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Butler Surname Marriages

Winn Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Janie    md    W. W. Quarles     13 Dec 1899

Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Francis     md    Robert F. Adkins    15 Sep 1849

Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Jesse J.    md    Nancy Hill    01 Aug 1850

Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Elizabeth    md    Thomas B Henderson    25 Sep 1850

Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Aron md Hunter, Mary Apr 07, 1918
Butler, David md Miller, Mrs Susie Nov 16, 1916
Butler, Nemiah md Barnes, Josephine Nov 07, 1918
Butler, William md Taylor, Martha Jan 17, 1918
Butler, Mamie md Neal, Harrison Apr 14, 1918
Butler, Emma md Neal, Enoch Nov 05, 1917
Butler, Mary md Party, Levi Jul 03, 1917
Butler, Criscilla md Winston, George Feb 05, 1919
Butler, Emma md Watts, Jim Aug 11, 1918

Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Laura Elizabeth    md    Edward Riley Lowrey    16 May, 1897
Butler, John W.    md    Juliann Hailey    15 Jan 1840

Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Phillip    md    Elizabeth Bond    06 Sep 1830
Butler, Annis     md    William Brown    02 Jul 1832
Butler, James E.    md    Susana Broom    04 Mar 1834
Butler, Stephen H.    md    Sarah Merdith    15 Dec 1834
Butler, Phillip M    md    Elizabeth Blackman    30 Nov 1840
Butler, Eliza    md    William C. Smith     08 Feb 1841
Butler, Dizey    md    John Carter    30 Dec 1845
Butler, Margaret P.    md    Allen B. Wood    14 Mar 1848

Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Jane Adline    md    Columbus W. Dillard     21 Jun 1848
Butler, Josephine S.    md    Lee Vines     01 Sep 1850

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Butler, John    md    Mary A. Rogers     17 Feb 1823
Butler, John    md    Achsal Edwards    16 Dec 1830
Butler, West     md    Nancy Burleigh    10 May 1837

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Nicholas    md    Isobel Dunbar    16 May 1823

Union Parish, Louisiana

Butler, William    md    Nancy Till    12 Nov 1840

West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Percival    md    Mary Louisa Stirling    09 Jan 1840

Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Butler, Francis    md    Robert F. Adkins    15 Sep 1849

Washington Parish, Louisiana 1920 - 1930

Butler, Anna     md    Willie Brumfield     26 Mar 1921
Butler, Asiane     md    O C Roberts     01 Jan 1922
Butler, Mandy     md    Fredo Stovall    29 Jun 1928
Butler, Mary     md    James Stepney     10 Jul 1922
Butler, Mary     md    Ike Roberts     13 Nov 1925

Orange County, North Carolina

Butler, Anne     md    Richard Christmas     22 Dec 1788

Bertie County, North Carolina

Butler, Elizabeth     md    Jethro Coffield    25 April 1788

Chowan County, North Carolina

Butler, Henrietta (nee Wilson)     md    Samuel Dunscombe     21 Dec 1752

Tyrrell County, North Carolina

Butler, Ferebee    md    George McHenry    9 March 1764

Calhoun County, West Virginia

Butler, Mary     md    Annia Struman    29 Aug 1876
Butler, Franklin     md    Elizabeth Dunkin    31 Oct 1878
Butler, Milton    md    Pricey Duncan    1 Jan 1879
Butler, Joseph    md    Lucy Duncan    2 May 1883
Butler, Sanna    md    Thomas B Feagan     4 Oct 1883
Butler, Minora    md    E C Connolly     6 Nov 1884
Butler, Malizza    md    James Murphy    30 Mar 1891
Butler, Anna B    md     M. S.Sampson    25 Dec 1891
Butler, Alice    md     James A. Moss    24 May 1894
Butler, Elizabeth    md    Jery Runnion    20 Nov 1897
Butler, Alexander    md     Dora Laughlin     25 Dec 1897
Butler, Rosa     md     Samuel Lawson    8 Mar 1898
Butler, Glentia     md     Sinnett Cottrella     23 Apr 1898
Butler, Samuel F     md     Lakie P Wilson     19 Jul 1900

Marion County, West Virginia

Butler, John W     md     Mary E Jolliff     15 Oct 1869

Jack County, West Virginia

Butler, William     md     W A Hall     11 Jun 1872
Butler, Melissa     md     Charles K Quick     17 May 1888




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