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District Map
This map was done in the Register of Deeds office about 40 years ago as a guide to the old schools records that are kept there. These were the school districts in the early 1900s. For a list of the districts, click here.

I believe this building was for all grades at Barnard during its use.

Grade school class (1900?)
The teacher of this class was Cornelia Weeks. Two years are written on the back, 1900 and 1903. Names are listed on the back but it doesn't appear they are in order by rows. Mrs. Weeks gave the photo to Floyd C. Turner. The names are Ferris Askey, Jack Rees, Harry Zink, Fred Stein [?], Al Van Alstine, Autie Beck, Oril Tarner, Grace Smith, Grace Hendrickson, Julia Haley, Dee Simpson, Lydia Smith, Mabel Linker, Glenn Anderson, Blanche Minx, Marjorie Lyon, Bertie Beaumont, Rachel Marshall, Roy and Ray Adamson, Pearl Smith, Nula [?] Kerr, Della Bogh, Maude Kyser[?], Laurie Anderson, Harry Minx, Amanda Lundstrom, Louie Baker, Carlton Troup, Clarence Smith, Vera Woody, Ethel Kerr, Luray Baker, Pearl Luff, Dagmar Peterson, Esther Bradbury, Everson and Adrian Woody, Nellie Moss, Charlie Shafer, Willie Cecil, Orin Newton. To see a scan of the back, click here. [Photo courtesy Vern Turner.]

Old Lincoln High School #1
The original high school stood where the grade school in Lincoln stands today.

Old Lincoln High School #2
A slightly different view of the original high school.

North Side School Building
Also known as the Old North School.

Kansas Christian College
This college was very popular late in the 19th century but was eventually abandoned. It was torn down and Lincoln High School was built on the site and dedicated in 1922.

High School
The original high school in Sylvan, I believe the sign says it was built in 1910 but it is difficult to read.

Cedron School
The Cedron schoolhouse is still standing (at least three walls of it) and is being restored by the current landowner (photo courtesy David Veh).

Ash Grove School
This schoolhouse stood just south of the Ash Grove Methodist Church (photo courtesy David Veh).

Ash Grove School -- Now
The Ash Grove schoolhouse still stands. This view is from the west; I believe the photo above was taken on the east side of the school. You can see the similarity in the five closely set windows. (Photo taken May 2006).

Mount Pleasant School
Eugene Miller, the teacher in 1909, gave his students this program as a gift. It features his photo pasted on the front and a class roster inside. The entire booklet is here -- page 2, page 3, which includes a list of students, and the rest of the booklet, whose illustrations are very typical of the time and quite nice -- page 4, page 5, page 6 and the back cover. Mount Pleasant was in Pleasant Township, south of Sylvan Grove. The booklet was found in an antique store in Washington state and has been donated to the Lincoln County Historical Society.