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Any information on this family would be appreciated

Brading, click for larger viewAndrew was descended from Thomas Knapp, an agricultural labourer born 1793 in Brading, Isle of Wight and his wife Mary and who moved west to the town of Wootton Bridge, Arreton after their marriage.
Their only son, also named Thomas, married Harriet Humber,(see 'HUMBER' page), daughter of James Humber and Maria Duff of Chale , a small town situated in the south. Harriet was christened in 1832 by the Minister William Bailey at a meeting of the Providence Zion Chapel Bible Christians held at Little Corve in the Parish of Chale, her father being described as a Yeoman. This religion was in fact, that of the Wesleyans, which by the end of the century, became the methodist Church.

Wootton Creek, click for larger viewThe Knapp family were also of the Wesleyan faith, so it is quite possible that the couple met each other at church. They produced seven children and the boys were all either brick-makers or brick-layers. The youngest, Andrew, married Alice Fanny Charlow.

Ryde from up, click for larger viewAlice or Fanny , as she apparently chose to be called, was at the time employed in the home of Lieutenant-Colonel John Garlick of 'The Yarborough', Ryde, Isle of Wight. In this position, she would have been earning about twenty pounds per year. One wonders why she travelled from Dorset to here for there is no trace of her parents living on the Isle. If her father was a soldier, then perhaps he may have been transferred there temporarily to the guard at Parkhurst Prison with Fanny gaining employment through this connection and staying after her parents moved yet again. Another possibility is that she was related to the Charlo family living at Ryde for many years. It is a most uncommon name and it is suggested that it is an Anglicised version of the French name Carlieu.

Andrew and Fanny remained in Wootton and had at least four children, known are, Harold Gordon, and Eva Florence May who about 1910, possibly married Albert Vernard Waters, aka Albert Leopold Waters, birth place unknown .
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