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Ljungberg/Liunberg old photo album

John and Sarah Liunberg had six children, Lawrence, Sarah, Florence, Elizabeth, Olaf and Margaret

Grandma Sarah Liunberg abt 1930

Granddad John Lemon Liunberg was killed in action in the Battle of Arras in France WW1 April 1917

Margaret Liunberg abt 1915

Margaret Liunberg abt 1936

Florence with her mother Sarah Liunberg abt 1930

Olaf, Elizabeth and Lawrence Liunberg abt 1930


Elizabeth and Florence Liunberg abt 1930


Margaret Liunberg`s wedding day to Robt Wm Bowman May 1937

Margaret Liunberg, her mother Sarah Liunberg next to her May 1937


Margaret with first daughter Valerie early 1939

Margaret and Bob`s Golden Wedding anniversary May 1987

Muriel 1942

Valerie 1942


Muriel and Valerie - first school photos in 1940s


Florence, her daughter Doreen and niece Valerie 1944

Florence on her 90th birthday with daughter Doreen and Doreen`s three children

Florence, Margaret and Elizabeth in the 1980s

Olaf Liunberg , daughter Elsa, wife Bella in middle, their son Olaf and his wife in 1960s



Val, Muriel, a friend, cousin Sylvia Liunberg her father (another Olaf Liunberg) was my mothers cousin - front row cousin Joan Liunberg is on the left abt late 1940s

  Lawrence Liunberg`s daughter Veronica 2nd from left and all her family

Kia -my distant Ljungberg cousin in Sweden with her daughter. Kia traced me on the internet a couple of years ago -we share the same great great great grandparents in Sweden and are also related through another branch of her family tree  

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