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Essie Laverne Lutrick

Evelyn Joyce Lutrick

Nellie Jewell_17
Lessie Lucille_16

Nellie Jewell Lutrick
Lessie Lucille Lutrick
Essie Laverne Lutrick

William Hodge Lutrick
Brother of Essie Lutrick

Harvey,Essie,Betty Boon

These pictures were shared with me by a distant cousin, Opal Boon.

My grandfather was Silas Melvin Hooter, son of John Stephaneas Hooter and Nellie Ella Lutrick Hooter.

Nellie Ella Lutrick was daughter of George Butler Lutrick and Mary Albritton Lutrick.

George Butler Lutrick was son of Cornelius (Neles) E Lutrick and Margaret Aakin (Eiken) Lutrick.

Cornelius (Neles)Lutrick was son of Henry Ludwig (Lutrick) and Susan Eddleman Lutrick.

Henry Lutrick was son of Nicholas Ludwig (Lutrick) and Barbara Richie Lutrick.

Nicholas Lutrick was son of Johann Nicholas Ludwig (Lutrick) and Murich Magdalena Lutrick.

Johann Ludwig (Lutrick) was born in Germany.

Bruce Hodge Lutrick, Nellie Lutrick's brother, married Lessie Pearl Truitt. Their children are Nellie Jewell, Lessie Lucille, William Hodge, Bobbie Jo, Essie Laverne, Elza Bryan, Vernon Stanley, Evelyn Joyce, Ruffas Ray, and Alve Nell Lutrick.

Essie Laverne Lutrick married Harvey Deroy Boon. Essie Lutrick Boon is Opal Boon's mother.

Emily Elizabeth Lutrick McWilliams
This is a copy of an old photo that was sent to me by Jerry and Virginia McWilliams Lowrey. Emily Elizabeth Lutrick McWilliams was Virginia's great grandmother.

Emily Elizabeth was born October 27, 1856 in Smith County, Mississippi to Daniel Monroe Lutrick and Elizabeth Conoy. She married Joseph C. McWilliams and they had 5 children. Emily died October 27, 1909 in Jackson, Mississippi. She is buried in Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Jackson, Mississippi.

My great grandmother was Nellie Ella Lutrick Hooter. Her parents were George Butler Lutrick and Mary Albritton. George Butler Lutrick was son of Cornelius Lutrick and Margaret Eakin (Aiken). Cornelius and Daniel Lutrick were brothers.

George Butler Lutrick and Mary Albritton Lutrick

Epitath of G B Lutrick (Rev):

'He died as he lived, A Christian'

b 06 Dec 1857 d 25 Dec 1932.

Welcome Home Cemetery, Grayson, LA Caldwell Parish.

George Butler Lutrick and Mary Albritton Lutrick
Photo sent to me by Bill Lutrick.

Curtis Melburn Lutrick, age 83; Son of George and Mary Lutrick
Picture received from Debbie Ewing Richey, granddaughter.

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