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This website is devoted to the genealogy of Lettermullen, County Galway and its surrounding area. It was only started on January 20, 2002, so please be patient as it develops.


Lettermullen is a small island on the North shore of Galway Bay in County Galway.  In Irish it is known as Leitir meallin.  I have also seen it spelled Lettermullan, but most times it is referred to as Lettermullen.  First Lettermore and then Gorumna Island must be traversed to reach Lettermullen.


My name is Ken Bayliss and I run the Lettermullen-Galway-L and Lettermullen-Galway-D lists on rootsweb.  It occurred to me that a website is for many things a far better tool than a mailing list. Feel free to contact me at To join the mailing list send a message with “subscribe” as the only text and “subscribe” as the subject line to to join the mailing list, or to join the digest version of the list (in the digest mode emails are sent in bundles rather than individually).


I have ancestors, including McDonoughs, Lees, Walshes, and O'Flahertys who came from Lettermullen and thought it would be interesting to set up the mailing list and this website.


Here are some of my photos from the Lettermullen area.


Ken’s Lettermullen Photos


Kerry McHugh has also been kind enough to donate some photos that he took on and near Lettermullen.


Kerry McHugh’s Lettermullen Photos


Now a link to Ron Yaden’s Lettermullen Photos:


Ron Yaden’s Lettermullen Photos


During the history of the list many have expressed the wish to make their surname interests available to others for contact. This was difficult to do with a list. Here is a list of surname interests.


Here is a link to some Killeen parish records that have been transcribed by Becky Reid. You may find some of your ancestors here. So far Beck has transcribed 1872-1877.


One of the most interesting features of the area is the abundance of rocks. Some of these are depicted above. Those not native to the area are often struck by what I have heard many describe as a “moonscape.” This link is to a page that contains a series of eight photos taken in a semi-circle. These photos were taken on Gorumna, the last island one crosses before reaching Lettermullen.


Last updated: 4-13-02