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A History of Texas and Texans

Texas Census, 1820-90

Six Decades in Texas, or, Memoirs of Francis Richard LUBBOCK, Governor of Texas in War Time, 1861-63

Captain Jeff, or, Frontier life in Texas with the Texas Rangers

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Obituaries, old news articles, birth and marriage announcements, old advertising, old legal notices and more!  All scanned from original issues of newspapers from the 19th-20th centuries.

Read all about crimes of passion, fancy & not-so-fancy weddings, and whose Carolina cousins are visiting. What? You didn't know about that early divorce Aunt Edna got? And surprise! Great-great-granddad J. W. was not only a farmer, but a county commissioner, too!

You'll find mention of long-gone hometowns left behind,  squabbles at the county courthouse and at the local beer joint, who's "gone to Texas" (and maybe why), epidemics and traveling circuses. 

Browse the recipes that your great-grandmother might've tried, the poems she might have tucked into her Bible, and consider the finest cures of the day: Carter's Little Liver Pills, Pilcher's Castoria, and remedies for those "secret, depraved habits" of young men.

Every personal name is in the index of names..

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