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Oliver Family

       This is an introductory to the information I have complied since 1978 from many family sources.  In about 1956, Carrie Luman Davis and her daughter Marie Miller began our genealogies on her Luman Family which included some of the Oliver Family.  I believe the Olivers came from Ireland and came to Maryland before 1795, migrating on to Fauquier County, Virginia near Princeton,, to Caldwell County Kentucky (now Lyon County) onto Creole County (now Logan County) Arkansas.  Our Branch came to Nacogdoches County, Texas about 1889 and settled in the Black Jack Community where may are buried.  Our grandmother and grandfather Mary Ellen Luman Oliver and Hezekiah Oliver along with his brother William Lee,  Henry Lee Oliver and Eliza Alice came to Shelby County about 1919.

Other sources are in order information was received:

                                                Carrie and Marie Davis
                                                Oma Oliver Webb Risinger
                                                Lilliam Gray Cockrell
                                                Joe and June Carter since about 1884
                                                Michelle Albuawad From her history October 2000
                                                Many Corporative Relatives


zoliverceme.JPG (17587 bytes)

Oliver Cemetery Subiaco, Arkansas



WILLIAM OLIVER, was born in 1893 in Maryland.  The name of his wife is unknown.

The child of William Oliver:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
I. Leonard Oliver ca 1745 -


I.   LEONARD OLIVER was born before 1745.  The name of his wife is unknown.  Very little information is available on Leonard Oliver. He died on May 26, 1830 in, Lyon County, Kentucky.

The children of Leonard Oliver:

Name Date of Birth Notes
1. Levin Oliver ca 1745  
2. Jessie Oliver ca 1763 died 05/26/1830 in Lyon County, Kentucky
3. Hezekial Oliver ca 1767 died 05/18/1806 married Rebecca Oliver
4. Cornelius Oliver ca 1767 born in Maryland
5 Leonard Oliver, Jr.  ca 1767 married Mary Lewis

1.  LEVIN OLIVER, child of Leonard Oliver was born before 1745.  He married ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN).  She died after 1828 in Lyon County, Kentucky.

The children of Levin and Elizabeth Oliver:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
a. Nathaniel Oliver 08/06/1775 -
b. William Oliver Ca 1780 -
c. Levin Oliver, Jr. ca 1781 died 04/06/1858
d. Leonard Oliver ca 1784 -
e. Hezekiah Oliver ca 1786 died 05/24/1849
f. Cornelius Oliver - No Data Available
g. Josiah Oliver 1796 ca 1870
h. Elizabeth Oliver 03/18/1790 05/24/1849

a.  NATHANIEL OLIVER, first child of Levin and Elizabeth Oliver, was born August 6, 1775 in Maryland.  The name and information about his first marriage is unknown.   He married second time HANNAH GRAY on January 27, 1795 in Fauquier, Virginia.   She was born in 1780 in Essex County, New Jersey.  Hannah died in 1826 in Caldwell County, Kentucky (now Lyon).  Nathaniel died on February 3, 1861 in Lyon County, Kentucky.

The children of Nathaniel and Hannah Gray Oliver:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1a Suzannah Oliver 06/12/1798 married Noble Winn 12/21/1815
2a Levin Oliver 03/08/1799 married Sophis Barnett 08/10/1816
3a William Oliver 05/12/1800 married Charlotte Wynn 09/09/1818
4a James T. Oliver 10/12/1802 married Suzannale Armstrong 04/25/1821
5a Elizabeth Catherine Oliver 01/22/1805 married John B. Harris 04/16/1821
6a John Wesley Oliver 5/27/1810 died 12/27/1872
7a Jane Catherine Oliver 12/01/1812 died ca 1880 No other data available
8a Hezekiah Oliver 09/20/1817 -
9a Lydia G. Oliver 04/20/1820 died ca 1889 No other data available
10a Cornelius Jefferson Oliver 03/07/1823 Marie Arana Etheridge 11/15/1841

8a  HEZEKIAH OLIVER, eighth child of Nathaniel and Hannah Gray Oliver, was born September 20, 1817 in Bourbon or Caldwell County, Kentucky.  He married   SARAH JANE CUMMINS on June 9, 1836 in Caldwell County, Kentucky (now Lyon).   She was born October 28, 1818 and was the daughter of SIMON and ELIZABETH OLIVER CUMMINS.  Sarah died on June 7, 1902 in Logan County, Arkansas and is buried in Oliver Cemetery, Lyon County, Kentucky.  Hezekiah died on February 19, 1865 in Caldwell, Kentucky.  His burial place is unknown.

The children of Hezekiah and Sarah Jane Cummins Oliver:

zolivejohnwesley.JPG (56927 bytes)

John Wesley, Noah & Jefferson Green Oliver

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1b John Wesley Oliver 08/25/1837 -
2b Hyphina Elizabeth Oliver 10/22/1839 No data available
3b Noah Hamilton Oliver 02/06/1842 died 03/04/1922
4b Jefferson Greene Oliver 05/25/1844 died 03/23/1923
5b Liza Lucinda Adelia Oliver 11/27/1846 died 03/23/1923
6b Irene Letitia Oliver 01/28/1849 No data available
7b Alva D. Oliver ca 1850 No data available
8b James Edwin Oliver 02/04/1852 died 03/15/1885
9b Sarah Almond Oliver 03/14/1854 No data available
10b Celi Matilda Oliver 03/29/1846 No data available
11b Hannah Gray Oliver 04/18/1858  
12b Hezekiah Milton Oliver 09/23/1860 died 04/11/1926

3b NOAH HAMILTON OLIVER, third child of Hezekiah and Sarah Jane Cummins Oliver, was born February 6, 1842 in Lyon County, Kentucky.  He married KIZIA OLIVER on September 3, 1901.  Noah was a Sailor during the Civil War.   He died on March 4, 1922 in Kentucky.

The children of Noah and Kizia Oliver:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1c Lizzie Oliver - married Tobin
2c Ada Oliver - married Moore

4b   JEFFERSON GREENE OLIVER,  fourth child of Hezekiah and Sarah Jane Cummins Oliver, was born May 25, 1844 in Lyon County Kentucky.  He married SARAH LITTLE.  No other data available.

5b  LIZA LUCINDA ADELIA OLIVER, fifth child of Hezekiah and Sarah Jane Cummins Oliver, was born November 27, 1846 in Kentucky.  She married FRANCIS MARION "FRANK" PATRICK.  He was born January 14, 1841 in Union County, Morganfield.  Frank died on September 26, 1914 in Sequoyah County Oklahoma.    Liza Lucinda died on January 23, 1923 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

The children of Frank an Liza Oliver Patrick:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1c George Patrick 12/24/1867 -
2c James Edwin Patrick 07/06/1872 -
3c Boyd Patrick 05/22/1883 -
4c Posie Patrick 04/20/1880 -
5c Cora Lillie Patrick 10/29/1885 -
6c Maggie Lee Patrick 04/19/1878 -
7c Dora Patrick 1870 -
8c Ella Patrick ca 1863 -
9c Twin Boy Patrick - -
10c Twin Boy Patrick - -
11c Sarah Mandy Patrick 1876 -

2c  JAMES EDWIN OLIVER, sixth child of Hezekiah and Sarah Jane Cummins Oliver, was born February 4, 1852 in Union City Kentucky.  He E. J. DARKS on March 15, 1885.   

The children of James Edwin and Mrs. E. J. Darks Oliver::

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1d Alice Oliver - Married John Taylor
2d Virgil Oliver - Married Esta Oliver
3d Pearl Oliver - Married Hamilton
4d Mattie Oliver - Married Pierce
5d Melton Oliver - -
6d Willie Oliver - -
7d Flossie Oliver - Married Wooward

1d  ALICE OLIVER, first child of James Edwin and Mrs. E. J. Darks, married JOHN TAYLOR.

The children of John and Alice Oliver Taylor:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1e James Felix Taylor 01/22/1880 -
2e Mark Hanna Taylor - -
3e Myrtle Taylor - -
4e Juanita Taylor - -