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Picture of the children of :
Carley Douglas Hale & Beatrice Laola Gillmore:

Carlee Juanita Hale (Baker / Nichols), Clifton Melvin Hale
& Verna Mae "Pee Wee" Hale (Davis)

David Hale was born on Oct 1827 in Christian County, Kentucky. His parents were Anderson Hale from Cumberland, North Carolina and Cassandra "Cassie" Moore (born in 1798 in Laurens, South Carolina child of Austin Moore and Mary Garrett.) David Hale was an Overseer of the Dulin Farm. David Hale grandmother Mary Garrett re-married Lodowick "Lod" Dulin. In the 1850 Christian County, Kentucky census David Hale is living with Austin M. Dulin who is son of Lod Dulin and Mary Garrett Moore Dulin. David Hale married Mary Jane Allen (daughter of Moses H Allen and Elizabeth Bowers) on Oct 16, 1853 in Christian County, Ky. David Hale died on 21 Nov 1866 in Christian County, Kentucky. They had several children.

* Austin Moore's parents John Moore and Priscilla Sullivan. Priscilla Sullivan parents were James Sullivan and Metoaka Bolling (3rd great-granddaughter of Pocahontas)

* Mary Garrett's parents were Edward Garrett II and Ann Owsley from Laurens, South Carolina.

Stephen Douglas "S.D." Hale was born on 16 Jan 1862 in Christian County, Kentucky. His parents were David Hale and Mary Jane Allen. He had three siblings, namely: Emaretta A, Paralee (Littlefield) , and Martha D. When Stephen was 23, He married Lenora Belle "Nora" West on 25 Oct 1885 in Christian County, Kentucky, USA. They moved their family to Texas around 1895. Stephen was a farmer. He died of cirrhosis of the liver in a Baptist Sanitarium on 23 Jun 1927 in McLennan, Texas.

Lenora Bell WEST was born on 16 Jan 1869 in Christian, Kentucky. Lenora's parents were James Harlan West and Perlina Grace West and the died when she was only 10-11 years old. Lenora died on 09 Aug 1954 in Mart, McLennan, Texas and is buried with her husband Stephen Douglas Hale in Mart Cemetery.

The WEST family has very many prominent figures.
* Lenora's uncle Thomas Marion West founded the little town of WEST (McLennan County, Texas) right outside of Waco, Texas.
* John West and Ursula Unity Croshaw are Lenora's 5th great-grandparents:
- John West and Ursula Unity Croshaw granddaughter Unity West married William Dandridge (brother of Martha Dandridge Washington)
- John West father was Gov. John West of Virginia
- Gov. John West parents were Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr and Anne Knollys. Anne Knollys grandmother was Mary Boleyn (sister of Anne Boleyn)

Stephen Douglas "S.D." Hale and Lenora Belle "Nora" West had the following children:

1. Clifton Pratt Hale was born on 06 Jun 1887 in Christian County, Kentucky, USA (Fruit Hill). Clifton married Ebna Jane Beaty. He died on 27 Mar 1952 in Falls, Texas. He was only 64. They had NO children.

2. Vernie Lee Hale was born on 05 Nov 1889 in Christian County, Kentucky. Her first husband was Thomas Mark "Tom" McElreath in 1905 in Mart, McLennan, Texas, USA. . They had two children. After Thomas had died Vernie re-married John Rubin Fullbright in 1947 in Mart, McLennan, Texas. John Rubin Fullbright and his brother-law Basil Lowery Hale died in a accidental fire in Mart, Texas in 1965. Vernie died on 22 Dec 1966 in Mart, McLennan, Texas.

3. Basil Lowery Hale was born on 12 Oct 1890 in Christian County, Kentucky. Basil married Olevea Louise Morganthaler on 14 Nov 1917 in McLennan, Texas. They had 3 boys and had separated later on. Basil died on 25 Mar 1965 in Mart, McLennan, Texas in an accidental fire.

4. Carley Douglas Hale was born on April 5, 1896 in McLennan County, Texas .  Up until he was 21 years old he had worked on a farm. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War I on Jun 5,1917. In the 1920 census he was living as a border in Robinson Springs, Comanche, Texas working on an oil field. He married Beatrice Laola Gillmore on Nov 11,1921. He was only 40 years old when he died of Tuberculosis.

Beatrice Laola Gillmore was born on Jan 1, 1902 in Brazos County, Texas . Her Parents were Jasper Marion Gillmore (from Louisiana) and Vashti McMillan (from Brazos County, Texas) . She married Carley Douglas Hale on Nov 11,1921. She was only 35 when she died of Tuberculosis. Her children went to live with their grandparents. They had three children.

5. Barnie Idel Hale was born on 31 Aug 1898 in Mart, McLennan, Texas, USA. He died on 17 Sep 1902 in Mart, McLennan, Texas. (died when he was 4 years old).

6. Jewel Hale was born about 1901 in Mart, McLennan, Texas, USA. He was in prison in Huntsville, Texas for the murder of Max Rubin a merchant in Mart, Texas. On May 1, 1919 Jewell and his accomplice Eugene E. Spencer hit Rubin over the head with a hammer and killed him. They made there getaway in Stephen Douglas Hale car headed to Mexico but was stopped by police in El Paso, Texas. Stephen Douglas Hale spent lots of money trying to get him pardoned. He was pardoned on July 12 1925. Eugene Spencer was pardoned on Dec 25, 1927 and settled in Mclennan, Texas.

7. Vera May Hale was born on 22 Nov 1908 in Mart, McLennan, Texas, USA. Vera married Robert Alton Owens. They had two children. She died on 02 Apr 1993 in Mart, McLennan, Texas at the age of 84.

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