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Early 1800's - Present
Scotland to Prince Edward Island, Canada to
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada to Michigan

Lisa's Great Grandparents

Christina (MacLean) MacIsaac

John Herman MacIsaac


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Where the heck did these people come from?

MacIsaac Family Tree
Some of the "characters" that make up Lisa's family tree.

Web Sites
Links to Web sites helpful in tracking these MacIsaac "characters".

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Where the heck did these people come from? 


The MacISAAC family is believed to have originated in Moidart, Scotland, in the Western Highlands.  In 1772, they sailed on the ship Alexander to Prince Edward Island, Canada for their chance to "strike it rich" in the New World.  From there, they island-hopped over to Nova Scotia, Canada. Then, in 1925, Ann MacIsaac (my grandmother) and 9 children (!) packed up all their belongings and joined my grandfather in Detroit, Michigan. A year earlier, my grandfather and several of his brothers had headed across the border in search of jobs when they heard Henry Ford was paying factory workers an astounding $5 a day. My grandparents had 4 more children once they got settled in Detroit, one of which was my father.

Apparently, the MacIsaac's were a well-educated Scottish family. When my grandmother married a less-educated Irishman named Donovan, her family thought she had gone "slumming", so they didn't socialize with her a whole lot after that. Consequently, my MacIsaac relatives are a bit of a mystery to me.

Anyway, below is a brief synopsis of my MacIsaac ancestry, thanks in large part to my "cousin" and pal, BILL NORIN !  See my "Web Sites" section for a link to Bill's "Dr. No's Genealogy Web Page", and several other great Web sites.

If you'd like more details on MY MacIsaac's, I'd be happy to share, just zap me an e-mail message .

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Some of the "characters" that make up Lisa's family tree.


1) Mac ISAAC, Rod (Rory), m. MARGARET GILLIS, son: John
  • (2) Mac ISAAC, John, b. 1812, d. Nov 16, 1895, East Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, m. MARGARET (PEGGY) GILLIS, children: Daniel A., Margaret, Mary Ann, John Duncan, John Herman, Agnes, Annabella, and Samuel
    • (3) Mac ISAAC, John Herman, b. May 10, 1853, East Bay, Nova Scotia, d. Aug 20, 1907, Sydney, Nova Scotia, m. CHRISTINA Mac LEAN, children: Matilda (Tillie), Theresa (Tess), Mary Joseph (Josie), Daniel Aloysious (Wish), John Alexander, Ann, Agnes, Margaret, Alice, and Mary Ann
      • (4) Mac ISAAC, Ann, b. June 29, 1887, East Bay, Nova Scotia, d. March 1, 1966, Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, m. JOHN ALBERT DONOVAN, children: Kathleen Joseph, Herman John, Francis Xavier, Andrew Cavell, Ann Celeste, Patrick Albert, Gregory Leonard, Margaret, James Aloysious, Paul Alexander, Gregory Ignatius, Dennis Henry, and Mary Lillian
        • (5) DONOVAN, Gregory Ignatius, b. Oct. 12, 1927, Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, d. Nov. 10, 2004, Farmington Hills, Wayne Co., Michigan, m. EVELYN JUNE SHEFFER, children: Lisa Caril and April Ann
          • (6) (ME!) DONOVAN, Lisa Caril, b. Sept. 1, 1955, Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, m. K. SCOTT FLEMING, children:  Trisha Ann, Michael James, and Molly Ann
          • (6) DONOVAN, April Ann, b. May 26, 1957, Pontiac, Oakland Co., Michigan
      • (4) Mc ISAAC, Daniel Aloysious (he dropped the "a" from Mac when he applied for U.S. citizenship in 1923), b. June 29, 1898, Sydney, Nova Scotia, d. Dec 14, 1966, m. MARY TIERNEY, children: Daniel Francis, John Herman, and Jean Christine
        • (5) Mc ISAAC, Daniel Francis, b. June 19, 1924, Jersey City, New Jersey, m. AGNES DONALDSON, children: Theresa Agnes, Eileen Ruth, Gregory Francis, James Daniel, Thomas John, Joan Helen, Rosemary, Anne Marie, and Catherine Louise
        • (5) Mc ISAAC, John Herman, b. Feb. 9, 1926, Bayonne, New Jersey, m. IRENE HRYB, children: Patricia Ann, Nancy Jean, Mary Ellen, and Daniel Michael
        • (5) Mc ISAAC, Jean Christine, b. Jan 16, 1929, Bayonne, New Jersey, m. JOHN ARTHUR MARTORANA, children: Michael Joseph, Clare Ann, Robert John, and Paul Vincent

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Web Sites
Links to Web sites helpful in tracking these MacIsaac "characters".



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