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 Linkinhorne Parish


The English Revolution (1640-60) began in November 1640 when Charles 1st. summoned Parliament to help him out of a financial crisis. Charles was very unpopular and was forced to agree to radical reforms which gave Parliament a more prominent roll in the constitution.

The political crisis escalated and the "Long Parliament" split into two opposing parties in the Autumn of 1641, forming the King's party of Royalists (Cavaliers) and the Parliamentarians (Roundheads), who demanded further political and religious reforms. The events of 1640/41 led to the Civil War which began in August 1642.

It was agreed and ordered on the 3rd May 1641, that every Member of the House of Commons should make a protestation (declaration of loyalty), which the House of Lords also agreed to the following day.

The Commons ordered the printing of the protestation and preamble on the 5th May 1641 and this was distributed by the Members to their counties. The Protestation was to be made by everyone and the Rectors, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor had to appear before the Justices of the Peace in their Hundred to make their protestation and, on returning to their parishes, any two of them were to witness the taking of the Protestation Oath by all males over the age of 18 years. All names were listed and anyone who refused was to be noted.

The protestation itself reads:-

I,-------- do, in the presence of Almighty God, promise, vow, and protest to maintain, and defend as farr as lawfully I maye, with my Life, Power and Estate, the true Reformed Protestant religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery and Popish Innovations, within this Realme, contrary to the same Doctrine, and according to the duty of my Allegiance, His Majesties Royal Person, Honour and Estate, as alsoe the Power and Privileges of Parliament, the lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects, and any person that maketh this Protestation, in whatsoever he shall do in the lawful Pursuance of the same; and to my power, and as farr as lawfully I may, I will appose and by all good Ways and Means endeavour to bring to condign Punishment all such as shall, either by Force, Practice, Councels, Plots, Conspiracies, or otherwise, doe any Thing to the contrary of any Thing in this present Protestation contained: and further, that I shall, in all just and honourable ways, endeavour to preserve the Union and Peace betwixt the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland: and neither for Hope, Feare, nor other Respect, shell relinquish this Promise, Vow and Protestation.


One entry indecipherable                                                                         

William                    (l)owse                           

John                         abraham                      

William                    andrew                          

John                         anger                              (?Auger)

John                         auger                              (erased)

Robart                      bake                                 

John                         bake                                

Henrie                      bant                                

William                     barrett                        

Robart                     barrett                         

Richard                   barrett                         

Nicholas                  bate                                

Digory                     bate                                

William                    beare                             

James                      beare                              

John                        beare                              

John                        beare                             

Edward                   benicke                        

Tristram                  bennet                          

Thomas                   bennet                          

Edward                   berry                             

Sidrach                    berrye                          

Richard                    bonnye                          

Ambrose                  botters                         

Tobias                      brent                              

John                         broadlake                  

Thomas                    budg                                 of Northcombe

Thomas                    budge                             

John                         budge                              Sen

Emanuell                  budge                             

Edward                    budge                              Sen

John                         budge                             

Richard                    budge                             

John                         budge                              Of Lake

John                         budge                             

Raff                           budge                             

Edward                    budge                              Jun 

Thomas                    budge                              Constable

Thomas                    budge                             

Thomas                    budge                             

John                         bureline?                   

Joseph                      burnard                        

Sampson                  caunter                       

William                    caunter                        

Peter                        caunter                       

James                       chapell                         

William                    clarke                           

Richard                    clatford                      Churchwarden

Ames                       clinnicke                   

William                    combe                            

Henry                      combe                            

Polidor                    combe                             

Degory                    combe                             

Walter                     COMBE                            

John                        congdon                        

John                        congdon                        Sen

William                    congdon                        Constable

James                      coombe                         

Henry                      cornish                        

William                    couch                              

Tobyas                    coundon                       

Thomas                   courtis                          

Richard                   davie                               of Pengelly

William                    davie                               of Pengelly

Willm                      davie                              

Edward                   davie                               

Thomas                    davy                                 

John                         davy                                

Richard                    davy                                 Jun 

John                         dawe                                

Roger                       dawe                                

Thomas                    dawe                               

John                        dill                                  

John                        dingell                          

Francis                    dingle                           

Sampson                 dingle                            

Thomas                   dingle                           

John                       dingle                            de CHUSTAR 

Phillipp                   dingle                            

Wm                       dingley                         

John                      dingley                         

Oliver                    dinner                            

Thomas                 doney                              

Hugh                     dony                              

William                 dony                               

Peter                    dony                               

John                     dunstone                     

John                         elis                                  

John                         ellis                               

Edward                    ellis                                

John                         ellis                                de Indicoruft 

Francis                    evens                              

John                         foote                              

James                       foote                               

George                     footte                           

William                    fuckes                           

Nicholas                  fuge                                 

Thomas                    fugerts                         

William                    giddy                                

John                         goodding                      

William                    gooding                         

Edward                    goodinge                      

Fracis                       grilles                          

Henry                       grilles                          Jun 

Henry                       grills                             

Henry                       harper                           

Thomas                    harries                          

John                         harries                         

Peter                        harvy                              

Samuel                    harvy                              Constable

Thomas                    harvy                              Overseer

William                    hatch                              

Tristam                    hatch                             

Edward                    hauckin                        

Nicholas                  hawkin                           

Edward                    hawkin                           

Thomas                    hender                           

Thomas                    henwood                       

Henry                       hervy                              

Wm                           hooper                          

William                    horwill                         Jun 

Andrew                    jeffery                          

Thomas                    jeffery                          

Richard                    john                                 Sen

Richard                    john                                 jun

Edward                    john                                 

John                         john                                 

Robart                      john                                 

Henry                       John                                 

Edward                    john                                

Davie                        john                                 of Southcomb

Robert                      john                                 Jun

Henry                       kelly                               

Edward                    kemp                                

Thomas                    killy                                

John                         king                                  

Thomas                    kitto                                

Edward                    kneebone                     Jun

Chr.                          kneebone                     Churchwarden

John                         knight                           

John                         Lampen                          

John                         landrey                        

Degory                     landry                          

William                    landry                           

William                    landry                          

Edward                    landry                           

Richard                    landry                          

Robert                      landry                           

Steven                      landry                          

Robert                      leach                              

Peter                        leane                             

Zadak                       martayne                    

William                    marten                          Sen 

John                         marten                          

Thomas                    marten                          

William                    marten                          Jun 

Dauie                       marten                         

Edward                    michell                         

Henry                       mitchell                     

John                         nicholl                         

John                         nicholls                      

Richerd                    nicholls                      

Thomas                    nicoll                             Sen

Tristram                  norcotte                    

Thomas                    nott                                 

Richard                    oliver                             

Peter                        oliver                             

John                         oliver                            

John                         Olliver                         

Sampson                  olyver                           

John                         olyver                            

John                         penly                              

Samson                    pet                                    

Thomas                    pett                                 

Richard                    philp                                

William                    pomery                          

George                     pomery                           

Francis                    powlee                           

Degory                     prior                                

John                         rawlin                           Jun

Steephen                 rawlin                           

William                    rawline                       

John                         rawlyn                          Sen

William                    reede                              

William                    reede                              

Charles                    reede                              

Peter                        robart                           

William                    robart                         

John                         robart                           

Edward                    robart                           Overseer

John                         robarts                         of Southcombe 

John                         robeart                        Jun

John                         robert                           Sen ?

Nicholas                  robert                          

Edward                    robert                          

John                         robert                           

Richard                    robert                           

John                         robert                           Constable

John                         robert                           Of Opton

Thomas                    robert                           

John                         robert                           taylor 

Thomas                    roberts                        

Isacke                       rogers                            

William                    sheer                              

John                         sheere                          

William                    sheere                          

Walter                      short                               Minister

William                    skantlebury            

Henry                       smaly                              

Richard                    smaly                              

Sampson                  staning                          

William                    stanton                        

Edward                    stanton                        

John                         steuan                           

Steephen                 streeke                         

John                         streke                           

William                    tayler                            

John                         tayler                            

Andrew                    tinney                            

Thomas                    tonkin                           

Sampson                  trehane                       

John                         trehane                       

Thomas                    treloder                      

Christopher            treloder                     

Richard                    trewinnick                

Thomas                    vine                                  

John                         warden                          

Thomas                    warden                         

Henry                       warne                            

Henry                       warne                             Jun

Digory                      warne                            

John                         whale                            

William                    willes                            

John                         wilton                            

Robert                      wood