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Linkinhorne Parish

Sources of Information

On this page I intend to list all the sources of historical information for the Parish of Linkinhorne, that are not available on line.  I would be very interested to know about any articles written or papers and other material deposited in various places. The first entries are from the Old Cornwall Society Volumes and the Manorial Documents Register. Please note that there are a lot of interesting records held by the Duchy of Cornwall that are not available to the general public.
Old Cornwall Society Journals
Vol III Page 59
Carnedon Lyer in the Parish Of Linkinhorne
Four and a half pages by W M M Picken

Vol III page 177
Trefrize and the Holy Well of All Hallows
Eight pages by C K C Andrews. 

Vol VII page 405 published 1967 - 1973
The Budges of Linkinhorne
Five pages by Ralph Budge

Vol II Page 80 published 1991 -1997
Linkinhorne's Secret
A history of Caradon Town, , 3 pages by Yvonne Gilbert.

Tithe Maps and Apportionments
1842 Maps and apportionments are held at the Cornwall Record Office and there are copies at the Cornwall Studies Library. This gives a number to every piece of land and states the landowner, tenant and the acreage and value of the land.
Manorial Documents Register
The Manorial Documents Register (MDR) maintained by this Commission notes that, so far as can be established, the parish of Linkinhorne contained the manors of:-
Carnedon Lyer, 
Carnedon Prior, 
Climsland Prior, 
Rillaton Pengelly, 
Rillaton Peverell.

This information was kindly provided by the Historical Manuscripts Commission, their web site is available here. 
The MDR contains the following information for these manors:

Carnedon Prior Manor.

Minister's accounts 1542-1623
Receiver' accounts 1542-1661, 
Court rolls 1628-1759 

Surveys 1607-1851 (non consecutive), 
1974 in the Duchy of Cornwall Office, 10 Buckingham Gate London SW1E 6LA. (Access to records at the Duchy of Cornwall is restricted.)

Court rolls 1574-77, 1589-1601, 1603-47, surveys 
temp Jas I and Commonwealth in the Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond TW9 4DU (ref: SC2/156/21-2; SC2/158/25-9; LR2/207/55-6; E317/Cornwall/8).

Survey with Climsland Prior 17th cent
in Southampton Archives Office, Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LY (collection ref: D/M).

Rental 1655
in Cornwall Record Office, Old County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY (ref: AD 1166/1).

Climsland Prior Manor.
Minister's accounts 1542-1623, 
Receiver's acconts 1542-1661, 
Court rolls 1628-45, 1666-91, 1725/26, 1735 
Surveys 1608-1851 (non consecutive),
1974 in the Duchy of Cornwall Office (access restricted).

Court rolls 1574/75-1647/48 (non consecutive), 
Surveys temp Jas I and Commonwealth in the Public Record Office (ref: SC2/156/21-2; SC2/158/6, 26, 34-6; SC2/163/16; LR2/207/60; E317/Cornwall/9).

Newland Manor.
Court roll 1540/41-1541/42 
in the Public Record Office (ref: SC2/159/30).

Court rolls 1553-6 
in the Huntington Library, 1150 Oxford Road, San Marino, California CA 91108 (collection ref: Hastings collection).

Rillaton Manor.
Minister's accounts,
Assession rolls and other records with other manors
13th-16th cent, court rolls 1515-1648, 
rental temp Jas I and Commonwealth survey 
in the Public Record Office (no reference given).

Minister's accounts 1341-75, 1379-1633, 
Receiver's accounts 1400-1660,
Assession rolls 1333-1756 (non consecutive), 
Court rolls 1795-1839, 
Rentals and assessioning papers 17th-18th cent Surveys 1338, 1649-1851 (non consecutive), 
1974 in the Duchy of Cornwall Office (access restricted).

Account rolls, 
Reeve's accounts, 
Court books, 
Estreat rolls, 
Precepts, presentments and rentals with other manors 1600-1900 
in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: DD R(S)).

Court rolls 1638/39-1642/43 
Rental (detailed) temp Jas I 
in the Public Record Office (ref: SC2/156/21-22; SC12/2/32).

Map 1845 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: X702).

Rillaton Pengelly Manor.
Fragments of rentals and valuation 1783 
Rent book 1788-98
in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: DD RD).

Court roll with Tremollett 1550, List of tenants and rental 1635, 1643,
Reeve's accounts and rental 1654-1721, 
Court roll 1547, 
Court book 1648-1709, 
Rentals 1636, 1641, 1730-39, 
Reeve's accounts 1706-9, 1730-37,
Surveys c1740, 1783, 
Court books with Tremollett 1648-1710, 
Valuation and lists of tenants 16th cent 
Court rolls with Lantyan 1636-43 
in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: DD R).

Survey and valuation 1783 
Reeve's accounts 1696-97
in Cornwall Record Office (ref: CA/B42/11-12, 52).

Reeve's account with Bulland 1711 
in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DD.CM/1447).

Rillaton Peverell Manor.
Rentals with other manors and papers rel to rents 1783-1844 
in Cornwall Record Office (ref: X420).Letters and accounts concerning payment of chief rents c1816-25 
in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: DD RD).

I regret that the MDR has no note of documents relating to the manors of
Carnedon Lyer, Linkinhorne and Patrieda.

Dr John Gurney
Curatorial Officer
Historical Manuscripts Commission
Quality House
Quality Court
Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1HP