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In the late 18th century, this family lived in Kilmichael, Argyll, about four miles north of Lochgilphead. Hugh and Barbara's son, also named Hugh, married Sarah MacKay daughter of Duncan MacKay and Mary McTavish from Blarintibbert, a small town just east of Bellanoch in Northern Knapdale on the Crinan canal.
Lochgilphead, click for larger viewHugh and Sarah named their fifth son Hugh, who grew up to become a Tailor in Lochgilphead where he courted 19 years old Ann Brodie, a Dairymaid living two miles south at Silver Craigs. They were married at Lochgilphead by the Rev. William Fraser in November 1871.
Their marriage certificate shows Ann's mother, also called Ann Brodie as a deceased farm servant but a line is drawn through the space that would normally show the fathers name.
Hugh and Ann raised a family of three girls and a boy but Hugh Snr. must have died prior to 1898 for in that year their youngest daughter Ann Brodie III married William Macnaughtan. Their marriage certificate reveals that Ann's mother had remarried and was by then Mrs. McAllister. However, it shows her maiden name as McFarlane!
One can only presume that although she was born and raised in her mothers surname, she either knew her natural father's name or assumed the name of McFarlane to give 'respectability' to her children.
It is also interesting to note, that on William and Ann's marriage certificate, the Bride's age is given as 19 years when in fact she was only one month short of her 17th birthday.
Her brother Hugh came to New Zealand around 1935 and their sister Sarah wrote in that year inquiring as to where he resided. He was still in New Zealand in 1939 and may have remained but I cannot be sure.
The accompanying McCallum Tree is correct up until 1900 but the subsequent family may have errors as the information has been gleaned from letters, photos etc. as I have been unable to make contact with any descendants at the time of writing.

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