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Linkinhorne Parish


These records have been transcribed by myself from microfiche of the original registers at the Cornwall Record Office. Whilst every attempt has been made to produce an accurate transcription, it is quite possible that it may contain errors. If you have any queries, please contact me. Lynda Mudle-Small.

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(X) denotes they signed by making a mark  
"With consent of parents" usually denotes that one or both of the bride & groom were under the age of 21 years, however all entries written by Rev Kempe from 1834 to end of 1837 have the words parents or friends entered.  
Ent.  No Groom Forename Groom Surname Notes Bride Forename Bride Surname Notes Banns Lic. Day/ Month Year
1 Sampson AUNGER of North Hill Elizabeth TUCKER With consent of parents Banns 11-Mar 1813
2 Richard CRABB   Esther GROSE (X) Banns 26-Mar 1813
3 Samuel LEE Labourer Mary TRUBODY   Banns 30-Mar 1813
4 John Bumard BURNAFORD Labourer  (X) Elizabeth BENNETT (X) Banns 02-Apr 1813
5 George JEFFERY   Elizabeth GARLAND With consent of parents (X) Banns 18-May 1813
6 James PENNY Labourer Elizabeth WESTLAKE Sojourner. Widow (X) Banns 20-Jun 1813
7 Thomas Peak GARLAND   Martha ALFORD   Banns 24-Jun 1813
8 John ADAMS   Grace PEAK   Lic 12-Aug 1813
9 Richard Peak GARLAND   Joanna DAVEY   Banns 26-Aug 1813
10 George COADE   Maria SOUTHEY (X) Banns 26-Mar 1814
11 Joseph JINKIN Bachelor Jane MAY Spinster (X) Banns 09-Aug 1814
12 Edward GREENWOOD Labourer   (X) Ann HEARLE (X) Banns 27-Sep 1814
13 John CHAPMAN   Catherine COUCH With consent of parents Banns 04-Oct 1814
14 John SNELL of St Austell Ann BUCKINGHAM   Banns 07-Nov 1814
15 Jonathan PELLOW of Sourton in County of Devon  (X) Sarah RAWLING   Banns 08-Nov 1814
16 Stephen SECOMB Sojourner (X) Betty TRUBODY   Banns 12-Jan 1815
17 Richard VINE Yeoman   (X) Sarah ELLIOTT Spinster Banns 07-Apr 1815
18 James JANE Husbandman Grace HAWKS Spinster (X) Banns 13-Apr 1815
19 Nahimiah? HENWOOD Yeoman  Mary DAVEY   Lic 16-May 1815
20 John PEARCE Carpenter Christian SLEEP Spinster Banns 04-Jul 1815
21 John MITCHEL Mason Elizabeth BUDGE Spinster (X) Banns 05-Oct 1815
22 Sampson TREHANE Joiner Mary Peak GARLAND   Banns 02-Nov 1815
23 Edward BUDGE Tailor Dorothy AMBROSE Sojourner Banns 01-Jan 1816
24 James TILLEY Labourer  (X) Jane CHAPMAN Spinster (X) Banns 13-Jan 1816
25 William SMITH Labourer of Northill  (X) Mary ELLIOTT (X) Banns 07-Mar 1816
26 John PETT (X) Elizabeth HARVEY (X) Banns 10-Mar 1816
27 Richard BUDGE of Northill  butcher Mary DINGLE Spinsterin Lic 16-May 1816
28 Edward  BENNETT   Mary BARNACOTT Sojourner Spinster Banns 21-May 1816
29 Francis ROGERS Shoemaker Elizabeth SAUNDERS Spinster Banns 04-Jun 1816
30 Johnathon JOHN of Northill Grace GARLAND Spinster (X) Lic 25-Sep 1816
31 William COMER Labourer (X) Sarah HAWKE Spinster (X) Banns 02-Apr 1817
32 William MITCHELL of Quethiock Sojourner (X) Grace DROWN Spinster (X) Banns 23-Apr 1817
33 Richard GARLAND Yeoman Mary Ann BONE Sojourner Lic 03-Jul 1817
34 Abraham TRELEASE Sojourner  (X) Jenny ALFORD   Banns 06-Nov 1817
35 John COLMER (X) Mary STRIKE Sojourner (X) Banns 05-Apr 1818
36 John HAWKE   Maria STACEY (X) Banns 23-Apr 1818
37 Samuel TREGLOIN   Susanna JAMES   Banns 11-Jun 1818
38 Robert DAVEY   Jane RICHARDS Spinster (X) Banns 06-Oct 1818
39 Charles BARNACOTT Smith Mary HARRIS Sojourner Banns 23-Feb 1819
40 Joseph Beed or Reed GARLAND   Susanna JOHNS of Northilll Banns 19-Mar 1819
41 John BATE of Lezant Mary BATE   Banns 29-Mar 1819
42 Sampson JASPER   Jenny DONEY   Banns 01-Apr 1819
43 Mathew HAMBLY   Susanna COUCH   Banns 14-May 1819
44 William NORTHCOT   Jane HARRIS   Banns 18-May 1819
45 Thomas SHOVELL Sojourner  carpenter Ann TROOD Sojourner Spinster Banns 06-Aug 1819
46 Richard COUCH   Jane COMBE Spinster Banns 12-Aug 1819
47 John STEPHENS Sojourner  (X) Mary CAUNTER (X) Banns 17-Sep 1819
48 William RICKARD Widower Mary HOOPPER (X) Banns 13-Apr 1820
49 Thomas STOYLE or HOYLE of Callington Betty CLARKE   Banns 24-Apr 1820
50 John POPELSTON   Mary SHOVEL (X) Banns 26-Apr 1820
51 John MARTIN   Mary-Ann BODY   Banns 21-Sep 1820
52 William HAMBLY of Quethiock Charlotte FOOTE   Lic 03-Oct 1820
53 John JASPER of Lezant Susanna BATE   Banns 21-Dec 1820
54 Digory BATE   Elizabeth BENNET   Banns 28-Dec 1820
55 John MUTTON Bachelor Mary BENNETT Spinster Banns 31-May 1821
56 John STACEY of St Charles Plymouth (X) Mary EVANS (X) Banns 25-Sep 1821
57 Edward WILTON Bachelor  (X) Ann GREENWOOD (X) Banns 04-Oct 1821
58 Philip GIBBS of South Petherwin (X) Catherine BENNETT   Banns 23-Oct 1821
59 William WALLERS Sojourner  (X)  Jane PENNY Spinster (X) Banns 22-Apr 1822
60 John SKELTON Bachelor Elizabeth ALFORD Spinster Banns 04-Jun 1822
61 Richard COREY Bachelor (X) (or COVEY) Maria EVANS Spinster Banns 10-Jun 1822
62 John CHAPMAN of St Ive Bachelor Maria CLARKE Spinster Banns 22-Aug 1822
63 John BROWN of Northill Bachelor Wilmot GARLAND Spinster Banns 29-Aug 1822
64 William HERRING Bachelor Jane KINGDOM Spinster Banns 25-Mar 1823
65 William BENNETT Bachelor (X) Elizabeth WADGE Spinster (X) Banns 27-Mar 1823
66 Edward JASPER Bachelor (X) Elizabeth BUDGE Sojourner Spinster (X) Banns 29-May 1823
67 Mathew TUCKER Bachelor Ann WARN Spinster (X) Banns 12-Jun 1823
68 John BENNETT Sojourner  of Lezant Bachelor Mary PROUT   Banns 31-Jul 1823
69 Ambrose BOX Sojourner  of Callington lane HATCH   Banns 02-Oct 1823
70 Joseph BENNETT Bachelor Mary BATE Spinster Banns 28-Oct 1823
71 Thomas WILLIAMS of Southill Bachelor Joanna DONEY Spinster Banns 13-Jan 1824
72 John HOCKIN Bachelor (X) Elizabeth Harvey SOPER Sojourner Spinster Banns 26-Feb 1824
73  William PENHALL Sojourner  (X) Bachelor Fanny Bennett JENKINS Spinster (X) Banns 11-Mar 1824
74 William ROWE Bachelor Mary BARNACOT Spinster Banns 26-Mar 1824
75 Thomas SINCOCK Sojourner  Bachelor (X) Mary Anne GETCH Sojourner Spinster (X) Banns 28-Mar 1824
76 Benjamin PEARN Bachelor Grace SANDERS Spinster Banns 15-Jul 1824
77 John WILTON (X) Mary TUCKER With consent of parents (X) Banns 16-Sep 1824
78 William JEFFERY Bachelor (X) Mary Ann GARTRILL of Stoke Climsland (X) Banns 21-Oct 1824
79 John PALMER Bachelor (X) Elizabeth WILTON (X) Banns 21-Oct 1824
80 Sigimund CRABB of Menheniot Bachelor & schoolmaster Elizabeth GARTRELL Spinster With consent of parents Banns 25-Nov 1824
81 Richard GUMBE Bachelor & Labourer Maria TURNER (X) Spinster Banns 13-Dec 1824
82 John PEARN Bachelor & cooper Elizabeth HATCH Spinster With consent of parents (X) Banns 24-Jan 1825
83 John BULLON Bachelor & Labourer (X) Jenny MITCHELL Spinster (X)With consent of parents Banns 26-Feb 1825
84 John BENNETT Bachelor & miner Mary Ann JENKINS Spinster (X) Banns 28-Apr 1825
85 James DAVEY Bachelor Elizabeth RICHARDS Spinster L Lic 26-Jul 1825
86 William BALL Bachelor Hannah BALL Spinster (X) Banns 29-Dec 1825
87 William DINGLEY Bachelor (X) Mary DONEY Spinster (X) Banns 02-May 1826
88 Philip STAPLETON Bachelor & Sojourner Elizabeth COWLING Spinster (X) Banns 25-May 1826
89 Edward Budge CAUNTER of North-hill Yeoman Rebecca Williams DINGLE Spinster Banns 08-Jun 1826
90 James SMETHERHAM miner & Bachelor (X) Mary TREHANE Spinster Banns 26-Oct 1826
91 William DINGLE of North-hill Bachelor Harriot GAMB Spinster Banns 13-Jan 1827
92 Thomas REYNOLD Bachelor Christian MARTIN Spinster (X) Banns 01-Feb 1827
93 John JANE Bachelor (X) Ann CORY Spinster (X) Banns 22-Mar 1827
94 Richard JASPER Bachelor (X) Ann COAD Spinster (X) Banns 25-Mar 1827
95 Walter RUNDLE Bachelor (X) ( or RENDLE) Miriam CORRY Spinster (X) Banns 25-Mar 1827
96 William WADGE Bachelor Ann BENNETT Spinster (X) Banns 02-Jun 1827
97 Thomas SMERAGE of Lezant Bachelor Ann SOPER Spinster Banns 11-Jun 1827
98  Edward BATE (X) Mary Rundle SOPER   Banns 11-Feb 1828
99 James STANNING   Charlotte COUMBES (X) Banns 14-Sep 1828
100 John SMETHERHAM Sojourner  (X) Mary WALKIS (X) Banns 17-Jan 1829
101 Richard KEARN Bachelor (X) Mary ALLEN Spinster (X) Banns 05-Apr 1829
102 John BLACKFORD (X) Mary Ann COAD (X) Banns 17-Apr 1829
103 John HARRIS   Anne TRUEBODY (X) Banns 07-Jun 1829
104 Sampson BALL Sojourner Jane BENNETT Sojourner Banns 15-Sep 1829
105 John MILLETT Sojourner  (X) Mary Rickard COOMBE Sojourner (X) Banns 20-Sep 1829
106 John STAPLETON Sojourner Ann TRISCOTT Sojourner (X) Banns 20-Sep 1829
107 John TURNER   Jane COLMER (X) Banns 01-Dec 1829
108 Sampson COOMBE   Grace CAUL (X) Banns 25-Dec 1829
109 James DlNGLEY   Mary Ann JEFFERY   Banns 04-Jan 1830
110 John JEFFERY Yeoman Bachelor Ann JEFFERY of Black Torrington in Co Devon Lic 04-Jan 1830
111 Richard HOBBS (X) Maria REYNOLDS (X) Banns 12-May 1830
112 John CRUSE (X) Dinah STANNING   Banns 13-May 1830
113 Mathew GOURD (X) Gracey HODGE   Banns 22-Jun 1830
114 William KINSMAN or KINDGDON Jane YOULDEN X Banns 30-Mar 1831
115 Richard DAVIS (X) Elizabeth CLEMENCE X (or CLEMENS) Banns 05-Apr 1831
116 William COAD (X) Betsy COAD Sojourner (X) Banns 14-Apr 1831
117 Thomas HARFOOT (X) Maria BENNETT (X) Banns 03-Apr 1832
118 Samuel SMITHERAM signed SMITHEREM Sarah BENNETT (X) Banns 03-Apr 1832
119 Henry MARTIN   Grace LORD   Banns 16-May 1832
120 Thomas JASPER   Eleonor BENNETTS   Banns 12-Jun 1832
121 John HOARE   Caroline Ester PETER   Banns 07-Aug 1832
122 Richard GARLAND   Elizabeth BATE   Banns 22-Nov 1832
123 William WALLIS Widower Jane STRIKE Widow (X) Banns 29-Nov 1832
124 Christopher PENNY (X) Elizabeth CANNS (X) Banns 23-Dec 1832
125 John CRABB   Mary CARNS   Banns 09-Apr 1833
126  Isaac Coombe BLIGHT (X) Jane KITT Sojourner (X) Banns 23-Jul 1833
127 Edward BARTLETT   Elizabeth BENNETT (X) With consent of parents Banns 16-Jan 1834
128 Charles Turner BENNETT   Mary BUDGE With consent of parents Banns 18-Mar 1834
129 Robert CEARN or CLEARN Rebecca HOBBS With consent of parents Banns 01-Apr 1834
130 Nicholas SOWDEN Sojourner  (X) Harriett REYNOLDS (X) Banns 05-Apr 1834
131 Thomas HICKS   Sarah LORD With consent of parents Banns 15-Apr 1834
132 William SPEAR Bachelor Elizabeth COCK Spinster (X) Banns 20-May 1834
133 Pascoe STEVENS (X) Elizabeth BEAL (X) Banns 13-Nov 1834
134 Benjamin HOCKIN Bachelor (X) Elizabeth BUDGE Spinster With consent of parents Banns 26-Mar 1835
135 Thomas WRIGHT Bachelor of Botus Fleming Mary MAYNARD Spinster With consent of parents Lic 02-Apr 1835
136 William PEARSE   Mary GUMB (X) With consent of parents Banns 07-Apr 1835
137 Francis ROGERS (X) Jane DAWE (X) With consent of parents Banns 07-Apr 1835
138 Benedict COOMBE of Stoke Climsland (X) Ann LEAN With consent of friends Banns 09-Apr 1835
139 Robert ALLEN Sojourner Ann ALFORD   Banns 23-Apr 1835
140 Thomas MARTIN   Sarah BENNETT (X) With consent of parents Banns 14-May 1835
141 William GILL   Elizabeth DAWE (X) Banns 15-Nov 1835
142 William PHILLIPPS   Elizabeth CHAPMAN With consent of parents Banns 21-Jan 1836
143 Edward MUTTON (X) Maria SMETHERHAM (X) With consent of parents Banns 23-Apr 1836
144 Samuel DONEY (X) Elizabeth GUMB (X) With consent of parents Banns 30-Apr 1836
145 William HARVEY (X) Elizabeth CORNELIUS With consent of parents Banns 21-Jun 1836
146 William COAD (X) Mary DAVY (X) With consent of friends Banns 07-Aug 1836
147 William SHEAR (X) Sarah HILL (X) With consent of parents Banns 20-Oct 1836
148 William OLVER   Grace PENNY (X) With consent of parents Banns 17-Nov 1836
149 William WADGE (X) Mary Anne WARN (X) With consent of parents Banns 20-Apr 1837
150 John JEFFREY Sojourner  (X) Sarah VINE (X) With consent of parents Banns 01-May 1837
151 William REYNOLDS (X) Elizabeth EDDY (X) With consent of parents Banns 25-May 1837
152 Robert COUMBE Bachelor Mary POUT Spinster Lic 31-May 1837
153 John HARRIS   Mary Ann TRAYS (X) Banns 29-Jun 1837