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Ljungberg/Liunberg Family Tree

Descendants of Finns, first coming from inner Finland to Viksjo n Sweden in the beginning of the 17th century. Finland and Sweden were united as one country at that time and the king promised the poor Finns land in that part of Sweden if they cultivated the land.

They were called burn-beating Finns because of the methods they used to cultivate the land,

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soldier Jacob Jonsson Enberg bn April 17th 1730 Koping, died 21st August 1785

his wife Kerstin Hansdotter bn 18th June 1733 Skramsta Bergjo, died March 11th 1804 Bergjo Sweden


Anna Sigrid Jacobsdotter Enberg

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Anna Sigrid Jacobsdotter Enberg born 22nd November 1756 in Bergjo -she died January 5th 1811 in Rosta Harmanger . After a marriage to a soldier Lars Rost, who died in Finland in 1790 during the war (she had a son Jonas with him), she married Erik From Roberg on November 14th 1791 in Harmanger. Anna Sigrid Jacobsdotter Enberg was somewhat older than Eric .

m (1) Lars Rost a soldier who died during the war in Finland in 1790 - child Jonas

m (2) Eric from Roberg in Harmanger on 14th November 1791 -Eric From Roberg was a soldier in Bergsjo, born on May 22nd 1765 He died of dysentery during the war against Russia at a military hospital in Stockholm in January 1809



born October 16th 1792

Rosta, Harmanger

Helena Ersdotter

bn 10th Oct 1796

died 12th July 1877

Vastana Viksjo

in May 1825? Helena Ersdotter ( or Lena as she sometimes was called) married the soldier Per Plit, born on February 17th 1788 in Grangsjo, Gnarp.

When he moved to Viksjo from Gnarp he took the name Ljungberg (a soldier got his surname after the soldier's cottage that belonged to his mission, therefore a soldier can appear under many names, as Per Ljungberg does -Per Plit Ljungberg seemed to have accepted Lena Stina as his own child, in any case the mention of her as being only Helena's child soon disappears from the books. They moved to Njurunda parish in ab. 1838 and he seems to have been in some sort of trouble . Obviously he had disappeared and they thought he was dead but then he came back from nowhere and the family moved to Nordana, Viksjo in 1840, where he had a small farm. He died on November 11th 1841 out of "age weakness" - he was only 53 years old! He was a widower a year when he married Helena and had two sons in his first marriage, who left the home when they were around 15 (normal among workers and peasants).

  Helena remarried a widower, Erik Forsstrom, at Vastana in Viksjo on August 14th 1846. He was born in 1782 and died in 1868. She seems to have been economic with the truth and told the vicar that she was 39 years old - she was in fact 50! her daughter Lena Stina with her family(which included Olof Petter Ljungberg , lived together with Helena and Erik Forsstrom. When Olof Petter left home in 1863 there seems to have been around 10 people in a probably very small cottage. Helena died when she was 80 years old on July 12 1877 in Vastana, Viksjo.


Lena Stina Ljungberg

  born March 14th 1825 in Bjasta Bergsjo - father possibly Per Plit Ljungberg

She married Per Andersson

in Viksjo 20 June 1858

She died on March 4th 1917 in Viksjo, a few days before her 92nd birthday

. She was very poor when she died and lived at the "fattigstugan", i.e. a house where all the poor people ( most of them old people) were gathered and lived off charity from the village.

Karen Ljungberg

March 3rd, 1830 in Algered, Bergsjo

Died May 15th 1892 at Gammelgarden, Viksjo

m Lars Petter Ogren b 1827 Viksjo on 18 Nov 1849 Viksjo


Olivia bn Viksjo 1875 -

Eric Ljungberg

Erik born  November 1828

died November 26th 1828


Eric, b March 29th 1834 Algered, Viksjo


Lena Stina Ljungberg had 2 children before her marriage to Per Anderssen

Olof Petter Ljungberg

Bn Aug 1849

Viksjo Vasternorrland

father Olaf Ulin

Eric Magnus Ljungberg

Bn Dec 1851


LENA STINA LJUNGBERG married Per Andersson in Viksjo 20 June 1858 - He was born on September 27th 1827 in Sunne, Varmland, Per Andersson was a worker in Vastana, Viksjo


Johannes Andersson

Bn Viksjo 1862

Brita Katrina Andersson

Bn Viksjo 1865


Olof Petter left Viksjö to go to Helgum to work for a farmer and then after some years left for Soderhamn, where he seems to have been working in the port. he left with a Norwegian ship in 1870 and settled in England - he married Mary Jane T Lemon (Widow) nee Stephenson in Tynemouth England 11th November 1875 ......he had been a mariner but later appeared to be a licencee of a public house in North Shields in the 1881 census but later had his own shop in Percy Main in North Shields and died aged 92 in 1941



Bn North Shields 1877

m Thomas Pegman 10th Sept 1899


Olof Peter Pegman

Olaf Peter Pegman married Ellen Somerville


John Linsey Howe Pegman

John Lemon

Bn Nth Shields April 1879

killed 10 April 1917

Battle of Arras France

See memorial page

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Ann Stephenson

Bn Nth. Shields1881

died at 99 years of age


Olaf Peter Liunberg

Anne then married Joseph Briggs


Elsie Briggs


Olaf Peter Liunberg married Elizabeth


Sylvia Liunberg

Joan Liunberg

Elsie married Harry (Billy) Adamson


Billy Adamson Hazel Adamson


Bn Nth Shields 1884

Joseph Stephenson

Bn Nth Shields 1887

m Madge Windle Tynemouth 1913

no children

Died Willington Quay 1958?


married Sarah Jane Clark in Sunderland Dec quarter 1903

my grandfather was a graphic designer and had his own printing business in Grange Road Jarrow and one of the things he did was make posters for theatres in the area.....he was called up for National Service in World War 1 and was killed in action at the Battle of Arras in France on April 10th 1917 at 37 years of age leaving a widow and six children



bn Tynemouth?

April 1904

D Dec 1999

Earls Barton Northants

m Edmund Hallett




bn Tynemouth ?


D 1960s diabetes

Abbey Wood London

m Bertha (1) got divorced


Margaret b &d 1938 Veronica Doreen

he later remarried in early 1960s to a Lilian Green a widow who had a son Peter from her first marriage

Elizabeth Prowde

b. Tynemouth 1907

D 1994

Earls Barton Northants

m William James Corbett - widowed in WW2



Sarah Davison

b Sunderland


D Jarrow approx 17years of kidney failure


Olaf Peter

bn Jarrow

Feb 1911

D 1977

Ontario Canada

m Bella(1)


Olaf Elsa

Bella died ?

Olaf (widowed) returned to Canada and remarried


bn Jarrow 25 Jan 1913

D 4th Apr 2005 Jarrow

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married Robert William Bowman in May 1937 in Christ Church Jarrow



md Leslie

no children


md Richard

next generations see below

Muriel married Rick


David Mark

B. England

m Australia

(1) Janelle (later div)




David married (2) Mary

no further children

Jeanette Valerie

B. Scotland

m Australia







Copy of marriage certificate of Olaf Petter Ljungberg and Mary Lemon nee Stephenson at Tynemouth 11th Nov 1875

Olof Petter`s marriage certificate names Olaf Ulin as his deceased father a farmer, but records in Sweden show his father was still alive at that time but his biological father had left the village the year he was born and took no part in his life and records show his father returned to the village in 1863 with a wife and children - this was the same year that Olof Petter left the village as a young man and he never returned to the village

extract from 1881 census

****surname spelt incorrectly on census records


Estimated Birth Year




Olaf Peter Linngberg

Mary Jane T. Linngberg

Helen Linngberg

John Lemon Linngberg

abt 1849

abt 1847

abt 1877

abt 1880


No Shields, Northumberland

No Shields, Northumberland,

No Shields, Northumberland



Unknown should read as daughter

Unknown - should read as son

35 Bell Street Kirkaldy Arms, North Shields, Northumberland

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