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Poll Books

The Poll books recorded the names of everyone in Cornwall who voted at Parliamentary elections along with the names of the person they voted for. There are three poll books for the County, all at the Cornwall Record Office. 1710 (CF4787), 1774 (DX622), 1790 (PD208). The qualifying criteria for the right to vote was based on the value of ones holdings, but as the century progressed this was relaxed to include leaseholds etc. Another limiting factor was the distance that had to be travelled to the appointed place for recording ones vote.  

1710                     1774                      1790

Poll Book 1710  Names for St Ive, Linkinhorne & Southill only extracted so far. The four candidates for the County in 1710 were George Glanville, John Trenavion, Hugh Boscawen, Richard Edgcumbe.
Fore Name Surname Parish
Arthur ????BEY Linkinhorne
Emmanuel BUDGE Linkinhorne
John BUDGE Linkinhorne
Robert COAD Linkinhorne
John COUMBE Southill
John DAVY Linkinhorne
John DAW Linkinhorne
John DAW Linkinhorne
Thomas DAW Southill
John Daw DEACON Linkinhorne
Joseph DEACON Southill
Thomas Daw DEACON Linkinhorne
William DEACON Southill
John DINGLE Linkinhorne
John DODGE Southill
Sampson GRILLS Southill
Samson GRILLS Southill
Anthony GRUBB St Ive
Titus GRYLLS Southill
Richard H ?????? Linkinhorne
John HAWKE Linkinhorne
Thomas HORNDON St Ive
Edward KNEEBONE Linkinhorne
Richard LANERY Southill
John LUGGON Southill
Sampson LUKEY Southill
Amos MANWELL Southill
John PEARSE Southill
William  sen. RAWLING Linkinhorne
Thomas ROBYN Southill
William SHAW Linkinhorne
Robert STEPHENS Linkinhorne
Sampson TREHANE Southill
Stephen TREHANE Southill
William TREHANE Southill
Edward TRELAWNEY Southill
Lewis TREMAYHNE Esq. St Ive
John TRUBODY Linkinhorne
Poll Book 1774 (DDX622) "At the election of two Knights to serve in Parliament for the County of Cornwall, held at Lostwithiel on the nineteenth day of October seventeen seventy four, before John Price Esq., Sheriff of said County."  The candidates were Sir William Lemon Baronet, John Bullen Esq., Sir John Molesworth Baronet, Humprhey Mackwork Praed Esq. A total of 373 persons voted. The numbers on the left hand side are the number of the entry in the poll book. Names have been extracted for the parishes of Callington, Calstock, St Dominic, St Ive, Linkinhorne, St Mellion, South Hill and Stoke Climsland.


No. Forename SURNAME Place of Abode Freehold Estates, where Situate
1 Thos LANE St Ive Landrake Botus Fleming
7 William PEARCE Linkinhorne Saltash
3 Coryton CARPENTER Launceston Stoke Climsland
11 William SALMON Esq Tavistock Calstock
13 Samuel DOIDGE Calstock Calstock
14 Sampson GOURD Liskeard Linkinhorne
23 John DINGLE Linkinhorne St Stephen by Launceston
24 Jas DINGLE Linkinhorne do
25 Jno EDGCOMBE Milton Abbott Linkinhorne
26 John KNEEBONE Esq Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
27 Charles TREISE Callington Menheniot
28 George KEISE? Tavistock Stoke Climsland
30 ????llez RICHARDS Tavistock Harrowbear in Calstock
31 Tobias GROSS Linkinhorne do
32 John KINSMAN Callington do
33 John JOPE Callington do
50 John SPURRELL Esq. Stoke Damerell Callington
75 John DINGLEY Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
76 John TAYLER St Clear Linkinhorne
77 John PEARSE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
82 Digory KITTOE Linkinhorne Trewen
83 Digory BATE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
84 Wm. TREHANE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
85 John TREHANE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
92 James TREHANE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
93 Sampson GIDDY Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
95 John POLLARD Menheniot Linkinhorne
97 Richard BARTLETT Calstock Calstock
99 John BAISHON? Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
106 John CONGDON Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
108 John GROVE Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
117 Wm. RAWLING Linkinhorne Linkinhorne
122 Richd GIDDY Stoke Climsland Linkinhorne
138 John DOWN Linkinhorne North Yelland in Linkinhorne in possession of John Daw
140 Sampson TREHANE Linkinhorne St Ive Charaton
141 Richd GARLAND Linkinhorne Trelabe in Linkinhorne
144 John BALL Linkinhorne Bakes Mill in Linkinhorne
146 Richd TREHANE Linkinhorne Lower Mill Combe in Linkinhorne
147 Robert REED Linkinhorne Higher Halwell Lowr Halwell and Wadger Pond all in Linkinhorne
148 Joseph DAW Linkinhorne Millpoll tenement in Linkinhorne
149 Thos DAW Linkinhorne Part of Manor of Cuffield in Rame
156 Rev John LYNE Lis Rectory of St Ive
161 Wm. BOND St Dominic St Dominic
163 Jeffery DINGLEY Linkinhorne Henwood tenement 60 per year in Linkinhorne
164 Thos TRUBODY Linkinhorne Sutten tenement I Linkinhorne
165 Henry HARVEY Linkinhorne Maders in South Hill
166 John ROBERTS Linkinhorne Dalson's tenement in Linkinhorne
174 Wm. CRABB Callington Trewoodlane in South Hill
175 James BENNICK St Ive Beacon Mill in St Ive
180 John COAD St Ive Chariton tenement in St Ive
181 Nicholas ODGER St Ive Bankings Marsh in Menheniot
187 Wm. DAW St Ive Sleeva in St Ive
198 Edmund LEACH Stoke Climsland Higher Hampt in Stoke Climsland
205 Robt PIERCY Stoke Climsland Treburley in Lezant
207 John AMBROSE Stoke Climsland Tenement of Trewen in South Hill
212 Wm. RUNDEL Stoke Climsland House in Stoke Climsland
216 Wm. BANT Stoke Climsland Tenement in Linkinhorne
221 Richd HOCKING St Dominic Tenement in St Ive
222 Ranalius STEPHENS Calstock Tenement in Calstock
237 John KEAST St Dominic Lands in St Dominic
241 Rev Thos HORNDON St Dominic Rectory of St Dominic
257 Deeble PETER Esq. Plymouth Lands in Linkinhorne
259 John BODY Junr South Hill Lands in South Hill
261 Sampson TREHANE South Hill Lands in South Hill
262 Sampson BEALE South Hill Lands in South Hill
263 Robt KINSMAN Stoke Damerell Lands in Stoke Climsland
264 John FLETCHER St Dominic Lands in Linkinhorne
265 John SARGENT Callington Lands in Callington
266 Wm. COUCH S Lands in St Dominic
267 John JANES St Dominic Lands in St Dominic
268 Peter JOSELING St Dominic St Stephen by SaltaSouth Hill
269 Wm. MOON Esq. Hide Park Middx. Lands in Callington
270 David HORNDON Esq. Callington Lands in Callington
271 John CAUNTOR South Hill House & fields in South Hill
274 John HAWITT South Hill House, field & orchard in South Hill
275 Rev Thos DERISLEY South Hill Rectory in South Hill
276 John KERSEVELL Callington Lands in South Hill
277 Benjamin LUCAS South Hill House, field & orchard in South Hill
278 Ezekiel SYMONS South Hill Lands in South Hill
284 Thos DINNER Callington Lands in Callington
306 Wm. MARTIN Blisland Lands in Linkinhorne
319 John BARRETT North Hill Lands in Linkinhorne
323 Robt PEARCE Stoke Climsland Lands in Stoke Climsland
328 Thomas BUDGE Linkinhorne Lands in Linkinhorne
338 James JOPE South Hill Lands in Callington
339 James HEALE Callington Lands in Stoke Climsland
346 John PARSON Stoke Climsland Lands in Callington
347 Digory TRUSCOTT Stoke Climsland Lands in Stoke Climsland
348 Sampson JASPER Stoke Climsland Lands in Stoke Climsland
349 James LARKE Stoke Climsland Land in Lezant
352 Richd CHUBB Stoke Climsland Lands in Stoke Climsland
354 John POAD St Mellyon Lands in South Hill
358 Weston KELLYER Esq. St Mellyon Land in Quethiock
359 John CALL Esq. Whiteford Stoke Climsland Stoke Climsland
361 Nicholas FOOT Linkinhorne Lands in Linkinhorne
362 Thos SLEEP Linkinhorne Lands in Linkinhorne
366 Narissus MORESHEAD Lawhitton Lands in South Hill
368 George JEFFERY Linkinhorne Vicarage of Liskeard
369 Robt PEARCE Senr Stoke Climsland Lands in Stoke Climsland
Poll Book 1790 (PD208) "A copy of the poll taken at the election of two Knights of the Shire for the County of Cornwall at the Sherrif's Court  held at Lostwithiel in the said County on Friday the second day of July 1790. "  The candidates were Sir William Lemon Baronet, Sir Jno St Aubyn Baronet, Francis Gregor Esq. A total of 425 persons voted. The numbers on the left hand side are the number of the entry in the poll book. Names have been extracted for the parishes of Callington, Calstock, St Dominic, St Ive, Linkinhorne, St Mellion, South Hill and Stoke Climsland.
No Forename Surname Place of Abode Names of Freehold & where situated
11 Thomas SPREY St Ive Gate in St Ive
10 Thomas POLLARD Menheniot Redwood in St Ive
9 John POLLARD Menheniot Kingscoombe in Linkinhorne 
17 James BENNICK St Ive Bicton Mill in St Ive 
18 William DONEY St Ive Trevallack in St Ive
20 John BARRETT North Hill Nortcombe in Linkinhorne
35 John DAWE St Ive Sleeve on St Ive
49 William DAWE St Ive Upham in St Ive
55 Stephen FRANCIS St Germans Dawes Penquite in St Ive
63 William DINGLEY North Hill Knowle in Linkinhorne 
83 Digory JOLL Callington Scotchill in Callington
85 John BOWHAY Callington Treewoodloe in South Hill 
89 Rev James COFFIN Linkinhorne Vicarage of Linkinhorne
90 Henry BEAUFORD Tavistock Dinson in Calstock
93 Henry BEWES Esq Plymouth Castlewitch in Callington
101 William PODE Buckland Monochorum Dupath in Callington
105 William NOTTLE St Ive Catson in St Ive
120 William MARTIN Blisland Beaton Park in Linkinhorne
125 Samuel BENNY Callington House in Launceston
126 Richd ELLIOT Stoke Damerell Dunsley & Coombe Park in Linkinhorne
136 John EASTONE Callington Harraborrow otherwise Harrabear in Calstock
141 John HEWETT Stoke Damerell Meders in South Hill
159 John BUDGE Linkinhorne Clampit in Linkinhorne
166 Digory TRUSCOTT Stoke Climsland Treovis Mills in Stoke Climsland 
186 Mark GRIGG Plymouth Moiety of Kingston in Stoke Climsland 
187 John TYRRELL Junr St Dominic Padreda Barn on Linkinhorne
192 John TYRRELL Senr Calstock North Combe in Linkinhorne
194 Walter COLMAN Plymouth Beneathwood in Linkinhorne
197 Thomas KELLY Stoke Climsland Hampt in Stoke Climsland 
199 Deeble PETER Esq. St Mabyn Knowle Park in Linkinhorne
203 Thomas DINNER Calstock Moons Tenement Frogwell Callington
212 Richard COWL St Dominic Slade Park Calstock
214 William COUCH St Dominic Terwell in St Dominic
216 Edward TRUBODY Linkinhorne Sutton in Linkinhorne
218 Richard TREHANE Linkinhorne Lower Millcombe in Linkinhorne
219 William TUCKER St Ive Wolsan in St Ive
224 Richard DOIDGE Callington Pengelly in Callington
225 George HAY Callington East Hayin Callington
226 William CRABB Callington Trewoodlow in South Hill 
227 Samuel DOIDGE Calstock Tenement at Metherell in Calstock
230 James JOPE St Dominic Eastcott in St Dominic
231 John HODGE St Mellion Bealbury in St Mellion
238 William BOND St Dominic Brendon in St Dominic
239 James HEALE Callington Hampt in Stoke Climsland 
245 Rev Thos HORNDON St Dominic Rectory in St Dominic
246 John KERSWELL Esq. Callington Penwaraden in South Hill 
266 George HAY Senr Callington House & shop in Callington
273 John Wills STEPHENS Beerferris Bealbury in St Mellion
277 John SERJEANT Callington West Hay In Callington
279 David HORNDON Callington Creber in Callington
284 William RENDALL Stoke Climsland Trowers in Stoke Climsland 
285 William RUNDLE Stoke Climsland (blank)
286 Sampson JASPER Stoke Climsland Beals in Stoke Climsland 
287 William BANT Stoke Climsland Larrick in Lezant
290 Robert PEARCE Stoke Climsland Tresallack in Stoke Climsland 
291 Richard CHUBB Stoke Climsland Tresallack in Stoke Climsland 
295 Digory KITTOW Linkinhorne Monwinick? In Trewen
296 John CAUNTER Linkinhorne Tenement in Trewoodlow in South Hill 
300 Digory BATE Linkinhorne Gullacombe in Linkinhorne
301 Edward PETER  Linkinhorne Quarry Park in Linkinhorne
304 Richard DINGLEY Linkinhorne Hallwell & Swan's Nest in Linkinhorne
305 John PEARCE Linkinhorne Southwood in Linkinhorne
308 Jeffery DINGLEY Linkinhorne Tenement in Henwood in Linkinhorne
309 Digory BATES Linkinhorne Tenement in Ashwell in Linkinhorne
313 William DINGLEY Linkinhorne Tenement in Sutton in Linkinhorne
314 John DINGLEY Linkinhorne Darley in Linkinhorne
315 Richard GARLAND Linkinhorne Tenement in Trelabe in Linkinhorne
317 Joseph WILLIAMS Calstock Office of Parish Clerk of Calstock
318 Sir Bourchier WREY Bart. Tawstock Dev. Trebeigh in St Ive
320 John DINGLEY Hall in Linkinhorne Hall in Linkinhorne
321 John PEARNES Linkinhorne Tenement in Churchtown in Linkinhorne
322 John TREHANE Linkinhorne Tenement in Melcombe in Linkinhorne
323 John KINGDON Linkinhorne Tenement in Sutton in Linkinhorne
324 John TAYLOR St Dominic Tenement in Sutton in Linkinhorne
325 Thomas REED Linkinhorne Tenement in Trefries in Linkinhorne
326 William STEPHENS Calstock Solomon tenement at Latchleigh in Calstock
329 Joseph REED Linkinhorne Tenement in the Barton of Trefries in Linkinhorne
330 Joseph DAWE Linkinhorne Mill Pool in Linkinhorne
331 Edward DINGLEY Linkinhorne Tenement in the Barton of Sutton in Linkinhorne
334 Thomas DAWE Linkinhorne Tenement in North Coombe in Linkinhorne
335 Sampson TREHANE Linkinhorne Cheriton in St Ive
336 Rev Coppleston RADCLIFFE Stoke Climsland Rectory of Stoke Climsland 
337 William BALL Linkinhorne Bakes Mill in Linkinhorne
341 Thomas TREWEEKE St Dominic Office of Parish Clerk of St Dominic
354 John TRAMPLEASURE Callington Office of Parish Clerk of Callington
355 John TRUSCOTT St Ive Office of Parish Clerk of St Ive
365 Robert PETER South Petherwin Quarry Park Trevries in Linkinhorne
386 William HOSKIN Landulph Annuity charged in Trehill in St Dominic
393 Rev Thos DERISLEY South Hill Rectory of South Hill
394 John BODY South Hill Penwarden in South Hill
395 Sampson TREHANE South Hill Tenement in Mornick in South Hill 
396 Sampson BEALE South Hill Tenement in Lansuggle in South Hill 
399 William HAWTON Stoke Climsland Office of Parish Clerk of Stoke Climsland 
400 William WARRING Stoke Climsland Tenement in Trewoodlow in South Hill 
401 Richard CREWSE Stoke Climsland Office of Sexton of Stoke Climsland 
408 George BODY South Hill Trewalland in South Hill 
411 Joseph HARRIS South Hill Office of Parish Clerk of South Hill 
414 Hug MALLETT Callington Houses in Callington
418 Henry BULLAN Callington Office of Sexton of Callington
420 John MOON Callington Stockaton in Landulph
421 Nicholas HARRY Calstock Office of Sexton of Calstock
423 John BREEN Pillaton Tipwell in St Dominic
425 Stephen RICHARD St Mellion Office of Sexton of St Mellion