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Stillwell Genealogy

There have been so many books written, research done, etc., on the Stillwell family, that this will not be an extensive site! This will concentrate mainly on my ancestral line, and not allied lines.

The information contained herein may not be accurate, so please don't use it as such. It was obtained from many different sources, and some of them disagreed with others! If you have a question, or correction, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always looking for the accurate information ~ as well as the source!

First Generation:

John Stillwell, Sr. b. 1515 , Dorking, Surrey, England, m. 1538 to Joanne Shudd, also b. in Dorking, Surrey, England

Second Generation:
John Stillwell, Jr., b. 5 August 1539 in Dorking, Surrey, England, d. 1584, m. 24 May 1562, in Dorking, Surrey, England to Jane Parle

Third Generation:
Nicholas, Sr., b. 2 October 1570, Dorking, Surrey, England, d. 1647, Surrey, England, m. to Alice Unknown, 6 known children from this marriage

Fourth Generation:

Lt. Nicholas, b. 1603, Leyden in Hull, England, d. 28 December 1671, Dover, Staten Island, New York, m. (1) before 1639 in England to Ann Geltche van Dyke, b. about 1618, Holland, d. in Staten Island, New York, 7 known children from this marriage (2) about 1630 in England to Abagail Hapton, 2 known children from this marriage

Fifth Generation:

Maria, b. 1645, m. about 1660 to William Brittaine, of Mespat, b. 1643, England, d., 1683, Staten Island, New York, 4 known children from this marriage
Jeremiah, Esq., b. about 1653, Staten Island, New York, d. after 1749, m. after 1671 to Ann Unknown, b. 1654, d. after 1678, 4 known children from this marriage

Sixth Generation:

From the Marriage of Maria Stillwell and William Brittaine of Mespat
Richard, b. about 1667, Staten Island, New York, d. after 1724, m. to Ann Unknown, 4 known children from this marriage

From the Marriage of Jeremiah Stillwell, Esq. and Ann Unknown
Capt. Jeremiah, the Elder, b. 1678, Kings, Long Island, New York, d. 18 February 1758, m. Rebecca Ashton, christened 12 October 1735, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, 11 known children

Seventh Generation:

From the marriage of Richard Brittain and Ann Unknown Brittain

John of Shrewsbury, b. about 1695, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, d. 28 October 1784, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, m. about 1715, Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Elizabeth Stillwell, b. about 1695, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, d. before 22 August 1761, Hilltown, Pennsylvania, 11 known children

From the marriage of Capt. Jeremiah and Rebecca Ashton

Elizabeth, b. about 1695, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, d. before 22 August 1761, Hilltown, Pennsylvania, m. about 1715, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to John Brittain of Shrewsbury, b. about 1695, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, d. 28 October 1784, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 11 known children

For further descendants, see Brittain/Britton page.

I have found that where there are Stillwells, there are Brittains! Thus my ancestry! The Brittains and Stillwells intermarried more than ocassionally! How they kept track of relationships is beyond me; it's been quite a chore just sorting it out!

Our Stillwell line in America began with the immigration of Lt. Nicholas in 1638. After the death of his first wife, believed to be Abagail Hapton, he brought his two young sons to the Virginia shores. He married Anne Geltche van Dyke sometime before 1639, and together they became the parents of seven children, two of which became my ancestors! Maria married William Brittaine of Mespat and Jeremiah married a lady named Ann, not a Brittaine, but whose surname is unknown. Maria and Jeremiah's sister, Anne also married a Brittaine! Thus the start of the close relationship of the two families.

Jeremiah Stillwell and his wife Ann left Long Island in 1698 and eventually settled in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Jeremiah owned property in both Middletown and Shrewsbury, held government offices and was appointed Captain of the Militia. He and Ann became the parents of at least four children, the eldest being Jeremiah, Jr.

Jeremiah married Rebecca Ashton and together they had at least ten children. He was known as Capt. Jeremiah Stillwell, as he was also a Captain in the Militia. He was active in government and church affairs, and as such was an incorporator of Christ Church, Shrewsbury in 1738. Jeremiah died 18 February 1758 and is buried at Middletown, NJ; Rebecca's death date is not known.

It was Jeremiah and Rebecca's daughter, Elizabeth who married John Brittain of Shrewsbury. They left the Monmouth County area, with their family, in 1727 and settled in Plumstead Twp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Their son eldest son, Richard, was the only one not to travel with them. It was in Pennsylvania that my ancestor, Joseph Britton was born.

Now! Remember Maria Stillwell who married William Brittaine of Mespat? Well, they had a son born in 1667 on Staten Island, Richard, by name. Richard and his wife Ann, (maiden name unknown) were the parents of Elizabeth Stillwell's husband John Brittain! Confused? Elizabeth's father was her husband's first cousin, once removed! How's this for a genealogical nightmare??

My descendancy continues with the Brittain/Britton family.

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