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Linkinhorne Parish


This transcription is taken from copies in my local library of Phillimore & Taylor, with cross checking to the Cornwall Family History Society index and microfiche of the original registers. The entries have been arranged in order of date, but the original registers are unusual. The following is an extract from Phillimore.

"The first volume of Linkinhorne registers suffered from damp and is in a very dilapidated condition. It gives Baptisms, Marriages , and Burials from 1576 to 1723, the record being somewhat irregular and some years being missing towards the end. The entries in this volume are perversely entered in alphabetical order of the bridegroom's Christian name. The second volume, in excellent preservation, contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1725 to 1812. Beside the above there is a fragment of a small book, marked O, without cover, of which several leaves are missing, which gives entries from 1692 to 1725 approximately. There is also a small book of affidavits relating to burials in woollen.

The following list of marriages has been extracted by Mrs J H Glencross, who has collated it with the Bodmin transcripts. Mr Nicholl's examination of the Exeter Transcripts shows that there are Linkinhorne Transcripts for the years 1611, 1623, 1633, 1642, 1663, 1664, 1665, 1672, 1737-1740 inclusive, and for a year not stated prior to 1642".

CALENDAR. Prior to 1752 the year ended on the 25th March, so January, February and March were at the end of the year. As this list has been sorted by a modern computer all years start with January, so please note that prior to 1752, the year would end with January, February and March to the 25th.

Ref: Year Month Groom Forenames Groom's Surname Status Occupation Parish Bride's Forename Bride's Surname
M1 1575 13-Oct Davide CROUSTE and Marie his wife
M2 1576 30-Sep Robert HARVIE and Joane his wife
M3 1576 12-Nov Willm. LUCAS and Grace his wife
M4 1576 18-Nov Adame PAGAM and Elizabeth his wife
M5 1576 21-Nov Richard JOHN and Margaret his wife
M6 1576 28-Nov Edward COLLYN and Blanch his wife
M7 1577 16-Jan John BODWAIE and Elizabeth his wife
M8 1577 28-Jul John DEWSTOWE and Johan his wife
M9 1577 28-Jul Edmonde YEOLANDE and Jane his wife
M10 1577 28-Jul Robert ISAKE and Elizabethe his wife
M11 1577 15-Sep Willm. COLLYN and Joane his wife
M12 1577 20-Oct John WHITE and Alsen his wife
M13 1577 18-Nov Stephan POMERYE and Elizabeth his wife
M14 1577 27-Nov Willm. COMBE and Phillip his wife
M15 1578 25-Jan Robert COLLYN and Elynor his wife
M16 1578 14-Feb Tristram ROBERTS and Joane his wife
M17 1578 05-Jul Thomas HOBBE and Jane his wife
M18 1578 15-Jul Willm. CHARKE and Elizabethe his wife
M19 1578 19-Oct John ADAME and Marye his wife
M20 1578 09-Nov Richard FOOTE and Joane his wife
M21 1578 10-Nov Richard ISAKE and Joane his wife
M22 1578 26-Nov Richard DINGLEY and Anne his wife
M23 1579 30-Jan Walter DILE and Alce his wife
M24 1579 26-Oct John DAVYE and Johan his wife
M25 1579 16-Nov Robart BENNET and Joane his wife
M26 1579 28-Nov Hughe TRETHEWYE and Beaten his wife
M27 1580 26-Jan Willm. WARNE and Catheren his wife
M28 1580 29-May Peter HODGE of St Kewe and Joane his wife
M29 1580 30-May Edward POMERYE and Elizabeth his wife
M30 1580 09-Oct Robert LAMPENN and Joane his wife
M31 1580 16-Nov Willm. CLYNICKE and Thamsen his wife
M32 1580? no date Digory WILLES circa 1580 of Bloflemye and Marie his wife
M33 1581? ??? Esaias POLGRAYE and Margaritt his wife
M34 1581 31-Jan Pascowe DAVYE and Johan his wife
M35 1581 23-Apr Willm. MORSHEAD and Alce his wife
M36 1581 02-Dec Samson JAKEMAN and Elizabethe his wife
M37 1582 14-Jan Richard COCKE and Pascowe his wife
M38 1582 10-Oct Nicolas BAND and Margaret his wife
M39 1582 19-Nov Edward DAVYE and Elynor his wife
M40 1582 01-Dec Henrye PEERSE and Tamson his wife
M41 1583 27-May Richard BENNET and Joane his wife
M42 1583 03-Jun Edward ISAKE and Johan his wife
M43 1583 15-Jul Willm. WHALE and Joane his wife
M44 1583 17-Jul Stephan JOHN and Alce his wife
M45 1583 22-Jul Robert DILL and Penthacost his wife
M46 1583 07-Oct Thomas BEARE and Elizabeth his wife
M47 1583 18-Nov Thomas KELLY and Johane his wife
M48 1583 25-Nov Edward BODWAYE and Alse his wife
M49 1583 25-Nov Thomas FUGE and Emme his wife
M50 1583 25-Nov Cleamence GYLBERT and Margaret his wife
M51 1583? 13-Aug John SNELL circa 1583 and Johan CLARKE
M52 1583? 08-Oct John COLL circa 1583 and Johan his wife
M53 1583? 10 ??? John LAUNDRYE circa 1583 and Alse his wife
M54 1583? 13 ??? John POMERYE circa 1583 and Johan his wife
M55 1583? 21 ??? John TOSER circa 1583 and Alse his wife
M56 1583? 23 ??? John DYER circa 1583 and Margarit his wife
M57 1583? 27 ??? John GLYDDEN circa 1583 and Johan his wife
M58 1583? 27 ??? John GLYDDON circa 1583 and Elizabethe his wife
M59 1583? 3 ??? John BODWAIE circa 1583 and Agnis his wife
M60 1584? 09-Oct John BEST circa 1584 and Jane his wife
M61 1584 26-Jan Edward HAMBLY and Olliver his wife
M62 1584 12-Nov Robert CONGDON and Emblyen his wife
M63 1585 24-Jan Thomas CRUST and Marie his wife
M64 1585 07-May Robert WEBBE and Wilmote his wife
M65 1585 07-Oct Richard DILL and Agnes his wife
M66 1585 24-Nov Edward BODWAYE and Jone his wife
M67 1586 22-Jan Thomas ROBERTS and Katherine his wife
M68 1586 06-Feb Thomas BEARE and Thamsin ROBERT
M69 1586 17-May Willm. BUDGE and Margerit his wife
M70 1586 01-Aug Richard MARTEN and Katherine his wife
M71 1587 27-Apr Nicholas TOSER and Jacket his wife
M72 1587 17-Sep Thomas OLYVER and Johane his wife
M73 1587 01-Oct John ROBY and Alce his wife
M74 1587 13-Nov Edward DAVYE and Elizabeth his wife
M75 1587 13-Nov Lawrence SHEERE and Jane his wife
M76 1588 20-Jan John DINGLE of Derly and Margaret his wife
M77 1589 18-Jan Henrye SMEETHE and Joanne his wife
M78 1589 22-May John CONGDON and Sibly his wife
M79 1589 29-May Richard DINGLE of Netherton and Richau his wife
M80 1589 13-Oct Willm. HOOPER and Joane his wife
M81 1589 19-Oct Digori SPURRE and Elizabeth BRODLAKE
M82 1589 14-Nov Thomas REEDE and Sibby his wife
M83 1590 30-Jan Robart GILBERT and Thomasin his wife
M84 1590 30-Jan Thomas BRUSHE and Elnor his wife
M85 1590 27-Apr Willm. COWLINGE and Anne his wife
M86 1590 01-Jul Thomas DINGLE and Lore his wife
M87 1590 24-Aug John BYLAND and Katherin his wife
M88 1590 02-Nov John WEBB and Jane his wife
M89 1591 19-Jan John DAVYE and Margaret his wife
M90 1591 07-Apr Richard SARGENT and Elizabeth his wife
M91 1591 26-Sep John WILKYE and Dorothy his wife
M92 1591 11-Oct Peter SLADE and Avis his wife
M93 1592 26-Feb John ROBERTS of Churchtowne and Joanne CONGDON
M94 1592 10-May Rodger GREGORIE and Jane his wife
M95 1592 22-May Richard WEARINGE and Thomasin his wife
M96 1592 24-May Edward DINGLE and Catherine his wife
M97 1592 12-Jun George FOOTE and Wilmote his wife
M98 1592 15-Jul Henrye STANNAN and Thomasin his wife
M99 1592 22-Oct Willm. ROWLYN and Anne his wife
M100 1592 03-Dec John ROWLYN and Joanne his wife
M101 1592 14-Dec Thomas BUDGE and Joane his wife
M102 1593? 04-Sep John BUDGE and Sibbill his wife
M103 1593? 29-Nov John ROBERTS s. of Thomas ROBERTS and Joanne his wife
M104 1593 21-Jan Harrie TREHANE and Joane his wife
M105 1593 21-Jan Sampson BLIGHE and Sibble? his wife
M106 1593 26-Jan John BUDGE and Sufforian his wife
M107 1593 21-Jul John STANTON and Jane his wife
M108 1593 03-Aug Willm. GOODINGE and Loower his wife
M109 1593 04-Aug Thomas HONY and Joan his wife
M110 1593 06-Aug Richard BAYLIFE and Elizabethe his wife
M111 1593 07-Aug John ABRAHAM and Joanne his wife
M112 1593 06-Nov John RUNDELL and Joanne his wife
M113 1593 19-Nov John CHARKE and Joan his wife
M114 1593 21-Nov John BUDGE and Elizabethe his wife
M115 1594 27-Feb Willm. POOPE and Susanna his wife
M116 1594 28-Jul John DERREN and Joan his wife
M117 1594 05-Aug Willm. CHARKE and Alce his wife
M118 1594 27-Aug Thomas BUDGE and Joan his wife
M119 1594 02-Oct Willm. MARTEN and Joane his wife
M120 1594 13-Nov Pearsse HENDER and Alce his wife
M121 1595 21-Nov Richard DAVIE and Margerie his wife
M122 1596 20-Jan Timothye DAVY and ???? his wife
M123 1596 26-Apr John COMBE and Elizabethe his wife
M124 1596 11-Aug Sampson TREASE and Jane his wife
M125 1597 30-Jan John DINGLE and Joooane his wife
M126 1597 11-Apr Edward DINGLE of Sutton and Elizabeth his wife
M127 1597 23-May John JOHN of Cesbrooke and Lower his wife
M128 1597 23-May Peter CONGDON and Joane his wife
M129 1597 13-Nov Willm. CAUNTER and Thomasin his wife
M130 1598 26-Apr Willm. CHARKE and Elizabethe his wife
M131 1598 23-Oct John GRAT and Elizabeth his wife
M132 1598 23-Nov Henry STANNAM and Alse his wife
M133 1598 July Henry STAUNTON and Alse his wife
M134 1599 14-Jan John BATTEY and Sybley his wife
M135 1599 19-Oct James TREHANE and Elizabeth his wife
M136 1599 22-Oct John LAMBERT and Elizabeth his wife
M137 1600 19-Jan James GILL? and Agnis his wife
M138 1600 20-Feb William HOSKEINGE and Johan his wife
M139 1600 08-May Stephen JOHN and Susan his wife
M140 1600 16-Nov Henrye WARNE and Wylmote his wife
M141 1600 22-Nov John DAVYE and Alce his wife
M142 ? 11-Feb Ambrose GAYE Probably about 1600 and Elizabeth his wife
M143 ? ?? Anthony WILCOCK Probably about 1600 and Grace his wife
M144 1601 29-Jan William LYTHYBYE and ???? his wife
M145 1601 11-Feb David RECKARD and Elizabeth his wife
M146 1601 03-Aug Wm. ROBTS. and Mary his wife
M147 1601 12-Oct John COMBE and Jane his wife
M148 1601 09-Nov John DAVYE and Johan his wife
M149 1601 22-Nov Willm. ???ARD and Johan his wife
M150 1602 31-Jan Thomas S???? and Johane his wife
M151 1602 21-Jun Thomas POMERYE and Elizabeth his wife
M152 1602 18-Oct John MEYE and Thomazin his wife
M153 1602 16-Nov Thomas POLLARD and Ann his wife
M154 1602 20-Nov Thomas DINGLE and Dorothye his wife
M155 1602 23-Nov Wm. OLYVER and Charitye his wife
M156 1603 09-Jan Thoms STEPHEN alias POMEROYE and his wife
M157 1603 30-Jan Sampson ROBERT and Elizabeth his wife
M158 1603 31-Jan Willm. BURGES and Emlinge his wife
M159 1603 18-Jun Richard HARVYE and Johan his wife
M160 1603 18-Aug Peter HARVYE and Alce his wife
M161 1603 21-Nov Wm. FOOTE and Katheren his wife
M162 1603 24-Nov Stephen LAUNDRY and Elizabeth his wife
M163 1603 24-Nov Thomas FLATCHFORD and Thomazin his wife
M164 1604 02-Apr James DINGLE and Agnes his wife
M165 1604 05-Jun Thomas DINGLE and Johan his wife
M166 1604 18-Jun John LAUNDRYE and Loower his wife
M167 1604 08-Nov John DAVYE and Honour his wife
M168 1605 04-Jan Richard TURWAY? and Grace his wife
M169 1605 22-Apr Thomas BERE and Thomazin his wife
M170 1605 02-Jul Henrie JOHN and Jane his wife
M171 1605 30-Sep Stephen WEBB and Elizabeth his wife
M172 1605 17-Oct Richard DAVIE and Jane his wife
M173 1605 11-Nov John KINGE and Jane his wife
M174 1606 18-May John ?????LL and Bridgett his wife
M175 1606 04-Aug William LUCAS and Marie his wife
M176 1606 17-Oct ??? ???ING and Johan his wife
M177 1606 21-Oct Henry STITSTON and Jane his wife
M178 1606 03-Nov Willm. ROBT. and Wilmote his wife
M179 1606 19-Nov John TOSER and Elizabeth his wife
M180 1606 26-Nov Richard BUNNYE and Ann his wife
M181 1606 27-Nov Richard WAYE and Jone his wife
M182 1607 18-Jan ??? KNEEBONE gent and ???? his wife
M183 1607 19-Oct Thomas HENWOOD and Thomazin his wife
M184 1608 11-Apr ??? ROBERT and ????? his wife
M185 1608 13-May Edward TREASE and Thomazin his wife
M186 1608 24-Oct Richard SMALEY and Susan his wife
M187 1608 15-Nov Robert DILL and Joann his wife
M188 1608 24-Nov Robert SHEERE? and Agnes his wife
M189 1609 15-Jan Peter CAUNTER and Honner his wife
M190 1609 25-Jan John BONE and Alse his wife
M191 1609 17-Jul Richard ROBERT and Mary his wife
M192 1609 06-Nov Robert ???GES and Mary his wife
M193 1609 20-Dec Christopher ???UGH and Priscilla his wife
M194 1610 28-May Derimond OCOUGHLAINE and Mary his wife
M195 1611 27-May Michael KINGE and Mary his wife
M196 1611 28-Nov Henry FRAGLE and Debora his wife
M197 1611 ??? ??? BYARE and Alse ????
M198 1612 02-May Edward ROBERTS and Wilmote his wife
M199 1612 08-Jun Henry FRILS and Agnes his wife
M200 1612 12 ??? Robert ROBERT? and Joanne his wife
M201 1613? 05-Feb Nicholas TOSER and Julian his wife
M202 1615 11-Jan Edward DINGLE and Susan his wife
M203 1615 31-Jan John OLLIVER and ???? ????
M204 1615 17-Apr Henry MITCHELL and Julian his wife
M205 1615 21-Sep Theophilus WODENOTE and Mary his wife
M206 1615 02-Oct John TOSER? and Jane ????
M207 1616 01-Feb Peter DERRY and his wife
M208 1616 05-Apr William GEDDY and Temperance his wife
M209 1616 25-Apr Nicholas FUGE and Blaunch his wife
M210 1616 01-May George POMEROY and his wife
M211 1616 30-Sep Edward ROBERTS and Jane his wife
M212 1616 28-Nov Frauncis DINGLE and Joan his wife
M213 1616 28-Nov Lawrance BURROW and Elizabeth his wife
M214 1618 09-Feb Henry JOHN and Joan his wife
M215 1619 31-Jan Sampson DINGLE and Priscilla his wife
M216 1619 03-Feb Richard OLYVER and Grace his wife
M217 1619 08-Feb Nicholas ROBERTS and Joane his wife
M218 1619 25-Sep Stephen HARRIS and Sibly his wife
M219 1620 13-Jun Tristram BENNET and Joane his wife
M220 1620 07-Aug Edward DAVY and Grace his wife
M221 1620 20-Sep Henry HARPER and Maibel his wife
M222 1621 02-May John OCOUGHLANE and Katherin his wife
M223 1621 09-Jul Edward ROBERTS and Joane his wife
M224 1621 18-Jul Robert BRAY and Mary his wife
M225 1621 07-Aug William HOOPER and Grace his wife
M226 1621 09-Oct Martin OULVER and Margaret his wife
M227 1621 28-Nov Arthur RUNDLE and Elizabeth his wife
M228 1622 02-Feb William STANTON and Elizabeth his wife
M229 1622 05-May Edward DAVY and Alse his wife
M230 1622 15-May Thomas REEDE and Joane his wife
M231 1622 29-Jul Tobias CONGDON and Joane his wife
M232 1624 15-Apr OLYVER and Elizabeth his wife
M233 1625 13-Jul William WILS and Mary his wife
M234 1625 22-Jul William CONGDON and Elizabeth his wife
M235 1626 17-Jan ??? OLYVER and Mary his wife
M236 1626 24-Apr Nicholas SMITH and Jane his wife
M237 1626 19-Jun William ANDREW and Margaret his wife
M238 1626 17-Sep Thomas BUDGE and Joane his wife
M239 1626 26-Nov George FOOTE and Elizabeth his wife
M240 1626 28-Nov Thomas DAVY and Joane his wife
M241 1626? 30-Jan Edward KEMPE circa 1626 and Joane his wife
M242 1626? 10-Feb Edward BUDGE circa 1626 and Joane his wife
M243 1626? 01-Jul Edward BUDGE circa 1626 and Priscilla his wife
M244 1626? 28-Nov Edward B????K circa 1626 and Joane his wife
M245 1626? ?Feb Edward HAWKINS circa 1626 and Temperance his wife
M246 1627? ?? Apr Edward DINGLE circa 1627 and Zenobia H ???
M247 1627? 20 ??? Emmanuel BUDGE circa 1627 and ??? ????
M248 1627 07-Feb Polidore COME and Jane his wife
M249 1627 14-Feb John LAMPEN and Wilmote his wife
M250 1627 26-Feb Francis DINGLE and Diana his wife
M251 1627 22-May Nicholas GRILS and Joane his wife
M252 1627 10-Jul Robert JOHN and Elizabeth his wife
M253 1628 05-May Samson TREHANE and Anne his wife
M254 1628 10-Jun Samson CAUNTER and Catherine his wife
M255 1628 25-Nov Walter LEANE and Joane his wife
M256 1628 ???? John BATE and Elizabeth his wife
M257 1629 20-Jan William DAW and Jane his wife
M258 1629 04-May Thomas REEDE and Joane his wife
M259 1629 25-Aug Robert CRAB and Jane his wife
M260 1629 07-Oct Polydore COOME and Jane his wife
M261 16?? 10-Nov Andrew JEFFERY Possibly 1630's and Priscilla his wife
M262 16?? 14-Nov Anastatius GOODMAN Possibly 1630's and Elizabeth his wife
M263 16?? 18-Nov Anthony ROBERTS Possibly 1660's and Honour his wife
M264 1630? 26 ??? John TREHANE 1630 - 1632 and Jane his wife
M265 1630 08-Apr William CAUNTER and Joane his wife
M266 1630 09-Apr Richard DAVY and Elizabeth his wife
M267 1630 13-Apr John ROBERTS of Sterts and Agnes his wife
M268 1630 26-Apr James BEIARE and Joane his wife
M269 1630 29-Apr Edward WARNE and Joane his wife
M270 1630 30-Aug Robert BARRETT and Mary ROBERTS
M271 1630 23-Sep John PELLOW and Margaret DINGLE
M272 1630 23-Sep John BENNET and Christian his wife
M273 1630 05-Oct Robert JOHN of Brudo and Joane GRILS
M274 ??? ??? James TWIG c1631 and Mary his wife
M275 1631 26-Sep Francis POOLEY and Joane his wife
M276 1631 28-Oct Christopher HAWKIN and Margery his wife
M277 1632 17-Apr Thomas BUDGE and Eleanour his wife
M278 1632 30-Apr Robert BEST and Elizabeth his wife
M279 1632 04-Jun Samson STANNING and Grace his wife
M280 1632 09-Jul Olyver DINNER and Anne his wife
M281 1632 16-Jul Henry JOHN and Grace his wife
M282 1632 17-Jul John BUDGE and Agnes his wife
M283 1632 30-Jul Henry WARNE and Mary his wife
M284 1632 30-Jul William REED and Joane his wife
M285 1632 06-Nov Richard BONY and Agnes his wife
M286 1632 29-Nov Edward JOHN and Mary his wife
M287 1633 22-Jul Nicholas WILS and Joane his wife
M288 1633 21-Nov Edward GOODING and ???? his wife
M289 1635 Sep Samuel HARVY and Jane his wife
M290 163? 28-Jan Amos CLYNICKE Possibly 1636 and Susanna his wife
M291 1636 26-Apr William DAVIE and Florence his wife
M292 1636 03-May John DINGLE and Catherine his wife
M293 1636 24-Sep Henry HARVEY and Rebecca his wife
M294 1636 11-Oct John ELLIS and Patience his wife
M295 1637 18-Jan Peter LEANE and Fraunces his wife
M296 1637 02-Feb Francis GRILS and Joane his wife
M297 1637 31-Jul John RAWLYN and Joane his wife
M298 1637 18-Sep Richard CLATWORTHY and Joane his wife
M299 1637 19-Sep Richard HAWKINS and Mary his wife
M300 1637 24-Oct Walter FROST and Jane his wife
M301 1637 28-Nov John OLYVER alias BADWAIE and Jane his wife
M302 1637? 20-Nov Edward ROBERTS circa 1637 and Mary his wife
M303 1637/8 20-Jan Ritchard NICHOLS and Temperance his wife
M304 1637/8 20-Nov Richard COLLYN and Joane his wife
M305 16?? 12-Aug Philip DINGLE possibly 1638 and Joane his wife
M306 1638 03-Apr William SHEERE and Elizabeth his wife
M307 1638 16-Apr Peter OLIVER and Honor his wife
M308 1638 05-Jul Mathias BERRY and Grace his wife
M309 1638 13-Nov Stephen RAWLYN and Mary his wife
M310 1638 19-Nov Henry STEPHENS and Jane his wife
M311 1638 28-Nov William COUCH and Katherine his wife
M312 1639 14-Jan Hugh DONY and Jane his wife
M313 1639 30-Jan Samson PETT and Elizabeth his wife
M314 1639 30-Jan Thomas HARVEY and Mary his wife
M315 1639 04-May John WHALE and Margery HAWKIN
M316 1639 25-Jun John WEBB and Agnes his wife
M317 1639 27-Jun Thomas BROAD and Martha his wife
M318 1639 19-Aug Richard MARNE? and Priscilla his wife
M319 1639 28-Sep John BUDGE and Alse his wife
M320 1639 30-Oct Matthew LAUNDRY and Melior his wife
M321 1639 12-Nov Tristam HATCH and Agnes his wife
M322 1639 27-Nov William ROBERTS and Jane his wife
M323 1640 09-May William RAWLING and Elizabeth CRABB
M324 1640 22-Jul William MARTEN and Mary LAKE
M325 1640 10-Aug John KINGE and Joan RODGER
M326 1640 22-Oct William ANDRO and Siblie DINGLE
M327 1640? 26-Jan Thomas BUDG Between Jan 1639 &  Feb 1642 and Mary BENNET
M328 1641 13-May John FOOTE and Catheren DINGLE w.
M329 1641 23-Sep William POMEROY and Mary LUCAS
M330 1641 19-Oct James COMBE and Sufferance MILLET
M331 1641 21-Oct Samson GRILLS and Beteris his wife
M332 1642? 16-Jul Edward MARTIN circa 1642 and Anne his wife
M333 1642 05-Feb Thomas DAW and Anne COMB
M334 1642 18-Apr Digory LAUDER and Catheren FOOT
M335 1642 19-Apr William TONKIN and Elizabeth BLACHFORD
M336 1642 12-May Henry BANT and Joan BATE
M337 1642 14-Jun William GOODMAN and Johan BUDGE
M338 1642 28-Jun Digory COMBE and Johan TWIGS
M339 1642 01-Jul Thomas ROBERT and Grace LANSE
M340 1642 13-Sep John LAUNDRY and Temperance LUSCOMBE
M341 1642 14-Oct Richard JOHN and Mary his wife
M342 1643 13-May Henry GRILLS and Grace STANTON
M343 1644? 08-Jan Edward LAUNDRY circa 1644 and Jane COMB
M344 1644? 02-Jun Edward ??NTON circa 1644 and Anne WEBBE
M345 1644 0 Thomas COWLING and Alce MARTEN
M346 1644 0 Thomas FOOTE and Jane BARRETT
M347 1644 16-May William CAUNTER and Elizabeth DILL
M348 1644 03-Oct William HATCH and Johan TAYLOR
M349 1644 08-Nov Josias BROWN? and Duence WILLS
M350 1640's ???? Thomas COURTISE 1644-1646 and Elizabeth MARTEN
M351 1640's ???? Thomas ????? 1644-1646 and Alce OLIVER
M352 1645 08-May Christopher TRELOTHER and Jane his wife
M353 1645? ??? Edward PHILLIP circa 1645 and Jone COLLING
M354 1646 before Jan Thomas VINE and Mary JANE
M355 1646 02-Jan Thomas BUDGE and Priscilla GRILLS
M356 1646 26-Jan Steven GEEDY and Willmot DINGLE
M357 1646 08-Feb Jno. OLLIVER and Joan DINGLE
M358 1646 09-Feb William ANGIER and Joan JANE
M359 1646 12-May Robert NICOLLS and Petronell GRILLS
M360 1646 08-Jun Humphry COMMING and Agnes ROBERT
M361 1646 09-Jun John MARTIN and Joan BENNET
M362 1646 10-Jun William LUCAS and Grace SMALE
M363 1646 15-Jun Henry SMALE and Martha JOHN
M364 1646 18-Jun Steven TAWLY and Elizabeth BEARE
M365 1646 24-Sep Jno. LAMPEN and his wife
M366 1646 15-Nov Edward ???? and Priscilla OLIVER
M367 1646 24-Nov Jno. ROBERT and Alice REED
M368 1648 04-Feb Thomas NOTT and Anne his wife
M369 1648 11-May Thomas BENNET and Mary his wife
M370 1648 15-Jun Richard JOHN and Thomasin his wife
M371 1648 20-Jul Petherick HANKING and Thomasin his wife
M372 1648 26-Dec Walter HOLDMAN and Mary his wife
M373 1649 26-Feb William WILLS and Elizabeth his wife
M374 1649 20-Nov William REEDE and Susanna his wife
M375 1653 07-Feb Thomas DONY and Agness his wife
M376 1653 08-Dec ??? TOASER? and Johan his wife
M377 1654 19-Feb John WEBB? and Anne his wife
M378 1654 19-Feb William BUDGE and Joane his wife
M379 1654 20-Apr Joseph ELLIS and Joane his wife
M380 1654 23-Jun Richard SNELL and Joane his wife
M381 1654 05-Sep William SHEERE and Joane his wife
M382 1654 06-Nov William TAYLOUR and Mary his wife
M383 1654 no date John DAVY and Joane his wife
M384 1655 10-Jan John ROBERTS and Joane OLYVER
M385 1655 16-Apr Richard OLIVER and Katherine ROBERTS
M386 1655 10-May Henry ROBERTS Mr. and Mary his wife
M387 1655 10-May Edward REED and Elizabeth SMITH
M388 1655 10-May William SPEARE and Wilmote STANTON
M389 1655 15-May Thomas REED and Elizabeth BENNET
M390 1656 17-Sep Richard ROBERT and Mary BANT
M391 1656 16-Dec Walter HILL and Grace BARRET
M392 1657 10-Jan Thomas TONKIN and Elizabeth DAVY
M393 1657 03-Sep Nicholas FOOTE and Joane TILLUM
M394 1657 15-Sep John BEARE and Grace his wife
M395 1657 12-Oct John RICKARD and Margarett
M396 1658 13-Jan John STEPHEN and J ???? his wife
M397 1658 15-Jan John BUDGE and Christian CLARKE
M398 1658 05-Aug John POOLY and Mary S ????
M399 1658 14-Sep Richard GRUBB and Petronell JOHN
M400 1659 05-Jan John WILLIAMS and Jane JOHN
M401 1659 02-Aug John BARRET and Jane his wife
M402 1659 10-Oct John GOADING and Jane his wife
M403 1659 19-Nov Richard TORWAY and Jane WENMOTH
M404 1660 22-Jan John BODWAY of Sterts and Elizabeth POMERY
M405 1660 12-Feb John TRUBODY gent and Mary his wife
M406 1660 14-Feb Thomas BRADLAKE and Joane his wife
M407 1660 27-Dec Walter BATE and Eleanour HORWELL
M408 1661 18-Apr William DAVY and Mary his wife
M409 1661 22-Apr Humphry COMMING and Rebecca his wife
M410 1661 02-May Thomas ROBERTS s of Edward ROBERTS Gent and Elizabeth TREHANE d. of Samson TREHANE
M411 1662 22-Jan Edward OLLIVER alias BODWAY and Elizabeth KEEMPE
M412 1663? 05-May John GOODING and Wilmote HARRIS
M413 1663? 09-Nov John TAYLOR and Rebecka KELLY
M414 1664 15-Apr Samuell GEEDY and Elizabeth GRILLS
M415 1664 21-Apr William GOODMAN and Honor HENDER
M416 1664 28-Apr Thomas BUDGE s. of Edw. BUDGE dec., and Jane COMBE
M417 1664 21-Sep Tristam BENNET and Wilmot ROGERS
M418 1665 26-Feb John SHEERE and Mary DAVY
M419 1665 01-May John WEEKES and Jane TREHANE
M420 1665 26-May Richard BUNNY and Johan HITCHINGS
M421 1666 06-Feb Francis GRILLS and Mary his wife
M422 1666 23-Apr Richard ELLIS and Rachell DAVY
M423 1666 12-May George KNIGHT and Mary BUDGE
M424 1666 15-May John ROBERTS of Church-towne and Elizabeth GLIDDON
M425 1666 18-Oct Christopher STREEKE and Margaret DAW
M426 1666 18-Oct William BUNT and Elizabeth TONKIN
M427 1667 30-Oct Valentine COOME and Parnell TARR.
M428 1667 30-Nov Richard KNIGHT and Jane GRIGG
M429 1667? 04-Feb John MOYSE and Mary PHILLIS
M430 1667? 04-Feb John WILTON and Honour PETT
M431 1667? 28-Oct Joseph DINGLE and Agnes DINGLE
M432 1667? 05-Nov John GYNN and Jane SHEERE
M433 1667? 21-Dec John BUDGE and Grace HOOPER
M434 1668 19-Jan Walter TREGONNIAN and Elionor his wife
M435 1668 26-Mar Pascho EDWARDS gent and Alice LAMPEN Mrs
M436 1669 19-Jan Gilbert HARVY and Mary his wife
M437 1672?? ???? John STANNING and Johan his wife
M438 1674 30-Apr Benedict COUCH and Elizabeth his wife
M439 1675 01-Apr John CAUNTER and Johan GRILLS
M440 1675 15-Aug Francis BARTLETT and Emlen STANTON
M441 1675 28-Aug Henry ROBERT and Ann JOHN
M442 1675 09-Oct William ROBERTS and Jane DAW
M443 1675 25-Nov John HUNNYCOMBE and Hannah BUNNY
M444 1678 09-Apr Nicholas SMALEY and Jone CARY
M445 1678 30-Nov Mathew RAWE and Elizabeth his wife
M446 1678? 14-Sep John TAYLOR and Elinor TREGONNION
M447 1680? 20-Jan John WEEKES and Joane MARTEN
M448 1680? 19-May John TRUBODY and Loare BRADLAKE
M449 1680? 04-Jun John SNELL and Elizabeth MARTEN
M450 1680 26-Sep Theophilus BUNCKUM and Thomasin ROBERTS
M451 1681 05-Jul Samuell CONGDON and Elizabeth DAW
M452 1681 03-Nov Francis BARTLETT and Margaret GRILLS
M453 1682 12-Aug Walter BUTLER and Jane BARRET
M454 1682 25-Oct Walter BATE and Agnes DONEY
M455 1683 03-Nov John HARRIS and Grace MURTHMORE
M456 1685? 01-Nov Digory BATE circa 1685 and Mary SOUTHER
M457 1686 03-Feb Richard JOHN and Agnes ELLIOT
M458 1691 19-Jul John ESTCOTT and Anne WATT
M459 1691 06-Aug William HAMLY and Jane TREISE
M460 1691 04-Sep Phillip FOOTE and Mary GRILLS
M461 1691 07-Sep William LEE and Sibly COLLINGS
M462 1691 17-Sep Thomas DAWE and Margarett STEPHENS
M463 1691 07-Nov Thomas BUDGE and Phillip AXWARTHY
M464 1691 17-Dec Thomas CRABB and Jone FOOTE
M465 1692 01-Jan Thomas SHORT and Wilmot RAWLING
M466 1692 01-Jan Alexande TUCKER and Anne JAGOE
M467 1692 09-Feb William STANNING and Honner TREHANE
M468 1692 08-Oct no  entry and Johan KNEEBONE dau of Edward KNEEBONE
M469 1693 08-Aug Zadoc MARTEN and Ales DERRY
M470 1693 12-Sep Thomas BUDGE and missing
M471 1694 05-Feb Henry HAWKING and missing
M472 1694 25-Mar Thomas RICHARDS and missing
M473 1695 13-Apr Thomas BENNETT and Anne ELLIS
M474 1695 27-May Christopher KENT and Katherin DAW
M475 1695 11-Jun John WEEKS and Mary JAGO
M476 1695 01-Jul Thomas SLEEP and Johan ROBERTS
M477 1695 11-Oct Edward BUDGE and Jane WILLIAMS
M478 1695 16-Nov William HARRIS and Marry BATE
M479 1695 15-Dec John GARTHRILL and Mary MUNCK
M480 1695 25-Dec Thomas ROBERTS and Johan ROBERTS
M481 1696 13-Apr Robert BARRETT and Elizabeth BUNNY
M482 1696 10-Jul John WESTLAKE and Mary TREASE
M483 1697 01-Jan Christopher PILLOW and Johan BARRETT
M484 1697 01-Jan Christopher LUCAS and Mary BARRETT
M485 1697 13-Jan Henry STEPHENS and Mary FRENCH
M486 1697 02-Mar Edward ELLIS and Mary GRILLS
M487 1697 08-Mar Sampson ROBERTS and Margrett RUNNALLS
M488 1697 01-Jun John TAYLOR and Thoomazen BROWNE
M489 1698 01-Jan John DAVY and Ursillaw HARVIE
M490 1698 04-Jun Nicholas FOOTE and Johon BUDGE
M491 1698 16-Jun Stephen MITCHELL and Dorothy DRAKE
M493 1698 13-Aug Thomas NORTHEN and Grace HARRIS
M494 1699 05-May Thomas PAULING and Anne BUDGE
M495 1699 28-Oct Richard HITCHINGS and Margrett STANNING
M496 1700 26-Jan John BOVETT and Johan STEEPHEN
M497 1700 03-Mar Sylvester SLEEP and Jane ELLOTT
M498 1700 01-Apr Edward BLACK and Petronella BROWN
M499 1700 05-Jul John CLENICK and Margrett NILE
M500 1700 25-Jul Edward BROADLAKE and Sarah KING
M501 1700 11-Aug Sampson PENLY and Rebecka ELLIS
M502 1700 28-Sep Richard RAWLING and Elizabeth HAUKING
M503 1700 30-Nov John BROOKIN and Katherin OLLIVER (Boddy)
M504 1701 10-Feb Tristam PASKOW and Mary PENLY
M505 1701 24-Feb John PENLY and Elizabeth GROSE
M506 1701 21-Apr Abraham JACKSON and Susanah his wife
M507 1701 30-Apr John STANING and Jane BENNETT
M508 1701 08-May John TRUBODY and Joane MASTERS
M509 1701 19-Jun Thomas PETT and Elizabeth SAMUELL
M510 1702 01-Jan Henry VENNING and Petronel BROADLAKE
M511 1702 10-Jun William HATCH and Katherin BATE
M512 1703 23-Apr William GEAKE and Mary PELLA
M513 1703 28-May Thomas STEPHENS and Charitie DONGLEY
M514 1703 30-May Edward CAUNTER and Mary FROST
M515 1703 no date Richard FOOTE and Phillip BELORNE
M516 1704 02-Jul Edward FOOTE and Ann WARNE
M517 1704 13-Jul John TAYLOR and Mary DOW
M518 1704 23-Dec William ROBERTS and Richord JAGO
M519 1705 15-Apr Sampson STREEK and Elizabeth SCAGGEL?
M520 1705 03-May John WILLIAMS and Mary REED
M521 1705 07-Jul John DEACON and Elizabeth BENNY
M522 1705 12-Nov William WEEKS and Dorothy JOPE
M523 1705 26-Dec ????? as MARTEN and Jane ROBERTS
M524 1706 21-Feb John SMITH and Jane BUDGE
M525 1706 26-Apr Henry ROBERTS and Mary HARRIS
M526 1707 no date* Edward PETERFIELD *between 28th May & 29th Oct and Mary WILTON
M527 1707 17-Feb John PETERFIELD and Catherin CHENOWER
M528 1707 24-Feb John ROBERTS and Thomazin JOHN
M529 1707 02-May Tristram BENNETT and Mary ROBERTS
M530 1707 29-May Sampson COUCH and Elizabeth COLWELL
M531 1707 13-Sep Robert STACY and Jane MARTEN
M532 1707 28-Oct William WARRING and Mary BENNETT
M533 1707 29-Dec John COOMBE and Debora BATE
M534 1708 01-Jan Francis PETT and Mary FITTZE
M535 1708 24-Feb Edward LAUNDRY and Grace BARRABALL
M536 1708 30-Apr John CUNDEY and Ruth MOOTON
M537 1708 16-Aug Richard HITCHINGS and Elizabeth TREDINICK
M538 1708 25-Oct John CRABB and Mary CROCKFORD
M539 1709 05-Jan William BENNETT and Johan LAMPEN
M540 1709 14-Apr Robert PENNEY and Mary SDYER
M541 1709 18-Apr John LUKE and Agnis ROGGERS
M542 1709 15-Sep Moses BARRABALL and Mary TRUBODY
M543 1709 31-Dec John HELLAN and Christian RIDER
M545 1710 01-Jan Matthias STEEVENS and Mary JANE
M546 1710 20-Jun John BENNETT and Elizabeth KNEEBONE
M547 1710 10-Aug Thomas DONEY and Florence DAVY
M548 1710 28-Aug Edward PETERFIELD and Mary WILTON
M549 1710 28-Aug Edward OLLIVER and Johan ANDREW
M552 1710 27-Oct John RAWLING and Sarah DINGLE
M553 1710 06-Nov John HAY and Ann JOHN
M554 1711 22-Sep Stephen LANDRY and Mary BUDGE
M555 1712 01-Jan Thomas TRUBODY and Jone STANDING
M556 1713 08-Jan William ROWLING and Johan BENNETT
M557 1713 24-Apr John SYMONS and Mary CRABB
M558 1713 02-May Peter STREEK and Ann MARTEN
M559 1713 16-May William HOOPER and Honnor DAW
M560 1713 17-Jun Richard HANKING and Elizabeth LUGGER
M562 1713 23-Jun Charles CONGDON and Debera COOMBE
M563 1713 26-Dec William ROW and Brigett BOW
M564 1714 14-Feb Thomas MARTEN and Elizabeth POOLY
M565 1714 17-Mar John LYNE and Mary ROBERTS
M566 1714 25-Sep John BOWAY and Mary COOMBE
M567 1714 09-Oct Edward TRUBODY and Ann FURSE
M568 1715 01-Aug John LUCAS and Rebecka SKELLY
M569 1716 07-Feb Richard DINNER and Mary BENNETT
M570 1716 05-Mar Samuel CONGDON and Dorothy BINNY
M571 1716 07-May William BUDGE and Johan BUDE
M572 1716 06-Oct Balden GIST and Mary SMALY
M573 1716 28-Nov Richard ROBERTS and Mary FOOT
M574 1716 22-Dec George HOCKING and Mary CRABB
M575 1717 25-Feb John TARAWAY and Ann CONGDON
M576 1717 25-Feb John BENNETT and Frances SPUR
M577 1717 25-Feb John TARAWAY and Ann CONGDON
M578 1717 29-Oct Stephen DINGLEY and Margrett BYNES
M579 1717 29-Oct Stephen DINGLEY and Margaret BYNES
M580 1718 10-Aug John BODY and Elizabeth SMALEY
M581 1718 05-Sep John BUDGE and Anne COLING
M582 c1718 27-Nov John DINGLEY and Christian DINGLE
M583 1719 22-Mar Daniel BUDGE Lic. and Jane BURGESS
M585 1719 01-Apr John TAYLER and Ann STOORE
M586 1719 15-May Jeffery King DINGLE and Mary SHEERE
M587 1719 19-May John CONGDON and Johan CEARN
M588 1720 17-Apr Philip WERRING and Elizabeth CROM?
M589 1720 17-Apr Richard BONNY and Katherine DINGLE
M591 1720 24-Apr William DEEBLE and Katherine BUDGE
M592 1720 04-May Jonathan RUNDLE and Jane TREGLOYNE
M594 1720 09-May Thomas COWLING and Mary TREHANE
M595 1720 20-Oct William BENNETT and Mary VINE
M596 1720 23-Oct Richard HONNICOMBE and Blanch BONE
M598 1720 27-Oct Peter JANE and Johannah NOTELL
M599 1720 16-Dec John TREHANE and Johan WESTLAKE
M600 1721 06-Feb Hennery BLACHFORD and Mary KENT
M602 1722 21-Jan James AXWORTHY and Elizabeth GREGORY
M603 1722 24-Feb Hennery COLING and Johan BATEN
M605 1722 01-Apr Thomas FRENCH and Hannah COURTICE
M607 1722 20-Apr William TREGLOYNE and Elizabeth OUFF
M608 1722 06-May John MARTIN and Mary SLEEP
M609 1722 10-Aug Hennery MARTIN and Mary HARVIE
M611 1723 02-Jun Tristam BENNETT and Elizabeth OLIVER
M613 1723 24-Aug Edward ROBERTS and Mary POMEROY
M615 1723 26-Dec Stephen HEX and Katherine HOOPER
M617 1724 23-Nov John FOOT and Grace FOOT

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