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Stewart, Steward, Stuart Surname Marriages

Natchitoches Parish, LA

Stewart, Louisa md Edward Harrison Lowrey 25 July, 1861

Louisiana Marriages to 1850

Steward, William md Lyons, Eliza Jun 13 1833
Steward, John md Welsh, Mary Dec 29 1824
Stuart, James M. md Mathews, Elizabeth[Mrs] May 20 1841
Stuart, William B. md Noble, Mary Sep 23 1839
Stuart, Elizabeth E. md Clark, William E. Apr 25 1848
Stuart, Elizabeth A. md Clark, William F. Apr 25 1848
Stuart, Henry md Andrus, Louisa Apr 12 1849
Stuart, William H. md Pierce, Rosanah Feb 12 1847
Stuart, Mary md Ballard, Lewis F. Sep 09 1815
Stuart, William md Perterson, Sarah A. Oct 03 1818
Acadia Parish, LA

Stewart, John md Mrs laurine Quebodeaux (Widow of Adolp Coleni) May 30, 1887

Concordia Parish, LA

Stewart, Alfonse md Fitxhugh, Rosa Mar 27, 1910
Stewart, Clara md Wright, Beauregard Feb 15, 1909
Stewart, Gabe md Knight, Sarah Feb 01, 1913
Stewart, Grant md Anderson, Sarah Jane Dec 13, 1912
Stewart, Harriet md Smith, Lewis Feb 07, 1909
Stewart, Jane md Whitley, WIlliam Oct 26, 1908
Stewart, Joseph md White, Precilla Aug 07, 1913
Stewart, Lucy md Collins, William Jan 08, 19111
Stewart, Richard md Glaspie, Rozeliz Jan 10, 1912
Stewart, William md Williams, Caroline Apr 09, 19111
Stewart, Willie md Williams, Mrs Amanda Aug 27, 1910
Stewart, Sarah md Reynolds, Harrison Nov 03, 1917
Stewart, Frances md Ross, Joe Aug 11, 1918
Stewart, Alf md Holmes, Missy Jul 20, 1916
Stewart, Earl md Brooks, Mrs Rosana Mar 20, 1918
Stewart, Harry md Jackson, Frances Jan 25, 1918
Stewart, Horace md Washington, Rachel Oct 07, 1918
Stewart, Percy Edwin md Deware, Addie Jun 29, 1919
Stewart, William md Jackson, Mrs Bessie Dec 21, 1915
Stuart, Lieutenant md Singleton, Phoeby md Jan 01, 1915
Stewart, Margaret md Davis, Steven Mar 03, 1918
Stewart, Susan md Grant, Joe Feb 09, 1918
Stewart, Kate md Hunter, Taylor Dec 23, 1917
Stewart, Mrs Laura md Warren, George May 23, 1915

Carter County, TN

Stuart, Robert     md    Sarah Laughlin     29 Oct 1822

Dickson County, TN

Stuart, Sally     md     Hiram Morgan    19 Nov 1838

Chowan County, NC

Steward, Elizabeth     md    William Arkill    15 Feb 1748

Mecklenburg County, NC

Stewart, Isabella     md    Daniel Baxter    10 Feb 1807
Stuart, Clarissa    md    William Brinkley    15 Jan 1828
Stuart, Sally    md    William Robinson     23 Feb 1819

Tyrrell County, NC

Stewart, John    md    Penelope Daly     21 Mar 1770

Rowan County, NC

Stuart, Mary     md    George Gray    1 July 1769
Stewart, Martha     md    William Hendricks     22 Oct 1785
Stewart, Nancy     md    Thomas Hopper     16 Feb 1791

Robeson County, NC

Harllee, David Stuart    md    Harriett Pope Barns     3 Feb 1819

Richmond County, NC

Stuart, Elizabeth     md    Thomas Harllee     16 June 1789

Bertie County, NC

Stewart, Janet    md    John Hopkins     25 April 1774

Guilford County, NC

Stewart, Judith    md    John McAdoo     27 Sep 1783




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