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G'day and welcome to these pages....
The research was done over a good many years by my eldest brother Irvine, who unfortunately died in 1993, so if you find any mistakes please remember that this was done the hard way via books etc., and if perhaps you want to whinge to him...bring-your-own spade...J

Unfortunately, Leo his younger brother, who took all the hand written information and expertly and tirelessly converted it into one of the best web sites around, passed away suddenly on the 30th of January 2004. He left a huge gap behind, not only in his own family, but in the lives of those around him. His youngest brother Peter, (me) who for the last couple of years, had been working behind the scenes, has been left to continue what they had both worked so hard to achieve and to give it the quality of love it deserves. I will be leaving most of the origional information intact and just doing the corrections and changes we had discussed. For a technologically challenged old fella, bare with me and excuse any small errors.

In my own travels within the Net I have seen some differences of opinion about some of his information, but I've resisted changing anything as I feel that he did his best with what was available some twelve years ago and we really shouldn't take it all too seriously.

Some of the pages are quite large due to content, and that I have made the font larger than normal so as too soothe your tired eyes.
They still load fairly slow even though all the images are thumbnails, I'm really sorry about that. If perchance you want to see a larger view of them, all you have to do is to click on them and then click on your back button to go back to where you were.
A wee bit 'o' magic this stuff isn't it!
If you want any of the images, help yourself, I probably sort of forgot where I got them anyway....J

By the way, check out these characters from Electric Scotland, they have an uncanny resemblance to some of my relatives.

Angus Chief Hector Rory Duncan Sandy Sandy with his gear off Sybil Willie the Poacher Murray the Man

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