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Tennessee Legislative Petition 19-2-1801-2a

This petition was presented to the Tennessee Legislature in 1801 and originated from the area that would become Campbell County on its formation in 1806. Men on this petition may have left contemporaneous records made in Knox, Anderson, Claiborne, or Grainger Counties. The reason for the petition was to forestall foreclosure on lands belonging to the following neighbors:

Micajah Cross

Robert Pollock

    Edward Williams

The surviving microfilmed “original” of this petition appears to be a copy, for it is all in the same handwriting and does not contain actual signatures, nor any "X" marks. Some of the names are very difficult to decipher, and the transcription below is an initial attempt. The original spelling as it appears on this petition has been preserved. If you can improve on the reading and spelling of any name, kindly share it with me.


Henry McKinny

Joseph Baron

Jos. Hatfield

Wm. Basham

Jonathan Basham

John May

James Cracken

Robt Hammon

John Vanderpool

Richard linvill Esqr.

Winon Vanderpool

John Pollock

Benjamin Pollock

William McGuire

William Pollock

Jonas Denton

James Thomas

William Raines

George Randal

Thornton Randell

Jessee Farmer

Sanford Randal

Abrm. Willson

Simon Wilhite

John Rains

Ludwick Thomas

Jessee Hobbs

George davis

Eli Wilson

Joseph Pollock

Spencer Graham Esqr.

Nathan Rains

Saml. Curtis

Saml. Crowly

George McNew                     

Elisha Curtis

Numon Rains

Uriah Rains

Saml. Walker

John McIntire Jr.

Jno McEntire Senr.

Charles Crabough

Olliver Dodson

Jesse Hoskins

John Hoskins

George Hoskins

Jos. Hurt

Hugh Montgomery

Thoms. Hill

Saml Wetson

Benj. Martin

John frost

John taylor

Jesse Roysden?

John Kyrby Esqr.

Thomas Hart

--- st - McCommas

Wm. R?obens

Christian Suly?

John McBride

AtexY/ Cowan

Lemuel Montgomery

Charles Sinclair

Saml tipton

Walter taylor

George Ha?ver

Linsey po

Joseph C McBride

Rhodes Stanley

Wm. Marcum

Garey Ashley

Abraham Denton

Henry Quener

Daniel Quener

Jacob Quener

Abner Lezell UC

Daniel Dulany

Jonathan Hill

John Masy

Miles Gardener?

John Lynch

John Cox

James Martin

Ben J. Kirkindol

Edward Sweeten

Joseph Cramer

Joseph Denton

John Collum

John Whiteman

David lazwell

John Duncan

James Baker

Robert Sinclair

James Green

Ezekiel McPeak

Lazerous Modson?

Jams Stuart

Andrew Suart

Isral Standefer

John Cooper

Joseph McCinley

Isral reed

Crewen Johnson

Joseph McPeters

Robt Patterson

John Cook

John Arhwick Junr

Shadrack Morris

Alexr. Rogers

John Ashhurst Senr.

John Reed

Wm. McAmy

John Aldridge

John Rogers

Kindza Johnson

Wm. Sernar

Jacob Harbin

John sartin

Elisha Frost

Thos. Adair

Jasen Cloud Esqr.

Larkin Bolin

Able Bolin

Wm. Cooper

Johuyn Hously

Thos Hope

Wm Cummings

Andw. Farmer            

Andw. Harkness

Henry Farmer

Stephen Panky

James Panky

John Panky

Reuben Roberts

Robinson Asher

Joseph Jeffery

Jerry Jeffery

John shepard

Charles shinliver

Jacob Clodfelter

Jacob Linard

George Bumgartner

John Leib Senr.

John Leib Junr.

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