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Vesper Cemetery

Vesper The entrance sign at Vesper Cemetery is made of native limestone, known in Lincoln County and the area as "post rock." This sign was not erected in 1878, but that is not when the cemetery was founded.

About 350 people are buried in Vesper Cemetery, which is in Vesper Township but more than a mile from the town of Vesper. The cemetery was begun next to the old Vesper schoolhouse -- you can still find the school steps to the south of the cemetery -- near the original townsite of Vesper.

But when the railroad came through, the town moved in order to get a depot.


Vesper These posts are original to the cemetery and are made of native limestone as well. They stand on all four sides of the cemetery, halfway between the corners, and were original intended to mark four separate entrances to the cemetery. There is only one entrance now, on the east side, but these original posts still stand.

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