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Click here for photos and postcards of Lincoln County's towns.


Arch Bridge
This bridge near Barnard is over Salt Creek.

Main Street
The view of Barnard looking north on Main Street, circa 1900.

Palmetto Inn
The interior of what looks like a soda shop in Barnard; the postmark appears to be 1917.

Main Street
This card was mailed in 1906 to Miss Louie Bagley in Topeka. Written at the top is a note saying "our hut" and pointing to the house on the hill. There is also an arrow pointing to the schoolhouse.

Beverly High School, Class of 1930
Front Row: Mary Reynolds, Annabelle Pfeiffer, Olive Habbart, Coach Edwards, Martha Carr, Hazel [unknown surname].
Second row: Unknown, Warren Skinner, Unknown, Irene Clark, Unknown, Donald Scott.
Third row: Ted Webb, Lester McClure, Bob Stover, Eldon Steinhouse.
Back row: Paul Morton, Unknown, John Jilka, Fred Warren, Clay Percival.
(Photo donated by Laurie Moravec, granddaughter of Clay Percival.)

Beverly High Football Team, 1930
Front row: John Jilka, Russell Cassel, Paul Rathbun, John McClure, Everett Cassell, Unknown.
Second Row: Lester McClure, Harold Harshbarger, Paul Habbart, Clay Percival, Denzel Dyer.
Back Row: Bill Cassel, Darrel Kissick, Coach Edwards, Ted Webb, Charles Greenwood, Bob Stover.
(Photo donated by Laurie Moravec, granddaughter of Clay Percival.)

Main Street
The view from the intersection of Main Street (Lincoln Ave.) and Fourth, looking east, circa 1909.

Bird's Eye View
This must have been taken from atop the water tower. The courthouse is in the foreground. The long stone building on the left says "Wm. McCanles"; that would be a mercantile store.

1913 Old Settlers Reunion #1
The crowd on Main Street watches the parade on Oct. 3, 1913. The photo was taken by G.W. Phegley, who used to have a photography studio in Lincoln.

1913 Old Settlers Reunion #2
The same event; it's hard to tell what's going on in this photo but I'd swear there is someone performing on parallel bars to the right. The Saline Valley Bank is on the corner; J.W. Grubb & Son is next door. You can also see Shire's store clearly marked.

Mail Street, looking east
Another street scene circa 1909, this view is taken from the intersection of Lincoln Ave. and Fourth Street.

The Santa Fe depot in Milo, circa 1921. Milo had hopes of "sticking" as a town when the railroad came through but the railroad left and Milo is no more.

The entire town
Shady Bend was and is a pretty small place. This is the town, circa 1909.

Main Street #1
This is the view looking south on Main Street, circa 1906.

Main Street #2
This is the view looking north on Main Street.

The 1914 harvest, taken on William Becker's farm.