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Parliamentary Survey of the Duchy of Cornwall

This Survey was undertaken in 1649 to 1650 to record and value all the lands in the Duchy that had been owned by the Crown. A transcript of this survey with explanatory notes was published by the Devon & Cornwall Record Society  in 1982 and 1984, it was edited by N J G Pounds. The item below is an index of names and places that are mentioned in that article. I have only covered the manors that lie in the parishes of South Hill, North Hill, and Stoke Climsland. Further details on any of the entries are available by referring to the relevant article using the page number given. Scroll right down the pages as names & places are listed under the separate manors.
Parishes L = Linkinhorne, NH = North Hill, SC = Stoke Climsland, SH = South Hill, LEZ = Lezant
Abbreviations: C cottage, LP = letters patent (dec) = deceased, d = daughter, s = son, w = wife/widow
25 ANDREW Andrew 1/3a & C in Oddicroft L freeholder
27 AXFORD Thomas Boucherdon (Bunchadon) 29ac L by LP on lives of Nicholas (dec), Philip & Mary his children. Also mentioned William HOOPER, Robert JACKMAN, Jane DILL, John BUDGE
26 BOND James Twelvemennsmoor, Middlewood, Northcombe, Southcombe. NH,L freeholder
26 BUDGE Arthur Twelvemennsmoor, Trewortha, Casticke NH freeholder
25 BUDGE John 1a in Sutton & Knowle L freeholder
25 BUDGE Richard 1farl C in Sutton L freeholder
27 BUDGE Thomas Upton   24ac L by LP on lives of Thoms B, Thomas REEDE jun. Of Linkinhorne & John COLE jun, of St Sampsons Golant
27 COTTON John Northbotturnell 40ac NH by LP on lives of John C. (dec), Mary VEWELL d. of Margaret VEWELL, & Edward DAW s. of John DAW of NH. William SMYTH has possession
26 CRINNIS Nicholas Heirs of, Twelvemennsmoorw NH freeholder
29 DARLEY,   DARLEY,   DARLEY Daniel,   Nathan     Mary Middlewood, cottage & 5ac L Hold copy of court roll for their lives
28 DAW Thomas yeoman North Kingbeare  L by LP on lives of Thomas D (dec), Edward his s., & Joan (dec) his d.
27 DAW William Kingbeare   27ac L by LP on lives of William D (dec), William his s., & Richard MAY s. of Oliver M of Pellruen (Polruan). John WARNE possession by marriage with Thomzine w. of William DAW.
26 DILLIE John Southboturnell  29ac NH by LP on lives of John D, Alice (dec) his w., & John D (dec) his son
25 DINGLE John ½a C in Upton, ½a C in Orchard L freeholder
25 DINGLE John heirs of late of Christorr ½a C in Orchard (Christorr) L freeholder
28 DINGLE William Netherton  33ac L by LP on lives of John (dec), Abell & James sons of William. Stephen TANELY om [pssession of most part.
25 ESCOTT John 1farl C in Sutton, ½a C in Sterts, Upton, Cowparke & Dunsley L freeholder
29 FOOTE Richard Knolle  30ac L by LP on lives of John (dec) s of Richard Foote, Richard BARRETT (dec) s. of Richard B the elder and Richard Foote, s on William Foote. John FOOTE s. of John Foote has possession.
26 GENNIS Nicholas Twelvemennsmoor, Highouse, Trelabe NH,L heirs of , freeholder
28 GOODING John Netherton  27ac L by LP on lives of John GOODING (dec), Edward KEMPE of Linkinhorne (dec), and Joan KEMPE his w.
27 HARRY Richard Upton   24ac L by LP on lives of Thomas H, Edward H, Katherin (dec), sons & d. pf Richard H.
24,25 HOOPER William gent 1/3a & C in Oddicroft L & heirs of Edward KEMPE, freeholder
26 JACKMAN Robert Middlewood NH freeholder
28 JOHN John Netherton  20ac L by LP on lives of John JOHN, Elizabeth & Love their d.
28 JOHN alias (BROADLAKE) John  26ac in Sharisland L by LP on lives of John BROADLAKE, Love his w., & Elizabeth his d.
28 KILLIGREW of Larracke Henry 2 tenements in Newland & Clinnicombe  80ac L by LP on lives of Henry K (dec), Robert (dec)s. of Sir Henry KILLIGREW and William s of Sir Robert KILLGREW 'supposed to be alive'. Thomas & Edward BUDGE in possession
25 KNEEBONE John ½a C in Netherton L freeholder
27 KNEEBONE John Upton  49ac L by LP on lives of John K., Jane (dec) his w., & Edward their s.
25,26 LAMPEN John 1/3a & C in Oddicroft, part of 12 Mens Moor, Casticke, Measham NH freeholder
26 LAWNDRIE William  Southboturnell  19ac NH by Lp.  on lives of Digory L, Matthew L, & Edward L, sons of William
25 MANATON Sampson Heirs of ½a C in Knowle L freeholder
26 PETHEN John Twelvemennsmoor NH freeholder
26 PETHEN John North Browda L freeholder
26 READE John ½furl C in Kingbeare & part 12 Mens Moor NH freeholder
26 REEDE John Kingbeare NH freeholder
25 ROBERTS Edward cottage & 1a in Linkinhorne L freeholder
26 ROBERTS John Measham  34ac L by LP.  on lives of Priscilla ROBERTS, Jane R & John OLIVER s. of Sampson Oliver of Linkinhorne
29 ROBERTS Peter Linkinhorne  25ac L by LP on lives of Pascha w. of Peter Roberts, John & William their sons
29 SHEERE John Overtrelabe  113ac L by LP on lives of Jane w. of John Sheere, William & Jane their children
25,26 SPOORE Henry ½furl C in Kingbeare, 1/12th of 12 Mens Moor, Trewortha, Whittamoore, NH freeholder
27 STANTON Edward Northbotturnell  36ac NH by LP on lives of Edward STAUNTON jun, Edawrd STANTON s of William S., Edward KNEEBONE.
27 VEALE Digory Bathpoole, 21ac with a fulling mill, a corn mill and suit to the corn mill NH by LPp on lives of Matthew, John, Joan children of Digory V.
26 VINCENT John Twelvemennsmoor, South Browda, Odicroft NH,L heirs of , freeholder
29 WALTER,  FULLERTON,  TREVOR Sir John,     Sir Francis,    Sir Thomas Crabland  30ac L by LP assigned to Thomas CALDWALD, Thomas COLEWALL, Edward KNEEBONE
28 WARNE Henry Nottorre (Notter)  30ac L by LP on lives of Henry, Richard, & John his sons.
153 BRENT Sampson Barraton 15ac SC freeholder
153 CONNOCKE Esq John Beals  100ac Knatham, Dighouse, North Alston SC freeholder
153 COUCH Robert South Norton 30ac SC freeholder
153 HATCH Lewis Hatch 45ac SC freeholder
153 HAWTON John sn certain lands, relief, suit & service
153 JACKMAN George Borrington (Burraton) 15ac SC freeholder
153 LEACH Esq. Nicholas Pempthe (Pemepwell) 15 ac, South Norton  30ac SC freeholder. Heirs of NL.
153 MANNATON Anthony Manaton Mill SH freeholder
153 MANNATON Pierce Combesheade SC freeholder
153 MANNATON Sampson 45ac North Norton, Lower Hampt, Mannaton the Over & Mannaton the Nether 120ac SC freeholder. Heirs of SM viz. Francis M, Joyce THOMAS. Judith M and Elizabeth M
153 PHILLIPPS. GT Edward Nether Hampt (Lower) 45ac SC freeholder
153 WILLS Thomas South Whetford (Whiteford) 45ac SC freeholder
153 WOODE Robert land formerly hald by REEDE
to be completed
Manor of Climsland Prior
33 AUNGER John Tregow (Tregoiffe)  29ac L by LP on lives of JA (dec.), Elena his w., and Henry son of Sampson AUNGER
33 AXFORD Thomas Beneyates, 17ac by LP on lives of Robert JOHN, Elizabeth (DEC) his w., Walter BRITE (dec) son of John BRITE of Liskeard, assigned to Walter HARRELL & Robert & Edward JOHN
33 COMBE William Caresbrooke (Kersbrook Cross) L by LP on lives of Walter, James and of Digory son of William Combe Junior
33 CONGDON William Tregow (Tregoiffe) L by LP on lives of William, Elizabeth (dec) his w., and Lawrence TREHEANE son of Stephen TREHANE of South Hill
32 GRILLS John East Lanhargy L one fourth
32 HERLE Edward East Lanhargy L three fourths
33 HOOPER William Nethertrelabe (Lower Trelabe)  28ac L by LP on lives of WH, Mary (dec) his d., and William HENDER (dec) s of Nicholas HENDER
33 HUNKIN John Voda (Wooda) 80ac SC by LP on lives of Richard COUCH (dec) of Lezant, Margarett his w., Phillip Cuttie of SC son od Sampson CUTTY
32 LEACH Nicholas Tresallack SC Heirs of
34 LEACH Nicholas Sturts & Malletdowns (Tremollet Down) & Frogmore L & SC & Callington by LP on lives of NL (dec), Jenophese his w., & Nicholas (dec) their s.
34 LOBB  of Warleggan Robert Kerrisbrooke  30ac L by LP  on lives of Robrt & Mary s. & d. of Sampson TREHANE s. of James TREHANE
32 MANATON Pierce Tresallack SC
33 STEPHENS Henry Trehingsta SC lease on lives of Jane (dec) his w.,Edward
33 STEPHENS Henry Trehuste (Trehingsta)  100ac SC by LP on lives of HS, Jane, Edward
33 STEPHENS Robert Windslade and close called Pound Parke & 40ac SC by LP on lives of RS, Timothy and Sampson sons of RS.
32 TRENOWETH John Tresallaocke SC Heirs of
Manor of Rillaton
124 BARRETT John Henwoode & Windgate L
123 BEARE John Rillaton L Joan BRIDGE wid ¼, John KNEEBONE 1/8, Edward JOHN 1/16, John CURTIS the rest
123,125 BEARE John Heydon (Highham) & Uphill, Rilla Mill, Kilquitt Woode L moiety of 16a of waste
123 BEERE William within manor mill leat or headweir, freeholder
124 BUDGE Thomas Broadwoode, Darley & Oves L
123 CHARKE (CHEARKE) William Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
124 CLOTHWORTHY Joan Broadwoode L
124 COLTWORTHY Johan Broadwoode L
123 COMBE Walter Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
123 CORRITON William Rillaton L pays Modlett money for a certaine tenement
124 DAVIE Alice Uphill L
124,125 DAVIE Edward Uphill, Haydon, Kilquitt Woode L
125 DAVIE William Kilquitt Woode L
124 DAW John Broadwoode L
125 DAW John jun a cottage with pasture of Broadwoode L
124 DAW John sn Beare (Berriow in North Hill?) NH Moiety of messuage of 32a.
124 DAW Thomas Henwoode L
123 DILL John Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
123,124 DINGLE John Rillaton, Oves L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
123 EDGECOMBE William of Gressen in Lezant LEZ
123 ESCOT Johngent Stokadon SH Freeholder
125 FENTON Andrew Benethwoode L
124 FOOTE George Broadwoode & Oves L
123 FOOTE Nicholas Haydon L ¼ of other moiety of 16 a of wastew
124 GRILLS Henry Broadwoode L
124 HARP Marvell Windgate L
124 HARRIE Edward Uphill L
125 HOOPER William Haydon, Kilquitte Woode, Combe L
123,124 JACKEMAN Henry Haydon, Uphill L moiety of 16a of waste
125 JOHN Elizabeth a cottage with pasture of Broadwoode L wid.
124 JOHN John Broadlake at Windgate L
124,125 JOHN Robert Broadwoode, Benethwoode L
124 KNEEBONE Edward Broadwoode L
124 KNEEBONE John Uphill L
122,125 LAMPEN John of Paterda lands in Westcott  Linkinhorne, Millcoombe, Pengelley, Brugeton, Haidon and Combe L Freeholder
123 LAMPEN John Haydon L ¼ of other moiety of 16 a of wastew
125 LAWNDRIE Bridgett Rilla Mill L
125 LAWNDRIE Elizabeth Rilla Mill L moiety of fishing in River of Linner
125 LAWNDRIE Richard Rilla Mill L
125 LAWNDRIE Sibill Rilla Mill L
123 LUSKEY William Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
125 MANATON Pierce L moiety of fishing in River of Linner
125 MARTIN Elizabeth a cottage with pasture of Broadwoode L
124 OLIVER Faith Broadlake at Windgate, Henwoode L
124 OLIVER Henry Henwoode L
123 OLIVER John Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
125 POMERINE William Uphill
123 RASHLY Jonathan Manor of Rillaton Pengelly lies in Henwood, Blackcombe. Broadewillake, Westcott, Millcombe, Benethwood, Coombe, East Tremolla, West Tremolla L Freeholder
124 ROBERTS Edward Henwoode L
123 ROBERTS John Heydon (Highham) ¼ of other moiety of 16a of waste
123,124 STAUNTON Edward Rillaton, Heydon (Higham) the other moiety of 10 & 32a
123 STAUNTON William Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
125 TOZER Elizabeth Kilquitt Woode
123 TRELODERS Thomas Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
122 VINCENT & OLVER John & Sampson Henwood, Black Combe, Broad Willake, Mulle, Millcombe, Liverscombe, Benethwood, Clampitt, Uphill, Coombe, Tremollett, Lewarne L & Lezant Lands held in moiety by John LAMPEN. The heirs of John VINCENT hold one quarter & the heirs of Sampson OLVER the other quarter
123 VINE Thomas Rillaton L Conventionary Tenants of Inheritance
124 WARNE John Henwoode & Windgate L
125 WHALL John Benethwoode L
WESTLAND TYTHING Conventionary tenants Manor of Stoke Climsland
157 ADAMS Joan
156 BEILE Mathew Dene
157 BLIGH Mathew
156 BOWHEY Edward Hurledown, Whiteford SC
156 BOWHEY John Hurledown SC
157 BOWHEY William Kingstone SC
156 BRENT John
156 BRENT Sampson
157 BRENT Tristam Whitecroft SC
156 CLERKE John
156 CLERKE Robert
156,157 CLERKE Roger Whitecroft SC
156 CLERKE Stephen
156 COMBE Robert
156 COMBE Roger Dene SC
157 COUCH Bennett
156 CRABB Elizabeth Whiteford SC
156 CROFT John Hurledown SC
156 DODGE Elizabeth Dene SC
156,157 DODGE John Kingstone SC
156 DODGE Mathew Dene SC
156,157 GIDDY Thomas Combesheade, Baraton SC
156 GILL Walter Combesheade SC
156,157 GRILLS Henry Polhilza, Baraton, Hurledown SC
156 GRILLS Theobald Polhilza SC
157 GRILLS Adam Baraton SC
156 GRUBB Anthony Polhilza SC
156 GRUBB Henry Hurledown SC
157 GRUBB Richard
156 HARVEY George Dene SC
157 HATCH William Pitt SC
157 HAWTON John jun. Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
157 HAWTON John sen. Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
156 HAWTON Margarett Whiteford SC
156 HEALE Sampson Whiteford SC
157 HUNN Stephen Kingstone SC
156,157 JACKEMAN George Geresland, Baraton
156 JACKEMAN Robert Whiteford SC
156 JEFFORD Nicholas Dene SC
157 JEWELL Dorothy Kingstone SC
157 JEWELL John Kingstone SC
157 KNIGHT Robert Kingstone SC
157 LETHEBY John Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
157 LETHEBY Mathew Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
156 LITHEBY George Whiteford SC
157 MANNATON Ambrose Kingstone SC
157 MANNATON Pierce Baraton, Torr, Toggerhill SC
156 MASTERS John Dene, Kilberry SC
157 MATHEW George Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
157 MATHEW Stephen Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
157 MATHEWS Sampson Fenterdon (Venterdon) SC
157 PARMITER Richard Kingstone SC
156 READE Robert Kilberry SC
157 SHEERE William Keniscombe L
157 STEPHENS Elizabeth Keniscombe L
157 TREASE William
157 TREASSE Sampson Cockington, Whitecroft, Pitt SC
157 WARREN William Kingstone SC