they may be directly related or may have any information that will help me trace our Sherman family roots, please contact me. Thank you! 
RESEARCHER:  Karen Sherman Merritt --  (Oct 18, 1999)

ALICE SHERMAN, b. late 1500's, St. Mary Ottery, Devon, England, m. 1598
I am trying to trace the ancestry of Alice Sherman. Her parents, according to the IGI, were John Sherman of St. Mary Ottery, Devon, England and Margaret Drake.
I have seen on the "Sherman of Yaxley" website a reference to the Visitation of Devon 1620 record of John Sherman of St Mary Ottery, Devon, England, and his descendancy from Robert Sherman of Yaxley and the daughter of William Sherman of St Mary Ottery. 
Can anyone tell me if the John referred to in the Visitation is the father of Alice, and if so the exact ancestry as far back as it is known?
RESEARCHER:  Richard Hodgson <> 2002-12-02

ALICE (ELSIE) SHERMAN, b. Rhode Island?, M. 1806, Providence, RI
  ISRAEL WING, b. March 9, 1785, Providence, RI, d. May 5, 1860, La Porte, Indiana.
  Israel (Jr.), Acsha, David, Stephen, Benjamin, Betsey, Dorcas, Abraham, Hannah, and Eliza.
COMMENTS:  Am seeking any information at all on my GGGGgrandmother, Alice...especially information on her parents/siblings. Any information on any of these individuals, and/or Alice's parents would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  Mary Ellen <> 2001-01-18 

ALICE FAYE SHERMAN , b. late 1800ís
COMMENTS: Have always been told that I am a descendant of GENERAL WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was ALICE FAYE SHERMAN. She was born near the end of the 19th century. Have always been curious, however have not had a lot of time to research. Would appreciate any advice you could give me so I would not be tied up in a lengthy search. Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  Dede Watson -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

ALICE IRENE SHERMAN , b. April 12, 1861, Weedsport, NY
My grandmother's mother was Alice Irene Sherman, b. 4/12/1861, Weedsport, NY, her parents, Orra Sherman, Elias D. Sherman, b.1794, Capt John Sherman 1764, John Sherman b.4/8/1737, Joseph Sherman b 3/25/1703, John Sherman b 1/1/1674, Joseph Sherman 3/14/1650 and Capt. John Sherman 1613 or 1604, Essex Co. My grandmother was Lulu Harrington, married Leonard Irish of Watkins Glen, NY. I have birth and death dates, marriages, spouses and children of these people if anyone is interested. I would like to find pictures of some of these people, do you know where to start looking? 
RESEARCHER:  Susan Irish Loewen --  (Jul 27, 1999)

SHERMAN, ALPHA or ALPHEUS, m. November 1, 1828, Jefferson County, Indiana
SPOUSE:  ALMIRE LOCKARD, b. Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
  Sarah Elizabeth Sherman (Imel) b. May 18, 1832 (my husband's gr.,gr. grandmother)
COMMENTS:  I am searching for the parents of Alpha or Alpheus Sherman.  I found a Nathaniel Sherman listed in the 1830 census of Indiana, also in Jefferson Co.  
RESEARCHER:  <> 2003-07-22
COMMENTS: Amanda Sherman was my great grandmother. In 1870, she was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp --   (April, 1999)
ANDREW J. SHERMAN, b. 1817 in Ohio, d. November 24, 1904. Buried Woodland Cemetery, Van Wert, Ohio
SPOUSE: Margaret L. b. July 06, 1825 in Virginia, d. May 05, 1903. Buried in Woodland Cemetery, Van Wert, Ohio
CHILDREN: Mary J. (m. Benjamin F. Griffith), William H., Joseph M, Phoebe A., George W., Clara A., Frances, Ede.

Looking for any information on family. Have come to dead end on Andrew J.Sherman's ancestors.
RESEARCHER:  J. Griffith <> 2002-03-07

ANN ELIZA SHERMAN, b. Dec. 2, 1832, Newark, Essex Co., NJ, m. Sept. 29, 1850, Marcellon, Columbia Co., WI
COMMENTS:  I would like information about ANN ELIZA (SHERMAN) WHEELER. Her parents were JOSEPH SHERMAN and ANN GRAVES. Would like to know date of death and location of burial for Ann, who was my great-grandmother.
  Mary Cornmesser <> 2001-01-30 

ANN HALL SHERMAN, christened Feb. 16, 1612, Stratford/Avon, Warwickshire, England 
SPOUSE:  (1)   WILLIAM ROGERS, b. 1612, d. 1669, (2) GEORGE WOOD, and (3)  ?
COMMENTS:  According to the IGI, Ann's parents are EDMOND SHERMAN and MARGUERITTE HYATT.  Does anyone have information on this line of Shermans?
  Gary Cady --   (September, 1999)

ANNA SHERMAN, b. abt. Sept. 1879, Allen or Noble Co., IN
COMMENTS:  Searching for information on Anna Shermanís father, who married MARY "MARTHA" FLANERY in 1870's or 1880's in Noble Co., IN.  Anna is found in the 1880 Noble Co., Indiana census with her widowed mother, Mary "Martha" Flanery Sherman.  Mary Martha may have later married a MR. BECKER, or MR. ACKERMAN, so it is possible that Anna did not keep her surname SHERMAN.  I'd like to find out what happened to Anna, and whether she had any half-siblings, children, etc.
RESEARCHER:    Mary Davidson -- -- Oct 10, 2000

ANNA SHERMAN, d. 1803, New Haven, CT
CHILDREN:  Evelyn Pierpont (son), m. Rhoda Collins
Searching for info related to Anna Sherman who married James Pierpont (1st) and ____ Davenport (2nd)New Haven, Ct. He is buried under Center Church in New Haven. Can't find where she or Davenport are buried. She had a son, Evelyn Pierpont who is reportedly buried in Grove St. Cemetery but have not located him or his wife Rhoda Collins Pierpont either. Anna Sherman Pierpont Davenport died 1803. Her father was JABEZ SHERMAN, I believe. How does he fit into the Sherman family genealogy in New England? Related to Roger? Any help much appreciated. 
RESEARCHER:  Tom Chesrown --  (Jul 8, 2000)

ANNA MARIA SHERMAN, b. somewhere between 1760 to1770
She married Henry Hostetter, and had at least 2 children, David and Rachael. I would like to know Anna Maria Sherman's parents.
RESEARCHER:  Gayle <> 2002-10-06

ANNE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1592, England
COMMENTS:  I am looking for the ancestors of Anne Sherman who was the wife of William Rogers. Is she the daughter of Edmund 1572-1643 and wife Margueritte? This is a new Sherman line for me. My main line is from Philip Shearman/Sherman. 
RESEARCHER:  Susan Winters --  (Dec 11, 1999)

ANNIE SHERMAN, b. abt 1860, Montgomery, Alabama, d. November 9, 1928 Lyndeborough, NH
COMMENTS:  Annie's father was supposedly John Sherman.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

ANNIE EDELL SHERMAN, b. 1868, FL (?), m. Hillsborough Co., FL
  Annie was the daughter of JOSEPH SHERMAN. Would love to trace her relations. Don't know her birth state. 
  Valda A. Steed <> 2001-01-22 

CHILDREN: Henry Bonebrake Sherman
COMMENTS: I'm searching for information on a SHERMAN family that lived in Steuben Co., NY around the turn of the 19th century. My GGG-grandfather was ANSEL MORRIS SHERMAN, who came from Junietta, NY, which I just found out was in Steuben Co. from 1822-23. I know Ansel was a preachr for the United Brethren Church and lived most of his life in SE Indiana (Decatur, Ripley, and Switzerland Counties). His son, Henry, was also a preacher for the United Brethren Church. (See separate query for HENRY BONEBRAKE SHERMAN)
  Sue Kramer <> 2001-01-16 

ARLOA SHERMAN, b. abt. 1839, East Palmyra, NY, m. Jan. 1, 1858, Pittsford, Hillsdale Co., MI
CHILDREN: Charley, Lewis
Harriet, Lydia, Lafayette, Newton Butler, Augusta, Emily, Aurelia, Rogener, and Martin Adelbert
Arloa is the daughter of Merritt and Emily Rich Sherman. Arloa and her husband, Andrew Gilson, lived in Lenawee Co., MI for a while, but disappeared after 1860. Does anyone know anything about this family?
Earl M. Sherman --  (April, 1999)
SPOUSE:  Margaret THOMPSON, b. Vermont
COMMENTS:  Artemisia was apparently one of twelve children, whose father was Samuel,  b. 1800 Greenwich, Washington County, New York,  His father (I believe Samuel) and then came Nathan, and the family goes back to RI.
RESEARCHER:  <> or <> 2003-07-22

ARTHUR SHERMAN, b. abt. 1880, Palmer, MA or England
Trying to flesh out my family tree which is loaded with Stebbins from the 16th Century.  However,  my Grandmother (nee Stebbins) married ARTHUR SHERMAN from Palmer, Massachusetts, son of ALBERT SHERMAN. Arthur would have been born 1880 ish, and understand that his mom and dad, and likely he himself, came from England. There are other Shermans as part of the Stebbins tree which some may find helpful as well. The Stebbins were Norman with the name of de Ferrers or some such, until the third or forth generation after the conquest changed it to de Stebbing. They were the original Earls of Derby. Any help much appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Roger Carlton Sherman --  (May 1, 2000)

AUGUSTUS SHERMAN, b. April 15, 1812, NY, m. (1)  Nov. 11, 1830, Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, d. Sept. 12, 1864, Mansfield, Richland Co., OH 
(1)  JANE VANDERWORKER, b. July 7, 1814, NY, d. Aug. 22, 1855, Mansfield, Richland Co., OH,  (2)  REBECCA M. LINSEY, m. 1856
CHILDREN:  From 1st marriage:  John Augustus (b. 1833, NY), Andrew (b. 1835, NY), Abraham (b. 1837, NY), William Mortimer or Tecumseh (b. 1839, OH), Charlotta (b. 1842, OH), Polly M. (b. 1843, OH), Elizabeth (b. 1845, OH), Mariah (b. 1848, OH), Amanda (b. 1849, OH), Martha Ellen (b. 1851, OH), James H. (b. 1853, OH), and Dora Estella (b. 1855, OH)
COMMENTS:  Jane died a week after the birth of her last child, Dora.  Augustus had several more children with his second wife, Rebecca.  Looking for parents and siblings of AUGUSTUS SHERMAN.  I've been unable to find any connection in Steuben Co., NY.  Augustus is found in the 1835 census for Steuben Co., New York, with wife and 3 children.  He's also mentioned in deed of heirs to his mother-in-law, POLLY (VAN DYNE) VANDERWORKER.  I'd also like to correspond with descendants of the siblings of my great-grandfather, JOHN AUGUSTUS SHERMAN.  I've made connections with descendants of ELIZABETH (SHERMAN) GRIBLING and DORA ESTELLA (SHERMAN) VAN SICKLE.
  Barbee Sherman Hodgkins  <> 2002-09-26
BARNETT M. SHERMAN, b. 1802, New York
SPOUSE:  LUCY O'FLYING, b. 1803, New York
COMMENTS:  Barnett had brother Isaac, b. 1811 New York, m Mary _________ These Shermans moved to Greene and Macoupin County, Illinois. Need to know where in New York they were born, and who their parents were. Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

BEN SHERMAN, b. abt. 1900, Justin, TX (?)
CHILDREN:  L. B. SHERMAN, b. Sept. 1, 1920, Justin, TX
COMMENTS:  I am a Sherman and my dad, L. B. SHERMAN, is still living.  He is one of six children. So if you can help me with some information I would truly appreciate it.
RESEARCHER:  Phyllis Kay Sherman Miller --  -- Oct. 20, 2000 

BENJAMIN SHERMAN, b. abt. 1760, Norwich, CT
CHILDREN:  Benjamin (b. Sept. 6, 1787)  See separate query.
COMMENTS:  Looking for information on Benjamin, who was listed in the East Hampton, CT vital records.  See separate queries for Benjamin's son, also named BENJAMIN SHERMAN, and his grandson, ABIEL SHERMAN.
Jim Wilson  --  (July, 1999)
BENJAMIN SHERMAN, b. Sept. 6, 1787 (CT?), d. May 21, 1853, buried in Lakeview Cemetery, East Hampton, CT b. Sept. 6, 1787 (CT?), d. May 21, 1853, buried in Lakeview Cemetery, East Hampton, CT b. Sept. 6, 1787 (CT?), d. May 21, 1853, buried in Lakeview Cemetery, East Hampton, CT
ANNA JOHNSON, b. May, 1790, d. Oct. 17, 1868, buried with her husband Benjamin.
Abiel Sherman (b. 1818)  See separate query.
COMMENTS:  Looking for information on Benjamin's father, also named Benjamin, and who was listed in the East Hampton, CT vital records. (See separate query for Benjamin's father, BENJAMIN SHERMAN.)
Jim Wilson  --  (July, 1999)

Descendant of Benoni Sherman (Philip, Eber, Elisha, Benoni, Avis)
RESEARCHER:  Mary Dade --  (Mar 29, 2000)

BETHIA SHERMAN, b. abt. 1699
Any info on Bethia Sherman born around 1699 and married Gideon Freeborn in 1733? He (Freeborn) also married an Elizabeth Sherman. Thanks for any help
RESEARCHER:  Bethia Sherman --  (Oct 18, 1999)

BILLIE DALE SHERMAN , b. Oct. 1936, Missouri
COMMENTS:  Trying to put together my family tree.  Iím looking for information on Billie Dale Shermanís father.
RESEARCHER:  Melonie -- -- Nov 7, 2000

BINA SHERMAN, b. late 1800's, MN or SD (?)
COMMENTS:  Seek information on Bina Sherman, father Noble H. Sherman.  Seems to have been at least 2 Bina Shermans.....One daughter of Fred, about 2, that died in the great Hinkley fire, 1894, Hinkley MN. One who lived in South Dakota, possibly Day Co. Could have also been 2 Noble H Shermans, both close relatives of Celina Phebe [Sherman] Burt, my ggrandmother.
RESEARCHER:  Myrth Sunday --  (Jul 22, 1999)

BRIGGS SHERMAN, b. Jan. 6, 1765, d. June 22, 1831, Cayuga Co., NY (?)
SPOUSE: BETTY WILCOX, b. Sept. 4, 1765, d. Aug. 4, 1847, Cayuga Co., NY (?)
CHILDREN:  Ira Sherman (b. April 4, 1791, d. Dec. 19, 1859), and Anna Heron Sherman (b. Jan 26, 1797, d. Feb. 19, 1854)
COMMENTS: Seeking information about ancestors of Briggs Sherman.  Briggs' parents were JOB SHERMAN (1741/42 - 1777) and EUNICE BRIGGS.  Briggs' grandparents were MICHAEL SHERMAN (1719-1784) and DEBORAH BRIGGS.  Briggs' great-grandparents were WILLIAM SHERMAN (1690-1780) and SUSANNAH ALLEN.  Would appreciate any assistance.
D. Rowe  --   (November, 1999)
BYROM BEARS SHERMAN, b. 1825, d. 1914 (son of Moses Reeves Sherman, see separate query)
CHILDREN: Maritta Ellen (b. 1861), William Henry, Sam, Robert Sidney, Bennett Peal, Abner Bartlett, Mary Elizabeth, Andy, Martha Ann
Looking for more information on Byrom's father, Moses Reeves Sherman (b. 1801, NY), and his grandfather, Moses Sherman (b. 1769, MA). See separate queries for these two.
J. Lind --  (June, 1998)
CALEB SHERMAN, b. February 28, 1806, Vermont, m. October 27, 1839, Parish Oswego Co., New York, d. March 23, 1880, Oswego Co., New York
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestors of Caleb Sherman
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
CALEB SHERMAN, b. abt. 1800, Addison Co., VT (?), d. Iowa
SPOUSE:  (1) SARAH HAWLEY, b. abt. 1799, Addison Co., VT, d. bef 1839,  (2)  SARAH TAFT, b. Vergennes, m. 1839, Sangamon Co., IL, d. 1842, Sangamon Co., IL
CHILDREN:  Lovina Sherman (b. 1821, VT, see separate query in "ONGOING QUERIES").  Also see separate queries for Lovina's daughter, MARCIA JANE GRAVES, and her grandaughter, RUTH LOVINA McPHERSON.
COMMENTS:  Looking for proof of marriage to SARAH HAWLEY, proof of parentage of LOVINA SHERMAN, ancestry/parentage of CALEB SHERMAN.  Where did he come from?  Caleb shows up in the 1840 census for Sangamon Co., IL.  
Robert S. Baxter --   (August 10, 1999)  
CALEB SHERMAN, b. 1808, Tiverton, RI
COMMENTS: Also see descendants: George O. (b. 1829, Fall River, MA), Foster G. (b. 1854, Fall River, MA), Willard Otis (b. 1879, Fall River, MA), and Foster G. (b. 1901, Fall River, MA)
Paul Sherman --   (Oct 31, 2000)
CALVIN LEE SHERMAN, b. about 1921, possibly in Los Angeles, California
SPOUSE:  Maiden name was JOHNSON
CHILDREN:  Patsy Lee Sherman
Calvin is my b
irth father, and I have not located him yet. In WWII Army National Guard in 1943-44 in Phoenix, Arizona, and his residence may have been in Ft. Knox, Kentucky? This is ALL the information I have to begin my Sherman line genealogy search. (This was on my birth certificate) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.  $100 reward for the first person to find him.
RESEARCHER:  Patsy Lee Sherman 
<> 2003-03-29
CANDICE SHERMAN,  b. 1834, possibly in or near North Adams, Massachusetts
COMMENTS:  Moved to Springwater, Livingston County, New York. Would like to find connection with other SHERMANS. 
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
CATHERINE SHERMAN, b. April 16, 1808, Stratford, CT, m. Dec. 9, 1827, d. Jan. 6, 1896, Toulon, IL
(1) ALONSON ROUNDS, b. Jan. 15, 1807, RI, d. Dec. 19, 1872, Lafayette, Stark Co., IL, (2) SYLVESTER SWEET, Oct. 10, 1876, Toulon, IL, (3) RICHARD MOORE, Nov. 1, 1883, Toulon, IL
CHILDREN: Amanda Jerusha ROUNDS BROOKS, Matthew Hubble ROUNDS, Jotham ROUNDS, John Wesley ROUNDS, Ranson Sherman ROUNDS (my great grandfather)
Phyllis M. Graen Richey --  (Sept. 1999)

CHARLES SHERMAN, b. June 29, 1798, NY (?), m. Chesterfield, NY
SPOUSE:  DELIA JACKSON, b. Sept. 4, 1800
CHILDREN:  LUCY M. SHERMAN (b. 10/1/1824), HENRY B. SHERMAN (b. 9/1/9/1827), PHOEBE D. SHERMAN (b. 3/3/1830), GEORGE D. SHERMAN (b. 9/29/1833), SAMUEL B. SHERMAN (b. 11/8/1837), CHARLES SHERMAN (b. 12/25/1839), MARY JANE SHERMAN (b. 3/4/1841), ELIZABETH SHERMAN (b. 6/10/1843), HELEN SHERMAN (b. 8/19/1845), and PRUDENCE SHERMAN (b. 4/29/1848)
COMMENTS:  I am in possession of a portion of a query filled out by my great-great grandmother's sister, titled "The Sherman Genealogy", which was to be mailed to Mr. Frederick C. Pierce, PO Box 244, Chicago, IL. Contained within the instructions is the phrase "the information is for the Sherman Genealogy, which will include the descendents of all persons by the name of Sherman, in both the male and female lines, whose immigrant ancestors came to America before 1700.... My line begins with Charles Sherman, born 6/29/1798, who married Delia Jackson born 9/4/1800. They were married in Chesterfield NY, date unknown. If anyone can help me with the above, please email me. 
RESEARCHER:   George Hebling -- -- Oct 10, 2000

CHARLES SHERMAN , b. early to mid 1800's, Strawberry, IA
COMMENTS:  I'm interested in Sherman families who lived in Strawberry, Iowa; particularly related to Charles Sherman who moved to Boulder County, Colorado after the Civil War. He eventually settled in Niwot, Colorado
RESEARCHER:  Ronald Evart Sherman --  (Dec 5, 1999)

CHARLES C. SHERMAN, b. July 1, 1867, Watseka, Kansas
CHILDREN:  Joseph Everett Sherman, b. April 14, 1892, Wellington, Illinois
COMMENTS: Joseph was my grandfather.  He married Ruby Phylinda Gleason in 1915-1916. He died Dec.18, 1949. She died in approximately 1934. They had 4 children named Josephine, Velma, Charles R. and Eileen. If anyone has any information on these people I would be very interested in hearing from you, just under subject include Sherman info.
RESEARCHER:  Tracy <>  2003-07-22
CHARLES ELLIOTT SHERMAN, b. 1807-1817, New York, m. abt. 1842, d. Nov. 23, 1908, California
SPOUSE:  CLARISSA ROGERS, b. January 31, 1819, Ontario Co., NY, d. Sept. 12, 1888
CHILDREN:  Ephraim Maynard (b. 1843), George Rogers (b. 1846), Sylvester Horatio (b. 1848), Richard Hayes McDonald (b. 1850), Ancel Peter (b. 1852), Henry Cole (b. 1853), and James Morris (b. 1857)
According to an 1860 census report, CHARLES ELLIOTT SHERMAN (known as "ELLIOTT") and CLARISSA were both born in New York. CLARISSA was born in Ontario (possibly the part that is now Wayne County, New York), as the second child, then the family moved to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, where the rest of her siblings were born. On Elliott's death certificate, his father is listed as "ANDREW". Need more information on this SHERMAN/ROGERS line.
Wayne Elton Davis <> 2003-07-22
CHARLES W. SHERMAN, a.k.a Chester, b. August 19, 1807/08, Vermont, m. April 21, 1842, Marion County, Ohio,  d. May 29, 1877, Prospect, Marion Co., Ohio
CHILDREN:  James (b. 1844-?, married Sarah Green), Elizabeth Ann (b.1845-?, married Josiah Tunis, Sept. 7, 1893, Marion Co., Ohio), and Samuel W. (1850-1875)
COMMENTS:   Looking for further info on Charles W. Sherman   Also looking for the death of James and Sarah.  Charles was first found in Marion Co., Ohio about 1841. He worked for the Post Office there in 1842. Any help, especially a connection to Vermont, would greatly be appreciated.
RESEARCHER:   Angie < >  2003-07-22

CHILDREN:  Theodore Francis Sherman (my great-grandfather), b. 1837, Rochester, NY, m. Mary Gilbrith, 1861, d. Feb. 27, 1923, Mineral Point, WI (?)
I am looking for the Sherman branch that Charles Wesley belongs on. At some point, Charles and Mary moved to Rochester N.Y. The one son I know about is my great grandfather, Theodore Francis Sherman.  He moved with his parents from Rochester when a small boy to Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where he grew to manhood. He was united in marriage to Mary Gilbrith in 1861. To this union were born 11 children, 3 boys and 8 girls.
RESEARCHER:  Charles Wesley Morgan --  (Jun 29, 2000)

CHRISTIAN SHERMAN/SCHARMAN, b. before 1832, Germany
CHILDREN:  Adam Scharman/Sherman
COMMENTS: Looking for information on Christian, and son Adam Scharman/Sherman arriving in US/Missouri or Ohio in the early 1830's. Christian married Juliana Cline and she then became Adams stepmother. Adam became a naturalized citizen in Oct. 1847. in Monroe County, Ohio. Adam paid the sum of 4 dollars which is commutation for fines and penalties for neglect to perform military duties....Monroe County, Ohio, August 5, 1864. Believe they left Germany in 1832 not thinking they might have come to the US via England. Be anxious to hear from you. Thanks.
RESEARCHER:  Carol Sherman McVicker <>  2003-07-22

CHRISTINA SHERMAN, b. abt. 1845, d. 1873, PA, buried in Beechwoods Cemetery, Clearfield Co., PA
CHILDREN:  Mary Elizabeth Deahl, b. 1865, Clarion Co., PA, m. John Rhoads
Looking for Christina Sherman, married Jonas Deahl, child Mary Elizabeth Deahl,  b. 1865 Clarion Co.,PA married John Rhoads. John's family is from Jefferson Co.,PA. Have a page on Family Tree Maker under Brenda Fox and Wig Allshouse family. 
RESEARCHER:  Brenda Fox --  (Jul 26, 1999)

CHRISTOPHER  SHERMAN, b. 1811, NY, d. 1889, Buffalo, NY
HARRIET DICKINSON, b. 1813, d. 1873, (Parents: Salmon Dickinson and Clarissa Bennet)
CHILDREN: Julia , b. Sept. 25, 1840, Warren Co., NY
Seeking date of marriage of Christopher Sherman, son of Samuel Sherman and Margaret Thompson.
Judy Reynolds --  (April, 1999)
CLARA HALE SHERMAN, b. Feb. 5, 1886, Newport, Rhode Island
Clara's parents were Philip Sherman and Apolline Hull. Last correspondence that I know of was to my grandmother Julia Ann Sherman Holmes in a letter dated June 16, 1928. Clara was living in Pittsburgh, PA at that time.  I would like to know if Clara ever married, when and where she died. I do have information on the rest of the family, I am missing Clara only.
RESEARCHER:  Carol Marodon < 2003-01-02
CLARK ALEXANDER SHERMAN, m. Sept. 27, 1892, Pleasant Valley, Connecticut
COMMENTS:  I believe my grandfather to be one of their children, Kenneth Clark Sherman Sr. I'd appreciate any info you can provide

RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

My mother's maiden name is Sherman. Her father is Claude Sherman and mother's name is Hazel. Both passed away this last summer. It was told to me that General Sherman is my 6th great uncle. I have never tried to find out much of my family tree, but have recently become very interested. Any information I can give or receive would be very much appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Valerie Hinds --  (Sep 12, 1999)

SPOUSE:  AMY LOA BUCK, m. Dec. 20, 1819, Crown Point, IN
COMMENTS:  I am a descendant of Clifford George Sherman, and I am trying to find out about some of his other descendants. 
RESEARCHER:  Michael Scott Sherman --  (Jul 14, 1999)

CLYDE E. SHERMAN, b. Feb. 7, 1915, Ohio
I'm looking for information on Clyde E. Sherman. He was born in Ohio, and died in Raymondville, Texas.
RESEARCHER:  Jan Sherman Sanders <> 2001-07-01
CONRAD SHERMAN, b. 1750, possibly Berks County, Pennsylvania, m. 1779, Pennsylvania (?), d. Nov. 10, 1820,  Augusta County, Virginia
CHILDREN:  Peter, Christianna, Catharine, Salome, Frederick, and George
Conrad was a Captain in the 6th battalion, Berks County Militia.   I am a descendant of GEORGE SHERMAN
(b. 1793, d. May 1864, m. LYDIA JONES 14 October 1822). If anyone has any information on the SHERMAN Family from Virginia/Pennsylvania, please let me know. THANKS!! 
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
CORDELIA SHERMAN, b. abt 1820, Weathersfield, Windsor Co., VT (?)
CHILDREN:  Cynthia Rosella Hawkins 
COMMENTS:  Cordelia was my great-great grandmother.  Her parents were NATHAN SHERMAN and CYNTHIA SCOTT.  I'm trying to complete the line for Nathan Sherman back to Rev. John Sherman.  I'm also trying to find out about Cynthia Scott and her ancestors.   See separate query for Nathan Sherman and Cynthia Scott.
  Kenn Roberts --  (February, 2000)

D. H. SHERMAN, b. early 1800ís, Lake County, IL
COMMENTS: I am working on identifying two Shermans who traveled with a wagon train called the "Banner Company" captained by a J. A. Gooding in 1849. My ancestor traveled with these men and mentions a Mr. Sherman in his diary. One source says they are D. H. SHERMAN and a G. SHERMAN from Lake County, IL. Another source, a FRANCIS TROWBRIDGE SHERMAN, who also embarked upon on the California trail that year, mentions an "H. D. SHERMAN and JOHN", who traveled ahead of him. I'm wondering if they might be the two Shermans in the Banner Company, and if they are of any relation to F. T. SHERMAN. If you know of these men, please contact me.   Any information would be much appreciated!
RESEARCHER:  Laura Cole -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

DAISY SHERMAN, b. abt. Nov. 1, 1901, Albany, NY (?), m. abt. March, 1924
SIBLINGS:  Guy Sherman (Daisy's twin), and Robert Sherman
I am looking for info on my maternal grandmother. Her name was Daisy Sherman. She had a twin brother named Guy. They were born around Nov. 1, 1901, in or near Albany, New York. She also had another brother named Robert. Her father's name was FREDERICK SHERMAN. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks
RESEARCHER:  Jeannette Pritchett --  (Jul 30, 2000)

DANIEL SHERMAN, b. April, 1757 (?), d. 1819, Adams, MA (?)
COMMENTS: I am trying to establish the validity of DANIEL SHERMAN.  My information from one source indicates that he had a child named PELEG SHERMAN, born July 1785, died Dec.23, 1854. Another source indicates that he was unmarried and therefore, did not have any children. As it appears that my line of the Sherman family descends from Daniel, a son of EDMUND SHERMAN, who died in Adams, MA in 1785, I am interested in learning which source is correct.
RESEARCHER:  Jean Sherman Walters -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

DANIEL SHERMAN, b. abt. 1900, Richmond, VA (?)
I am searching for relatives of my grandfather Daniel Sherman, son of DAVE and MARIE SHERMAN.  I don't have dates, but my step-father's birth was registered in Richmond, VA 1922.
RESEARCHER:  Shirley Tallmadge Pfleider --  (June 5, 2000)

DANIEL SHERMAN, b. abt. 1823, New York (maybe Wyoming County), m. Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan, d. after 1880, Kansas
SPOUSE: BETSY LUCE, b. abt. 1825, New York, d. after 1908, Kansas
CHILDREN:  Othello Alden (b. Feb. 18, 1846, Jackson, MI, d. June 26, 1922, Hutchinson, KS, m. Maria Elizabeth Carpenter on June 12, 1970, Washington Co., Kansas), Ernest (b. 1844, Jackson, MI), and Hyram F. (b. abt. 1860, Wisconsin)
COMMENTS: Daniel moved to Jackson, Michigan before 1837.  Daniel and Betsy were in the 1850 Jackson census, but NOT in the 1860 Jackson census.  They were in the 1880 Republic, Kansas census.  Their sons went into the Army in Michigan (Co. F of the 28th Regiment of Michigan Infantry).  I have 2 pictures of Betsy, the last one was taken when she was 85.  I'd like to hear from anyone with more information on this family.
Glenda Sherman Landrum  <>  2003-07-22
DANIEL SHERMAN, b. abt. 1780, CT
CHILDREN:  Olive, m. WILLIAM CURSCADDEN in 1823 in Enfield, NY
COMMENTS:    I have reason to believe that Daniel resided in Cayuga Co., NY.
Judi Kreager --  (July, 1999)
DANIEL SHERMAN , b. abt. 1817, New York, m. Dec. 28, 1837, Berrien Co., Michigan, d. 1894, Spirit Lake, Iowa
COMMENTS:  Looking for Daniel's parents.  Daniel and Elizabeth moved to Iowa in 1855, and lived in Floyd Co., Clay Co., and Dickinson Co, Iowa.  Other Shermans that were living in Berrien Co., Michigan (or having deeds there) at the time Daniel and Elizabeth lived there are:   ELIAS B. SHERMAN, ORREN SHERMAN, LAURA SHERMAN, and BENJAMIN SHERMAN.   I never could make a connection with any of those Shermans.  I would be so grateful for any information.
Marnae Harding <> or <>   
DANIEL B.  SHERMAN, b. abt. 1804, Germany, d. possibly IL or KS
SPOUSE: DORCAS, b. abt. 1807, NY
CHILDREN: John, Abel Amos, Abraham
Looking for father, mother and siblings of Daniel B. Sherman in NY (Allegany Co.?) and wife Dorcas. Location(s) of death and burial of Daniel and Dorcas.
Peggy Hinshaw --   (June, 1998)

DANIEL M.SHERMAN, b. 1847, Illinois (?)
CHILDREN:  Estelle, Shepard, Leora, William and Elmer (my grandfather)

COMMENTS:  My interest in Shermans started in the year 1847, mostly in the Illinois and Kansas area. Daniel M. Sherman married Mary Ann Post. Any information about these Shermans would be appreciated. 
Jean Sherman Beesley --  (Jul 1, 1999)

DANIEL PALMER SHERMAN, b. 1830 (?), WI, m. Oct. 25, 1863, Rutland, Dane Co., WI
CHILDREN:  Wilber Ellsworth Sherman (b. Oct. 9, 1875),  and Irene Sherman (?)
Am looking for info on descendants & ancestors of Daniel Palmer SHERMAN. As far as children go, I only have Wilber Ellsworth and I think there may have been an Irene. I found an old picture of Wilber with a woman with the name of Ella. I don't know if she was his wife or sister. I assume it was his first wife. I have info on his second wife. (See separate query for WILBER ELLSWORTH SHERMAN).  
RESEARCHER:  Cindy Eaton --  (Feb 7, 2000)

DAVID (DANIEL) SHERMAN, b. abt 1802, Massachusetts, m. March 18, 1827
SARAH GREEN, b. abt 1801, New York
COMMENTS:  I am trying to locate the parents of Daniel {David} Sherman.  Any information that anyone has on these two people would be greatly appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

See what Mary discovered on our "Success Stories" Web page
(see link at top of this page) 

DAVID SHERMAN, b. abt 1692, CT
  Mary Duvall <> 2001-01-24

DAVID SHERMAN, b. July 7, 1799, Vermont, m. Jan. 6, 1831,  Starksboro, Addison, Vermont
SUSANNAH PHILLIPS, b 8 Jan 1801, Hinesburgh, Chittenden, Vermont
Chester, Guy Bayington, Marcia, Ellen, Adelia, Oscar and Merilla.
 Looking for info on the descendants of David Sherman and Susannah Phillips. Not sure if they all stayed in the Vermont area or not.

  Pat Geary <>   2000-12-18 

DAVID SHERMAN, b. early to mid-1800's, Oneida Co., NY (?)
CHILDREN:  Anna Taylor Sherman
My great grandmother was Anna Taylor Sherman. Her parents were David Sherman and Maria Clagget. Davidís parents were HENRY SHERMAN and ABIGAIL (last name unknown).   These Shermans were from New York. I found census records for Oneida County, New York from 1830 to 1860 for David and Henry. I can't find anything other than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  Ruth Maryott --  (Jan 26, 2000)

DAVID SHERMAN, b. July 12, 1785, Pomfret, Windham Co., CT
CHILDREN:  Henry Sherman (b. 1818, CT) and Samuel Sherman (b. 1820, CT)
I am in need of a record of marriage for David Sherman b. July 12, 1785 in Pomfret, Windham Co. CT (son of DAVID SHERMAN and ABIGAIL SLADE> Caleb>Peleg>Peleg>Philip). His wife's name was Clarissa Spaulding, and they are in the 1830 census of Bradford Co. PA. Did they spend a few years in New York en route from CT to PA-if so where?
RESEARCHER:  Bonnie Everhart --  (Nov 1, 2000)

Interested in info on David Sherman and wife Clarissa Spaulding 
RESEARCHER:  J Sherman --  (Apr 29, 1999)

CHILDREN:  Henry, Samuel, Kate and Susan
COMMENTS: Any information would be appreciated.
Gerald Sherman --   (May, 1999)

DAVID SHERMAN, b. Jan. 24, 1772, New Haven, CT, m. Nov., 1795, d. Dec. 18, 1844, Wethersfield, VT 
SPOUSE:  HANNAH BOYNTON, b. June 16, 1778, Nov. 21, 1848, Wethersfield, VT
CHILDREN:  Leonard (b. Jan 4, 1797), Elizabeth (b. July 31, 1798), Nathan (b. Feb. 24, 1800 - my line), Hannah (b. Nov. 1, 1801), David (b. May 17, 1803), Silas (b. Nov. 13, 1804), Gold (b. Sept. 24, 1806), Mary (b. Aug. 16, 1809), Beamon (Beaman) Boynton (b. Feb. 26, 1811), Mary Maria (b. Feb. 25, 1813), Lueene (b. Feb. 16, 1816), George D. (b. Sept. 20, 1818)
I'm trying to locate David Sherman's father, grrandfather, and so on back to Rev. John Sherman.  I have some information that tells me that these people are David's ancestors:  Samuel>Samuel>>John>Daniel>Rev. John.  I don't know which end of this string represents David Sherman's father.  I assume it is the first Samuel, but I can't find any information to support this assumption.  I would like to complete this line back to Rev. John accurately and move on to another area of my search.
Kenn Roberts --   (May, 2000)
DAVID SHERMAN, b. abt. 1842, NY 
ELECTA, b. abt. 1848, NY
CHILDREN:  Edwin (b. 1879, Lebanon Twp., Clinton Co., MI), and G. Grace (b. 1874, MI)
COMMENTS:  David was a mason contractor.  Edwin was a tinner.  David and Electa were in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1920 census.
  Claudia Day --  (January, 2000)
DAVID SHERMAN (Ebenezer, Samuel, Philip), b. 1733, Tiverton, Rhode Island, m. Feb. 2, 1756, prob. Tiverton or Dartmouth, Rhode Island, d. abt 1800, probably in Cambridge, Washington, or Albany Co., New York
RUTH BEADON, b. ca 1733-35, Dartmouth, RI, d. after 1785, probably in Tiverton, Rhode Island
CHILDREN: Samuel, Daughter, Daughter, Humphrey, John, William, Wanton, Ebenezer, Ruth, Sophia, Catherine, Giles, David, Gideon (most of the children settled in and around Palmyra and Marion, Wayne County, New York)
Ebenezer, Samuel, Lemuel, Humphrey, William, Gideon, Phoebe, and John
Looking for death dates and locations for DAVID SHERMAN and RUTH BEADON.
Marge Sherman Lutzvick <>  2003-07-22

DEBORAH SHERMAN, b. abt. 1761, MA (?)
SPOUSE:  AARON JEFFERSON, b. July 2, 1754, Douglas, MA
CHILDREN:  JOB JEFFERSON, b. March, 1780, Douglas, MA, m. LUCY REED, b. 1779
COMMENTS:  I am looking for ancestry and siblings of DEBORAH SHERMAN.
RESEARCHER:  Gloria Daum -- GLODAUM@SPRYNET.COM -- Oct 10, 2000

DEXTER SHERMAN, b. abt. 1885, Martha's Vineyard, MA (?)
COMMENTS:  Looking for a Dexter Sherman, possibly b. ~1885 Martha's Vineyard area MA, possibly associated with vaudeville, theater or other traveling acts. No other information known.
RESEARCHER:  Sade Sindar --  (Oct 6, 2000)

DIADAMA SHERMAN, b. about 1760, Massachusetts
I am looking for info on Diadama Shearman/Sherman
RESEARCHER:  Nancy Hernandez <> 2002-12-13
SIBLINGS:  Ella Sherman (b. abt. 1860, m. Eben Jones Marsh), Francis Cornwall Sherman, b. 1867 
Looking for info on Francis Cornwall Sherman, b. 1867 and his brother Eaton Goodell Sherman, b. abt 1871 . Both are said to have "gone west" in the early 1900's and no further information is known about what happened to them. I am interested in tracking down some of their living descendants, to see if they are in possession of any photos that may be useful in a forthcoming book about their father FRANCIS TROWBRIDGE SHERMAN, a Civil War general. Their grandfather was FRANCIS CORNWALL SHERMAN, twice mayor of Chicago. There was also a sister, Ella Sherman MARSH, b. abt 1860, who married Eben Jones Marsh, had two sons, and remained in Chicago. Please send any hints, info, etc. to me.  Thanks in advance. 
RESEARCHER:  Julie Hu --  (Oct 9, 1999)

EBENEZER SHERMAN, b. Chickopee, MA (?)
SPOUSE:  GRACE MILLER (?), d. Colorado Springs, CO (?)
COMMENTS:  Looking for info on EBENEZER SHERMAN, born? Chickopee, Mass.??married? to GRACE MILLER.  It is said he was buried at sea.???  She is buried in Colorado Springs, Colorado??
RESEARCHER:  Marsha Sherman Bryant --  (Dec 26, 1999)

EBENEZER SHERMAN, b. 1701, Portsmouth, RI, d. 1791, Portsmouth, RI
Who were Ebenezer's children and grandchildren? He was the son of Samuel Sherman (1647/48-1717).
Lynn Sherman --   (April, 1999)

CHILDREN:  Abby C. Sherman
My great-grandmother, EMMA LILY BATES, married CHARLES LAWRENCE HATFIELD. Her mother was ABBY C. SHERMAN, who married JONATHAN BATES. Abby's parents were EBER SHERMAN and CATHERINE GARDINER. I would love to find further information about this line. I have a family bible which lists the marriage of Abby Sherman to Jonathan Bates. 
RESEARCHER:  Lila Tonche --  (Oct 25, 1999)

ED SHERMAN, b. mid to late 1800's, Lake George, NY
SIBLINGS:  Charlotte (Phelps), Julia (Clausen), Hattie (Rogers), Anna (Durham), Melissa (Tubbs)
COMMENTS:  There may have been more siblings.  Most of them were born in Lake George, New York.  As of January 11, 1918, Charlotte in Lake George, New York, Anna lived in Parolette, Vermont, and Julia, Hattie and Ed lived in Fort Miller, New York.  These siblings were listed on an obituary for Melissa.  Any information you could provide would be appreciated.
  Nancy Eggers --   (September, 1999)
CHILDREN:  Bessie Loudon
I am researching the name Edgar SHERMAN.  Although he is not a direct link to my family, his wife, Lill BANTER, was my great-grandmother. This is what I know - my grandmother was Bessie LOUDON, whose mother was Lill BANTER SHERMAN (married to Edgar Sherman). My grandfather was Albert LOUDON who was Bessie's father. I think maybe Lill and Albert may have had another daughter by the name Celia born in abt. 1900. If any of these names mean anything to you please let me know, as I have really hit a brick wall as far as these people go.
RESEARCHER:  < >  2003-07-22
EDMUND SHERMAN, b. early 1600's, England
Edmund came to the colonies in 1620, with his son Samuel.  I need to know where he was buried. Thanks.
RESEARCHER:  Joseph Tranquillo <> 2002-09-10
EDMUND SHERMAN, b. Dedham, England, d. 1600, Dedham, England
I'm looking for any info on Edmund Sherman (died 1600 in Dedham) and family.
RESEARCHER:  Stephanie Litwin <> 2002-07-21

EDMUND SHERMANb. 1638, Roxbury, MA

COMMENTS:  Looking for details on Edmund Sherman, son of PHILLIP SHERMAN and SARAH ODDING, including name of spouse and her details. Also looking for connection of Philip, b. 1610 Yaxley, to the seven generations detailed in my Web site.  (See separate query for PHILLIP SHERMAN) 
RESEARCHER:  Allen E. Crepeau --      (Mar 7, 2000)

EDMUND SHERMAN, b. 1572, Dedham, Essex, d. 1641, New Haven, CT
COMMENTS:  I just moved to Suffolk, UK and have been researching for many years. I would like more info on EARLY Sherman work in the Yaxley and Dedham, Essex area as I have been working with original docs in the records offices here. I am descended through JOHN LIVERMORE, 1604-1684, of Little Thurlow Suffolk, and GRACE SHERMAN, born 1615, of Dedham, Essex, daughter of EDMUND SHERMAN, b. 1572 Dedham, Essex-Died 1641 New Haven CT The following is an unproven line of Shermans I hope to find original docs on! Edmund Sherman 1548 Dedham-died 1600 was the s/o Henry Sherman 1511 Dedham-1590 Dedham s/o Thomas Sherman 1490 Yaxley - 1551 Yaxley s/o John Sherman 1445 Diss, Norfolk-died 1504 Yaxley s/o Thomas Sherman 1422 Yaxley Related families: FULLER, THORALDE, WALLER, BUTTER, MAKIN, LIVERMORE, WYSSBYCH, WISBITCH, PALLETTE I am desc of Julia Livermore and Charles Wendel of Clinton Co. Iowa, 1800s thru the Livermores of Watertown and Weston MA Thanks! Lyz (living in the village of Gazeley, Suffolk) Lyz Staman PSC 37 Box 366 APO AE 09459 
RESEARCHER:  Lyz Staman -- -- Oct. 10, 2000 

EDMUND SHERMAN,  d. abt. 1641/3, New Haven, CT
I'm descended from Grace Sherman, wife of John Livermore and daughter of the Edmund Sherman who died in New Haven CT around 1641/3. I'd thought that Edmund's wife was Judith Angier. Then I read Stephen M. Lawrence's Sherman-Mitchell file, which suggests that the American Edmund was the son of the Edmund commemorated in Dedham Church and married to Joan (apparently not Makin), rather than his cousin Edmund who was the son of Henry the younger and married to Judith Angier. I wonder what the thinking is on this? I'm interested because I have a couple of good friends who are Angiers of Dedham descent, and it would be fun to claim kinship, however remote! Thanks a lot, just in case... Harry 
RESEARCHER:  Harry Hopkins --  (Sep 25, 1999)

EDMUND LEWIS SHERMAN, b. Aug. 8, 1828, Hamburg, NY, m. Feb. 14, 1861, Wisconsin, d. April 28, 1894, Seneca, KS
CHILDREN: Ida May, Alice, Mary, Dane, Lewis, George, and Sarah
Edmund Sherman was living in New London, Wisconsin in 1865, prior to mustering into the Civil War.  His father was AL SHERMAN.
Matt Penning --   (May, 1999)
EDWARD SHERMAN, b. ca 1760. Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts,  m. 1787, d. 1795, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts
SPOUSE:   SARAH GRINNELL (Sarah had a daughter, Olive,  b. 1780, m.  Royal/Rial/Ariel? Macomber/McCumber b ca 1775)
CHILDREN:  Christina (m. Jarvis Macomber/McCumber), Jennie, Andrew, Lovey, and Hannah
COMMENTS: The 2 Macomber families probably lived in Rhode Island before moving to Ontario, Canada ca 1816.  Did Andrew Sherman. b. 1790, Dartmouth, move to Newport, Lake Co. Illinois?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
EDWIN SHERMAN, b. abt. 1875 
CHILDREN:  Milford, Clara, Donald (born 1900-1904, Battle Creek, MI)
COMMENTS:  Looking for birthplace and ancestors of EDWIN SHERMAN.
  Claudia Day  --  (January, 2000)
EGBERT SHERMAN, m. October 23, 1870, Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Michigan
COMMENTS: Egbert and Leticia may have lived in the city of Belleville, near Van Buren Township, Michigan.  Looking for descendants resulting from this marriage.
Colleen  -- (March, 1999)

ELEANOR SHERMAN, b. Aug. 2, 1811, Sandy Creek, NY (?), m. 1831, Sandy Creek, NY, d. Jan. 5, 1899, Sandy Creek, NY
I am looking for any information anyone might have on one Eleanor Sherman. She was in Sandy Creek, New York in 1831, because that is where she married one John Crandall in May of that year.  I'm also interested in some other Shermans who were in that area in the early nineteenth century. Their names were ELIJAH SHERMAN and WRIGHT SHERMAN. Elijah's wife was named PRUDENCE COLE. Any info would be helpful.
RESEARCHER:  Matthew Wolpert --  (Aug. 17, 2000)

ELEAZER SHERMAN, Sr., b. 1791, Salisbury, Litchfield, CT
CHILDREN: Eleazer Sherman, b. Sept. 4, 1822, Fayette, Onadaga Co.,NY
COMMENTS: Eleazer is descended from ROGER SHERMAN.  I'd like to know what Eleazer's occupation was, and where he received his education. I'd also like to know more about his father, JAMES SHERMAN, and his son ELEAZER SHERMAN (see separate query for ELEAZER SHERMAN, JR.)
RESEARCHER:  Alison Levine <>
DATE:  2000-08-03
ELEAZER SHERMAN, Jr., b. Sept. 4, 1822, Fayette, NY, d. April 2, 1895,  Chicago, IL
COMMENTS:  Eleazer is descended from ROGER SHERMAN.  I am interested in finding information on Eleazer's education, law practice, etc. He studied at Castleton Seminary; was principal at Addison County Grammar School, VT, 1849-50; taught Green and Latin at Middlebury College, 1851-52; admitted to the Bar, 1853; practiced law in Racine, WI and St. Louis, MO, 1853-80; spent time in Helena, Arkansas (he was the first circuit judge of Little Rock); employed in Chicago, 1886-95. I haven't been able to get any information on his years at Middlebury College, or about his role as a circuit judge. I would also like to know what his father, ELEAZER SHERMAN, SR., did and where he received his education. (See separate query)
RESEARCHER:  Alison Levine <>
DATE:  2000-08-03
ELEAZOR SHERMAN, b. Sept. 4, 1822, Fayette, New York
COMMENTS: His parents were ELEAZER SHERMAN, born February 21, 1791, Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut, and LOUISA SANFORD, born March 18, 1793, Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont.  Eleazer Sherman is my great-great-grandfather. I have only been able to trace back as far as his parents. On his mother's side (Louisa Sanford) I have a complete ancestry. However, I cannot find out any information on his father (Eleazer Sherman, born 1791). If you know this family please contact me. Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  Marge Sherman Lutzvick  <MALUTZ@AOL.COM>  2003-07-22
ELECTOR (ELECTA) SHERMAN, b. 1817,  Ohio, m. August 22, 1836, Muskingum, Ohio
COMMENTS:  They later appear in the 1880 Census in Ohio Twp, Bartholomew County, Indiana. Trying to locate names of her parents. She is my husbands GGGrandmother.
RESEARCHER:  Earlene Clark <>  2003-02-04
COMMENTS:  I am related to Philip through eleven generations. My line follows from his fifth child Edmund.  I have the details of our portion of the family that begins with Elkanah b. 1761 and proceed through the present.  I will be glad to share with anyone.
RESEARCHER:   David Emerson <> 2002-06-06
ELIAS DICKINSON SHERMAN, b. ca 1794, Phelps, Wayne Co., NY, d. Sept. 28, 1870, Galesburg, Kalamazoo Co., MI
SPOUSE:  (1) 
WEALTHY GRISWOLD, b. Aug. 2, 1802, Rose, Wayne Co., NY, d. May 28, 1846,   (2)  ROXY NEAL, b. abt. 1820, d. Oct. 28, 1871, Galesburg, Kalamazoo Co., MI
CHILDREN:  (1)  William, Joseph, Orra, Eliza, Orrin, Levi, Franklin, and Elias, (2)  John 
COMMENTS: I'd like to know more about WEALTHY GRISWOLD.  I have been trying to connect some of the Griswold lines from Michigan and have nothing on her.
Coralee Griswold  --  (November, 1999)
ELIJAH BENJAMIN SHERMAN, b. April 29, 1870, m. Jan. 3, 1889, Oktibbeha Co., MS, d. May 6, 1958
SPOUSE: MARTHA JANE WILLIAMSON, b. May 12, 1874, d. Feb. 20, 1958
CHILDREN:  Johnny Estelle, Virginia Catherine, Dora Rachel, Hassie Lorena, Emma Eddie, Robert Elijah, Mack Dowe, Minnie Lovella, Nina Benilla, Tennie Lacy, Elgie Lena, Essie Lee, Emmett Vardeman, William Sylvester, Mattie Beatrice
Searching for parents of Elijah Benjamin Sherman, and where Elijah and Martha were born.
Deanna Dyer --   (March, 1999)
ELIZA SHERMAN, b. abt 1800, RI, m. Pawtucket, RI, d. abt. 1874, Bureau Co., IL
William, James, George, John and Amanda
Eliza was the daughter of JOHN SHERMAN and ABIGAIL ELLIS SHERMAN.
Viola Shaw Seward  --  and Linda --  (May, 1999)
ELIZABETH SHERMAN, b. May or July, 1785, Washington County, New York
COMMENTS:  Elizabeth was the daughter of Humphrey Sherman and Mary Durfee of Palmyra, New York.  Deeds found in Lyons, Wayne County, New York show her second husband to be Spencer Whipple. Does anyone have information on Spencer Whipple? Can anyone help?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
ELIZABETH SHERMAN, b. October 26, 1747, Connecticut
CHILDREN:  Asa (b. September 15, 1790, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, m. Louisa Dodge, d. January 26, 1833, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada), and Thomas (b. March 5, 1787, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, m. Sally Davis, d. April 9, 1836, Standstead County, Quebec, Canada)

I have the information I need on Elizabeth Sherman. I am looking for the birthplace of her husband, Simeon Cole. I want to find out his parent's names in order to take his line back. Elizabeth and Simeon moved to Stanstead County, Quebec in the early 1800's, where I believe they lived out their lives after leaving Connecticut. I believe ancestors of Elizabeth Sherman also moved to the Eastern Townships of Quebec in the 1800's. Thanks for your help. 
RESEARCHER:  Jacqueline Sleeper Russell <> 2002-04-09

SPOUSE:  Mr. Gribling
COMMENTS:  I would like to find out more about Elizabeth (Sherman) Gribling, specifically, to whom she was married, when, where. Do you have this information? If so I would be very appreciative. I am just starting to piece together the Griblings in America. Thanks for any help you can give me.
RESEARCHER:  GJ Gribling <> 2001-02-03

ELIZABETH SHERMAN, b. April 24, 1759, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA

I am a distant relative of Elizabeth Sherman.  
RESEARCHER:  Sonja Hongisto --  (Jul 25, 1999)

ELIZABETH G. SHERMAN, b. Sept. 13, 1819,  d. Jan. 25, 1897, Newville, AL
SPOUSE:  WILLIAM HARRISON, m. Sept. 10, 1841, Stewart Co., GA
COMMENTS:  I have just started a genealogy research of my great,great, grandfather and grandmother. She was Elizabeth G. Sherman, b. September 13, 1819. I do not know where she was born. She was married to William Harrison September 10,184l in Stewart Co. Georgia. She died in January 25, 1897 in Newville, Ala. She is buried in a Methodist Cemetery.  I have one source that said her father's name is Thomas Jefferson Sherman. Also some say that she might be related to William T. Sherman, but she is not a sibling of his. 
RESEARCHER:  Teresa A. Harrison --  (Apr 20, 1999)

ELIZABETH SHERMAN, b. April 5, 1723, Newton, Middleton Co., MA, m. Feb. 25, 1749, New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT, d. Jan. 9, 1793, New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT
CAPTAIN JAMES BUCK, b. March 23, 1726, New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT, d. Jan. 28, 1793, New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT
CHILDREN: Ruth, Samuel B., Mehetabel, Josiah, Jerusha, Elizabeth, Asaph, William Sherman, Salmon, Hannah
William Sherman, Mehetabel Sherman, Roger Sherman, Nathaniel Sherman, Josiah Sherman, Rebecca Sherman
My interest is research in Sherman records prior to 1723.
Vicki Smith  --  (Oct 31, 2000)

ELKANAH SHERMAN, b. 1789, Barnstable, MA
I am just trying to make a connection between Elkanah Sherman and the man we think is his father:   JOHN SHEARMAN married to EXPERIENCE. That is all we know and need help!
RESEARCHER:  Pat (Seymour) Jones --  (Apr 15, 2000)

ELLA SHERMAN, b. abt 1860, Chicago, Illinois
COMMENTS:  Ella was the granddaughter of former mayor of Chicago FRANCIS CORNWALL SHERMAN. Any info about her or her descendants would be appreciated.  Also see the query for Ella's brother, FRANCIS CORNWALL SHERMAN.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

ELLEN "NELLIE" SHERMAN, b. 1837-38, Texas, m. 1857-59, d. 1909, Dallas or Johnson Co., Texas
Moses M., Mary E. "Mollie", Sam Houston, James Walter, Thomas Hillary, William P., Hannah M. "Maggie" and John Aquilla, Jr. 
COMMENTS:  Searching for more info on Ellen "Nellie" Sherman.  Also lived in Houston County and Harrison County, Texas.  I found her in the 1860, Houston Co., Texas Census. Would like to find parents and/or correspond with descendants.

RESEARCHER:  Etta Silvertooth  <>  2003-07-22

ELMER SHERMAN, b. May, 1867, New York, m. 1894, Lorain County, Ohio
Augusta (b: Jan 1896, Ohio, d: ??, m: Richard Fitchner) and Helen (b: after 1900, still living).
RESEARCHER:  Debbie Lake <nekekal@gtii.com2001-11-13

ELMER SHERMAN, b. March 14, 1872, NY, d. Oct. 5, 1947, Snohomish (Everett), WA
COMMENTS: I am looking for information about my grandfather, who died before I was born. He married GEORGIA LLOYD CHRISTIAN, but was previously married. His parents were JOHN SHERMAN of New York and HELENA ANDREWS of Delaware. No luck so far, but have just begun my search. Any known facts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 
RESEARCHER:  Catherine J. Sherman -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

ELMER SHERMAN, b. Miller Co., AR, d. 1965
SPOUSE:  Don't know his wife's name, but she was probably 1/2 Indian
CHILDREN:  Norman, Floyd, J. W., and Ordle (my grandfather)
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestors of Elmer Sherman.  Elmer's son, Ordle, was my grandfather.  Ordle married Opal Powell ab.1938. Their children are James E. Sherman, Patsy Sherman Holland, Joe Lynn (Joey) Sherman, and David Sherman d.1984. Anyone with knowledge of Shermans in Northwest AR or Northeast TX? 
RESEARCHER:  Carol Sherman Moody -- CJFINAL@SWBELL.NET  (May 22, 1999)

ELMER VICTOR SHERMAN, b. abt. 1880, New York
CHILDREN:  Talbot, Roy, Vincent, Gertrude (all born in Rockland Co., NY)
Looking for more information on this Sherman family.
J. Sherman --  (March, 1999)

ELON SHERMAN, b. abt. 1845, MA (?)
CHILDREN:  Elmer Sherman (b. abt 1865, m. Emma Pratt)
I'm researching my mother's father, ROY ELON SHERMAN of Weymouth and Boston, MA, 1885-1966. He was the son of ELMER SHERMAN and EMMA PRATT.  Elmer, b. about 1865, was son of ELON SHERMAN and JEANETTE BATES. Elon's father was said to be PETER SHERMAN of Marshfield, MA, b. about 1800. (See separate query for Peter Sherman).  There my trail grows cold. Any specifics or generalities about these Shermans will be appreciated.   Am also interested in the Raymonds, my grandmother Bessie's people, and all the Pratts and Bateses who married into the Sherman and Raymond lines in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties.
RESEARCHER:  Alan Davis --  (Feb 10, 2000)

ELVIRA SHERMAN, b. 1839, d. 1895
I had traced my line to THOMAS SHERMAN, 1745-1828 through the DAR as he was a private in the revolutionary war. Next, I found that I descended from REVEREND JOHN SHERMAN, 1608-1685. Now I am researching the Sherman's of Brimfield, MA. My great grandmother, ELVIRA SHERMAN,1839-1895, was married to FRANKLIN WILLIAM WALKER of Benson, Vermont. She was the daughter of ALBERT GALLATIN SHERMAN who was the son of EBENEZER SHERMAN who was the son of THOMAS SHERMAN, who was the son of CAPT. JOHN SHERMAN of Brimfield, MA. And he was the son of REV. JAMES SHERMAN who was the son of REV. JOHN SHERMAN. I would like to know more of the Massachusetts Sherman's and the Vermont Sherman's.
RESEARCHER:  Mary Lou Zimmermann --  (Jun 14, 2000)

EMELINE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1857, Ohio, buried in Osceola, Nebraska
COMMENTS:  Emeline's father was born in District of Columbia, and her mother in Ohio. She married William Roseberry, and the family story is that her family disowned her for it. All I have is she lived in Carthage, Illinois in 1860.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
EMELINE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1815, m. Sept. 3, 1840, Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY
SPOUSE: BENEDICT BROOKS WARREN, b. Aug. 20, 1817, probably Covington, NY, d. 1888, MI
CHILDREN:  George Edward, Stephen Edward, Elvira, Ryland, and Percy Amanda
SIBLINGS:  Hiram Starr Sherman, Edward Stowe Sherman, Albert Clark Sherman, and Maria Sherman
Seeking descendants of Emeline and Benedict.  Emeline was the daughter of JUDSON SHERMAN and PERCY RILEY.  See separate query for Emeline's sister, MARIA SHERMAN.
Karen Mohr -- -- January, 2001

EMMA SHERMAN, b. abt 1860, Westport, NY
CHILDREN:  Earl Davis, Mattie Elizabeth Davis (born Oct. 3,1884 Westport, New York), and another son and daughter I have no names for.
COMMENTS:  Looking for relatives of EMMA SHERMAN.  Any information on the family would be appreciated. 
RESEARCHER:  Jonnieann Bushnell -- -- Nov 17, 2000 

EMMA JANE SHERMAN, b. 27 Dec 1829 or 22 May 1820, Rochester or Rome, Oneida County, New York, m. 17 March 1848, Rome, Oneida County, New York, d. 19 June or 18 May 1861, Greenville, South Carolina
COMMENTS:  Emma was the daughter of James S. (or H) SHERMAN and Martha (Polly) PALMER.    Would like more information about Emma, such as, why were she and Theodore in South Carolina?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
EMMA JANE SHERMAN, b. Sept. 3, 1829, New York, d. Sept. 13, 1911, Livingston Twp., Otsego Co., Michigan
CHILDREN: Mary Matilda Cook, b. July 3, 1860, Saginaw, Michigan, m. Dec. 30, 1876, Charlotte, Eaton Co., Michigan to Charles Thomas Henderson
Many in the family were lumberjacks and loggers in Michigan. Some were in a logging camp called "Camp 9" about 1866, and some were loggers in Brookfield, Eaton Co., Michigan.  Emma Jane Sherman lived with her daughter as early as about 1880 in Brookfield, Michigan, until they all moved to Gaylord, Michigan. Family stories say that Emma was related to Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.
Linda Wells --  (Nov 1, 2000)

ENOCH SHERMAN, b. Oct. 3,1806, Oneida Co., NY, d. 1841, IL
COMMENTS:  Who was Enochís father?  How did they get to New York?  What caused the move to Illinois? 
RESEARCHER:  Virginia Watts  -- -- Oct. 24, 2000

ERASTUS SHERMAN, b. Aug. 23, 1798, Connecticut
COMMENTS:  I am trying to establish a link between Erastus Sherman, and my Grandfather George Curtis Sherman. The only connection I have is that Erastus bought some farmland in 1850 that has been farmed by my relatives even up to this day. Any info or tips anyone may have would be great.
RESEARCHER:  Curtus Sherman <csherm435@yahoo.com2001-12-29

ESSIE MAUDE SHERMAN, m. Jan. 6, 1914, d. Durant, MS
COMMENTS:  We are looking for more information about Essie Maude Sherman, daughter of Edward And Eula Mickey. Thanks for your help.

Kealhofer <> 2001-02-09 

ESTELLE SHERMANb. 1865, Minnesota, d. Laverne, MN
SPOUSE:  (1)  ______ WHITTAKER,  (2) CHRIS DITTMER, m. before 1916
CHILDREN:  Grace, Lillian, Silvia, Ruth and Edward
William T., Edwin, John, Edith, Verna, possibly others
Estelle's parents may have been THOMAS SHERMAN and ABBEY MOODY.  I am awaiting death certificates to verify information.  
Carol (Dittmer) Gums --  (May, 2000)
ETHEL C. SHERMAN, b. early 1800's, Middlebury, Wyoming County, NY (?)
COMMENTS:  Ethel and Elizabeth Sherman were among the kin of Robert Fargo, who died in 1852 in Stafford, Genesee County, New York.  In the announcement of the surrogate court regarding Robert's estate, they are listed as being of Middlebury, Wyoming County, New York.  In particular, I'm interested in how they might be related to Robert Fargo.  How the name SHERMAN entered my family is a mystery.  My uncle was named Sherman Buese, after his grandfather, Robert Sherman Fargo, who didn't use his given name, but was known as Sherman Fargo.
Sherman Fargo Warner  --  (March, 2000)

EZRA SHERMAN, b. Vermont
COMMENTS:  I would be interested in any information on the Sherman's in Vermont.  Ezra Sherman was my ggg grandfather. 
RESEARCHER:  Natalie M. Rickner -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

FANNIE SHERMAN, b. Oct. 13, 1884, Polk Co., NC (?), d. June 26, 1923, Inman, Spartanburg Co., NC (?)
I am trying to find out more about my Grandmother's family. Her name was Fannie Sherman Jackson. She was married to John T. Jackson. She was born Oct. 13 1884 and Died June 26 1923. I believe that at the time of her death, she was living in Inman, SC, which is in Spartanburg Co. I believe she spent most of her life in Polk County, NC. 
RESEARCHER:  Dee Moss --  (Jan 8, 2000)

FEMALE SHERMAN (Don't know her first name), m. about 1850-60
CHILDREN:  James William Cole, b. June, 1863, Council Bluffs, Iowa 
COMMENTS:  Looking for more information on this female Sherman.  Family says there is a connection to William Tecumseh Sherman.  Thanks
RESEARCHER:  < > 2003-07-22
SPOUSE:  FLOYD DWELLO ( from Fairport, New York and Port Bryom, New York)
CHILDREN:  Samuel F. Dwello (my father)
COMMENTS:   I am looking for my grandmother; Florence Sherman, and my great-grandmother; Ida Mae Sherman. If you can help me find my family heritage I would greatly appreciate it. My father remembers an uncle, Samuel Sherman, and a Kip Dean. Kip Dean might have been adopted??
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
FOSTER G. SHERMAN, b. Aug. 18, 1854, Fall River, MA, m. March 3, 1856
SIBLINGS: Frank Sherman
Also see queries for: Caleb (b. 1808, Tiverton, RI), George O. (b. 1829, Fall River, MA), Willard Otis (b. 1879, Fall River, MA), and Foster G. II (b. 1901, Fall River, MA)
Paul Sherman --   (Oct 31, 2000)
FOSTER G. SHERMAN II, b. March 3, 1901, Fall River, MA
Also see queries for: Caleb (b. 1808, Tiverton, RI), George O. (b. 1829, Fall River, MA), Foster G. (b. 1854, Fall River, MA), and Willard Otis (b. 1879, Fall River, MA)
Paul Sherman --   (Oct 31, 2000) 
SIBLINGS:  Ella Sherman (b. abt. 1860, m. Eben Jones Marsh), Eaton Goodell Sherman, b. abt. 1871
Looking for info on Francis Cornwall Sherman, b. 1867 and his brother Eaton Goodell Sherman, b. abt 1871 . Both are said to have "gone west" in the early 1900's and no further information is known about what happened to them. I am interested in tracking down some of their living descendants, to see if they are in possession of any photos that may be useful in a forthcoming book about their father, FRANCIS TROWBRIDGE SHERMAN, a Civil War general. Their grandfather was FRANCIS CORNWALL SHERMAN, twice mayor of Chicago. There was also a sister, Ella Sherman MARSH, b. abt 1860, who married Eben Jones Marsh, had two sons, and remained in Chicago. Please send any hints, info, etc. to me.  Thanks in advance. 
RESEARCHER:  Julie Hu  <> or <>  2003-07-22

FRANK SHERMAN, b. Stamford, CT (?)
Walter, Nathan, and ?
I am looking for information on a Frank Sherman, now deceased, who is from Stamford, CT. Any info. would be appreciated.

  Linda Merrill Smith <> 2001-02-16

FRANK SHERMAN, b. Nov. 19, 1875, New Jersey, d. March 1, 1936, Tom's River, Ocean Twp., NJ
My husband's great grandfather was FRANK SHERMAN, and he was born 19 Nov 1875 in New Jersey. died 1 Mar 1936 in Toms River, Ocean, NJ. Frank was married to ELIZABETH P. CLAYTON. Frank's father was ABRAHAM SHERMAN (born 28 Mar 1850 in Ocean Twp., Monmouth, NJ died 22 Apr 1921 in Garden Grove, Ocean Twp., Monmouth, NJ.) Abraham was married to MARIA V. (her maiden name was on Frank's death certificate , but I couldn't make it out. It looked like JEFFERSON or ZEFERSON. The first letter was hard to read, but the rest of it was efferson) I think that Abraham's father's name was Abraham also, but I have yet to confirm it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (See separate query for ABRAHAM SHERMAN)
RESEARCHER:  Wanda Branson -- (Feb 20, 2000)

FRANK SHERMAN, b. 1869, PA (?)
SPOUSE:  (1)  THERESA ATKINSON,  and (2)  MARY WARMAN (my grandmother), b. 1879, Jackson Twp., Luzerne Co., PA, d. 1965, Plymouth Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
CHILDREN:  Of Frank and Mary - Catherine (b. 1913, m. Jesse Hoover)
Frank and Mary's child, Catherine, married JESSE HOOVER, b. 1918 Lake Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. He was the son of Emma (Coolbaugh) Garinger and Daniel Eligah Hoover b. Luzerne Co., PA. I have not found any information on these people. They are all buried in the Lehman Center Cemetery, Lehman Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa. My grandmother told me stories that the family owned the largest square in England at one time. I don't know if she was referring to the Sherman side or Warman side.  I'd like to find more information on the Shermans of Luzerne Co., PA.
RESEARCHER:  Phyllis Fisher --  (Feb  4, 2000)

FRANK SHERMAN, b. abt. 1860, Brockton, MA, m. Feb. 18, 1891(7?), Brockton, MA, d. Riverside, CA
SPOUSE:  CLARA WASHBURN PACKARD, b. March 12, 1872, d. May 23, 1903
CHILDREN:  Mary, Marion (my grandmother), and Carlton (?) (Carlton died very young)
I am seeking the birthdate and any pertinent information on my ggrandfather, Frank Sherman of Brockton, Mass. Frank was the son of Nelson and Mary Wilbur Sherman, also of Brockton. Frank was probably born in the 1860's. He married Clara Washburn Packard at the Congregational Church in Brockton, MA.  Frank went to Riverside, California when my grandmother was young to receive care for consumption. He died there, and Nelson raised his two granddaughters. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
RESEARCHER:  Kathy Ciociola --  (Sep 1, 1999)

FRANK SHERMAN, b. abt. 1880, Long Island, NY
CHILDREN:  Thomas T.
Frank Sherman was my great-grandfather.  (See separate queries for Frank's son, Thomas T. Sherman, and Frank's grandson, Leroy T. Sherman.)
Sharon Sherman --  --  (Oct 31, 2000)
FRANK STANLEY SHERMAN, b. New York, m. Aug. 4, 1891
SPOUSE:  IRENE A. BEADLE, b. Dec.,  30, 1872, Albion, Orleans Co, New York
CHILDREN:  Harry DeLos Sherman (my grandfather), b. May, 1898, Albion, Orleans Co., New York, d. Oct. 1960, Lake Elsinore, California.
COMMENTS:  Looking for any info on Frank Stanley Sherman.  Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  Patricia McCrea  <>  2003-07-22
FRANK WEBB SHERMAN, b. as FRANK WEBB, April 7, 1867, Brookfield Twp., LaSalle Co., IL
SPOUSE:  (1) 
?, m. between 1885 and 1901   (2)  BESSIE SYRA, m. 1904
CHILDREN:  I don't know if Frank had children with his first wife.  He had 2 children with his second wife,  Bessie Syra.
COMMENTS:   Frank's parents were GEORGE WEBB of Ireland, and ELIZABETH PICKETT of England.  George died in 1868.  Sometime after 1880, Frank left home and lived with a SHERMAN family in Streator, Illinois.  He traveled around the western states, probably with WILLIAM SHERMAN, who he considered as his father.  Frank worked for the railroad, and settled in Greenville, Iowa in 1901.  He eventually owned a store in Greenville and was the Postmaster.  I'm seeking information about Frank's first marriage and possible children born to this marriage.
Diane Sherman Heuring --  (November, 1999)

FRANKLIN PIERCE SHERMAN, b.1852 possibly in PA, d. 1915, Long Pine, NE
  Eunice Sherman, Mabel Sherman, Charles Sherman, Carl Sherman, and Ralph Sherman
   Searching for ancestors of FRANKLIN PIERCE SHERMAN, who was my grandfather.
RESEARCHER:  John Sherman -- -- Oct. 25, 2000 

FRED WILLIAM  SHERMAN, b. Feb. 15, 1852, IL (around Chicago?), m. Oct. 5, 1883, d. March 8, 1907 (or 1905), Montana
CHILDREN: William Fred, Fred William, Mary James, Henry James, Samuel Tekumseh, Rose Neil, Nelle, James, John, Thomas
Looking for ancestors of Fred William Sherman. He moved from Illinois to Idaho, then Washington, and finally Montana.
Fred W. Sherman  --  (June, 1997)

FREDERICK SHERMAN, b. 1850, Hawleyton, New York (near Binghamton), d. 1917, Baltimore, Maryland, buried Johnson City, New York
SPOUSE:  ESTHER STODDARD, b. 1852, d. 1915, Binghamton, New York
CHILDREN:  Clarence Albert Sherman, b. June, 1872, m. 1895-96, Della Vosburg, d. Oct. 1952, Binghamton, New York
Frederick may have been a painter and paper hanger.  I don't know much beyond Frederick Sherman living in Hawleyton, New York, near Binghamton New York, in late 1800's. Does that name and location ring a bell with any Sherman? Has anyone found any Jewish roots way back?
RESEARCHER:  Jack Sherman  <>  2003-07-22

FREDERICK SHERMAN, b. 1858, Essex, England, m. May 28, 1882, St. Judes Church, Islington, London, England, d. June 6, 1927, Kentish Town, St. Pancras, London, England, buried Highgate Cemetery, London
ELIZABETH MARY BISHOP, b. 1858, d. August 22, 1899, Kentish Town, St. Pancras, London, England
CHILDREN:  Frederick Charles (b. 1885/86, Massachusetts ?), William Henry, Charles John (my grandfather), George Sydney, Lily Mary, Elizabeth May, and Florence Grace
SIBLINGS:  Frederick is believed to be 1 of  7 children
  Frederick's father was WILLIAM SHERMAN, occupation Fruiterer.  Frederick and his family spent all their lives in Kentish Town, London, England.  Frederick was a milkman, and later a cab driver.  His family went to Boston, MA, USA sometime in the late 1880's, and then returned to London (reason unknown).  Frederick's first son, Frederick Charles was believed to be born in 1885/86 in the Massachusetts area.  Can anyone find him for me?  Looking for anyone who can help me further with the research of this family.
David Paul Sherman  <>  2003-07-22

FREDRICK D. SHERMAN, b. May, 1868, Milan, Huron Co., OH, d. Jan. 5, 1948, Mecosta Co., MI
SPOUSE: FLORAL PEARL VINING, b. Aug. 9, 1874, Milan, Huron Co., OH, d. Nov. 29, 1943, Morley, Mecosta Co., MI
CHILDREN: Marion Alonzo Sherman (b. May 24, 1893, d. 1974, Deerfield Co., MI, m. Flora E. Widdlefield), Flora E. Vining (b. Aug. 9, 1874), Eve E. Vining (b. Jan. 11, 1884), Lester Vining (b. July 13, 1890), Marian Adel Vining (b. Oct. 11, 1877), Ralph Vining Sherman (b. Dec. 11, 1899, Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, d. April 1, 1990, Grand Rapids, MI)
COMMENTS: Looking for more information on this family.
RESEARCHER:  Robert Larner -- -- Nov 1, 2000 

FREELOVE SHERMAN, b. abt. 1736, m. 1756
COMMENTS: I am supposed to be related to ROGER SHERMAN. The obituary of my great, great, great grandfather, SOLON HATCH, states that his great grandmother, FREELOVE SHERMAN, was the sister of Roger Sherman. I cannot find a connection to this family. I cannot link Freelove to the Roger Sherman family. I can find no sister of Roger Sherman named Freelove. I believe that Roger Sherman's father was married twice, first to a girl named REBECCA CUTLER, they had one child, but I can't find who that person was. Can anyone help me please? My family and I would greatly appreciate any help.
RESEARCHER:  Cindy Patino -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

FREEMAN SHERMAN ,  b. Oct. 15, 1812, d. April 20, 1901, Orleans/Eastham/Cape Cod, Massachusetts
SPOUSE:   (1) NAOMI H. NORTHRUP, b. June 27, 1817, d. Jan. 23, 1853,  (2)  EMILY ROGERS, b. June 8, 1828, Brewster, MA, d. May 11, 1881   (3)  LUCY F. (ROGERS) SNOW, b. June 22, 1879
CHILDREN:  All by first wife - SUSAN S. (b. Aug. 4, 1836, d. Aug. 27, 1837), FREEMAN A. (b. Sept. 20, 1840, d. June 12, 1865), and ESTHER  (b. June 29, 1843, d. July 28, 1913)
COMMENTS: Son, Freeman A., died in the Civil War.   Marriage (2) notes that Freeman was son of JOSEPH, but cannot verify.  Am trying to connect with him, but have been unable to find pedigree. 
All the Shermans of that area seem to go back to William Sherman of Marshfield, including me, but strangely there is no record that I can find through the usual routes (roots) that bring him up.
Sam Sherman --  (Nov 1, 2000)
GEORGE SHERMAN, b. 1823 or 1824, Massachusetts
SPOUSE:  MARTHA P. (b.1828 or 1829 in NY)
CHILDREN:  Julia, Parley, George W., Richard, Lewis, Sarah M., Martha, Adelia and Frances
COMMENTS:  Parents of George were Peter and Lucina (Lucinda) Sherman, born in Massachusetts in the 1780's.  George lived in Mayfield, Ohio, Cuyahoga County. Appreciate any info on this Sherman line.
RESEARCHER:   <>  2003-7-22
GEORGE SHERMAN, b. Richmond or Burlington, VT


Mary Beatrice(Sherman)Lindsay
Lillian Lindsay
George Sherman, Richmond & Burlington, Vermont, USA <ml863@> 2001-06-14

GEORGE SHERMAN, b. Pataskala, Ohio
CHILDREN:  (from first marriage) Ruth Ann Sherman (my grandmother), Harry Sherman, Will Sherman, Ray Sherman, Mary Sherman, and Elizabeth Sherman
COMMENTS:  I am a descendant of GEORGE and MAY SHERMAN of Pataskala, Ohio. I would appreciate any information about the family. I'm just starting my family tree research. 
RESEARCHER:  Cathy Snyder -- -- Nov 17, 2000 

GEORGE SHERMAN, b. 1809, Clinton Co., NY
SPOUSE:  DEBORAH BENEDICT (parents:  Ethal Benedict and Mary Butterfield)
CHILDREN:  Charles Sherman, James Sherman (my ancestor), Mary Sherman, and Ethal Sherman
COMMENTS:  I am searching for information on my ancestor, GEORGE SHERMAN.  I found George and his wife, Deborah, in 1850 census of Lapeer Co, Michigan, with children Charles (9), JAMES (7-my ancestor), Mary (4) and Ethal (1); but I don't know when they came to Michigan or where they were married. I also don't know who Georgeís parents were. If anyone out there has this family I would love to hear from you. 
RESEARCHER:  Lynn Pittman -- -- Oct 10, 2000 

GEORGE SHERMAN, b. 1796, Washington Co., NY or VT
COMMENTS:  Looking for parents, birthplace and siblings of my husbandís great great grandfather, George Sherman, born in 1796, in Washington Co. One census states NY, and another says Vermont. He married a Mariah Lowery (no information on her) and they settled in Barcelona, Chautauqua Co., NY. They had at least five sons, one being my husbandís great grandfather Lowery George. The other four sons all died around the age of 25 of consumption (TB). Would appreciate hearing from any one of this line, or leads on information on George or Mariah. Thank you. 
RESEARCHER:  Ann Sherman -- -- Oct. 10, 2000 

GEORGE SHERMAN, b. 1820, NY, m. June 20, 1844, Ayoyelles Parish, LA
COMMENTS:  Looking for more information on George Sherman, and his ancestors and descendants.

RESEARCHER:  Diana Joubert --  (Jun 5, 2000)

GEORGE SHERMAN, b. Otto, NY, m. Jan. 1, 1863 
CHILDREN:  Lillie May, Rozette, Lizzie Leuitta, and Wiley
COMMENTS:  I'm looking for more information on GEORGE SHERMAN and/or his ancestors.
  Jane C. Fisher --   (January, 2000)
GEORGE SHERMAN b.  Dec. 26, 1755, m. (1)  ?, (2)  1799, d. Feb. 19, 1813, Wallingford, VT
SPOUSE:   (1) 
DEBORAH BRAGG  (2)  RACHEL CONGDON, b. Sept. 1, 1769, N. Kingston, RI, d. April 9, 1850, Wallingford, VT
CHILDREN:  (1)  6 un-named children  (2)  George (Henry) Sherman
COMMENTS:   George's parents, JAMES SHERMAN and ELIZABETH NORTHRUP, lived in N. Kingston, RI.  After the death of George's first wife, Deborah Bragg, he returned to Rhode Island to take another wife.  George served in the Revolutionary War under Ethan Allen.  He built a house in Wallingford, VT in 1803.   I believe James and George Sherman are descended from the HON. PHILLIP SHERMAN.  I'd like to learn more about the children from George's first marriage to Deborah Bragg.
Helen Sherman --  (November, 1999)
GEORGE SHERMAN , b. 1780, m. 1803, d. 1846, Little Falls, NY
MARY HOUSE, b. Dec. 6, 1788, d. 1849, Saline, Washtenaw Co., MI
CHILDREN: Catherine (b. 1804), Henry (b. 1806), Jacob (b. 1808), Lucy (b. 1810), Nancy (b. 1812), Margaret (b. 1814), George (b. 1817), Mary Ann (b. 1819), Peter (b. 1822), John (b. 1828), and Harriet (b. 1831)
Roy Sherman's book states that George Sherman "lived for a time in St. Lawrence Co., NY; then at Little Falls, NY, from which place he moved to Michigan. He returned to Little Falls to dispose of some property and died there". Our records of his son, George, state that he came from Hammond Co., NY with his father by oxtrain to Saline, MI. While family tradition ties this line to Roger Sherman, it is more likely that they were of German stock, perhaps coming over with the Palatine immigration.  Alternative spellings found in baptismal records are Sheverman and Scheverman and Schaverman.
Helen Sherman --   (Oct. 31, 2000)
GEORGE CLAGHORN SHERMAN, b. July 18, 1809, New York
SPOUSE:  ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, m. May 21, 1834, Oswego, New York
CHILDREN:  George C. (b. abt. 1840), Jonathan Townsend (b. abt. 1843), Mary E. (b. abt. 1846), and Frederick (b. abt. 1849)
   Looking for the parents of George Claghorn Sherman.   I'm wondering if they could be Elihu and Hannah (Russell) Sherman.
Diane Sherman Heuring --   (March, 1999)
GEORGE EZRA SHERMAN, b. Aug. 8, 1897, Waterford, CT, d. Nov. 16, 1953
SPOUSE:  VIRGINIA CECELIA ALMEDA, b. May 31, 1899 (?), d. Sept. 21, 1981
CHILDREN:  John, George, Virginia, Shirley, and William
SIBLINGS:  Alvina (m. Lavoie), and Georgiana (m. Rockholtz)
COMMENTS:  Interested in any info on ancestors. 
  George Sherman  --   (July, 1999)
GEORGE J. SHERMAN, b. abt. 1840, Connecticut (?)
CHILDREN:  George Frederick Sherman, b. May 19, 1863, probably Ohio
COMMENTS:  Looking for parents of George J. SHERMAN.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
GEORGE O. SHERMAN, b. Jan. 16, 1829, Fall River, MA
COMMENTS: Also see queries for: Caleb (b. 1808, Tiverton, RI), Foster G. (b. 1854, Fall River, MA), Willard Otis (b. 1879, Fall River, MA), and Foster G. (b. 1901, Fall River, MA)
Paul Sherman --   (Oct 31, 2000) 
GEORGE W. SHERMAN, b. abt. 1825, Pennsylvania
Janet Rowe <nuthinbutcountry@aol.com2001-11-05

GEORGE WESLEY SHERMAN, b. Pottsville, PA, before 1880
COMMENTS:  Looking for ancestors of George Wesley. Father "Capt. Jack" Jackson Sherman. George would be my great grandfather. I have information on his descendents if anyone is interested. He went to Montana in the 1880's. George said Roger Sherman was an uncle, so George must have descended from one of Roger's brothers. Also, can't find how Roger Sherman is descended from Capt. John from Dedham, England. There's a couple of missing links there. Thanks 

S.J. Cammon <> 2001-03-25 

GIDEON SHERMAN, b. 1788 Tiverton, Rhode Island, d. January 5, 1852, Marion, Wayne County, New York
SPOUSE:  (1)  THANKFUL SPRINGER, b. abt 1778-1780,  d.  between 1818-1822. She was daughter of Robert and Rebecca NEGUS SPRINGER first of Tiverton, RI and then of Marion, NY.  (2)  MARIA LAKE, daughter of Thomas LAKE and Esther FISH.
CHILDREN: (1)  Weaver Osborne;  Harley; (Misspelled HARVEY?) two daughters (Ruth and Hannah?); Harvey;  Angelina (m. Samuel COGSWELL), Mary (never married);
(2)  Thankful; Sophia; Fanny M.; Gideon H.,
all of whom moved to Michigan.
COMMENTS:  Would like to have any documentation of death for both Gideon and THANKFUL SPRINGER SHERMAN in Marion, Wayne County, New York, e.g., newspaper articles, obituaries, etc.   NOTE:  Someone who recently read my book informed me that she is a descendant of WEAVER OSBORNE SHERMAN, a doctor, who went from Wayne County, New York first to Pennsylvania, and then to Ohio where he settled.
RESEARCHER:  Marge Sherman Lutzvick  <>  2003-07-22

See what George discovered on our "Success Stories" Web page (see link at top of this page)

GLANCY SHERMAN, b. before 1920, Tennessee (?)
COMMENTS:  My paternal family was born and raised in Sequatchie TN -- the surrounding community around Jasper TN, about 30 miles west of Chattanooga. During the late 1920s or 1930s, MR. CLANCY SHERMAN arrived in Sequatchie and opened a handle factory. This company made handles for axes, hatchets, etc. and employed a large number of locals; his products were marketed around the world. Mr. Sherman built a beautiful home with front acreage and he and his wife lived alone in the huge house, and had no children. Mrs. Sherman had a car and driver, and she shopped locally, but about once a year she apparently visited New York and other great cities to shop. The handle factory was sold when Mr. Sherman was up in age; he preceded his wife in death, and she left her fortune when she died, to a lifelong companion and housekeeper, a lady who was a dwarf. In conversation this past holiday, our family spoke with affection of the Sherman's and how they had contributed to the community.  Apparently, the beautiful house was sold recently for only $32K in a state of disrepair, and was bought by a lawyer who is suppose to restore it. We were just wondering where Clancy Sherman originally came from, how he acquired his
wealth, and curious about his family history. 
  George Hoback <> 2001-01-09  

GRACE SHERMAN, b. late 1600's, CT (?)
SPOUSE:  DANIEL ST. JOHN, b. 1693, Norwalk, CT
I am looking for information on Grace Sherman, who married Daniel St. John. Daniel was born 1693 in Norwalk, CT. I have seen several indications that Grace was the daughter of SAMUEL SHERMAN, and was b. in 1676, Woodbury CT. Does anyone know if this is correct? The age difference (17 years) seems a bit great. Also, their children were b. between 1716 and c. 1730, so Grace would have been over 50 when the later ones were born. Does anyone know the real parents of my Grace?
RESEARCHER:  Dawn --  (Oct 20, 1999)

GRACE SHERMAN, b. ca. 1616, d. abt. 1691, Chelmesford, MA
COMMENTS:  I am descended from GRACE SHERMAN,,  d. abt.169, Chelmesford, MA. and JOHN LIVERMORE. I don't have a Web page, but I do have a lot of records in Family Treemaker and also PAF.
RESEARCHER:    Mrs. Don R. (Phyllis Davis) Moore -- -- Oct 10, 2000

GRACE  SHERMAN, b. early 1600's, Little Thurlow, England  
JOHN LIVERMORE  (See separate query for  John Livermore)
Here's a theory (really a wild guess) I came up with while reading Historical Sketches of Watertown, MA by Solon F. Whitney. In the book, Whitney describes a REV. JOHN SHERMAN, who came to America from Essex Co. in 1634. "Soon after" he removed to New Haven, CT, but returned to Watertown about 1647. (He was invited back in 1644, after the minister there died.) My theory is: These movements seem to correspond somewhat with the movements of JOHN LIVERMORE, original New England Livermore. Could this have been a relative of GRACE SHERMAN that accompanied John to the New World? Does Grace have any siblings named John? Just a theory, but I like to throw out "what ifs." Can anyone confirm or deny? 
RESEARCHER:  Charles R. Livermore --  (Oct. 25, 2000)
GRACE SHERMAN, b. early 1600's (?), Little Thurlow, England
SPOUSE:    JOHN LIVERMORE  (See separate query for  John Livermore)
This is my mother-in-law's side of the family. She comes through John & Agnes, Thomas & Jane (Waller),Henry & Agnes (?), Edmund & Anne (Cleare), Edmund & Joan (Makin) through Grace Sherman & John Livermore. I really do not have very much on any of them and the Will's will help some. My mother-in-law's maiden name was Allison. I would appreciate any help if any of you have this line. Thanks
RESEARCHER:  Anne Hilderbrant --  (Oct. 25, 2000)
GRACE SHERMAN, b. Early 1600's (?), Little Thurlow, England
JOHN LIVERMORE  (See separate query for  John Livermore)
COMMENTS: John Livermore (and his wife Grace?) came to the U.S.A. in 1634.
Sue Gilderbloom  --  and B. Burk  --  (Oct. 25, 2000)
GRACE SHERMAN, m. abt. 1633, Watertown, MA (also see separate query for Sherman, Grace m. John Livermore)
John (m. Hannah?) (see separate query)
Looking for more information on the LIVERMORE family.
Ardie --   (Oct. 25, 2000)

CHILDREN: Arthur Elmo Sherman, b. Hinesburg, VT
COMMENTS: My ancestory line is: Hortense Sherman Morse, mother; Arthur Elmo Sherman, grandfather from Hinesburg, VT; Guy Bayington Sherman and Melissa A. Phillips, Sherman great grandparents, from Hinesburg, VT. Would like to correspond with anyone related to these people.
RESEARCHER:  Salle Wilson -- -- Oct 6, 2000 

MARY, b. 1838, TX
CHILDREN: Martha (b. 1858, TX), Richard (b. 1863, TX)
In 1870, this family was living in Wallisville, Chambers Co., TX.
Sherry Sharp  --  (April, 1999)
HANNAH SHERMAN, b. Rhode Island
CHILDREN:  Ruth Cook, m. Thomas COTTRELL. 
COMMENTS:  Hannah was the daughter of WILLIAM SHERMAN, (Joseph, Benjamin, Phillip), a weaver, whose will was dated Portsmouth, Rhode Island, October 26, 1788, and his wife SUSANNAH __________.  Need proof that the COOK that Hannah married was Abner COOK.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

HANNAH SHERMAN, b. April 7, 1695, Stratford, CT
COMMENTS:  Does anyone have a record of a Hannah Sherman b. April 7, 1695, Stratford CT married David Beach? Thanks in advance. 
RESEARCHER:  David Beach -- -- Oct. 10, 2000 

HANNAH SHERMAN, b. abt 1812, near Zanesville, Ohio, d. May 5, 1877, Visalia, Tulare Co., California
CHILDREN: Burton Swanson (b. March 25, 1858), and 11 other children
COMMENTS:  Hannah may have lived in Illinois ca 1850.  Hannah's father was my 4th great grandfather, WILLIAM SHERMAN, b. abt 1790, possibly near Zanesville, Ohio  (see separate query).  Looking for information on  WILLIAM SHERMAN and his ancestors.  An old article I have claims he is the uncle of WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN, the Civil War General.  I don't know the source of the article.  I can't yet prove the connection.
Charlie Foster  <>  or <> 2003-07-22
HARRIET SHERMAN, b. July 26, 1801, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, m. Dec. 22, 1823, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, d. May 7, 1865, Roxbury, Massachusetts
COMMENTS:  Harriet and Amos AMES did not have children, and he was "lost at sea". Harriet later married Benjamin BURCHSTED and had five children. This information is in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 91, Page 274, 1937.  The name is suggestive, and the times look good, for that particular Amos AMES to be the brother of my great-great-grandfather, Allen AMES.  According to family tradition, Allen AMES had a brother who "went to sea". I believe that Allen is the son of John and Thankful (FRANKLIN) AMES living (1800 to abt 1820) in the Oneida County, New York region.  I would appreciate any information about Harriet SHERMAN and Amos AMES, who was lost at sea.
RESEARCHER:  Ronald Humphrey <> 2001-08-26

HARRY SHERMAN, b. in USA, moved to Belgium to work in the U.S. Consul in Gent, possibly a nephew of General W. T. Sherman
s you see my family name is Sherman.  I'm living in Belgium since my grand-grand father (Harry Sherman ) came in ,to work for the U.S. Consul in Gent.  Sorry if my English is not really good , I'm a French speaker.  In the early century (1901 )in the newspapers, they said that Harry was a neveux (nephew?) of General W. T. Sherman.  However,  we have since along time in the familly diferent paintings of him and also his memories dedicated by the wife of General Sherman to Harry (18 March 1889 in Boston).  Do you know where I will be able to find information about the General to see if it is true that we have a link between my branch of Shermans and the one of the General
RESEARCHER:  Sherman Gregory --  (Oct 13, 1999)

HARRY HENRY SHERMAN, b. Oct. 12, 1896, Norwalk, Huron Co., OH, m. 1917, d. Nov. 7, 1984, Mecosta Co., MI
SPOUSE: FLOSSIE ANNA BEEMER, b. Sept. 19, 1899, Ingham Co., MI
CHILDREN: Armeda Jane (b. May 30, 1918, d. at birth), Emma Pearl (b. May 30, 1918, Lakeview, MI, d. Dec. 13, 1971, Valhalla, CA), Irene Harriet (b. Nov. 28, 1919, Bending, MI, d. July 4, 1965, Grayling, MI), Cleo Elizabeth (b. Sept. 4, 1921, Fowler, MI, d. April 30, 1983),  John Frederick (b. Feb. 14, 1923), Daisy Dean (b. Aug., 31, 1924, d. April, 1925), Harry Henry Jr. (b. Oct. 8, 1925, d. June 3, 1950), Freda Doris (b. Aug. 15, 1930, d. Aug. 22, 1932), and Walter Alonzo (b. March 17, 1932, d. at birth)    
Looking for information on the ancestors of Harry Henry Sherman.
Robert Larner  --   (Nov 1, 2000)
HARVEY SHERMAN, b. 1803, Marion, Wayne (Ontario) Co., NY, m. abt. 1822-23, Marion, Wayne Co., NY, d. 1863, Marion, Wayne Co., NY
LUCINDA CLARK, b. abt. 1804, Otsego Co., NY, d. May 3, 1882, Lake Bluff (Sodus Point), Wayne Co., NY
CHILDREN: Myron F., James B., William H., Gideon, Elvira (m. Gideon Howell), Clark, George N., Howard M., Emeline A. (m. Erastus Fuller)
Full Siblings: Ruth (m. Pond?), Mary, Angelina (m. Samuel Cogswell), unknown daughter, Harley, Weaver , Half Siblings: Thankful (m. Warren Atwood), Sophia F., Fannie M., Gideon H. Sherman
Looking for information on the descendants of William H. Sherman (b. June 30, 1830, d. May 17, 1894) and his wife Julia ?? or ANY descendants from any of these families.
Marge Sherman Lutzvick -- (Oct 31, 2000)

HENRIETTA SHERMAN, b. Oct. 24, 1843, Howell Twp., NJ, d. Aug. 19, 1916, Trenton, NJ
  Gertie Soden (m. Mr. Beers)
COMMENTS:  I am searching for the roots of Henrietta Sherman/Shearman.  Her father is JOHN O. SHERMAN and her mother is LYDIA A. SODEN. Henrietta died at the home of her daughter (Gertie Soden Beers) 355 Garfield Ave, Trenton, NJ. Henrietta is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, NJ. I believe Henrietta may be related to ELIZA SHERMAN/SHEARMAN who married LUCYUS/LEWIS SODEN.
  Joyce Soden Brown  -- -- Oct 30, 2000 

HENRY SHERMAN, of Penfield, Monroe County, New York
COMMENTS:  May have been son of STEPHEN SHERMAN b 1766-67 d 6/10/1829 age 61 y 11m 28d, m PHOEBE _______ b 1772 d 4/21/1833 age 61y 2m 20 days. They came from Saratoga County, NY. Stephen & Phoebe are buried in Webster Cemetery, Monroe, Co., NY, and the records say that the plot was owned by H. SHERMAN. Does anybody know anything about this family?
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22

HENRY SHERMAN, b. May 11, 1762, Middleborough, MA, m. Dec. 11, 1783, Middleborough, MA
CHILDREN:  Melintha Sherman, b. Dec. 10, 1785, Middleborough, MA, m. Dec. 31, 1809 to Sylvanus Scott of Cheshire, MA, d. April 15, 1873, Cheshire, MA
COMMENTS:  I recently found I have a Sherman line. They were mostly in MA and RI. My 4th great-grandmother was MELINTHA SHERMAN,  daughter of HENRY SHERMAN and HULDA BOOTH. I have found his line going back to Phillip in @ 1550, but there are gaps in dates and places. Thanks for your site I hope to share and find neat stuff here. 
RESEARCHER:  Nancy E. Allen --  (Nov 24, 1999)

HENRY SHERMAN, b. 1545, Dedham, Essex, England, d. abt. 1594-1637
COMMENTS:   Actually want to know if Henry's wife was Susan Laurence, born about 1549 in Wisset, Suffolk, Eng. Thanks 
RESEARCHER:  Joan E.D. Cameron-Linford --  (Jun 12, 1999)

HENRY SHERMAN, b. abt. 1618, Henrico Co., Virginia
SPOUSE:  CECILY FARRAR (of Farrar's Island, Virginia)
COMMENTS:  I'm looking for more information about this Henry Sherman.
Barbara Trent --  (March, 1999)
HENRY SHERMAN, b. 1778-83, Massachusetts
CHILDREN: Freeman Sherman and Henry Sherman
Looking for information on Henry Sherman, known to be in Penfield, Monroe Co., NY by 1830. Could have been in Webster, Monroe Co., NY also.
Sandy Patterson  --  (June, 1998)
HENRY SHERMAN, b. abt. 1823, Edgecomb, Lincoln Co., Maine, m. May 15, 1843, d. Aug. 3, 1848
CHILDREN:   Angeline (b. April 7, 1884), Charles (b. May 31, 1845, d. Dec. 15, 1846), Converse McCurdy (b. Jan 10, 1847), and Charles Henry (b. Aug. 17, 1848)
  Henry lived in Edgecomb, Maine, and worked for a railroad.  His 1848 death was by railroad accident.  There are a lot of Shermans in Lincoln County, Maine, but I have been unable to find the family my Henry fits in.  The book "Marriage Returns of Lincoln County, Maine to 1860", 2002, Picton Press, does not list a marriage for Henry.  I will be checking the Dover, New Hampshire area next, since his wife was born there.  I descend from their fourth child, Charles.
Rich Turnblom --   (Nov 15, 2002)  

HENRY BONEBRAKE SHERMAN,  b. abt. 1830, Indiana (?)
CHILDREN: Rose Sherman, Hilda Sherman (who both settled in California), Lawrence Sherman, Mollie Sherman (who settled in Iowa), and Erret Ansel Sherman, b. aft. 1868, Rudd, Iowa
COMMENTS: Henry was my gg-grandfather. He fought in the Civil War, was a farmer, lawyer, served as an Indiana State Representative in 1903, and was clergy for the United Brethren Church in Indiana. We think Henry had up to 13 children, one of which was ERRET ANSEL SHERMAN, my g-grandfather. Erret was born in Rudd, Iowa, and worked most of his life in Iowa. I'm interested in any information or connections to this family, as well as SHERMANS that are/were United Brethren church members. (See separate query for Henry's father, ANSEL MORRIS SHERMAN)
  Sue Kramer <> 2001-01-16 

HENRY CHARLES SHERMAN, b. Oct. 18, 1850, New York, d. Sept. 9, 1872
COMMENTS:  Need information on Jenny's surname and ancestors.
RESEARCHER:  <>  2003-07-22
HENRY EDWIN SHERMAN,  Jr.,  b. abt. 1883, Missouri
HELEN KATHLEEN SUTTON, b. abt. 1888, California
CHILDREN:  Allen Edwin Sherman (b. April 17, 1911, d. May 18, 1989), and a daughter who died in early adulthood
COMMENTS:  I am the daughter of Allen Edwin Sherman and am just getting started in genealogy and my family tree.  I know very little about my father's family.
  Alleen Sherman Schwertner --   (February, 2000)

HENRY W. SHERMAN, b. abt. 1873, RI (?)
COMMENTS:  Looking for my husbandís descendants from S. Portsmouth/Middletown, RI. Descended from Margaret Bradford Sherman (Sisson), who was descended from Henry W. Sherman and Sarah C. Sherman. Trying to go back from here. I believe Henry's brothers name to be Jos. 'Bradford" Sherman who owned a business in Meriden, Connecticut. I have names of other relatives but don't know how they fit in ---WANTON SHERMAN and MISS ANNIE E. SHERMAN --- from late 1800's.  Also a MARY E. SHERMAN who died in 1931. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
RESEARCHER:   Joan Fitzsimmons -- -- Oct 20, 2000

CHILDREN:  Robert M. Sherman, William Tecumseh Sherman
COMMENTS:  I am looking for information on my Sherman lineage. I can only go as far back as my Grandfather, Herbert C. Sherman and Grandmother, Mabel T. Sherman, of Columbus, Ohio. My father, Robert M. Sherman, also of Columbus, now deceased, was always very close mouthed about his family. I do know that the family was largely from the Columbus, Chillicothe, and Lancaster, Ohio areas. There has been some discussion, although largely unfounded, that we are of the same family as SENATOR JOHN SHERMAN and his brother, the infamous GEN. WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN, who lived in Lancaster, Ohio. In fact, my father's brother, also deceased, was likewise named William Tecumseh Sherman. I just recently came into possession of Sen. John Sherman's 2 volume, self-published autobiography which I am also studying to substantiate the possibilities of such a family relationship. Anyone with further information on this Sherman line, please contact me. 
RESEARCHER:  Robert MacNeilan Sherman Jr. --  (Feb 18, 2000)

HERM D. SHERMAN, from Taylorville, Mississippi, Smith County and Sullivan Holler
CHILDREN:  Leatha (married Attlie Jones), H. D. (male), Kathryn (m. Herston Jones) and Rachel (m. Lee Iylie)
Herm was my grandfather. He went by the name Jack Sherman.   H. D. Sherman was killed in World War 2. His Navy ship went down.  My mother was Leatha Sherman.  If you have anything on this set of Shermans, I would be grateful to you forever.
RESEARCHER:  <DALRYoung>  2003-07-22
HESTER SHERMAN, b. April 1, 1606, Dedham, Essex Co., England, d. Feb. 28, 1665, Fairfield, CT
I am confused! I have two Sherman lines. One is through Hon. Roger Sherman
- I think I have that one figured out. The other is HESTER SHERMAN who married ANDREW WARD.  Different trees on list her parents as Edmund Sherman and Joan
(or Elizabeth) Makin OR John Sherman and Grace Makin. (I have John Sherman and Grace Makin as ancestors to Roger Sherman I hope that is right!). Thanks in advance for your help.
RESEARCHER:   Bev Lohm --  (Oct 15, 2000)
HOWLAND SHERMAN, b. late 1700's, New York (?)
CHILDREN:  Ann (b. before 1808, possibly in Columbia, New York) and Betsy (Elizabeth) (b. 1808)
COMMENTS:  They lived in Summit, Schoharie County, NY in the early 1800's.  I am descended from Howland's daughter Betsy (Elizabeth) Sherman, who married Quartus Markham. Quartus and Elizabeth lived in Worcester, Otsego, New York.  I would like to find the name of Howland Sherman's wife, and the names of Howland Sherman's parents. Thank you.
RESEARCHER:  Sarah Smith <> 2002-03-15
HOWLAND SHERMAN, b. abt. 1770-80, Columbia County, New York
CHILDREN:  Samuel R., Ann (b. Dec. 27, 1793), and others
Howland lived in Schoharie County, New York after the 1830's until his death. Two of his daughters married Baker brothers, Reuben and Jacob. In the 1850 census, it lists Reuben Baker's birth place as Massachusetts. Reuben's oldest son was named Howland after Howland Sherman. Howland's oldest son was Samuel R Sherman, and his oldest daughter was Ann, born December 27, 1793. Reuben also named one of his sons Sherman. I have been unable to find my Sherman or Baker connection. Any clues would be welcome.
RESEARCHER:  Barry Schinnerer <terrbarr77@yahoo.com2001-11-20

IRA SHERMAN, b. Rhode Island
CHILDREN:  Francis Marion (1836-1894), Ann Elizabeth (1838-1903), Henry Clay (1844-1869), Ira Pearce, my gggrandfather  (1849-1902), Samuel Timothy (1849-1929) and Maria Mason (1850-1851)
COMMENTS:   I am descended from Hon. Phillip Sherman of Rhode Island as a lot of you are.  I also descend from Samuel Sherman (1572-1615) and Phillipa Ward down to Marion Julia Sherman Rodabaugh.  Most of my ancestors came from England to Mass., to Rhode Island, and then to Troy, Bradford Co., PA.   My Sherman connection is made through my gggrandfather, Ira Pearce Sherman, son of Ira and Maria Mason Pearce Sherman. They came from Rhode Island to Troy, Bradford County, Pa. My great grandfather was Theodore Marion Sherman. I am attempting to gather more information on my line. If anyone has information I am willing to share what I know in exchange. 
RESEARCHER:  Tim Rodabaugh --  (Oct 31, 2000)

SPOUSE:  MARY ?, b. 1811, SC
CHILDREN:  THOMAS SHERMAN (b.1836), SARAH SHERMAN (b. 1839), ELIZABETH (b.1841), JOHN SHERMAN (b. 1843, served Ill 122 Vol.), AMANDA SHERMAN (b.1845), MARY SHERMAN (b.1849)
COMMENTS: Looking for ancestors of Isaac Sherman born in NY, 18ll, to Illinois 1820.  The 1850 Macoupin County, Ill. census lists family.  Anyone belonging to this family please contact me.
RESEARCHER:   Jean Friedman -- -- Oct. 10, 2000

ISAAC SHERMAN, b. Poland, d. Omaha, NE
COMMENTS:  I am the grandaughter of ISAAC SHERMAN,  who emigrated from Poland through Canada (Detroit, Memphis, etc.) and ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. We are Jewish, and my Father believed himself to be a "Cohane". It is unlikely we have ties to England. Does any of the information in your archives or genealogy studies contain information that might be useful to me? 
RESEARCHER:  Sondra Sherman Ettlinger --  (Apr 2, 2000)

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