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Extended Rose Family

Thomas Elihu Rose and Easter Caroline Rose

Hill County, Texas



Rose Family Hill County, Texas



Thomas Elihu Rose and Easter Caroline Harbour from Wayne County, Tennessee went to Texas by covered wagon with his father, Elijah Rose, siblings and the Harbour family in 1877. His mother Sarah M White died from a heart attack on the journey to Texas. The family lived in Hill County, Texas for a few years, moved to Bosque County, Texas, then back to Hill County, Texas where they settled in 1894 in Huron, a small community north of Whitney. Thomas Elihu Rose bought 212 acres for $6 per acre, on which he built his home that is still standing today, owned now by a great-grandson. Thomas Elihu Rose had ridden in an automobile but had never driven one. It was said that they both drew the line at riding in an airplane.

Thomas and Easter Rose celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in 1948 which Diamond Anniversary Elijah Lige Hendrix attended as did hundreds of friends and other relatives, attracting newspaper representatives from all over Texas. President Truman sent a letter of Congratulations. On this occasion they both said that they Never had a serious argument.

This couple lived to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary and to see their son, Harvey Edgar Rose, celebrate his 50th. This even made "ALife magazine" and "A Ripley's Believe It or Not" asked "what enable him to be a partner in the oldest marriage in the United States", Tom replied, Being born on Sunday. At the time of this event, January 1953, they had 123 living direct descendants, including 37 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and 23 great-great-grandchildren. They were long-time members of the Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Huron where Tom had served as a deacon for many years. He was also a member of Whitney Masonic Lodge No. 355, A.F. & A.M.

(TOP LEFT - RIght) Clarence Franklin Rose; William Thomas Rose;Homer Marshall Rose Sr; Harvey Edgar Rose (BOTTOM Left - Right)Cordia Lee Rose; Easter Caroline Harbour; Thomas Elihu Rose; Jessie Montana Rose


1. Mamie Elizabeth Rose was born on Jan 25, 1875 in Wayne County, Tennessee. She married James Franklin Payne, son of Henry Beverly Payne and Helena Roe. Their children were: Ruby May Steen), Julia Faye (Hudman), Jimmie Alvis (Hudman), Flora Travis (Bullock) and Lawrence Payne. After Mamie's first husband James died, she re-married John Walter Jackson. Mamie lived in Roswell Chaves, New Mexico at one point of her life. She lived to be 100 years old. She had two graves: Highland Cemetery in Stamford, Texas and Terrace Cemetery in Post, Texas.

2. Harvey Edgar Rose was born on Feb 27, 1876 in Wayne County, Tennessee. Her married Ella Elizabeth Hudson, daughter of Seamon Hudman and Sarah Elizabeth Cross. They had no children. Harvey and Ella are buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Hill County, Texas. 

3. Ella Irene Tennessee Rose was born on March 30, 1878 in Hill County, Texas. She married Thomas Alton Herdrix, son of Rufus Niles Hendrix and Elizabeth Candice Hallmark. They had three children: Herman Eric, Yuthia Alta and Eli Hugh Hendrix. Tennie is buried in Heath Cemetery in Hill County, Texas. 

4. Arminta Lillian Rose was born on March 11, 1880 in Hill County, Texas. She married George Alexander Roper, son of Samuel Roper and Hannah Elizabeth Lowrance. They had seven children. They are buried in Ridge Park Cemetery in Hill County, Texas.

5. Homer Marshall Rose, Sr was born on Sept 6, 1882 in Hill County, Texas. He married Birdie DeArmon, daughter of Jonas T DeArmon and Julia Ann Reeves. The had four children; Twila Easter, Doris, Homer Marshall, Jr and Lloyd Milton Rose. Homer and Birdie are buired in Heath Cemetery in Hill County, Texas.

6. Walter C Rose was born on Jan 30, 1885 in Hill County, Texas. He married Florene Adeline Morrow. Walter died Sept 22, 192 in Hill County, Texas and is buried in Fort Graham Cemetery. 

7. William Thomas Rose was born on Aug 11, 1887 in Hill County, Texas. He married Mary Jane Heath, daughter of James Thomas Heath, Jr and Lucy Jane Luther. They had eleven children. William And Mary Jane Rose are buried the Heath Cemetery in Hill County, Texas.

8. Cordia Lee Rose was born on May 23, 1890 in Hill County, Texas. She married her first husband William R Rush. They moved to Guthrie Logan, Oklahoma. After her first husband William died she re-married Ralph Palmer Farrar. Cordia Lee died on Nov 11, 1979 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma and is buried in Summit View Cemetery. 

9. Jessie Montana Rose was born on Nov 20, 1891 in Hill County, Texas. She married Joseph Earl Connolly, son of Jefferson Jackson Connolly and Sue Ella Cartwright. They had one son, Earl Connolly. Jessie died on May 7, 1978 in Hill County, Texas and is buried at the Heat Cemetery.

10. Clarence Franklin Rose was born on Nov 30, 1895 in Hill County, Texas. He married Mary Ruby Roper, daughter of James Franklin Roper and Mary Malisia Vermillion. The had four children; Madeline, Mary Nell, Billy Gene and Willis Dean Rose. Clarence died on May 19, 1987 in Roscoe, Nolan, Texas. He is buried in Roscoe Cemetery.

11. Denzil Dewey Rose was born on Feb 17, 1898 in Hill County, Texas. He married Hettie Belle Olive, daughter of Thomas Gray Olive and Roberta Rhodes. They had two twin girls; Nadine and Pauline Rose. Denzil died on April 4, 1979 in McClain County, Oklahoma. He is buried in Washington Cemetery.


Rose Family Reunion in Hill County, Texas