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Linkinhorne Parish

ST MELOR CHURCH, MARRIAGES 1725 - 1812 at present

This transcription is taken from copies in my local library of Phillimore, with cross checking to the Cornwall Family History Society index and microfiche of the original registers. The entries have been arranged in order of date, but the original registers are unusual. The following is an extract from Phillimore.

"The first volume of Linkinhorne registers suffered from damp and is in a very dilapidated condition. It gives Baptisms, Marriages , and Burials from 1576 to 1723, the record being somewhat irregular and some years being missing towards the end. The entries in this volume are perversely entered in alphabetical order of the bridegroom's Christian name. The second volume, in excellent preservation, contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1725 to 1812. Beside the above there is a fragment of a small book, marked O, without cover, of which several leaves are missing, which gives entries from 1692 to 1725 approximately. There is also a small book of affidavits relating to burials in woollen.

The following list of marriages has been extracted by Mrs J H Glencross, who has collated it with the Bodmin transcripts. Mr Nicholl's examination of the Exeter Transcripts shows that there are Linkinhorne Transcripts for the years 1611, 1623, 1633, 1642, 1663, 1664, 1665, 1672, 1737-1740 inclusive, and for a year not stated prior to 1642."

CALENDAR. Prior to 1752 the year ended on the 25th March, so January, February and March were at the end of the year. As this list has been sorted by a modern computer all years start with January, so please note that prior to 1752, the year would end with January, February and March to the 25th.

Ref: Year Month Groom Forenames Groom's Surname Status Occupation Parish Bride's Forename Bride's Surname
M618 1725 02-Feb Thomas BUDGE and Bridgett JEFFERY Lic
M619 1725 20-Apr Thomas BUDGE and Elizabeth DODGE
M621 1725 10-Aug John WERRING and Joane CUTTING
M622 1725 01-Oct Henery BLACHFORD and Jane SYMONS
M624 1725 29-Nov Robert TAYLOR and Mary GENT
M625 1726 19-May Thomas LONG Esq and Margaret SALTREN Mrs Lic
M626 1726 30-Jun Robert EARLE and Elizabeth FOOT Lic
M627 1726 08-Aug William SAUNDERS and Elizabeth ROBERTS
M628 1727 03-Feb Henry WATS and Bridgett HONEY
M629 1727 20-Jun William BUDGE and Anne BUDGE
M630 1727 08-Aug Henry NICHOLS and Elizabeth JOHN
M631 1728 29-Jul Henry ROBERTS and Mary ROBINS
M632 1728 06-Oct Edward HARVY and Anne SLEEP
M633 1729 27-Jan William DINGLE and Cipara BUFFET
M634 1729 08-Feb John ROBERTS and Mary PHILP
M635 1729 09-Feb William ROBERTS and Mary JANE
M636 1729 20-Apr Robert BARRET and Martha ROW
M637 1729 20-Apr Samuel VINE and Sarah BENNETT
M638 1729 25-Apr Abraham SHOVEL and Mary NORDEN
M639 1729 15-Jun James SERGEANT and Mary DOWNING Lic
M640 1729 27-Dec Andrew PEDLAR and Armanel REED
M641 1730 11-Feb Walter SAUNDERS and Joane HAMLY
M642 1730 12-Feb John HONEY and Joane SALTREN Lic
M643 1730 15-May Edward LUKES and Sarah KENT
M644 1730 05-Oct Henry EARL and Rachel ROBERTS
M645 1730 08-Dec Henry HOSKIN and Joane BUDGE
M646 1731 06-Jan William COWLS and Elizabeth BOON
M647 1731 01-Aug Robert HARVY and Elizabeth WALKY
M648 1731 03-Sep Walter DAW and Grace BARRET
M649 1731 26-Nov Joseph BARTLETT and Catherine KENT
M650 1731 08-Dec John BARRIBALL and Mary GERTRUDE
M651 1731 19-Dec William ESCOT and Catherine WRATH
M652 1732 20-Apr Richard OULVER and Elizabeth CRAB
M653 1732 02-Jun Walter DAW and Mary BUDGE
M654 1732 05-Jun George LOBB and Joane HATCH
M655 1732 08-Jul Robert PEARSE and Emm STEPHENS
M656 1732 11-Jul James SHORT and Grace WOOD
M657 1732 16-Nov John CRAB and Mary REED
M658 1732 04-Dec John COWLING and Mary PEARSE
M659 1733 29-Mar Richard BUDGE and Elizabeth CAUNTER
M660 1733 08-May John KEAST and Margaret PEARSE
M661 1733 20-May Richard ROGERS and Catherine CONGDON
M662 1733 24-Aug John STANDING and Anne HOCKIN
M663 1734 03-Jun John HATCH and Grace ROW
M664 1734 23-Jul Sampson GRILLS and Mary SALTREN
M665 1734 10-Nov Digory PALMER and Elizabeth PEARSE
M666 1735 19-Jan John FOOT and Mary CONGDON
M667 1735 04-Mar Thomas BUDGE and Grace BUDGE
M668 1735 09-Mar Daniel GUMB and Thomazin ROBERTS
M669 1735 09-Mar Francis BARTLETT and Jane CROWL
M670 1735 21-Jun John SYMONS and Catherine CRAB
M671 1735 29-Jun Edward REED and Mary LANGDON
M672 1735 07-Jul Robert SYMONS and Margarett REED
M673 1735 18-Aug Joseph LANGDON and Grace BARRIBALL
M674 1735 05-Nov Francis BARTLETT and Mary RAWLING
M675 1735 18now Mark KEAGLE and Catherine BROOKING
M676 1736 11-Feb Robert PENNY and Margaret CAUNTER
M677 1736 10-May John NYLE and Mary LIPSON
M678 1736 13-Jul Stephen TREHANE and Mary LAW
M679 1736 12-Dec Thomas NORDEN and Elizabeth WEBB
M680 1737 31-Jan Digory PETT and Anne KEAGLE
M681 1737 11-Feb William HATCH and Elizabeth CONGDON
M682 1737 16-May Walter DAW and Elizabeth WALLIS
M683 1737 01-Aug John STREEK and Anne HAMLY
M684 1737 11-Nov John RICHARDS and Jane GIN
M685 1737 11-Nov John PEARSE and Grace BODDY
M686 1738 23-Feb John PEARSE and Jane KNIGHT
M687 1738 08-Sep Thomas CONGDON and Joane BUDGE
M688 1738 23-Sep John BROOKIN and Grace GUIST
M689 1738 27-Nov Richard CONGDON and Elizabeth LANG
M690 1739 29-Jan Thomas SLEEP and Christian BUDGE
M691 1739 25-May Richard BARRETT and Joane KENNING
M692 1739 02-Jun Peter JANE and Mary FRANKLIN
M693 1739 29-Sep Joseph BARTLETT and Elizabeth SYMONS
M694 1740 07-Jan Robert TRISCOTT and Joane SYMONS
M695 1740 02-Feb John WISE and Ann HILL
M696 1740 07-Feb Henry HARVY and Mary DAVY
M697 1740 09-Feb Richard GILBERT and Joane BODY
M698 1740 23-Apr Digory COOMBE and Prudence RIAL
M699 1740 10-Jul Robert TAYLOR and Mary KNIGHT
M700 1740 11-Oct John SMITH and Mary GRUB
M701 1740 26-Oct Hugh PETHERICK and Grace NORDEN
M702 1741 07-Jan Olliver DOIDGE and Grace SANGUIN
M703 1741 03-Apr William TRISCOTT and Beaton CARY
M704 1741 26-Jul Richard JOHN and Catherine ELLIANOR
M705 1742 11-Feb Robert BRUB and Margaret CHARLICK
M706 1742 08-Jul Thomas NICOLLS and Elizabeth MULLIS
M707 1742 10-Jul William JESPER and Mary STEPHENS
M708 1742 11-Aug John ROWE and Elizabeth BROOKING
M709 1743 05-Feb Daniel GUMB and Florence BROCKINSHEAR
M710 1743 02-Apr Walter AUSTIN and Mary GRILLS
M711 1743 10-Oct William BUDGE and Elizabeth COUCH
M712 1743 19-Dec Pasca STEPHENS and Mary AXWORTHY
M713 1744 01-Jan Nicholas FOOT and Philippa COWLING
M714 1744 30-Jan Roger WADGE of North-hill and Mary ROBERTS of North-hill
M715 1744 11-Apr William WILLIAMS and Joane GUIST
M716 1744 24-Apr Thomas HOOPER and Elizabeth CRAB
M717 1744 14-Jun John HOOPER and Elizabeth JANE
M718 1744 25-Jul James PENNY and Catherine BLATCHFORD
M719 1744 14-Dec John CHAPMAN and Elizabeth SYMONS
M720 1745 11-Feb John TRUBODY and Susanna DAVY
M721 1745 22-Mar John BROWN Mr of Callington and Olive SPRY Mrs f Callington
M722 1745 26-May William CURTIS and Jane CURRY
M723 1745 03-Jun Thomas BENNETT and Mary ROW
M724 1745 15-Oct Baldwin GUIST and Mary FORD
M725 1745 15-Nov John COWLING and Mary HARVY
M726 1745 30-Dec John COLEMAN and Jane HOCKING
M727 1746 25-Feb Gregory GURNEY The Rev. and Mary PETER Mrs Lic
M728 1746 21-Aug Richard POMERY Mr and Mary DINGLEY
M729 1746 25-Oct Robert STREEK and Sarah TREGLOYNE
M730 1746 18-Dec Matthew EDGCOMB and Sarah POMRY
M731 1747 18-May John BUDGE and Elizabeth SHEERE
M732 1747 01-Jun Thomas KNIGHT and Mary Dingle RAWLING
M733 1747 24-Jul Nathan ROBERTS Mr and Rose MARTIN Lic
M734 1747 27-Sep John BUDGE of Clampit and Jane BURNAFORD
M735 1747 24-Nov Richard DAW and Mary CHUB
M736 1747 15-Dec John GROSE and Dorothy VOSPER
M737 1748 23-May Jacob PALMER and Sarah GILL
M738 1749 04-Feb Edward HOSKIN and Elizabeth CAUNTER
M739 1749 26-Feb Thomas HOOPER and Mary JESPER
M740 1749 09-Apr Richard DAVY and Elizabeth BUDGE
M741 1749 27-Jun John MATTHEWS and Mary CARY
M742 1749 04-Sep Edward BENNETT and Mary HOOPER
M743 1749 30-Nov Thomas ROBERTS and Elizabeth WEEKS
M744 1749 26-Dec William GOYNE and Rebecca BENNETT
M745 1750 11-Feb John DAVY and Mary TAYLOR
M746 1750 19-Feb John ROW and Hanna HOSKIN
M747 1750 22-May John HILL and Anne SYMONS
M748 1750 15-Jun John HATCH and Elizabeth GARLAND
M749 1750 28-Sep Francis PEARSE and Amy STREEK
M750 1751 10-Feb James MITCHEL and Elizabeth BENNETT
M751 1751 11-Feb Thomas RICHARDS and Jane BROOKING
M752 1751 22-Apr John HARRIS and Mary PALMER
M753 1751 30-Jul Walter BUNNY and Elizabeth DARLEY
M754 1751 20-Dec Robert TORWAY and Joane EDGCOME
M755 1752 02-Apr Thomas GERRY and Anne WADGE
M756 1752 02-Aug George AUNGER and Elizabeth VALLICK
M757 1753 20-Feb Charles HOSKIN and Mary HEWETT
M758 1753 20-May John STEPHENS and Mary COOMBE
M759 1753 08-Jun Matthew CHAPMAN and Sarah SYMONS
M760 1753 05-Dec Robert CRAB and Patience Greswell JESPER
M761 1754 01-Feb John SHOVEL and Mary VINE
M762 1754 13-Feb John KINGDON and mary BUDGE
M763 1754 11-May Nicholas DENNIS and Sarah ROBERTS
M764 1754 16-May John DINGLEY and Mary DINGLE
M765 1754 08-Jul John DINGLE and Elizabeth HAWKE
M766 1754 15-Aug William HOOPER and Mary THOMAS
M767 1754 26-Aug Digory BATE and Christian DINGLE
M768 1754 15-Oct William SANDERS and Catherine BENNETT
M769 1754 21-Oct Henry GILBERT and Mary BATE
M770 1754 16-Nov Harchelas HOSKIN and Elizabeth WESTLAKE
M771 1755 03-Feb William BUDGE and Joane BENNETT
M772 1755 01-May John RAWLING and Sarah DINGLEY
M773 1755 20-May Simon LAKE and Sarah LUKE
M774 1755 10-Sep John JOHNS and Jane AVERY
M775 1755 06-Oct Mr John WOOD and Mrs Martha KNEEBONE Lic.
M776 1755 14-Dec Thomas BENNETT and Sarah COOMB
M777 1756 01-Mar John MITCHEL and Elizabeth PONSLAND
M778 1756 07-Mar David LARK and Grace HOCKING Lic.
M779 1756 25-Apr Thomas HOOPER and Catherine TREHANE
M780 1756 06-Jun John BARTLETT and Mary NICOLLS
M781 1756 20-Aug Henry MARTIN and Mary GIST
M782 1756 25-Dec Richard BODY and Johanna BECKLE
M783 1757 21-Jan Samuel TREGLOYNE and Mary BENNETT
M784 1757 31-Jan Peter BURNAFORD and Elizabeth WILKY
M785 1757 25-Apr Jacob JENKING and Katherine BARTLETT
M786 1757 09-May Henry HARVY and Mary BROOKING
M787 1757 23-May Henry GOYNE and Mary WILLIAMS
M788 1757 21-Dec Thomas PEAK and Grace GARLAND Lic.
M789 1758 03-Feb John TREHANE and Florence DONEY
M790 1758 28-Apr Thomas SHOVEL and Elizabeth DONEY
M791 1758 06-Aug Thomas LIPSON and Elizabeth NILE
M792 1758 21-Oct John ROBERTS and Elizabeth SALTSE
M793 1759 23-Feb John PEARSE and Joane MOORE
M794 1759 26-Feb John MARTIN and Anne TAYLOR
M795 1759 16-Apr John DAW and Joanne CAUNTER
M796 1759 24-May George EDGCOMBE and Joane PALMER
M797 1759 06-Aug Matthew JOHNS and Mary TREHANE
M798 1760 17-Feb John COCK and Catherine SAUNDERS
M799 1760 19-Feb William HARVY and Mary TREHANE
M800 1760 18-Mar Edward PETER and Christian DINGLEY
M801 1760 21-Apr Jacob THOMAS and Margaret HATCH
M802 1760 05-Jun Thomas GROSE and Elizabeth MOYSES
M803 1760 17-Jun John SOBY and Elizabeth NICOLLS
M804 1760 22-Dec Edward STRIKE and Mary DAW
M805 1761 04-May John PARSONS and Mary AUSTIN
M806 1761 10-Sep Edward KEARN and Mary BASSETT
M807 1761 13-Dec John RICHARDS and Susanna JEWELL
M808 1762 15-Feb Jeffery DINGLE and Ann TREHANE
M809 1762 12-Apr Charles TURNER and Mary BRAY
M810 1762 01-Jun Richard NILE and Mary MARTIN
M811 1762 01-Aug Jonathan HOCKING and Mary TRESEAS
M812 1762 28-Oct Stephen RECKARD and Sarah DAW
M813 1762 11-Dec John ROW and Mary ROBERTS
M814 1763 07-Jan Tobias GROSE and Mary COOMB
M815 1763 21-Apr Robert PENNY and Elizabeth SCANTELBURY
M816 1763 01-Oct John EASTCOTT and Alice PENNY
M817 1763 03-Oct Baldwin GUIST and Mary TREHANE
M818 1763 05-Nov Edward CAUNTER and Jane ROWE
M819 1764 23-Apr Richard WILLIAMS and Mary SWIG
M820 1764 25-Apr John JAMES and Patience GINN
M821 1764 04-Sep John TREHANE and Mary PEARSE
M822 1764 05-Oct William BURLACE victualler of Callington and Joane PASCOE Lic.
M823 1764 12-Oct Thomas BLATCHFORD and Elizabeth HARVY
M824 1764 18-Oct Thomas BROCK and Mary SQUAIR
M825 1764 26-Oct John PEARSE and Elizabeth WADGE
M826 1764 07-Dec William DOWNING and Mary PENNY
M827 1765 30-Jan John BENOY and Mary WADGE
M828 1765 24-Mar Thomas TRUBODY and Rebecca DINGLEY
M829 1765 10-Apr John JOHNS and Mary NICHOLSON
M830 1765 26-Nov Robert CRUSE and Elizabeth DAW
M831 1765 02-Dec John ROBERTS and Anne BRAY
M832 1766 11-Jan William HATCH and Elizabeth BURNAFORD
M833 1766 27-Feb John PEARN and Joannah CONGDON
M834 1766 18-Mar William CAUNTER and Hannah PRIN
M835 1766 05-May John BACKWAY and Joane GILBERT
M836 1766 16-May John COURTICE and Grace BUDGE
M837 1766 22-May Richard WADGE and Margaret PEARSE
M838 1766 06-Oct William HILL and Catherine CORNISH
M839 1766 23-Oct James PENNY and Mary BENNETT
M840 1775 12-Nov Franics COCKING and Grace EASTCOTT Lic.
M841 1776 15-Jan John BARTLETT and Grace DAVEY
M842 1776 30-Aug Philip BROOKS and Elizabeth CONGDON
M843 1777 16-Mar Peter BURNAFORD and Ann BURNARD
M844 1777 15-May John NILE and Mary RAWLING
M845 1777 27-Nov Charles BARNACOTT and Elizabeth MUTTON
M846 1778 20-Feb John STRIKE sojourner and Mary GINKING sojourner
M847 1778 14-Apr John HARRIS and Mary DAVY
M848 1778 11-Jun John CLEMO and Mary RAWLING
M849 1778 10-Jul Mark MARKHAM and Mary SHOVEL
M850 1778 30-Jul William CHAPMAN and Elizabeth MITCHEL
M851 1778 30-Jul John RAWLING and Mary CORNISH
M852 1778 24-Dec William REED and Mary POTE
M853 1779 05-Jan Richard PALMER and Mary BENNETT
M854 1779 12-Jan Thomas CORY and Ann DAW
M855 1779 16-Feb Richard WADGE and Mary CONGDON
M856 1779 26-Feb Benjamin HANCOCK and Mary PETER
M857 1779 05-Nov Henry CHAPMAN and Phillipi CHAPMAN
M858 1780 13-Jan William STRIKE and Grace JONAS
M859 1780 11-Apr John WEVILL of Lewannick and Elizabeth DINGLE
M860 1781 24-Feb Richard TREHANE and Elizabeth ROWE
M861 1781 25-Mar Joseph SPARE of St Clear and Ann ETHORN
M862 1781 04-Jun William CHAPMAN cordwinder and Elizabeth GOYNE
M863 1781 27-Jul John WEBB sojourner and Joan WARN
M864 1781 23-Aug John HICKS of Lewannick and Joan HOOPER
M865 1781 07-Dec John CHAPMAN h. and Mary GOIN
M866 1782 28-Jan John RICHARDS t. and Catherine JEWELS
M867 1782 06-Apr John COOMBE and Ann BRAEY
M868 1782 29-Apr John DINGLEY and Mary SHUTE
M869 1782 25-Jun James RICHARDS sojourner and Ann COLACOTT sojourner
M870 1782 11-Jul John KINGDON of St Cleer and Mary BATE
M871 1782 01-Aug John SLOGGET and Elizabeth POAT sojourner
M872 1783 31-Jan William ROWE cooper and Magdalen BALL
M873 1783 08-May Thomas KITTOW and Grace PETER
M874 1783 17-Jul William MITCHELL h. and Mary SOBEY
M875 1783 11-Sep Arthur SOUTHEY sojourner and Elizabeth HARRY sojourner
M876 1783 28-Oct Nicholas SIBLEY of St Cleer and Mary DINGLE
M877 1783 11-Dec Richard GARLAND and Mary SHOVEL
M878 1784 08-Mar William VINE of Southill and Mary HOMAN w.
M879 1784 02-Apr Edward DINGLEY and Joan HARVEY
M880 1784 10-May John PEARN and Mary TRUEBODY
M881 1784 04-Jun Edward PETER and Grace KITTOW Lic.
M882 1784 05-Nov John GROSE and Elizabeth RECKARD
M883 1785 08-Apr Pascoe STEPHENS and Ann STRIKE
M884 1785 01-May John Moore KNIGHTON Gent of Whitchurch and Mary PARSON Lic.
M885 1785 15-May John BOTTERILL of Anthony and Mary ROBERTS
M886 1785 18-May John MARTIN and Mary HARVEY
M887 1785 21-Aug William BALL and Catherine SAUNDERS
M888 1786 12-Jan William BAWDEN and Grace HARVEY
M889 1786 26-Mar Thomas STANNING and Susannah WILLIAMS
M890 1786 04-Apr Jacob JENKINS and Mary BARTLETT
M891 1786 27-Apr Thomas MAYNARD of St German's and Christian BATE Lic.
M892 1786 23-Sep John STRIKE sojourner, mason and Sarah BUNNY
M893 1787 18-Jan William DINGLEY and Mary REED
M894 1787 20-Feb John BUDGE Junr and Grace WILTON
M895 1787 12-Mar John HAWKE of Lezant and Susanna HARRIS
M896 1788 05-Jun John CRABB schoolmaster and Ann CHAPMAN
M897 1788 04-Jul Henry CHAPMAN and Joan BODY
M898 1788 03-Aug John HARRIS sojourner and Elizabeth HARRIS sojourner
M899 1788 16-Sep Sampson SHORT and Mary TREHANE w.
M900 1788 27-Oct John WILTON h. and Charity SEARL
M901 1788 11-Nov William WEEKS lab. and Mary BENNET
M902 1789 20-Jan Thomas BENNET of Northill and Elizabeth TURNER
M903 1789 20-Jan William DAVEY and Ann CHAPMAN
M904 1789 31-Mar Thomas OLVER and Elizabeth KINGDON
M905 1789 23-Aug Robert REYNOLDS and Elizabeth BENNET
M906 1789 09-Oct Richard BODY miller and Mary BEAL
M907 1789 04-Dec Sampson TREHANE and Rebecca PETER
M908 1790 05-Mar Edward BATE and Susanna DAVEY
M909 1790 13-Sep John TREGLOYN and Margery DAW
M910 1790 29-Oct Richard GARLAND and Grace BARTLETT w. Lic.
M911 1790 14-Dec Richard GIDDY and Sarah REED sojourner
M912 1790 20ap Richard Hawke DINGLEY and Mary TREHANE
M913 1791 06-Feb Peter DONEY and Sarah DINGLEY
M914 1791 08-Mar Samuel SLEEP and Ann DISTAIN
M915 1791 07-Apr Henry JAMES and Elizabeth LUCAS of Southill
M916 1791 04-May William COOMBE and Deborah BODY
M917 1791 02-Jun David BUZZA sojourner and Mary BODY sojourner
M918 1791 03-Jun Richard GARLAND and Mary KINSMAN sojourner
M919 1791 03-Aug George COAD and Mary HERRING Lic.
M920 1791 08-Aug John SMITH of Northill and Mary BCOURTIS
M921 1791 16-Aug William PEARN cooper and Elizabeth BUDGE
M922 1791 31-Oct Thomas SLEEP and Mary SAUNDERS
M923 1791 07-Nov Mr Cornelius ANDREW of Warleggan and Miss Mary KNEEBONE Lic.
M924 1791 05-Dec John LUCE and Elizabeth NORDEN
M925 1791 28-Dec Nathaniel SMITH of Calstock and Jennifred STEPHENS
M926 1792 16-Apr Thomas WILTON and Joan HARVEY
M927 1792 01-May John JAMES and Keturah BENNETT
M928 1792 09-May Alexander SLEEP and Susanna BRAMMELL
M929 1792 18-Oct John PEARSE Jun and Martha KELLY
M930 1793 05-Mar George CHUBB and Elizabeth SOBEY
M931 1793 12-Mar Richard HOCKING of St Germans and Sarah WARRING
M932 1793 23-Apr John MARTIN mason and Loveday SNELL
M933 1793 13-May William SAUNDERS mason and Joanna STACEY
M934 1793 22-May John PERAN Jun and Christian CAUNTER Lic.
M935 1793 19-Oct Thomas SMITH of Calstock and Philippa STEPHENS
M936 1793 24-Dec Joseph BRENT and Grace TREHANE w.Lic.
M937 1794 24-Mar Samuel TREGLOYN and Elizabeth CHAPMAN
M938 1794 21-Apr John BENNET and Jenny DAVEY
M939 1794 25-Aug John HARRY sojourner and Margery TREGLOYNE w.
M940 1795 12-Apr Richard BARNACOT and Joan BARTLETT
M941 1795 05-May Richard WADGE car. and Amey STRIKE
M942 1795 27-Aug Thomas JASPER of Northill and Elizabeth NICOLLS
M943 1795 13-Sep Gabriel KNIGHT sojourner and Susanna JENKINS
M944 1795 22-Sep Walter JEFFERY sojourner and Mary COUCH
M945 1796 08-Mar Robert DAVEY and Ann RAWLING
M946 1796 24-Mar John FOX of Lezant and Joan BATE
M947 1796 29-Mar John LAFFER of Menheniot and Elizabeth WEEKS sojourner
M948 1796 13-May Solomon ROBERTS and Eleanor DOWNS
M949 1796 20-May Richard CORY and Susanna CHUBB
M950 1796 16-Jun Thomas PENNY and Elizabeth ELIOT
M951 1796 23-Jun John HOOPER and Jane THOMAS
M952 1796 07-Jul Richard GIDDY and Elizabeth PENWARN
M953 1796 25-Oct Henry COMBE and Mary PEARSE
M954 1797 30-Mar William COLMER and Elizabeth HITCHINGS
M955 1797 18-Apr John BODY of Southill and Catherine NICOLLS
M956 1797 27-Apr Charles LARK sojourner of St Ive and Mary CAUNTER
M957 1797 27-Apr William WOTTON and Ann CORY
M958 1797 13-Oct Tristam BENNETT and Elizabeth DEACON
M959 1797 26-Dec Richard CLATWORTHY of Callington and Grace SLEEP
M960 1798 28-Mar Charles TURNER and Mary COADE
M961 1798 01-May Emanuel TRUEBODY and Grace HERVEY
M962 1798 02-Oct John MITCHEL and Elizabeth COURTICE
M963 1798 11-Oct John JAMES and Lower TRUEBODY
M964 1798 17-Nov Richard HOCKING and Mary SHOVEL
M965 1798 11-Dec Peter HILL and Ann HODGE
M966 1799 01-Jan Philip BENNETT and Joan PALMER
M967 1799 01-Apr John SYMONS and Mary MARTIN
M968 1799 29-Apr Nicholas LEANE and Elizabeth CONGDON
M969 1799 30-Apr John JAMES and Joan TREHANE
M970 1799 30-Apr John MARTIN sojourner of Liskeard and Mary BARNACOT sojourner
M971 1799 09-Sep Richard PRIOR of Liskeard and Martha TREHANE
M972 1799 16-Sep John WILTON and Elizabeth ROBERTS
M973 1799 11-Dec John AUNGER of Northill and Elizabeth HARVEY
M974 1800 01-Apr Edward BLACK and Pascho BROWNE
M974 1800 30-May Robert REYNOLDS and Ann HOMAN
M975 1800 14-Jul John Henry BRIGHT Esq. Of East Stonehouse, Co. Devon and Jean Hewish COFFIN Lic.
M976 1800 18-Jul Samuel BOWDEN and Joan WILLIAMS
M977 1800 04-Dec Charles HOCKING and Mary RUNDALL
M978 1801 01-Jan John RUNDLE of North Petherwin and Honor CHUBB sojourner
M979 1801 16-Mar William GIDDY of Liskeard and Ann GROSE
M980 1801 29-Jul John WILLIAMS and Mary PENNY
M981 1801 14-Sep John SMITHERAM and Jane RICHARDS
M982 1802 05-Jan Daniel GUMB t and Elizabeth CHAPMAN
M983 1802 09-Feb John BENNETT w and Sarah HOBBS w
M984 1802 10-Feb Samuel HODGE and Joan KERNICK
M985 1802 16-Feb Richard KEARN and Elizabeth HAWK
M986 1802 01-Apr William BARTLETT Stoke Climsland and Elizabeth DAVEY
M987 1802 01-Apr Isaac JENKINS and Ann BENNETT
M988 1802 06-Apr Thomas SMETHEREM and Mary HAWKING
M989 1802 08-Apr John BRADFORD mason and Sarah DAW
M990 1802 01-Jul Richard COOMBE and Susanna HAWKE
M991 1803 17-Feb John HARRIS blacksmith and Elizabeth PALMER
M992 1803 29-Mar John DROWN shoemaker and Honor WILTON
M993 1803 31-Mar Richard ROWE and Martha SWEET
M994 1803 19-Apr Christopher PELLOW Altarnun and Joan TREHANE
M995 1803 12-May Samuel JANE St German and Elizabeth DOWNS
M996 1803 29-Aug Edward CRABB mason and Hannah TAVENNOR
M997 1803 22-Sep Thomas COURTICE and Mary PETT
M998 1803 24-Sep Richard KEARN mason and Elizabeth COLMER
M999 1804 27-Mar Richard DAW and Mary HAWKE
M1000 1804 10-Apr Richard WADGE widower and Elizabeth COLMER widow
M1001 1804 03-May John DAVY and Sarah TREGLOYNE
M1002 1804 07-May Daniel VOSPER and Jenny KITTOW
M1003 1804 21-May Martin ENOR sojourner and Grace TREHANE
M1004 1804 25-Dec William WADGE and Mary PEARSE
M1005 1805 03-Jan Samuel COURTICE and Elizabeth CHAPMAN
M1006 1805 29-Jan Richard CORNELIUS and Mary BENNETT
M1007 1805 08-Feb Charles MASTERS and Mary VINE
M1008 1805 19-Mar John STEPHENS car. and Catherine DINGLEY
M1009 1805 11-Apr John ALFORD and Elizabeth REED Callington
M1010 1805 30-May William RICKARD and Phillipa LEMON
M1011 1805 01-Jun William STEPHENS and Christian BREAY
M1012 1805 23-Jul George TUCKER St Cleer and Mary HOIDGE
M1013 1805 05-Nov John GREENWOOD and Phillipa STANNING
M1014 1805 27-Dec Richard ROWE sojourner of Stoke Climsland and Mary CORY
M1015 1806 07-Jan Samuel SHORT Southill and Elizabeth WARNE
M1016 1806 21-Jan William CHAPMAN and Mary CORNISH
M1017 1806 01-Apr Edward HARVEY and Mary STRIKE
M1018 1806 03-Jun William BARTLETT and Mary BROOKES
M1019 1806 15-Jul John STEPHENS and Jane SLEEP
M1020 1806 22-Sep William POLLARD and Jane HOOPER
M1021 1806 02-Oct Sampson SAUNDERS and Honour ARUNDELL
M1022 1806 23-Dec John GUMB and Mary KERNICK
M1023 1807 12-Jan Henry MARTIN and Mary STRIKE
M1024 1807 03-Feb William CURTIS St Mellion and Elizabeth SLEEP
M1025 1807 26-Feb Robert WILLS sojourner and Frances BENNETT
M1026 1807 12-May Thomas CLEMENCE and Elizabeth HODGE
M1027 1807 23-Jun Edward BUDGE and Mary COUCHE
M1028 1808 19-Jan Thomas HAWKE and Mary HILL
M1029 1808 04-Apr Sampson JASPER and Jennifer EASTCOTT
M1030 1808 13-Apr John DINGLEY and Elizabeth DAVEY
M1031 1808 05-May John COAD Northill and Rebecca SLEEP
M1032 1808 17-May William SLEEP shoemaker and Mary SAUNDERS w.
M1033 1808 13-Jul Nathaniel SPRY and Mary BROOKING
M1034 1808 28-Jul John SARGENT Stoke Climsland and Mary KITTOW
M1035 1809 09-Jan Edward BUDGE and Christian DINGLEY
M1036 1809 14-Apr John MARTIN and Susanna HAWKE
M1037 1809 18-Apr William HOBBS and Margery SYMONS
M1038 1809 05-May Robert REYNOLDS tailor and Ann DONEY
M1039 1809 12-Jun Sampson PENNY and Susanna AUNGER
M1040 1809 16-Jun John HICKES sojourner South Petherwin and Mary LENN
M1041 1809 17-Aug William BENNETT and Jenny SHOVEL
M1042 1809 12-Oct James DYMOND St Mary Magdalene and Elizabeth KITTOW
M1043 1810 21-Apr William PROUT sojourner and Mary RAPSON
M1044 1810 24-Apr William CHAPMAN and Mary WEEKES
M1045 1810 21-May Richard SYMONS St Breock and Ann COFFIN licence
M1046 1810 22-May Thomas VINE and Mary DAVEY
M1047 1810 03-Sep John SAMBELLS Lewannick and Esther PALMER
M1048 1810 13-Dec Edward DINGLE w. and Elizabeth BUDGE w.
M1049 1811 21-Jan John SNELL Liskeard and Elizabeth PEARSE
M1050 1811 23-Feb Joseph KEY sojourner and Elizabeth SEARLE
M1051 1811 18-Apr Richard HARVEY sojourner and Elizabeth PENNY
M1052 1811 27-Apr Samuel PENNY and Elizabeth DAVEY
M1053 1811 21-May Walter DAWE and Jane REYNOR w.
M1054 1811 01-Aug William HONEY Bridgerule and Jane STEPHENS w.
M1055 1811 21-Oct Thomas LANCELLOS and Elizabeth BENNETT
M1056 1811 10-Dec Thomas NICOLLS and Ann GARLAND licence
M1057 1812 30-Apr Fitz Anthony PENNINGTON sojourner, smith and Mary COWLING
M1058 1812 10-Aug William KENT Lanteglos and Mary STRIKE
M1059 1812 19-Sep Richard GARTRELL sojourner and Mary COAD
M1060 1812 28-Sep John COUMBE and Ann CAUNTER
M1061 1812 01-Dec Robert DAWE Northill and Mary MITCHELL
M1062 1812 31-Dec Samuel GOVETT and Betty CHAPMAN

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