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Effacas "Eff" Bunch and Sara L. Porter Family

Effacas "Eff" Bunch born about 1862 in Arkansas. When Eff was a young boy, he was traveling with his parents who were moving from Arkansas into Missouri, probably around or just before 1870. The story has it that they heard some noises in the woods they were passing through and they thought it might be some bushwhackers, so they hid young Eff in the bushes. His parents were killed by these people and left Eff in the bushes. Later, along came some more travelers that heard Eff and picked him up to take him with them. Their names were Blufford and Mary Booker. To this date, nothing is known about Eff's parents. The 1880 census of Clay, Greene County Missouri shows a Blufford and Mary Booker living alone. Living on either side of them, though, were John R. Porter and his wife Lucy Spivey Porter. Living with them was John's sister Sarah Porter...who Eff married that year...1880. On the other side of the Bookers was Stanton Patterson and his family. Living with them was Effacas Bunch, who the census shows that he was 18 and born in Arkansas and his parents were also born in Arkansas. Eff died 1935 in Christian County, Missouri. He married Sarah L. Porter 1880 in Galloway, Missouri Eoff Bunch

Effacas "Eff" Bunch

Sarah L. Porter born 1860 Wayne County, Tennessee. Was listed in the 1880 census of Clay, Greene County, Missouri living with her brother John R. Porter and his wife Lucy A. Spivey Porter. They had 5 children. Sara L. Porter, click here to view my parents

Sarah L. Porter

i. John C. Bunch born 1882 Galloway, Missouri. Married Cynthia Ann Roberts. 5 children:
Ralph Bunch
Mary Bunch
Gladys Bunch
Lois Pauline Bunch
Anna Bunch.
ii. Will E. Bunch born 1884 Galloway, Missouri. Died 10 Oct 1965. Married 1906 Anna.                                      
iii. Loyal Bunch born 13 Feb 1888 Galloway, Missouri. Married 1912 Ozark, Missouri Sally Boyd. 5 children:
Harrel Bunch
Arther Bunch
Nina Bunch
Lynn Jaye Bunch
Leslie Faye Bunch
Loyal Bunch, click here to view my family

Loyal Bunch

iv. Ed C. Bunch born 20 Sep 1894 Missouri. Died 27 Jun 1966. Married Flora May                                      
v. Clarence H Bunch born 25 Jul 1895 Missouri. Died 14 Oct 1960. Married Ima L.                                      

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