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San Antonio & Bexar County, Texas
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Your San Antonio & Bexar County Genealogy "Clues from the News!"

This special section of The Olden Times is dear to me not only because I love San Antonio, but also because I have a personal San Antonio newspaper connection. My father worked for both the San Antonio Light and the Express-News back in the 1960's. I worked there for a year after high school. And my little sister works there today!

The following news articles are about or from San Antonio and Bexar County,  Texas. They are a valuable resource for genealogical and historical research. Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection, including 4 issues of the San Antonio Express from 1867. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website.

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News from the Recorder's Court, Lots of drunk & disorderly charges!  1881    Names not yet indexed, but surnames include the following: ALMENDAREZ, CASTRO, MURRAY, FRENCH, McGLAEN, SCHRAM, ELLIOTT, ECKFORD, MACKENZIE

COOK Divorce, San Antonio, 1881     NEWTON, MINTER

Marriage License Applicants, January 1881 Names not yet indexed, but surnames include the following: MARTINEZ, VALLE, RANDOLPH, ROSSMAN, SMITH, DEVINE, RODRIGUEZ, LOMBRANA, GOMEZ, HURON, SCHONINGER, BERGFELD

W. A. BENNETT, Banker, San Antonio, 1867

FRANKEL & NEUENDORFF Are Your Hosts at The Exchange Bar, San Antonio, 1867

Vintage Recipes: Baked Beans Savory, Ginger Ale Punch

Vintage recipe: Baby Cream Candy

Vintage Recipe: Sierra Turkish Delight Candy

Vintage Recipe: Mexican Soup

HERTZBERG & SIMON, Dealers in Fancy Goods, Toys, Furnishings, Pipes, etc., 1867

Vintage Recipe: Eggs a la Gilsey House

Vintage Recipe: Apples Stuffer with Mincemeat

Old Recipe: Mexican Candied Yams, date unknown    BOLES

CHRYSLER, ANDERSON & ANDERSON Make &Sell Cabinet Furniture & Home Furnishings, 1867

Aunt Mary Doughnuts, date unknown

Vintage Recipe: Espagnole Sauce

Vintage Recipe: Gumbo File

Vintage Recipes: Succotash

Vintage Recipe: Blushing Bunnies, date unknown    KING

Vintage Recipe: Eggs Muy Fino, date unknown   

Vintage Recipe: Orange Fritters, date unknown

Vintage Recipe: Mexican Cocoanut Dessert, date unknown. If my arm weren't broken, I'd try this one tonight!    BOLES

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