Ancestors of Larry Lee HAKEL


100. Burch ALLISON

Lived with his father in Montgomery Co., during the Revolutionary War. Moved to Loudon Co., VA and lived there about 5 years. In 1799 moved to Burke Co, NC and remained there for the remainder of his life. His sister was Mrs. Jarrett Smith. He had a brother , Posey Allison of Burke Co, NC. He lived in that part of Burke Co. which later became McDowell Co., NC.

Event: Revolutionary War Military Service 1 May 1780 MD
Enlisted for a term of 12 months in the "select" militia of Maryland. He served in Captain John Nichols' Co of Col. William Deakin's Regiment (Major Lemuel Deakin and Lieutenant Thomas Nichols were other officers). He was stationed for a period of four months at Georgetown, but saw no action. He was discharged home, but returned to duty again in December 1780. He served again in Colonel Deakin's Maryland Regiment. They were stationed at Frederick, Maryland, guarding about one thousand prisoners. He served in this capacity for four months and was discharged. References: US National Archives, Pension Statements, #S6493
Title: "Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western NC: Burke County" Vol I FHL 975.685 M2w Page: p 3

Applied for Revolutionary War pension
30 July 1834 deposition of Burch that he was born 24 Feb. 1764 (sic)
Montgomery Co., MD.  Moved to "Louden" Co., VA after the war for 5
years before moving to Burke Co., NC in 1799. Record of ages kept by
father in possession of my sister who married Mr. Jarrett Smith.
2 Oct. 1834 deposition of Posey Allison on that he was a brother to
Burch and age 83.  Was awarded $26.66 per annum.
Source: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application files, National Archives micropublication 804, roll 46, FHL microfilm 0,970,046.

101. Sarah NEILL

Grand father George Clayton of Rowan, NC

51. Ephraim HEFNER

Moved to Tenn. where he probably died

Marriage 1 ELIZA b: 1803
Married: 1827
James H. HEFNER b: 1828 in Buncombe Co., N.C.
Albert A. HEFNER b: 1831 in Buncombe Co., N.C.
Samuel HEFNER b: 1833 in Buncombe Co., N.C.
Washington HEFNER b: 1835 in Buncombe Co., N.C.
Francis M. HEFNER b: 1839 in GA.
Sarah C. HEFNER b: 1841 in N.C.
Elisabeth HEFNER b: 1843 in GA.
Laura HEFNER b: 1845 in GA.
Jane HEFNER b: 1847 in GA.
Newton S. HEFNER b: 1849 in GA.
N.J. Hefner b. 1851

51. Abel HEFNER

Nancy ? (Wife) b. 1808 in NC
   1. Harriett Louisa Hefner b. 1835
  2. Elizabeth Hefner b. 1837
  3. Mary Hefner b. 1840
  4. Sarah Hefner b. 1842
  5. Martha Hefner b. 1845
  6. Nancy Hefner b. 1850

1840 Hendersonville census has Abel 1 male 30-40, 3 female under 5, 1 female10-15, 1 female 30-40.  Living next to Samuel Hefner, Peter Hefner, Javan Trammel families.

51. George HEFNER

Moved to Georgia after 1830; in 1840 census in Gilmer County

William HEFNER b: 1832 in GA.
Elizabeth HEFNER b: 1835
Margaret C. HEFNER b: 1839 in GA.

Marriage Book 1, Rabun Co., GA  1820-1850

Hefner, George          Jones, Clarissa                10 Oct 1831 Date of Bond    10 Oct 1831 Date of Marriage     Sam'l. Farrys, J. P. C.
Hefner, James           Clark, Sariah                  15 Feb 1846     15 Feb 1846     John Keener, J. J. C.

51. Levi W. HEFNER

Marriage Book 1, Rabun Co., GA  1820-1850
Hefner, Levi   Jones, Levicy  02 Feb 1835 Date of Bond  05 Jan 1835 Date of Marriage performed by J. E. Price, J. P.


   1. Benjamin Hefner b. 24 NOV 1835 in Bartow Co., GA.
  2. Hester Bonilla Hefner b. AUG 1836 in Bartow Co., GA.
  3. Amanda F Hefner b. 16 SEP 1839 in Georgia
  4. Ophelia Elizabeth Hefner b. 4 APR 1841 in Georgia
  5. William B. Hefner b. 29 MAR 1843 in GA.
  6. Mary Catherine Hefner b. 15 SEP 1845 in Rome, Floyd County Ga
  7. Martha Melvina Hefner b. 14 MAY 1847 in Georgia
  8. Angelina Arabell Hefner b. 7 APR 1850 in Georgia
  9. Isabella Adeline Hefner b. 17 APR 1850 in Cass County Georgia
 10. Savannah J Hefner b. 2 SEP 1852 in Georgia
 11. Roxanna Hefner b. 1853
 12. Sarah J. Hefner b. 20 JAN 1855
 13. Louisa Alice Hefner b. 1858
 14. Limbard Hefner b. 1859 in Georgia
 15. Nancy Suzanna Hefner b. 25 SEP 1866 in Georgia

Census: 1830 in Cass County Ga 12th district
Census: 1840 in Carroll County Ga. 828 district

Middle initial from Adcock Family Tree by Michael Adcock (

51. Anthony George HEFNER

FamilySearch has birthplace as Buncombe County, NC

1850 NC, Henderson Co. has Anthony Heifner and family living with Charlotte's parents Francis Allison.  In the household are Francis Allison age 27 (should be 72) a farmer with real estate valued at $3000. Mary Allison age 41, Elijah Allison age 9, Elisha Allison age 9, Anthony Heifner age 37 a farmer, Charlotte Heifner age 33, Rebecca Hefner age 11, W. L. Hefner age 10, Samuel age 7, George age 4, Manday age 8/12. Next to Ephrantus Hefner age 77 a farmer.  All born in NC.

Bought land in the Little River section of the County, NC.

Date of birth on tombstone.

"George" given as Anthony's middle name came from family tradition of some of the descendants of his family.  ~Wylene Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 TransylaniaCoList

A Anthony Hefner along with Peter Hefner were in Company B of the North Carolina Regiment that was involved in the 1838 Indian Removal.

51. Samuel HEFNER Jr.

In Henderson Co, NC until after the birth of their second chile in Jan. 23, 1847.  Then they moved to Gilmer Co., GA before the 1850 Federal Census was done.

Samuel Hefner was postmaster at Davidson River Dec. 1840 - Aug 1845

1840 Census Hendersonville, NC has one male 20-30 living next to Javan Trammel, Peter Hefner, Abel Hefner families.

1850 Georgia, Gilmer Co., Subdivision 33 has Samuel age 38 a farmer, Hannah M. age 24, Sarah R. age 5, Columbus L. age 3.  All reported to have been born in NC.

1860 Census Alabama, De Kalb Co., Division 2 has Samuel age 48, Hannah age 34 both born North Carolina, Sarah age 18 born North Carolina, Columbus age 13 born Georgia, Thomas age 5 born Georgia

1880 Census Alabama, Lawrence Co.,Other Townships, District 166 has Samuel age 68, Hannah age 53, Sallie age 35, and Milligan age 18.

104. Johann Adam PAINTER

Some have Birth 1734 in Trappe Luthern, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania
Death 1773 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia and marriage in 1766 in Shenandoah County, Virginia

Germanna from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA has name Johann Adam Painter

Marriage 1 Susan Carpenter

Marriage 2 Elizabeth b: 1745
Married: ABT 1784
William Painter b: 1785 in Tennessee
Adam Painter b: 3 OCT 1786 in Tennessee
David Painter b: 1786 in Tennessee
Sarah (Sally) Painter b: 1791 in Washington Co, Tennessee
Philip Painter b: 1795 in Tennessee
Jesse Painter b: 1797 in Tennessee
Samuel Painter b: 1800 in Tennessee
Polly Painter
Johann Adam PAINTER M ABT 1756 in , Shenandoah, VA    
 Ezekiel PAINTER M JUL 1776 in , Madison, VA    
 Mary Painter b. Wft Est. 1754-1773
Barbara Painter b. Wft Est. 1754-1773
Matthias Painter b. 5 Nov 1767 in AUGUSTA CO., VIRGINIA
Margaret Painter b. 10 May 1769 in AUGUSTA CO., VIRGINIA

John Painter is listed on the 1783 Shenandoah County, Virginia tax list with one white tithe, 4 horses, 14 cattle and taxed 1 pound 1 shilling and 6 pence.  (The tax was assessed at 10 shillings per tithe or slave, 2 shillings per horse, and 3 pence per cow. An ordinary license was 5 pounds. A pleasure wheel (buggy)was 6 shillings.)

"Big Adam" Painter, survived Shawnee Indian captivity, survived the Revolutionary War, and had a daughter (among other children) named Sally Painter who married, in Washington County, TN, John "Jack" Gann.

52. Adam PAINTER

Twin with David

52. David PAINTER

Twin with Adam

106. James I. HAGOOD

1800 Census Pendelton Co., SC (6) 41110-11110

The Hagood Family purchased a grist mill in Pickens County, SC about 1823. It stands today!

"Received eight hundred acres on Horse Pen Creek in Edgefield County from his father, but he lived and planted in Barnwell. He died in 1829, and in his will he mentions four children." Source: "Meet Your Grandfather" by General Johnson Hagood

According to Ben A. Hagood, Charleston, James Hagood is buried near Galey Mill, 2 miles from the Saluda River near where Hagood Bridge is located. Burial location on the Blythe Shoals side of the river. This is relatively near the Hightower Cemetery where James Hagood's daughter, Rebecca, is buried.

Georgia, Hall County Will of JAMES HAGOOD

Dated: 3 Mar, 1825

1 leave all my property to my beloved companion (not named) to bestow as she pleases too my three beloved children: Rebeca Hightower, Susannah Painter, James Hagood
The rest have all received their part to their several satisfac­tions. What is given to Susannah Painter ? none is to go to pay debts of Ezekiel Painter.

Executor: son, Benjamin Hagood

Witt: Asbourn Hagood            James Hagood
Lydia Hagood
J,K. Hagood                          Probated: 7 July 1825
p. 175                                Geo. Hawpe Clk.

53. Benjamin HAGOOD

Spouse: Jane Roper (1814-Abt 1856) Marr: 1823

Spouse: Adeline Hagood Ambler (1808-1877) Marr: 4 Jul 1824 - Pickens County, SC

Spouse: Sally Holder (      -      )

"Interesting is the announcement of Colonel Benjamin Hagood as a candidate for the State legislature from Pickens District. Colonel Hagood lived on Twelve Mile River where he was an early settler. He was the commanding officer of the Fifth Regiment which he paraded at Pickensville in October, 1829. Now Colonel Hagood had a mind of his own, and that has been a family trait. He did not announce on a platform of old age pensions, school lunches and 'make a living in the shade' panaceas. He launched straight to the national issue of States Rights. Although the good people had held a hot Union meeting and swore they would never wear a Palmetto badge, the Colonel led the entire ticket as a fighter against bureaucratic and dictatorial control from Washington. We need a candidate today of the Colonel's hardihood." Source: newspaper article clipping, not dated.

"Benjamin Hagood, a native of Edgefield County, acquired a large area of fertile land on the headwaters of Twelve Mile River and ran a large farm with slave labor. He operated mills, shops, and a tanyard, all at or near the present site of Hagood Mill, about three miles north of the present town of Pickens. The 'Pendleton Messenger' on September 5, 1820, wrote: 'We are authorized to announce that Col. Benjamin Hagood is a candidate for the State Legislature from the Twelve Mile Section of Pendleton District.' Mr Hagood was elected, and another newspaper of a later date says that he was influential in getting a certain bridge built over Eighteen Mile Creek. This was 'Hagood's Bridge.' It was built where the old Keowee Indian Trail crossed the creek. People of the 'back country' used this crossing in hauling to and from Hamburg and Augusta. Mr. Hagood himself used the ford many years before he led in getting a bridge. His son, James E. Hagood, was a Clerk of Court of Pickens District. When the new county was created, he moved his residence to the new town, and it still stands there, in all its majesty, on a lot adjacent to the Winn-Dixie Store. All of the descendants of Col. Benjamin Hagood were energetic and have contributed to the economic and religious development of the northwestern area of South Carolina. Members of this prominent family have always been progressive builders and leaders in industry, and have greatly contributed to the economic and industrial development of Pickens County. Through their endeavors, they have created jobs in plants for the people, whose living and social standards in life have been very greatly improved; and also where the families have lived and worked, good schools and churches have been built". Source: The Pickens Sentinel, Pickens, SC, September 30, 1968, p. 3

"Peter Hagood ---A Tribute" by Mrs. T.J. Mauldin

"Well-known Ante-bellum Negro Passes, January 5, 1921"

"In the death of 'Uncle' Peter Hagood, which occurred at his home in Pickens last Wednesday, Pickens lost one of its landmarks; and the ranks of those of his race who represent the older civilization of ante-bellum days lost its foremost leader. Peter was born on the old Hagood plantation, five miles north of Pickens, eighty-eight years ago. When he was eight years of age he became the personal attendant, or 'body servant,' as such position was then called, of Colonel Benjamin Hagood, and until the death of the latter at the close of the war was his constant companion. Then, even thought he had been given his freedom, he adhered closely to 'Ole Mistis,' for 'Master' had told him to be faithful to her. From the time of her death until the feebleness of age crept upon him, he was ever in the employ of the family and connections. How he delighted to talk of the 'old times!' What a position of importance he had attained when he was sent as a groom with the young 'Mistises' to school every day to look after their horses; or perhaps to pilot some guests of the family to Table Rock, which was then a famous resort for the low-country folk/ or, best of all, to go with 'Young Master' and the wagon train to old Hamburg for provisions in exchange for products of the plantation. But the greatest joy of his life was when the summer season rolled around and 'we went to Caesar's Head.' Perhaps he had his first intermingling with the outside world there. This spot had been selected by Colonel Hagood as a summer home, and when he erected a cottage for his family, soon the fame of the place spread and friends from all over the state began asking to share the delights of climate and scenery. Peter never tired of telling of the coming of these distinguished citizens of South Carolina with their retinues of servants, of the building of 'Tuckeesiege,' 'Buncombe' and the 'Cole House,' to be occupied by the Wardlaws and Perrins, McGowans and Cothrans, the Coles, Butlers, Hamptons, Haskells and others whose names are distinguished in the annals of the history of the state. His vivid memory of those times has portrayed a picture that the younger generation will ever cherish. Peter was ever faithful in the discharge of his duty. He was honest and true, all (always) courteous and polite. He made friends and kept them, and the attention of the white people of this community during his declining days bore evidence of the place he held in their respect and affection. The younger generation of his race would do well to emulate his splendid example. As he lay in the dignity of death -- the same dignity which always characterized him in life -- one thought filled the mind:
'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.' Source: The Pickens Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Pickens, South Carolina. Published in "Recollections and Reminiscences: 1861 - 1865", vol. 3, published by South Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy. 1992

Inscription on tombstone: "Aged 76 years, 2 months, 1 day".  

"Another mountain called 'Caesar's Head,' just over the line in Greenville County, was always popular and well known to the people of Pickens County because it belonged to Col. Benjamin Hagood, a native of this section. He owned many thousands of acres in the upper part of Pickens County. His home and the family graveyard where he is buried are in the Twelve Mile section of Pickens County. One summer along in the 1840's he decided to build a cottage on Caesar's Head and take his family there to enjoy the beautiful views and the cooling breezes. They had visitors who urged him to make it a summer resort and he did that. He moved to Caesar's Head but his sons continued to live in Pickens County. His eldest son John lived at the home place in this county for several years, but finally moved to Greenville County to the old Goodwin place. James E. Hagood built a home near the family graveyard and let it to move to "Old Pickens." The Hagood Grist Mill and store continued to operate through the years." Source: "It Happened in Pickens County", by Pearl S. McFall, 1959 *********************************************************************

"The hotel at Caesar's Head, on the Jones Gap Road from Greenville to Asheville, was located a few yards from the perpendicular precipice that formed one side of this lofty mountain; it was as noted for its excellent fare and amiable proprietor as for its outlook. The proprietor was Colonel Hagood, of Pickens, former senator from the old Pendleton District, who spent the summer on the mountain with his family and attended to the comforts of all visitors, adding greatly to their enjoyment by his 'great humor, pleasantry and witticism.'" "Summer Migrations of South Carolina Planters", p. 72

"Benjamin Hagood, the third son and fifth child of James and Martha West Hagood, was born in Edgefield District, S.C. on December 11, 1788. When ten (?) years of age he moved with his parents to the Pendleton District, SC. He spent his boyhood years in the section of Pickens County bordering the Saluda River near what is known as the Hagood Bridge." "As a young man in 1814, he returned to Edgefield and sold his father's old home place of 433 acres to Peter Hitt. AT the time of this sale, the title to this property was in Benjamin Hagood's name. About this time, he moved to the Twelve Mile Section, engaged the business of farming and opened what was known as Hagood's Store. His business through the years covered many fields. He operated a plantation in the manner of his day from about 1814 until 1865. With connections with his plantation, he ran Hagood's Store, a convenience for himself and his neighbors; operated a tannery, raised and trained both fine horses and work animals, made good whiskey and dealt in lands and town lots. His work with horses included the training of trotters on a track which he maintained on his own land." "Later in life, he served Pendleton District in the State senate and was serving in this capacity when the District was divided in 1812. The division of this district was the occasion for the founding of "Old Pickens" on the banks of the Keowee River. Upon the opening of this town, Colonel Benjamin Hagood as he had become known, acquired a number of town lots. Whether he ever made his residence in the town is not known." "From 1812 to 1825, he made fifteen purchases of land in the Pendleton District and sold four pieces to Gideon Hester. His name appears as a purchaser and a seller of land from that date until his death in 1865. He served his neighbors in many capacities, as guardian of their orphaned children, administrator of their estates, and as a sort of general purchasing agent." After his services in the State Senate, he acquired Caesar's Head, a mountain containing many acres and 3280 feet above sea level, situated in the northwestern part of Greenville County, SC, and established it as a summer resort for the people of SC and other points of the country were well represented. He organized and operated as President of the Blythe Gap Turnpike Company. Acquired from John M. Roberts, a tract of 433 acres, part of which was located on the slopes of Caesar's Head and Operated a turnpike throughout this section and into North Carolina." During the War between the States, he was very active in furnishing the troops from the Pickens area with supplies of various kinds. (Note: these troops were largely clothed and armed during these years by local effort). He died February 28, 1865, after a long illness. It is doubtful that he knew of the final defeat of the Confederate Forces and his final will was made prior to the defeat. His wife survived him." "Adeline Ambler and Benjamin Hagood were married on July 4, 1824. She was not quite sixteen at the time and he was thirty-five. Adeline Ambler was the daughter and second child of James and Susan Hagood Ambler and was born in Abbeville District, SC on November 12, 1808. Susan Hagood was the daughter of William and Sarah Johnson Hagood. James Hagood and William Hagood were brothers." (This would make Benjamin Hagood and his wife Adeline's mother, Susan Hagood first cousins) Source: Typed notes of Ben Folger Hagood Jr. ************************************************************************** ************

The relationship between Benjamin Hagood and Benjamin Holder(b. 1825) has been a source of speculation for some years. Nowhere in any Hagood family documents, legal or otherwise, does Benjamin Hagood claim or acknowledge paternity for Holder. Benjamin Hagood does leave Holder land and three slaves in his will, but does not name him as one of his children. The Holder family listed Benjamin Hagood as the father of Benjamin Holder on his death certificate and the mother as "Miss Holder". MGHB/2002 *********************************************************************

"According to the 1860 census, his real and personal estates were valued at $42,600 and $45,000 respectively; the slave schedules for that year recorded thirty-six slaves as his property. An inventory of his estate listed thirteen tracts totaling 4,535 1/2 acres and included a residential plantation of 1,289 acres, Caesars Head tract (500 acres), two lots in Pickensville, railroad and bank stock, and thirty-seven slaves. Elected to the House, Hagood represented Pendleton in the Twenty-eighth (1828-1829), Twenty-ninth (1830-1831), and Thirtieth (1832-1833). during the early 1830's, he supported nullification and was a member of a Pendleton committee of vigilance which sought to prevent the circulation of abolitionist publications (1835). Pendleton elected him to the state Senate for the Thiry-fourth General Assembly (1840-1841); he served on the committee on the military and pensions (1840-1841). Locally, he was a militia colonel and commissioner of public buildings for Pickens District (1834, 1837, 1852). He married Adaline Ambler, daughter of James Ambler and Susan Hagood of Pendleton District. They were the parents of six children, including James Earle, Elvira C., Elmina E., Eliza E., John H., and a child whose name has been lost. Survived by his wife and five children, Benjamin Hagood died 13 February 1865." Source: "Biographical Directory of the SC Senate: 1776-1985", Vol. I, USC Press/1986

From diary of Samuel Edward Burges, 1860 - 1862: "Went out early. Saw sun rise at 5:50 to begin his days race. rose clear and brilliant, magnificent, cold. after breakfast visited cold spring and the Head, view as clear as I ever saw it, and this is my seventh visit. Col. Hagood says as clear as it ever gets except in winter. Col H is a whole team, full of rough jokes and stories. In afternoon visited a place called the Bluff, not much to be seen except Mts. and a squatters cabin. then to the Head, saw sun set in a bed of Mts., leaving the horizon tinted with a roseate hue. Day quite cool, at dark thermometer 54." Source: SC Genealogical and Historical Magazine.


"The Caesar's Head Property has been noted far and wide as a summer resort for more than a half century. the hotel was kept there for many years by Colonel Ben Hagood, the father of Mrs. Miles, who was one of the quaintest and most original characters ever known in this section. He had an extensive acquaintance throughout the State, and families from the lowcountry were delighted to be under his care and hospitality, so that every summer there was a hegira of wealthy people in the direction of Caesar's Head, where they would enjoy the mountain breezes, drink in the ozone and other things common in that vicinity, eat fried chicken and delicious mutton, wade the adjacent streams while fishing for speckled trout, and, in general, have a good time while resting and recuperating from the effects of a much warmer climate. Colonel Hagood must have entertained a great many thousands, and he was such a superb host that everyone who once tried a sojourn at the Head always desired to get back again. People in those days did not mind a hack or a carriage ride of thirty or forty miles to reach the Head, and they went from Greenville and elsewhere in large numbers. There were no telegraphs or telephones, and the mails brought letters and papers, two or three times a week, so that this popular resort was not burdened with the affairs of the outside world to any extent. Colonel Hagood died many years ago, and the Caesar's Head property passed into the hands of Mrs. Miles (his daughter), by whom it has been owned ever since except with the exception of a few years, when it was under the control of the late Colonel E.M. Seabrook, of Charleston, who purchased but did not succeed in paying for the property. He made extensive improvements of the hotel, adding a large number of rooms and built a splendid road of easy grade up the mountain, which made the trip very delightful for four or five miles before reaching the hotel. Colonel Seabrook had a very large patronage of visitors from various portions of the South. He made money every season, and it was a surprise after a few years that the property passed out of his hands on account of non-payment of the purchase money. Dr. and Mrs. Miles were again installed as the owners and managers of Caesar's Head, and for the past ten or twelve years they have successfully catered to the wants of the visitors who have flocked there without any special effort being made to advertise its advantages and attractions. The climate has the effect of a bracing tonic on Dr. Miles, who believed it was necessity for his existence on account of pulmonary trouble. He did not care to live elsewhere, and so they have quietly and graciously ministered to the comfort of their guests all these years. " "The tract consists of twenty-two hundred and thirty-one acres, embracing the famous Caesar's Head and many other points of interest. The buildings are extensive and completely furnished throughout. The grounds are stocked with sufficient livestock for all necessary purposes, except there are no horses or mules, and the orchards are now loaded with the most delicious fruit. The Blythe's Gap turnpike road across the mountains, and chartered by the State, is an appendage of the place. The owners refused twenty thousand dollars in cash for this property not many years since." Source: The Greenville Mountaineer, Sept. 18, 1897, reprinted in "Early Travel & Accommodations Along the roads of the Upper Part of Greenville County, SC & Surrounding Areas" by Mann Batson, 1995

It is interesting to note that among the engagements listed for the 11th Regiment Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War, Caesar's Head and Pickensville are listed as sites. Source:

Pickens District Jury List: 1828-1849: Benjamin Hagood - 10/31 GJ(Grand Jury); 10/37 GJ; 10/41GJ, 3/48 CP(Common Pleas) *********************************************************************

Joseph Chapman, early settler in the Old Pendleton District, served in the Revolutionary War under Captain Robert Maxwell and Colonel Andrew Pickens. There is an interesting account in the Chapman Family website listed below. The following is part of the probate records of Joseph Chapman on file in the Pickens County Courthouse: "The petition of the undersigned legatees of the Estate of Joseph Chapman, deceased, pray that you would appoint Benjamin Hagood Administrator of said Estate as it was the wish of our father that he should act as Administrator and we wish the property to be sold as quick as the law will allow for the property is very much exposed. There is no will made concerning the said property." Signed by his sons. "On the first Monday in August, 1837, Joseph Chapman's lands were sold at auction at the Pickens Courthouse. (This would have been 'Old Pickens' which was located at Robertson's Ford on the Keowee River, near the present day Oconee Nuclear Station. The only building remaining is the old Presbyterian Church, which was made of brick, while the rest of the buildings were wood frame. There is a church yard with some old tombstones, as well as some tombstones moved to the site by Duke Power when the Nuclear Station and dams were built causing the Keowee to form lakes.) The lands were bought for $1,511 by the Reverend John Burdine. An amazing sum for a preacher to have in those days." "In 1849, John Burdine sold 'all that tract of land known as the Joseph Chapman land on both sides of the east fork of 12 Mile River to Benjamin Hagood'. Hagood owned the store and mill on land which adjoined the Chapman lands. He administered the estate. Did he front the money to Reverend Burdine with understanding that at some future date he would purchase the land outright?" Source: *********************************************************************
Georgia Hall County

This indenture made and intered in Thirteenth Day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and thirty Between Benjamin Haygood of the State of South Carolina Pickens District of the one part and ? Hagood of Georgia Hall County of the other part. With that I the said Benjamin Hagood for and consideration of the sum of four hundred and ? Dollars to me in hand paid which is hereby ack??? and for which I have Granted bargained and ? and by these presents do grant bargain and ? unto the said Osborn Hagood his heirs and ? Forever a certain piece parcel or tract of Land lyi? and being in the State of Georgia and Hall ? in the tenth District Containing one hundred Twenty five Acres being one half of a lot known marked No 28 on both sides Little Yellow Creek ? ing the west half of said to a conditional line By Ezekiel Painter and John Hitower which Lot ? originally Drawn in a Land Lottery in the said ?of Georgia by William Vaughn and Granted to him ????????on the seventh Day of October ? Granted bargained and Sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell into the said Ratliff Bor??? His heirs and assigns forever a certain piece or tract ? Land, lying and being in the State of Georgia Hall Co ? In the tenth District containing one hundred and Twenty five acres being one half of a Lot known and marked No 28 on both sides of Little yellow Creek containing ? The west half of said lot of said lot to a conditional line marked ? Ezekiel Painter and John Hightower on which lot was originally drawn in a Land Lottery in the said ? of Georgia by William Vaughn and granted to him ?/ His Excellency John Clark on the Seventeenth Day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eighteen and Twenty one & I do warrant and forever defend the said west Eng(/0 of said Lot to Ratcliff Boon his heirs and assigns together with all and singular the rights mess? and appertainces there unto belonging or in any way incident to the same from any self my heirs and from the Gl? of every other person whomsoever claiming the same or any part there of in witness I hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above writen(sic) and fifty ????????and bring in the ? of ?? ?? In the Tenth District containing one hundred and Twenty five Acres being one half of a lot known and marked No 28 on both sides Little yellow Creek ? ing the west half of said to a conditional Line By Ezekiel Painter and John Hitower which Lot ? originally Drawn in a Land Lottery in the said State of Georgia by William Vaughn and Granted to him by Excellency John Clark on the Seventh Day of October in Year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty one and I do warrant and forever defend the said End of said Lot to Osborn Hagood his heirs and assigns Together with all and singular the rights m

State of South Carolina Pickens District

Know all men by these present that I Benjamin Hagood for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by David Smith of the State of Georgia and County of Hall have bargained Sold and released and by these presents do Grant bargain sell and Release unto the aforesaid David Smith one half of a certain tract or parsell of land or lot of land lying and being in the State of Georgia and County of Hall all the one half of the aforesaid for the East end of said lot containing one hundred and Twenty five acres more or less No 28 Drawn by William Vaun of Thomas Dist Burke County. Together with all and Singular the aforesaid premises unto the said David Smith His Heirs and assigns and I do hereby bind myself my heirs and assigns to warrant and forever defend the one half of said lot of land the East end unto the aforesaid David Smith his heirs and assigns and against myself my heirs and assigns in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this the 12th day of March A D 1854. Signed Sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us John Robinson Benjamin Hagood (seal) W D Rogers

Georgia Hall County

In person before me John H. Hanson a Justice of the peace for said County cameJohn Robinson who being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he saw Benjamin Hagood Sign and deliver the within Deed of Conveyance for the purpose within mentioned and that he saw W D Rogers assign his name as a witness - Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 20th day of March 1854 - John H Hanson Jr John Robinson

Recorded this 24th July 1854
William Sitton, Clerk

Source: Hall Co., GA Records as found by Richard Painter, 2002.

State of South Carolina
Pickens District

In the name of God Amen.  I Benjamin Hagood of the State and District
aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind do make this my last will and
testament in manner and from following:

I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Adaline Hagood during her natural life.  One half of the plantation whereon I now live.  The following Negro slaves to wit, Harry, Molly, Gilbert, Clarissa, Peter, Harriett, Gilbert Jr., Berry, Caroline and two children and any increase she may hereafter have & Jerry.  Also my Grist Mill with the tract of land as follows.  commencing on Pine corner on Thomas Land running along the public road to where the ridge road forks near the old Barn taking a north direction toward Saul Porters along said road to the back line adjoining Porter then along my land to beginning corner on Pine.  Also I will to my said wife all the stock on the Plantation that she may need of any kind all the farming tools smith tools wagons carts and there she may need in keeping up her said farm also one thousand dollars in cash.

All my household & kitchen furniture I will to my wife Adaline to dispose of as she may think proper.  My children are to have their grinding done toll free at the mill given to my wife.

To my son James E. Hagood, I will and bequeath the Plantation where on he now lives being the same purchased from John Burdine and the following Negroes, Rose and four children, Dilce, Tomence.  Tom & Jane & two Negro boys Jack & Bill.  The Negroes now in his possession.

To my eldest daughter Elvira C. Robinson I will and bequeath the following Negroes - Miles, Mary & girl named Martha.

To my second daughter Elmina E. Hagood I will and bequeath the tract of land known as Caesar's Head with all the appurtenances there unto belonging.  Containing 480 acres more or less.  All the furniture belonging to the house & the turn pike road to her and her heirs forever.

To my third daughter Eliza I will and bequeath one Negro girl named Mariah.
To my youngest son John H. I will and bequeath one half of the plantation whereon I now live at his mother's decease.  He is to have the half willed to her and in a final settlement of my estate he is to account for the said plantation at four thousand dollars.

It is my will and desire that all my debts be paid.  That all moneys due me be collected all the balance of my estate real & personal not herein willed to remain till some of my younger children arrive at lawful age than all property this property of every kind to be valued by these or five shareholders and all of my children that have arrived to lawful age to receive their share and the balance to remain till the next one arrives of age and then the property to be
valued and divided as before and son on till the youngest arrives of age and those of my children that I have given property to are to account for the same at the price I have charged them in my family book.  It is my will that any surplus property or any of the Negroes not willed that does not do well be sold and be divided as herein after directed.

All the property given to my wife Adaline at her death except the half of the home plantation to be valued and divided as the other property.  My mill and desiring that all my debts when collected and when my property is valued that it all be equally divided between my five children James E., Elvira C., Elmina E., Eliza and John H. so that they may all be made equal.

I will and bequeath to Benjamin Holder the balance of the tract of land whereon he is farming known as the Ambler Tract after my wife receives the part laid off to her in this my last will and known as the Mill Tract the balance to the said Benjamin Holder also I give him three Negroes named Yancy, Jack Jr. & girl Lydia.

I further revoke all wills made by me heretofore and declare this to be my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have these unto set my hand and seal this 23 day of July 1852.

E.H. Griffin
W.D. Steele
Benjamin Hagood
Source:  Benjamin Hagood Family & Plantation Pickens County, SC; Information compiled by:  Margaret "Gary" Hagood Brightwell;

53. Dr. Zachariah HAGOOD

Medical Doctor (1820s-1870s) ; Postmaster, Pinson AL (1830s-40s ) ; Farmer (1850)

1850 Census, Greens Dist., Jefferson Co., AL: Zacharia age 56, farmer: wife - Mary A., age 40 (born at sea); James 16; Francis R., 14; Margaret 12; Nancy 9; John H. 7; Susanna 6; Mary E. 3; Zac B., 1.

1860 Census,Greens Dist., Jeff Co. AL, Pg 665 -- Lists Zachariah Hagood age 66, Farmer; Value of personal property: $32,100; Value of Real Estate - $7,000. Wife - Nancy, age 44;: John H., age 18; Susan age 16; Mary C., age 14; William H., age 4: Theodicise E., age 2; Mary S. Watson, age 17; Jane Watson, age 16; John C., age 14; and John A. Painter, age 26, Laborer.

Marriage 1 Nancy M Nash b: 14 FEB 1798 in SC, Greenville
   * Married: 14 FEB 1814 in SC 13

  1. Robert Jackson Hagood b: 23 JAN 1815 in SC, Charleston
  2. Martha Jane Hagood b: ABT 1816 in SC
  3. Amanda Hagood b: ABT 1818
  4. Benjamin Z Hagood b: ABT 1819 in SC
  5. Thomas M Hagood b: 22 FEB 1820 in AL, Jefferson Co
  6. George Mansfield Hagood b: ABT 1822 in SC
  7. Elizabeth Hagood b: 25 MAR 1827 in AL, Jefferson Co

Marriage 2 Mary Ann Erwin b: ABT 1810 in At Sea
   * Married: ABT 1828 in AL

  1. Hagood b: ABT 1831
  2. James Mansfield Hagood b: 20 NOV 1833 in AL, Jefferson Co, Pinson [Formerly Mt Pinson, Formerly Hagood's Crossroad]
  3. Frances Rebecca Hagood b: ABT 1836 in AL
  4. Margaret Amanda Hagood b: ABT 1838 in AL
  5. Nancy Ann Hagood b: ABT 1841 in AL
  6. John Harrison Hagood b: ABT 1843 in AL
  7. Susanna A Hagood b: ABT 1844 in AL
  8. Mary Catherine Hagood b: ABT 1847 in AL
  9. HZachariah Benjamin Hagood b: 5 SEP 1849 in AL
 10. Thomas Hagood b: ABT JAN 1851 in AL

Marriage 3 Nancy Erwin b: ABT 1816 in SC
   * Married: 27 AUG 1851 in AL, Jefferson Co 14

  1. William Calhoun Hagood b: ABT 1856 in AL, Jefferson Co
  2. Theodoria E Hagood b: ABT 1858 in AL

53. Rebecca HAGOOD

MRS. JOHN HIGHTOWER (1786-1863) (Rebecca Hagood) "Rebecca Hagood was born in 1786, daughter of James and Martha (West) Hagood. She married first, John Hightower and second, a Mr. Barton, and lived on the Buncombe Highway north of Greenville. Left a widow, she often visited at the home of her brother, Benjamin Hagood, who lived at Caesar's Head six months of the year. It is believed that Scarborough painted her portrait at Caesar's Head a popular resort where the artist spent many summers." Collection: Confidential Source: "South Carolina Portraits": A Collection of Portraits of South Carolinians and Portraits in South Carolina, compiled The Nat'l Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of South Carolina, pub. 1996, The State Printing Co. The owners of this portrait are Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. Hagood, Charleston. In a conversation with Ben in 2002, several humorous anecdotes were told regarding the portrait. The portrait had been passed down to Frances Miles Hagood Mauldin ("Aunt Queen"). She delighted in telling the story that the portrait had been hung in the dark little room under the stairs in the family home for many years. (Family home later becoming the Hagood-Mauldin House). When family children needed some "time out" from over excitement or naughty behavior, they spent their time in the little room with.... "Aunt Rebecca" (portrait). Upon "Aunt Queen's" death, the portrait was willed to James M.("Jimmy") Hagood, Ben A. Hagood's father, and "Jimmy" later left it to his son Ben A. Hagood. When Ben and his wife Derrill Maybank Hagood had their first son, Ben Jr., he was once put down in his crib in the room in the James M. Hagood house where "Aunt Rebecca's" portrait was proudly displayed. Baby Ben was usually easy to put down, but this night he wailed and cried until his mother came in to check on him. When Derrill came into the room Baby Ben was crying hysterically while looking at the portrait. She promptly hung a diaper over the portrait and Baby Ben went agreeably to sleep. Source: Conversation between Ben A. Hagood and Margaret Gary Hagood Brightwell/2002

The 1850 Census of Greenville, Greenville Co., SC shows a Rebecca Barton, about 60 years old, living in dwelling number 318 next door to a "Susan Painter". This Susan Painter is believed to be her sister Susanna. In the house with Susan was Hightower Painter, age 23; Amanda, & James. Source: Richard Painter, direct descendant of Susanna Hagood Painter, of Central, Pickens County, SC, in 2002.

Directions to Hightower-Hagood Cemetery: Now in Cliffs Valley complex. Go on (old) 25 to Terry Creek Rd., turn left; proceed past Terry Creek P.H. Church and turn right onto Painter Creek Rd; proceed on Painter Creek Rd to Pathfinder Court; left on Pathfinder Court to 207 Pathfinder Court; this is the residence of Paul W. Yoder, phone: 803-836-5268. Cemetery is just nw of the paved surface of the backing-out area shown between Lots 2 (Mr. Yoder's lot) and 3(undeveloped as of this date); this is the area on which the cem is located which is HH+82 degrees 27' 11" W, 35 degrees 08' 13" N. This is the cemetery of John Hightower.

Tombstone reads: Rebecca Hagood, wife of John Hightower, died Nov. 4, 1863, aged 77 years. Erected by the children of Benjamin Hagood. Besides she and her husband, there is a stone for "Infant Son of John Hightower and his wife Rebecca - 1845; Marie....1834? - indistinct inscription on a field stone; Rebecca Hightower Apr. 17, 1845, with inscription "Remember me as you pass by" etc. and the affectionate poem "I cannot forget thee, the struggle is vain. Thine image will come in its freshness again. Let fate do her worst, she can never erase from my mind, or my heart, thy name or thy place." It was noted that John Hightower, Rebecca Hightower, and the infant son of John & Rebecca Hightower all died in 1845. However, the John Hightower who died Jan. 27, 1845, at age 67 would not seem to be the husband of Rebecca Hightower to whom the above verses were written, evidently by a grieving husband, as she died in April 1845, about three months after his death. There is also a puzzle as to just who Rebecca Hagood was, and to which John Hightower she was married. Rebecca Hagood, who was (from the dates given) was born in 1786 and died in 1863 must have been the wife of John Hightower who was born in 1778 and died in 1845. The other Rebecca, who died in 1845, as did her infant son, must have been the wife of another John Hightower, whose gravestone was not found in this cemetery, but could be among the mass of stones which have been removed from graves and piled up between Rebecca who died in 1845, and her infant son. Only one grave seems to have been entered, but the place is so overgrown and covered with woods earth from years of dead vegetation that it is now impossible to tell what happened there. The handsome stones remaining could be moved to a more suitable place for preservation. Since there is no sign of cultivation of land around this place, it is not another example of gravestones being piled together and the place plowed around as in many places in Greenville County, so the desecration here must be attributed to vandals. This cemetery should not be confused with the Hightower-Hawkins cemetery on Highway 25. Source: A Greenville Co., SC, cemetery book found by Richard Painter at the Greenville County Library. Copies sent to Margaret Gary Hagood Brightwell 2002.

108. Ebenezer F. FULHAM

1800 Vermont, Windsor Co., Cavendish has Timothy next to Ebenr. Timothy has 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25 and 1 female 45+. and Ebenr. has 1 male under 10, 1 male 25-44, 3 female under 10, 1 female 26-45. Nearby is Sewell Fullum 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44.

1810 Vermont, has Timothy Fullum living in Cavendish, Windsor Co., VT and Ebenr Fullum living in Ludlow, Windsor Co., VT.  Timothy has 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+ and Ebenr has 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44, 3 female under 10, 1 female 26-44.

1850 Ludlow, Windsor Co., Vermont has Ebenezer F. Fullom age 82, Farmer, born in Mass. and Abigail age 81 born in NH living with his son Augustus G and family.

He lived in Fitchburg until 1798, then went to Cavendish, VT with his father and brother, and in 1806 he moved to Lunenburg, MA.  He was of medium stature; very active, industrious habits; and mild temper.  10 children.

110. Littleberry HOLCOMBE

1820 South Carolina, Greenville has Halcomb, Little B. 51021121211
This shows males 5 under 10 years, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 26-45 and 1 over 45. Females 2 under 10, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 26-45 and 1 over 45.

1850 SC, Georgia, Cherokee has Littleberry Holcombe 86 living with Harman Holcombe. Littleberry is recorded in the 1850 census of Cherokee County, GA in 1850 as living in the home of his son, Harmon Holcombe. This census also shows Littleberry to be born in SC, but Revolutionary proofs given by his older brother Jordan, show that he was nearly 12 when his family removed to SC from NC.

Note: Harman Holcomb recorded with family in 1850 in Cherokee Co, GA, in which his father, Littleberry Holcomb, was recorded as 86 yrs old.

Note: There are only 12 of the children listed. It is presumed that there were 14. The 1820 census of Greenville District shows males 5 under 10 years, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 26-45 and 1 over 45. Females 2 under 10, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 26-45 and 1 over 45. Littleberry is recorded in the 1850 census of Cherokee County, GA in 1850 as living in the home of Harmon Holcombe. This census also shows Littleberry to be born in SC but Revolutionary proofs given by his older brother Jordan, show he was nearly 12 when his family removed from North Carolina.

Grogan Genealogy has death as Aug 7 1855

112. Thomas HARRIS

Thomas buys in 1797 400 acres of his father's land in the Cascade Creek area.  

Thomas is in Pittsylvania Co in 1813 living adjacent to Isham Lansford.

Source T. M. McClellan Jun 30, 1995

See for map of land adjacent to Henry Lansford

Land Grant #63, page 145 Grant to Thomas Harris on Jun 10, 1810 for 50 acres. Land borders John Harris and Isham Lansford

Deed book 17 page 151-2.  On Sep 15, 1810 Thomas and Rebecca Harris sell 400 acres on Cascade Creek for 300 pounds to Abraham Morgan.  See image CIMG3078.JPG.

Land Grant #63, page 519 - Grant to Thomas Harris for 164 acres in Pittsylvania Co., VA - July 22, 1813

James Barbour Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  To all to whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 4893, issued 22nd of May 1812 there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Thomas Harris, a certain tract or parcel of land, containing one hundred and sixty four acres by survey, bearing date the 13th day of August, 1812 situated in the County of Pittsylvania, on the waters of Cascade creek and bounded as follows to wit  Beginning at pointers, then north twenty nine degrees west one hundred and sixteen poles crossing two branches to pointers on Robert Williams former line, thence with his line north fifty one degrees, west ninety five poles to a white oak north seventy one degrees, west twenty four poles to pointer, north seventy five degrees, west forty poles to a white oak, then a new line north forty four degrees, west sixty poles to Henry Lansford's corner white oak on a branch, thence along his line south four degrees, east sixty poles to a locust south six and an half degrees, west one hundred and ten poles to a red oak in Isham Lansford's line, and then with his line south seventy three degrees, east two hundred and thirty six poles to the beginning with its appurtenance to Have and to Have the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Thomas Harris, and his heirs forever.  In Witness where of the said James Barbour Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath her unto set his hand and caused the lofer (?) seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the twenty second day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen and of the Commonwealth the thirty eight.  Signed Jas. Barbour

DB18 page 303.  On Aug 16, 1813 Thomas and Rebeckah sell 164 acres to Murphey Douglas for 80 pounds.  Land lies on Lick fork of Cascade Creek and is bounded by Fuller F. Harris, Isham Lansford, Pleasant Mahon, Thomas Mahon, and Peter M. Harris.  See image CIMG3082.JPG

DB18 page 544-5.  On Aug 26, 1814 Thomas Harris buys 223 acres on Smith River for 86 pounds.  See image CIMG 3084.JPG and CIMG3085-86.JPG

Deed book 19 page 70 - Jan 9, 1815 Rebeckah Harris acknowledges the indenture of Thomas with Murphy Douglas (image CIMG3087.JPG)

Deed book 20 page 152 On May 14, 1816 Rebecca Harris, widow of Thomas Harris acknowledges deed to be hers. (image CIMG3089.JPG)

1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners & Gazetteer, Volume 2: South Central Region by Roger G. Ward has Thomas Harriss living on Cascade Creek 30 miles SW of the Chatham courthouse.  Living in the approximate same area is Peter M. Harriss.  Living nearby is William Harris on the Cascade Creek 10 miles South of Henry Co. Courthouse.

On Sep 18, 1815 Rebecca Harris, widow of Thomas, and David Harris and Isham Lansford all acknowledge their bond of $1500 to administer the estate of Thomas Harris.

Thomas was a witnesses on the will of Thomas Edwards Nov. 17, 1790

Account Book 5, page 256-8. Inventory of Thomas Harris estate on Oct. 13, 1815.  includes: see image CIMG3012-14.JPG
1 sorral mare ($60.00)          1 dark bay mare (45.00)          
5 large hots (20.00)            12 smaller kino (24.00)         
1 cow & yearling & bell (14.00) 1 red & white bull (6.50)
1 white & red steer (5.50)      1 small steer (4.00)             
1 small heifer (3.00)           1 red & white cow & yearling (12.00)
1 red cow & yearling (11.00)    1 small brown heifer (4.00)
11 head sheep (22.00)           1 cart & steers (72.00)          
1 hog (6.00)                    1 whip saw & hand saw (11.25)   
5 hilling hoes (3.75)           2 grubing howes (1.00)
1 broad ax (2.50)               1 drawing & chipels & gouge & campasses (1.25)
1 spie marter & shovel & flesh fork (1.75)                       
2 pots & 2 dutch ovens (4.00)   1 shoat (2.00)
3 bee hives (2.00)              1 lime stone (.25)
20 head of geese (15.00)        1 table with the toilet (8.00)
1 chest & toilet (2.00)         1 mans saddle & womans saddle (20.00)
1 feather bed & furniture (40.00)1 feather bed & furniture (30.00)
15 pounds of feathers (7.50)    24 yards of checked cloth (12.00)
1 feather bed & furniture (30.00) 1 feather bed & furniture (25.00)
1 small chest (.50)             2 chests & spinning wheel (4.25)
1 cooking glass (1.25)          8 chairs (2.00)
1 armed chain (.75)             3 large bacons (3.00)        
4 pewter dishes (5.00)          4 pewter plates & half dozen spoons (2.00)
parcel of knives & forks (.75)  2 bottle & pitcher & funnel & tumbler (1.50)
1 Hackle (1.75)                 1 little spinning wheel (2.50)   
2 rasers & strap (.75)          1 Hine book (.25)
2 piggins pale & tubb (1.00)    1 pare of flat irons (1.00)     
1 Brandy cask & cock (1.00)     1 runlett fat tub & flour barrel (1.00)
2 butter pots & 3 gallon jugs (1.50)1 Chearn & parcel of earthen ware (2.50)
2 old hobby hogshead (1.50)     5 oats stack (12.50)             
4 sides of leather & calf skins & 2 sheep skins (8.00)
1 sheep skin (1.25)              1 bay horse and saddle (70.00).
Total inventory $716.25

113. Rebecca UNKNOWN

1820 Pittsylvania, VA  has Rebecca with 3 free males between 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 2 female under 10, 1 female 45+, 1 person engaged in agriculture, 1 female slave under 14 and 1 female slave 15-26. Image 97.  Living nearby is Isham Lansford and Doctor Mahon.

1830 Pittsylvania, VA Census - Rebecca with 1 Male (15-20), 2 Male (20-29), 1 Female (10-15)1 Female (15-20)  1 Female (50-60) and 5 slaves 1 male (under 10) and 2 female (under 10), 1 female (10-24) and 1 female (24-36)- page 364, image 101 of 196 on

1840 Pittsylvania, VA census - Rebecca with 1 Male (30-40 yrs) - either William or Simon; 1 Female (60-70 yrs) - Rebecca;  owned 5 slaves (male) living next door to Parmenious Langsford and Frank Harris

Court order book 17 page 39.  On motion of Rebecca Harris, widow of Thomas Harris decd. and David Harris who under oath according to law and with Isham Lansford and James Curry their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the ? of fifteen hundred dollars Conditioned as the law directs.  Certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of administration of the Estate of said deceased in due form. (On Sep 18, 1815 Rebecca Harris, widow of Thomas, and David Harris and Isham Lansford all acknowledge their bond of $1500 to administer the estate of Thomas Harris. ) See image CIMG3101.JPG

Deed book 19 page 70 Rebeckah Harris acknowledges the indenture of Thomas Harris with Murphy Douglas.  See image CIMG3087.JPG

Deed book 20, page 152.  On May 14, 1816 Rebecca Harris, widow of Thomas Harris, acknowledges deed with Abraham Morgan to be hers.  see image CIMG3089.JPG

Court Document 2 November, 1846, concerning
will of Rebecca Harris, wife of Thomas Harris
Published in the Danville Hearld 6 November, 1846
VIRGINIA, TO WIT: At Rules held in the Clerk's office of the County court of Pittsylvania on the 2nd of November 1846,
Sarah Harris, Israel Harris, and William Harris, infant children of James Harris dec'd., who sue by their next friend, James Tinsley, Pltfs against David Harris, Reuben Mahon and Virginia his wife, Susan Harris, Mary Jane Harris. George Harris, and Martha Rebecca Harris, infant children of James Harris, dec'd.. Permenas Lansford and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Harris, Johnson Mahon and Leah his wife, Benjamin Ivy infant child of Nancy Ivy, dec'd. and Granberry Thornton, admr. of Rebecca Harris, dec'd. Defts. In chancery The defendants David Harris, Susan Harris, Mary Jane Harris, George Harris, and Martha Rebecca Harris, Infant children of James Harris, dec'd. and Johnson Mahon and Leah his wife... are not inhabitants of this country.

Inventory of Rebecca Harris estate on Oct. 15, 1845, Pittsylvania Co., VA Account book 15 page 349 includes (no., item, value in $:
1 turning plow, ($1.50)          2 coulters (.50)              
1 pole axe (1.00)                4 hilling hoes (1.25)
2 mattocks (1.50)                1 sythe & cradle (1.50)
1 shovel plow & 2 swing tree (?) (1.50)                 
2 set plow guer (2.00)           knives & forks & spoons (.50)
1 pine table (1.00)              1 chern (.25)
1 sifter (.13)                   1 lot tin (.52)
1 lot eatan ware (1.00)          2 ?leys (.50)
1 lot of pots, ovens (1.75)      1 cotton wheel (.25)
2 peggons 1 pale & tub (1.00)    1 barrel & gum (.25)
1 pr salyards & sad iron (1.00)  1 flax ?aekle (1.00)
1 yoke oxen (35.00)              1 small steer (2.50)
1 black & white (9.00)           1 red cow & calf (9.00)
1 yearling (2.00)                4 sheep (5.00)
5  hogs (8.00)                   40 lbs corn ? (60.00)
1 lot shucks (3.00)              10 1/2 oate stakes (31.50)
8 stackes blade fodder (12.00)   1 bay horse (10.00)
1 old carte (5.00)               1 lot ?sreens (1.50)
1 turnip pacth (1.00)            1 pr and irons (1.00)
7 chairs (1.00)                  1 cupboard (5.00)
1 sreking and 1 folding Do (6.50) 1 flax wheel (1.50)
1 candle stand (.75)             1 iron square & glass (.25)
1 cut reel (.25)                 1 side saddle (4.00)
1 bed sted & furniture (7.00)    1 do  do  do  (7.00)(bedsted & furniture)
1 bedsted & furniture (7.00)     1 lot bed covers (3.00)        
4 old chest (1.00)               spun lot & yarn (2.00)
1 bag dryed apples (.50)         1 lot leather (.50)
1 lot peas (.25)                 1 dog (.75)
1 log chain & strecher (2.00)    1 barn of tobacco (12.00)
1 lot patch (.75)                1 negro boy Osooge (500.00)
Marth & child Eliza (500.00)     1 negro girl Caroline (325.00)
1 negro girl Mary (200.00)       1 negro girl  Susan (150.00)
1 old negro woman (winney) (000.00) 1 old loom (.50)
1 bond due from Wade hamp - 17th March 1847 - 82.84
1 bond do 17th March 1848 - 82.84
Balance of debt due from sam which there is a suite on which was due 17th March 1845 - 50.34
Total $2000.00  - See image CIMG3123.JPG

Pittsylvania Co., Court Order Book 40 page 98.  Nov. 1848.  The distribution of Rebecca's assets as a result of a suit by Nancy Harris, widow of Israel Harris mentions all of Thomas and Rebecca's children.  Nancy (and children of Israel) receive $286.92, Perminas Lansford and Elizabeth, his wife, receive $47.82, William and Limon (Simon) are deceased with no issue, children of James Harris, deceased, receives $10.61, David Harris receives $300.15, Perminas Lansford and Elizabeth his wife, the sum of $359.33, Thomas Harris, the sum of $303.98, Johnson Mahan and Leah his wife the sum of $341.54, Benjamin Ivey (?) the sum of $284.27, and children of James Harris, deceased, the sum of $338.23.  Not sure why the children of James Harris and Perminas Lansford and Elizabeth are mention twice.

56. Elizabeth HARRIS

Name may be Mary Elizabeth Harris, birth 1800 - Davis (Pitts. Co. VA) Kin and Cousins by Larry Clum

Permenas applied for a marriage license to wed Elizabeth Harris December 21, 1816 in Pittsylvania Co, VA. Name found spelled Permenas on marriage license.  The marriage license for Permenas Lansford and Elizabeth Harris, list David Harris as bondsman and Rebekah as signing the certificate. Rebekah was her mother and David Harris was her brother.   Thomas Harris her father died one year earlier. David also applies December 21, 1816 for marriage license to Polly Lansford.  Permenas Lansford is bondsman and Isham & Molley Lansfords are her parents. Source FHC microfilm 33326 Marriage Bonds 1762-1862.

56. Thomas HARRIS

1830 Pittsylvania Census has Thos. with 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 2 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. Image 93 of 196.  Living nearby is Permanius Lasford, Doctor Harris, Joh.C. Harris, Doctor Mahon, Pleasant Mahon, William Mahon, E.Lansford w/mother and Ishman Lansford and Thomas L. Harris.

1850 Census of Grainger Co., District 9,TN (image 144) shows
Thomas age 54, Joanna age 49, Sarah R. age 20, James B. age 18, and Parmenious age 14; all born in Virginia.  Profession listed as farmer.  It also shows Thomas and Joanna are over 20 and can not read or write.  Next door neighbor is David T. Harris age 24, wife Sara age 25, Cornelia A age 2 and Louis(?) age 10 months.  This census also shows that Thomas's brother living nearby (Family No. 1070
David (55) occupation Lab. Cons't born VA, Mary (53) born VA, Elizabeth (32) born VA, Barlett Y. (35) born VA farmer, Wm. G. (21) born NC farmer, Booker M (18) born NC farmer, Susan W. (16) born VA, James P. (14) born TN, Richard (10) born TN).

56. James HARRIS

Something is not right with the following 2 lists of children.

F i Virginia E. Harris   
M ii David Harris.   
F iii Susan Harris.   
F iv Mary Jane Harris.   
M v George Harris.   
F vi Martha Rebecca Harris.
Source: The Family of John Mahon

1850 Pittsylvania Co., 1850 census with the following family:
James B. Harris, age 50, Carpenter, born in VA
Louisa Harris (Louisa Voss), age 30, born in VA
Annette Harris, age 17
Thomas Harris, age 11
Joseph Harris, age 10
Mary Harris, age 7
Sally Harris, age 5

56. Israel HARRIS

1840 Pittsylvania, VA census (p. 110, L9)
Males: 1 under 5 (Israel Thomas), 1 (30-40) Israel
Females: 1 under 5 (Sarah), 1 (20-30) Nancy
No slaves

Purchased land from Johnson Mahon and wife Leah on 15 April 1839.
Leah was a brother to Israel

56. Leah HARRIS - Notes on Mahons in Illinois (page 2) - Johnson Mahon's first wife, Leah Harris, came from an aristocratic Virginia family.  They owned slaves.  Rumor handed down says that the marriage was opposed by both families.  Could it be that the Harris attitude was rankled by some Mahon preaching against slavery?  More likely it was just because their daughter was marrying into a poor, hillside tobacco farming family.  The Mahons also had reservations about the marriage.  Seems there had been a record of birth defects in Harris generations.  (Note--Some recent records suggest this source as cause of certain birth defects in the Johnson/Leah Harris Mahon lines.)  Incidentally--Records in Virginia show Leah Harris Mahon signatur as X on a deed with Johnson.  This would suggest that she could not write.  That must not be correct.  Family notes say that Johnson had little or no schoolong.  Leah was reasonably well educated and taught Johnson to read and write in later years.

114. Isham Calhoun LANSFORD Sr.

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Calhoun as middle name is from Lansford Iclum-5-205.FTW who references Pitts. Co. Wills,D&W 5-431-3(GS-033,264) - I have not determined what this reference is.

March 22, 1780 Isham and others are directed by Camden Parish to 'do procession all the patented land beginning where Harris's road crosses Sandy River, thence up the said road to the Country line, thence along the said line to Henry County Line, thence alon Henry County line to the south fork of Sandy River above James Morton's, thence down the said fork to the main creek, thence down the same to Harris's road at the beginning and that they return to the said vestry by the 16th day of May next an account of all lands they shall procession in the said bounds & the persons present at the same & what land they fail to procession and the reason of such failure."

Nov. 7, 1785 Isham is one of the signatures on a petition to the Senate of the Virginia General Assembly opposing a bill requiring the teaching of religion.

Isham Landford entered 400 ac on Rices Branch beginning at Mark't W. oak near the head of sd Br. the extending on both sides the Wagon Road. - Entry Record Book 1737-1770 by Marian Dodson Chiarito for Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry and Patrick Counties.

Pittsylvania County Deed book 5 (Deeds for 1778-1780) has on Nov 16, 1779 Isom selling land for 40£ (pounds) a certain tract of land on both sides of the south fork of Sandy River containing 200 acres.  See image CIMG3035.JPG

Grant 17 p. 600 Isham on Aug 7, 1788 obtains 200 acres on Cascade Creek.

Grant 39, p. 457 On Jul. 19, 1797 he obtains 100 (114) acres adjoining Joseph Harris on Cascade Creek.

On the 1782 Pittsylvania Co. VA Census, Isham had the following:
In his Household:  6 whites and 2 Slaves

1782 Land Taxes Pittsylvania County, Virginia has Isham with 100 acres.

In the description of a deed (DB8 p107) in which Henry Lansford buys 50 acres on Cascade Creek on March 26, 1787 it mentions Isham Lansford's land next to Henry's.

Isham is a witness to a deed when George Fuller Harris buys 50 acres from George Brittain on Aug. 1, 1793.  Other witnesses include David Harris, Joseph Harris, Peter Harris and Henry Lansford. - Deed book 12 p. 522 Pittsylvania Co., VA.

The following was copied from Isham Lansford's Family Bible (MDCCLXLL ),by Wallace M. Lansford.  The Bible was handed down from Isham Lansford Sr. to his son, Parmenas Lansford to his son, Isham Monroe Lansford to his son, Maurice Lucius Lansford to his son, Wallace M. Lansford.

1820 Pittsylvania Co., VA has Isham with 2 male 16-26, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 45+.  Nearby is Parmenas Lansford family.

Williams's Wills of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1820-1845:
"Lansford, Isham, Sr--Written 13 Sep 1826. Probated 21 Aug 1827.  Wife: Mary. Sons: Elijah, Permeneas, Isham, Henry, Simon, Lemuel. Dau: Polly Harris, Dolly Mahan. Heirs of son, Thomas Lansford...heirs of dau, Elizabeth Burton."

Will of Calhoun Isham Lansford

I Isham Lansford Senr. of Pittsylvania County, do make this my last Will and testement, in manner of form following that is to say:
First I leave and loan to my wife Mary the whole and every part of my estate both real and personal during life. She paying my just debts free from restrictions and free from being appraised or any account whatever being taken: and at the death of my wife, I loan to my son Elijah Lansford during his life my negro man Bob and at his death to be divided among his children if he should have any and if none to return to my estate and out of his value my daughter Polley Harris and her heirs to have fifty dollars and at the death of my said wife I will loan my land as follows on the west side of the Ridge Road I leave to Elijah and my two sons to be divided as follows. Beginning at the fork of the road and running down the bottom to Farrards corner than up that hollow to the top of the Ridge and then down next hollow to the branch and down the branch to the creek and crossing the creek to John Willhers line. My son Elijah to take that part my buildings, and Simon the other and on the East side of said Ridge road I give my two sons Permansas and Isham, they to divide as the may think and at the death of my said wife I give one dollar to each of my grandchildren, heirs of Thomas Lansford, and also to each of my grandchildren, heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Burton I give also the dollar, the balance of my estate my will is that it shall be equally divided between my sons Henry, Lamuel, Permanas, Isham, Elijah and Simeon and my daughters, Dolly Mahon and Polly Harris and lastly I leave my son Permeneas Lansford and my son in law, Doctor Mahon my executors to this last will In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 13th December 1826.

In the presence of Benj. Watkins and Anthony B. Johns

Isham Lansford

At a Court of Chancery sessions continued and held for Pittsylvania County, Virginia the 21st day of August 1827. This last will and testament of Lansford decsd. was exhibited in court and proved by the oath of one subscribing witness and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Parmenas Lansford one of the executors therein named who made oath thereto according to law certificate is granted to him for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form so far as relates to the personal estate of the said decedent and giving security whereupon he together with Benjamin Watkins, James Vance, and Pryor Reynolds his securities entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $4000.00 conditience into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $4000.00 the law directs and afterwards to wit at a court held for said county the 13th day of October in the year aforesaid the same was again presented in Court and further proved by the oath of one other subscribing witness.

Will Tunstall C.P.C.

Recorded in the Clerk's Office of Pittsylvania County, Virginia in  will book 1, page 128-9.  See photo CIMG3159.JPG and CIMG3160.JPG

Pittsylvania Co., VA Account Book 12 p. 439-442 has the estate account records and inventory of personal property of Isham Lansford's debts Dated Jul.24, 1830 through Dec. 20 1838. See photo CIMG3126.JPG, CIMB3127.JPG, CIMG3129.JPG and CIMB3131.JPG.  Personal property included - item (value):
2 water pales ($.50), lot of books (.50), 1 pair steelyards, 1 tray of sifter, 54 S. Coffee Keile, 1 lot pewter, knives & forks (.25), 1 lot ranchen ware (1.25), 1 ? ware (1.25), 1 lot wood ware (.50), 1 large pot (.75), 1 large pot, 2 oven & lids (1.25), 2 small pots (1.25), 2 skillets (.75), 2 coffee pots (.50), 2 pot racks (1.50), 2 plow hoes (.75), 1 Sad iron (.25), 1 lot working tools (2.50), 1 flax hackle (1.00), 1 old side saddle (1.00), 1 shotgun (3.00), 1 old Reel (.25), 1 lot old barrels (1.00), 1 walnut chest (2.50), 1 flax wheel (2.00), 1 lot dried fruit (1.00), l lot old bells (.50), 1 walnut table (.75), 1 pine table (.50), 1 ? chain (.50), 1 looking glass (.12), 1 pr ? cards (.50), 2 chairs(.25), 1 cupboard (1.50), 1 rake hoe, 12 fire shovels, 2 stays, 1 pr harness (1.00),1 old loon (1.00), 1 old table (.50), 1 old cotton wheel (.25), 3 axes (2.25), 1 pr old cart wheels (1.00), 1 feather bed & furniture (10.00) no. 1, 1 feather bed & furniture (10.00) no. 2, 1 feather bed & furniture (10.00) no. 3, 1 lot red clothes 8 pieces (8.00), 1 lot rough food (3.00), 4 oat sacks (2.50 each), 2539 lbs Plade fooder @50c per hundred, 22 2/5 Pbls (barrels?) corn @ 2.50 per Pbls, 145 PBl short corn @1.25 per Pbls, 1 red cow and calf (10.00), 1 black cow and calf (9.00), 1 red heifer (5.00), 1 black heifer (4.00), 4 head sheep @1.50 each, 3 fat hogs (20.00), 3 fat hogs  (2.00), 1 sow and 8 shoals (9.50), 1 small sow & 1 shoal (3.00), 5 head geese @.25 each, 4 old hogs heads @ .50 each, 1 old apple mill trough (2.50), 1 lot old sythes & cradles, 1 negro man Bob (500.00) for a total of $848.69.

115. Mary (Molly) HARRIS

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]
Could she be a sister of David Harris?

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Mahon Genealogy has name as Polly from some land records.

Mary (Harris) Lansford's will was probated in Pittsylvania Co., VA Dec. 22, 1837.

Marriage contract Mar. 7, 1803 between Levi Burton and daughter Elizabeth is signed by Isham Lansford and Polley Lansford. - see image CIMG3204.JPG

57. Henry LANSFORD

John Bunyan Lansford b. 8 Dec 1806 in Oglethorpe, Guinnett Co., GA
Marian McHenry Lansford b. 22 Jan 1816 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rebecca H. Lansford b. About. 1820 in VA
William b. abt 1802 in GA

Henry was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Some time around 1800 he moved with other family members to Oglethorpe County, Georgia. About 1830 Henry and his brother Lemuel moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia. Henry and Judith Lansford were members of the Bethlehem Baptist Church of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

DB F p. 44 Dec 5, 1809 the sheriff of Oglethorpe Co., GA sells to Henry Lansford 100 acres on Long Creek waters for $85.

DB G, p 321 Henry Lansford, Senr of oglethorpe Co., GA for love & affection to my son in law Henry L. Britton & my daughter Nancy Britton, his wife, give to them a negro girl named Cicley about 2 yrs. old with her increase if any, 5 June 1812.

DB H, p. 419 Oglethorpe Co., GA Henry Lansford, Senr of said co., for goodwill 7 affection, to my son Henry Lansford, give a negro boy named Willis about 5 yrs old.  i am to have the negro boy during my life & my wife is have him during her life or widowhood, 7 Sept. 1815.

DB I, p. 46 oglethorpe Co., GA Henry Lansford, Senr of said co., for goodwill & affection to my daughter Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Willis D. Edwards, give to her a negro boy named Elias.  I am to have Elias during my life & my wife is to have him during widowhood 7 at her death or marriage the negro is to be delivered to my daughter or lawful heirs of her boty, 26 Sept. 1816.

1820 Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., GA has Henry with 1 male under 10, 1 male 11-25, 1 male 25-45, 2 female 11-25, 1 female 45 +, 3 in Agriculture, 3 male slaves under 14, 2 female slaves under 14, 1 female slave 26-45.  He is living next to Henry Brittain.

1830 Gwinnett Co., Georgia has H. Lansford 1 male age 40-50, 1 female age 15-20, 1 female age 40-50

1850 Qwinnitt Co., Georgia has Henry age 73 a farmer with $358 real estate and Judith age 67.

57. Thomas H. LANSFORD

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

57. Elizabeth LANSFORD

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Mahon Genealogy has Eliz. birth as Jan 7 1786 Pittsylvania Co., VA and died abt. 1811 in harrison Co., IN

Sue Sullivan has Elizabeth's birth as Jan 7 1786 and death Bef. Sep 13, 1826.

57. Lemuel LANSFORD

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Marriage 1 Sarah Elizabeth HOLT b: 12 JUN 1847 in Foster Twp., Marion Co., Illinois
Married: 30 JUN 1864 in Marion Co., Illinois
Barbara Ellen LANSFORD b: 12 MAY 1865 in Foster Twp., Marion Co., Illinois
Sarah Jane "Sis" LANSFORD b: 21 APR 1867 in Marion Co., Illinois
Mary Elizabeth LANSFORD b: 18 SEP 1869 in Marion Co., Illinois
Esther "Easter" LANSFORD b: 19 DEC 1871 in Marion Co., Illinois
Clara Belle LANSFORD b: ABT 1873 in Marion Co., Illinois
Rosella LANSFORD b: ABT 1876 in Marion Co., Illinois
Lucy Matilda LANSFORD b: 4 MAR 1879 in Foster Twp., Marion Co., Illinois
Effie LANSFORD b: 15 MAY 1880 in Marion Co., Illinois
Eva LANSFORD b: 15 MAY 1880 in Marion Co., Illinois
Isham Theodore LANSFORD b: 2 MAR 1882 in Marion Co., Illinois
Henry Monroe LANSFORD b: 4 OCT 1884 in Alma Twp., Marion Co., Illinois
William Oscar LANSFORD b: ABT 1886 in Marion Co., Illinois
Martha Virginia LANSFORD b: 30 JUL 1887 in Vernon, Marion Co., Illinois
Bertha Beatrice LANSFORD b: 17 MAR 1889 in Marion Co., Illinois
Cliffie Maud LANSFORD b: 20 SEP 1892 in Marion Co., Illinois


[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

57. Dolley LANSFORD

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Fayette Facts Vo. XI, No. 1. page 64 states she was born in this year.
Fayette Facts Vol. X, No. 1, page 53. 1981. Says She died in the 1860's.
Her parents' names are from Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
1806-30.- Virginia Historical Society.

The will of Isham Lansford lists her name as Dolly Mahan.  However, according to Marriages of Pittsylvania County, 1831-1861, compiled by Marian Dodason Chiarito in 1982, Dolly married Thomas Davis on August 26, 1850.  William H. Haislip, guardian, signed the certificate.  Arthur W. Eanes, who officiated at the marriages of Elizabeth Lansford, Lucinda Lansford, and Rebeccas Lansford officiated at this wedding ( p. 42).

Name has been listed as Dolly, Dolley, Dorthy and Dora Lansford
The orginal Will of Isham Lansford; her father, list the name as Dolly.
Her Marriage record list her name as Dolley.

Marriage License:
Know all men by these presents that we Doctor Mahon & Edmund Hodges are held and firmly bound unto John Tyler Esquire Governor of the Com
monwealth of Virginia in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to which payment will and truly to be made we bind our selves our heirs Excutor and administrators firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 4th day of December 1810 The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage depending
and suddenly inttended to be had and Solemnized between the above bound Doctor Mahon and Dolley Lansford

if therefore there is no lawful course to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void else remain in full force and Virtue Signed sealed & Delivered
in the presence of                      Doctor Mahon (Seal)
(Signature)                                          X
E. Raneling                                       Mark
                                               Edmund Hodges (Seal)

Consent Form:
December the 4 1810
 we hereby certify that we have given our  free consent to marriage of Doctor Mahon and our Daughter Dolley Lansford and request you to grant him license  given under our hand the day and Date above ritten
 to the                              Isham Lansford
 Clerk of                                 and
 Pittsylvania County         Molley Lansford

See original -- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Genealogy\Harris\Mahon Doctor Dolley Lansford Marriage Records.htm

57. Permenas LANSFORD

Fayette Facts has death as being Nov. 2, 1852 not 1850. Headstone has Mar. 3, 1850.  Probate records, a statement by Lemuel P. Lansford, is that Permenas died Sept 24, 1852.

Co. K, 4th VA Militia, War of 1812
This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Parmenas  buys on 8/16/1852 40 acres (SESW S1, T5N R2E in Fayette Co. IL).  Volume: 154 Page: 231

Purchases 40 acres SE1/4, Section 1 Aug 5, 1852 Fayette Co., IL

Parmenas was also spelled Permenas. Parmenas Lansford was a Private in Captain Lawson's Company Fourth Regiment, Virginia Militiain the war of 1812, for which he was granted a land grant of 40 acres in Fayette County, Illinois. He took possession of the grant in 1853.

1840 Pittsylvania Co., VA census - Name listed as Langsford
Males: 1 under 5, 1 (10-15), 2 (15-20), 1 (20-30), 1 (50-60) Parmeneas
Females: 1 under 5, 2 (5-10), 2 (10-15), 1 (15-20), 1 (40-50) -wife
Slaves: 1 male (24-36)
living next door to Rebecca Harris and Frank Harris

Permenas applied for a marriage license to wed Elizabeth Harris December 21, 1816 in Pittsylvania Co, VA. Name found spelled Permenas on marriage license.  The marriage license for Permenas Lansford and Elizabeth Harris, list David Harris as bondsman and Rebekah as signing the certificate. Rebekah was her mother and David Harris was her brother Thomas Harris her father died one year earlier. David also applies December 21, 1816 for marriage license to Polly Lansford.  Permenas Lansford is bondsman and Isham & Molley Lansfords are her parents. Source FHC microfilm 33326 Marriage Bonds 1762-1862.

Mahon Genealogy - Some records indicate that Permenas was in the war of 1812, assigned to Company K. of the 4th Virginia Militia.

Elizabeth b. Pittsylvania Co., VA; m. William Jones, Oct. 26, 1846 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Lucinda V. Lansford m. James M. Bateman, Oct 22, 1850 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Rebecca Lansford, m. Henry Haislip, Sept. 19, 1842, Pittsylvania Co., VA
Lemuel P. Lansford b. 1826
Isham Monroe Lansford b.  Oct 12, 1836 d. Nov 24, 1894
Leah Lansford b. 1838
Cinthia Lansford b. 1840
James Lansford b. 1853
Thomas Lansford
Mary Lansford

Lemuel P. Lansford a son was appointed administrator Nov. 1, 1852.  Widow's dower amounted to $132.50 in property.

57. Isham M. LANSFORD Jr.

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Apr 10 1837 buys 40 acres in Fayette Co., IL - SW S14 T5N R2E for $50 (Volume: 145 Page:159) and another 40 acres on Dec 15 1836 NW SE S14 T5N R2E. for $50 (Volume: 145, Page: 130)

Isham Lansford bought 40 acres of land on November 1, 1839, with this description. SW 1/4 NE Sec.14, twp 5-N Range 2E, 3rd PM

See for copy of land transaction with Pleasand Mahon and Doctor Mahon (See in Harris Folder)

Private in 4 Regt (Greenhill's) Virginia Militia

1820 Pittsylvania Co., Virginia has Isham with 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 16-26

1830 Pittsylvania Co. Census has Isham with 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.Image 93of 196.  Living nearby is Permanius Lasford, Doctor Harris, Joh.C. Harris, Doctor Mahon, Pleasant Mahon, William Mahon, Thos. Harris and E. Lansford with mother.

Will in Fayette County, Box 108 Pack 17 nuncupative will (An oral will declared by the testator in his or her final illness, made before witnesses and afterward reduced to writing.) was given Mar. 28, 1847 before witnesses as follows:
Nuncupative Will of Isham Lansford deceased as spoken and declared in our presence on the 28th day of March 1847 who died on the following day to witt on the 29th day of March 1847 when and where the said Testator being in sound mind and memory as we verily believe did pronounce the following words and registered the undodp rmf yp nrst Ges Namony of the same to witt I beqeath to my wife Sarah Lansford all my personal property after all my just debts is paid and the use of all my farm untill my youngest child becomes of lawful age and I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Sarah Lansford to settle my business and to execute this will and it is my will that my three youngest children to wit Lidia, Sarah and Lemuel Jackson Lansford have my farm between them in eqal parts according to the value thereof when my youngest child shall arive at lawful age.
and we further state that these words were spoken and declared in his last illness and they do not know of any good reason why the same should not be recorded
Richard Day {seal}
John Lunber {seal}
Sworn and subscribed before me this 13th day of April 1847  Asuhel Lee Probate J.P.

57. Elijah LANSFORD

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

1830 Pittsylvania Co. Census has E. Lansford and Mother has 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40 and 1 female 20-30, 1 female 70-80.  Image 93of 196.  Living nearby is Permanius Lasford, Doctor Harris, Joh.C. Harris, Doctor Mahon, Pleasant Mahon, William Mahon, Thos. Harris and Ishman Lansford.

57. Simeon J. LANSFORD

[Lansford lclum-5-205.FTW]
Henry Lansford
William P. Lansford b. About. 1830 in Pittsylvania Co., VA d. Aug 31, 1868
Permanus Lansford b. About. 1825 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
Dorothy Ann Lansford b. 15 Oct 1831 in Virginia d. Apr 14 1900

This individual was found on GenCircles at:

Simeon and his wife died of Typhus when Dolly was about 3 years old, sometime around 1833. She was raised by her maternal grandmother
Occupation: Farmer

Simeon Lansford on 1830 Pittsylvania Co. Census - 3 male under 5, 1 male 5 - 10, 2 male 15-20, 1 female 20-30 Image 117 of 196

Sue Sullivan has date of death as Aft. Nov 25, 1855.

120. John HACKNEY

1753  Planter in Granville Co., NC  
1754  Member, Granville Co. Militia
Between 1760 and 1762 he received grants from Earl of Granville.

In 1789, John received a land grant of 200 A. in Chatham County from the State of North Carolina.

Warren County, North Carolina DB-3, page 328.  30 November 1770. REUBIN BALLARD E APCILLA BALLARD to JOHN HACKNEY, both of Bate Co. 25 Pds. Va. money for 150 A. in Bute Ce. em SS Sandy Creek, from Lick Branch to Waters Spring Branch. Wit: ALEXR. MUIRNEAD, JOSEPH HACKNEY, WILLIAM DEUTY. Proved by JOSEPH HACKNEY, Bute November Court 1771, BEN McCULLOCH, CC. Reg: 29 January 1772, by JAS. JOHNSON, P.R. Marginal notation: 12th. Augst. 1772 Deld. to JNO. HACKNEY.

Warren Co. NC Deeds, Index and X-index, 1764-1917 (FHL film 20,061)
         3-109: Duncan, Robert, fr John Hackney

Bute County, NC records
Nov 11, 1779,  John Hackney served on jury

1810 Chatham County North Carolina census has John and John Jr. families.  John Senior has 1 male 26-44, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25 and 9 slaves.

1820 Chatham County, NC has one John Hackney son of Wm.

122. West COOK

Military service
Served in militia during 1780. Source: Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, by bobby Gilmer Moss.

96th District, Edgefield Co., SC, in 1790 Census.

1.   Robert Jones COOK Born: Abt 1779 Place:   , , Sc
Died: 5 Nov 1807  
2.   Sarah COOK Born: Abt 1784 Place: Edgefield, Sc
3.   Martha COOK Born: Abt 1794 Place: Edgefield, Sc
Died: Aft 1850 Place: East Feliciana, La
4.   John COOK Born: Abt 1796 Place: Edgefield, Sc
Died:Feb 1836 Place: East Feliciana, La
5.   Caroline C. COOK Born: Abt 1798 Place: Edgefield, Sc
6.   Amanda M. COOK Born: Abt 1800 Place: Sc
Died:  21 May 1881 Place: East Feliciana, La
7.   Mary COOK Born: 6 Feb 1781 Place: Edgefield, Sc
Died: 26 Jun 1842 Place: Maury, Tn

Benjamin Putnam , Chatam County Georgia to West Cook b/s 11 Mar 1798 $400 negro fellow Nedd about age 30.

Joesph Covington to West Cook b/s 3 Jan 1798 $400 Negro fellow Tom between 25 and 30 yrs of age.

William Covington of Abbeville County to West Cook b/s 16 Mar 1798 Negro Tall age about 30.

West Cook of Village of Campellton Edgefield County to David Quarles b/sale 20 Mar 1797 35 sterling a Negro girl Jude about 8 yrs old with her future increase.

West Cook to Nancy Doby deed 18 Jan 1798 Negro girl Dilce about 15 yrs old.

Abstracts of Edgefield Co., SC Equity Court Records  "Property sold 24 Nov 1800: pd West COOK

"Edgefield County, South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1785 - 1795" Compiled by: Brent H. Holcomb; Southern Historical Press, 1979.
Page 62 James Gollihan< vs West Cook.   Asst.  discontd.

Amanda Cook (born approximately 1800)? She came to the East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana  after her father, West Cook of Edgefield, S.C., died. She married Andrew B. Simpson in 1814 and had three children: Margaret McMurray Simpson, Elizabeth Caroline Simpson and Thomas P. Simpson. After Andrew died, she married Ellis Gore and had several more daughters.

Edgefield Co, SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12 1786-1796; Vol I, GE Lee Corley Hendrix, So Hist Press, Inc. 1985. Deed Book 4: 1790, p 29-31. 13 Apr 1790: West Cook to Peter Carnes... Wit: Davis Moore

JOHN HARDY to West Cook, Deed, 3/31/1807 for $460, 120 acres on Savannah River. Witnessed by James Freeman, Josiah Hardy. (x) John Hardy. Justice Garrett Freeman certifies the relinquishment of dower rights by JINCY HARDY wife of JOHN HARDY 3/20/1807. /x/ JINCY HARDY. Proven 3/20/1807 by Josiah Hardy. Garrett Freeman, J. Q. Recorded 3/25/1807. (Deed Book 28, Page 15)

On 19 Feb 1803 at Edgefield Co., SC: DEED: Edgefield Co. Deed Book 17, p. 151: Joel Grizzle to West Cook ???? 19 Feb 1803, for $1200, 300 acres on Stevenson Creek, plat by Robet Lang. Witnesses: Thomas Key, J. Q. Ozias Morgan, Thomas Marcus.   Justice Thomas Key, certificate relinquishment of Dower rights of Sarah Grizzle, wife of Joel Grizzle. 19 Feb 1803. Sarah Grizzle - proven 10 Aug 1803 by Ozian Morgan and Thomas Marcus.

123. Elizabeth MARTIN

Marriage 1 West (Ink) Cook

Marriage 2 Charles (Jr) Martin b: 1784 in Edgeville Co., SC

   * Married: 1808

Marriage 3 Robert Fleming

   * Married: 24 JAN 1842 in Georgia

124. Chesley COFFEE

Chesley Coffey was born on November 19, 1755. He married Margaret Baldwin (one of seven sisters with bad tempers). They moved to near Knoxville, Tennessee during the 1780's. They moved to Adair County, Kentucky in the vicinity of the rest of the Coffey family, between 1800 and 1810. In 1811 or 1812, they moved to Maury County, Tennessee. Chesley Coffey died there on September 18, 1818.

Chesley Coffey was born on Nov. 19, 1755. He married Margaret Baldwin. They moved to near Knoxville, Tenn. during the 1780's. They moved to Adair Co., Ky. between 1800 and 1802. In about 1812, they moved to Maury Co., Tenn., where Chesley died on Sep. 18, 1818. Their children were: Nathan (born 1780), Poilly, Isaac (murdered 1799), Gracie (ca. 1782-1859), John, Joel, Felicia (1787-1865), Jake and Landon (born 1794).

In the late 1770’s Chesley COFFEE went with the great migration of COFFEE families from Virginia into North Carolina and in particular in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. Chesley’s son Nathan was born in 1780 and gave his birthplace as North Carolina. This is from “Biographical Sketches of Ballard Co., Kentucky.” “Col. W. M. COFFEE was born 23 August 1823 in Maury Co., Tennessee; he was the twelfth of fourteen children born to Nathan and Elizabeth (GILBREATH) COFFEE. His paternal grandparents were Chesley and Mary (Margaret) (BALDWIN) COFFEE; on his mother’s side were Hugh and Nancy (CLEVELAND) GILBREATH.

Chesley COFFEE was in Wilkes Co., North Carolina in 1782 by proof of the tax rolls and that he signed as a witness to a deed.

The late 1770’s and early 1780’s land book of Wilkes Co., North Carolina shows that Archelaus COFFEE, James COFFEE, Sr. (Rev James), Joel COFFEE, James COFFEE, Jr., and Thomas COFFEE all lived in Wilkes Co., but by 1800 some of these families had moved on to Green Co., Kentucky. Green Co. was the parent county of Adair Co.,

By 1810 there were the following COFFEE families living in Adair Co., Kentucky; they were two John COFFEE’S, two Nathan COFFEE’S, two James COFFEE’S, Rich COFFEE, Newton COFFEE, Osburn COFFEE, Sale (Salathiel) COFFEE, Eli (Elijah) COFFEE, Field (FIELDING) COFFEE, Joel COFFEE, Cleveland COFFEE, and Chesley COFFEE, all living near “Columbia Town”.

Chesley COFFEE lived near the mouth of Cabin Fork of Russell’s Creek, Adair Co., Kentucky in 1802. We know this because of the book “The Stray Book of Adair Co. KY., 1802.” This “Stray Book” is a collection of notices that were posted to the public about stray livestock to be picked up.

1810 KENTUCKY, ADAIR County, COLUMBIA has Chesley with 013010010101

In Nov. of 1818, Margaret COFFEE, widow of Chesley COFFEE, held a sale of his property. Among those listed as buying at the sale were; James TURNBOW, Andrew TURNBOW, Jacob COFFEE, Joel COFFEE, Landon COFFEE and Nathan COFFEE. (Maury Co. Wills and Settlements)

1810 Adair County, Columbia, Kentucky has Chelsey Coffee with 1 male 1--15, 3 male 16-25, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+ and 1 slave

This grave is located above a Phosphate mine about 100 yards west of Tarrapin Branch Road otherwise known as Screamer Road just as one begins to climb the hill going south or about 1.25 miles from the Ebeneezer Church stop your car get out and go west and cross the branch and thru the phosphate mine pits and up the rise in front of you about 100 yards from the road in the brush.


John GILBREATH b: 6 JUN 1768 in VA
William GILBREATH b: 1773 in VA
Jane GILBREATH b: 1775 in VA
Hugh GILBREATH b: 10 MAR 1781 in VA
Elizabeth GILBREATH b: 1783 in VA

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The first record of Andrew Galbraith is on April 17, 1767 on a "List of Captain John Bowyer's Militia Company" (See Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, by Loyd D. Bockstruck, page 335). Andrew's last name was spelled CALBREATH (a common spelling of our family name). A Hugh of the same last name was also present on the same list (John, James, Andrew, Hugh and Arthur are very common first names in our family). This Andrew Galbraith is the son of Andrew Galbraith (born 1692) and Mary Kyle (born 1695). Andrew and Mary lived in Pennsylvania, near Donegal. One source says Andrew was one of three brothers, Arthur (born 1728, died January 21, 1818 in Hawkins County, Tennessee) and John (born 1714, died 1769). We know for sure that Andrew Galbraith and Mary Kyle had one son named John, who married Dorcas Smith. John was an Indian trader.

Andrew Galbraith resided along Buffalo Creek, a branch of the James River (? Rockbridge County).

Andrew Galbraith is on April 17, 1767 on a "List of Captain John Bowyer's Militia Company" (See Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, by Loyd D. Bockstruck, page 335). Andrew's last name was spelled CALBREATH (a common spelling of our family name). A Hugh of the same last name was also present on the same list

In 1771, in Botetourt County, Andrew was granted a certificate to grow hemp under the the name CALBREATH. In the same year, Arthur Galbraith (Calbraith), son of Andrew Galbraith and Mary Kyle, was listed on a jury list and involved in a law suit. Arthur paid William and James Davis for their attendance as witnesses in a slander suit against Arthur Campbell. Arthur Galbraith married Mary Sharpe at St. James Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1768.

Andrew Galbraith married Nancy Ann Hicklin, daughter of Hugh Hicklin. Hugh was a constable in the Bull Pasture area of Augusta County, Virginia in 1767. Hugh Hicklin was born about 1725 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth in Chester County, Pennsylvania about 1750. Nancy Ann was born around 1751. Family tradition says she was 16 when she married Andrew, who was older and that they left Virginia for a while. One source indicated they may have been in North Carolina for a while but apparently they came back to Virginia for the birth of their first child. Hugh Hicklin's father's (Thomas) will is dated September 7, 1771, Augusta County, Virginia. In 1797, Hugh moved to Kentucky.

A list of tithables taken from the north side of Buffalo Creek on the county line, from mountain to mountain for the year 1771, James Trimble, Captain:
Andrew Galbraith, 1
Hugh Galbraith, 1
Arthur Galbraith, 1

Andrew Galbraith was involved in a court case versus John Moore. Samuel Wallace (grandfather of Texas Ranger Bigfoot Wallace), Sam Houston, John Davidson were on the jury. Martha Galbraith was allowed three days attendance at trial as witness for Andrew Galbraith.
The research of Jean Harriger shows that Andrew (the father, spouse of Mary Kyle) departed Lancaster in 1746.  The 'only' available Andrew surfaced across the Susquehanna in just formed York County in 1751 as Twp. supervisor  (see RT vol x or page 44 of Harriger Collected Works).   He actually served as Supervisor in both 1751 and 1752. Andrew also obtained a warrant for land in Mount Pleasant in Dec 1759;  but he never established the patent  That land evidently changed hands a number of time before Susannah Noel pick it up in 1829.  Andrew is on the tax list there in 1762 and appears again in York in 1783.

Also we have a scenario (favored by Loree Miller) that Andrew, the possible son, went south-- to married Nancy Ann Hicklin and lived in VA or in Orange County NC before settling down in Botetourt County VA.  It should be noted that a lot of the Andrew material, below, was taken from research by Loree Miller --for more info see her "A Study of Andrew Galbraith Sept. 7, 1993"

Andrew served in the revolutionary war with his two brothers Arthur and Hugh. He was a Major of the Flying Camp at the battle of Long Island and was Captured and confined on a prison ship during the remainder of the year.  

Family tradition says Nancy Ann was 16 when she married Andrew, who was older and that they left Virginia for a while. One source indicated they may have been in North Carolina for a while but apparently came back to Virginia for the birth of their first child.

All of Andrew's children used the last name of Gilbreath and his Widow seemed to have used the name Gilbrearth after his death. It is not known when or if Andrew changed his last name from Galbraith to Gilbreath. He was born Galbraith,  He is listed on the Militia muster rolls as Calbraith in 1767, in 1771 he was granted a certificate to grow hemp under the name Calbreath, on a tithables list in 1771 he is listed as Andrew Galbraith, in 1783 he was sued under the name Galbraith.

Loree Gilbreath Miller also states that Andrew did not die on the way home from the War but from illnesses at a later date. There were several court cases in which Andrew was involved,all for slander. He was at times the plaintiff, at other, the defendant. It is significant that he never lost a decision. This data proves that Andrew was alive in 1783.

127. Nancy Ann HICKLIN

Nancy Ann Hicklin Gilbreath, with her children, migrated to Camden District, South Carolina, which later became Ninety-Six District, Greenville County, with her brother John Hicklin and his wife Hannah Roop around 1786.  Nancy Ann Hicklin remained there until she sold her property on January 28, 1795 and moved to Kentucky.

Nancy Ann's parents were of Scotch Irish descent, who settled in Susquehanna County Pa. between 1700 and 1770. They later moved to South Carolina, where Nancy was raised on the PeeDee River.  Hugh Hicklin referred to his daughter Nancy as "Ann" in his will , Bath County, Kentucky, March 11, 1811, Will Book A.

The Hicklin were of Scotch Irish descent, who settle in Susquehanna Co, PA., between 1700 and 1770.

They later moved to SC, where Nancy was raised on the Pee Dee River. At age 16, she ran away and married Andrew. They then moved to Virginia where all their children were born. Andrew and two of his brothers were in the Revolutionary War together and he died en route home from the war. His wife returned from Virginia to SC and joined her husband's brothers, who were moving to KY. She had a daughter, Elizabeth, age 5 and a son, John age 3 and perhaps other children.

According to Wilma Loree Gilbreath Miller, Nancy never remarried, but lived among her relatives and close friends, taking care of everyone. She was at least a practical nurse, perhaps a mid-wife.  Nancy migrated to South Carolina with her brother John and his wife Hanna (Roop) in 1786-1787 and helped with his children, until he was given land in Blount County, Tennessee for his military service (640 acres) and moved there.

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੻††††††瀠⭮✽愠捣畯瑮㨠✠瀫ㅛ⹝畳獢牴湩⡧⤱਻†††††素攠獬⁥੻††††††瀠⭮✽猠瑩❥਻†††††素 ††††⁽汥敳笠 †††††湰㴫‧潨敭㬧 ††††੽†††素ਠ††素 †捽瑡档攨笩੽†慶⁲瑵条摟瑡⁡‽絻਻†瑵条摟瑡⹡慰敧湟浡⁥‽湰਻੽⼼捳楲瑰ਾ猼牣灩⁴祴数∽整瑸樯癡獡牣灩≴ਾ昨湵瑣潩⡮ⱡⱢⱣ⥤⁻慶⁲湥㵶瀧潲❤※牴筹瘠牡搠浯楡‽楷摮睯搮捯浵湥⹴潬慣楴湯栮獯湴浡⹥灳楬⡴⸧⤧※潤慭湩㴠⠠潤慭湩氮湥瑧⁨‾⤲㼠搠浯楡孮崱㨠搠浯楡孮崰※晩⼨潬⽣琮獥⡴潤慭湩