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Jacob & Anna Maria Schneider's Descendants 

- Jacob Schneider of Donegal Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania and His Family's Migration
to Salt Creek Twp., Holmes Co., Ohio -

Generation 3

14. Jacob3 Snyder Esq.  (George2, Jacob1), born 7 Apr 1803 Westmoreland, Pa; christened 18 Apr 1808 in Donegal, Westmoreland, Pa; died 2 Oct 1881 in Paint, Holmes, Oh; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh.  He married on 11 Mar 1824 in Wayne, Oh. Rebecca FRY, born 6 Jun 1805 in Somerset, Pa; died 27 Nov 1878 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh, daughter of Jacob Fry and Eve GEETING .

Children of Jacob Snyder Esq. and Rebecca Fry were as follows:

+    58        i           George Washington4 Snyder, born 27 Feb 1825 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; died 3 May 1894 in Paint, Holmes, Oh.  He married Catherine SCHMIDT.

      59        ii          Catherine4 Snyder, born 18 May 1828; died 18 Jul 1907.  She married on 23 Apr 1847 in Holmes, Oh. William HOOVER.

+    60        iii         Eli4 Snyder, born 6 Jun 1830 in Holmes, Oh; died 16 Apr 1904.  He married (1) Carolina HOSTETLER; (2) Florence CHAPMAN.

+    61        iv         Sarah4 Snyder, born 26 Feb 1832 in Paint, Holmes, Oh; died 25 Aug 1919 in Winesburg, Holmes, Oh.  She married Gerhard SCHALLIOLL.

      62        v          Franklin4 Snyder, born 28 Mar 1834 in Oh; died 15 May 1909; buried in Fredericksburg, Wayne, Oh.  He married on 3 Jan 1861 in Holmes, Oh. Elizabeth Mary BAYES, born 17 May 1840 in Holmes, Oh; died 8 Jun 1909 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried in Fredericksburg, Wayne, Oh, daughter of James Bayes and Martha CUNNINGHAM .

      63        vi         Lena4 Snyder, born 18 Mar 1836 in Holmes, Oh; died 14 Jan 1915.  She married on 30 Apr 1868 in Holmes, Oh. Frederick LEY.

      64        vii         Nancy4 Snyder, born 20 Apr 1839 in Holmes, Oh; died 17 Jul 1918; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh.  She married on 19 May 1867 in Holmes, Oh. John JABERG, born 18 Dec 1842 in Kiesan, Switzerland; died 1944; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh, son of Nicholas Jaberg and Mary (---).

      65        viii        Mary4 Snyder, born 16 May 1846 in Holmes, Oh; christened 25 Oct 1846 in Holmes, Oh; died 19 Jul 1849.

15. Anna
3 Snyder  (George2, Jacob1), born 24 Sep 1804 in Westmoreland, Pa; christened 18 Apr 1808 in Donegal, Westmoreland, Pa; died 23 Nov 1881 in Nappanee, Koscuisko, In; buried in Nappanee, Koscuisko, In.  She married on 1 Apr 1824 in Wayne, Oh. William S. MOORE, born 25 Mar 1801 in Westmoreland, Pa; died 28 May 1884 in Koscuisko, In, son of John Moore and Jane MC CURDY .

Children of Anna Snyder and William S. Moore were as follows:

+    66        i        Susannah4 Moore, born 1 Dec 1825 in Holmes, Oh; died 1 Jun 1865 in Koscuisko, In.  She married John HOFFER.

      67        ii        Margaret4 Moore, born 1827.  She married on 19 Oct 1843 Andrew Hoffer , born 21 Apr 1821; died 1 Jul 1865 in Scott, Kosciusko, In.

      68        iii       George4 Moore.

      69        iv       Elizabeth4 Moore, born 1833.  She married on 23 Oct 1850 in Holmes, Oh. Alonzo H. DOTY.

      70        v        Peter H.4 Moore, born 1834.

      71        vi       Jacob4 Moore, born 1837.  He married on 16 Oct 1860 in Kosciusko, In. Elizabeth MULL.

      72        vii       William A.4 Moore, born 1841.

      73        viii      Nancy Ann4 Moore, born 1845.  She married Jacob HEPLER.

16. Isaac
3 Snyder  (George2, Jacob1), born 25 Aug 1806 in Westmoreland, Pa; christened 18 Apr 1808 in Donegal, Westmoreland, Pa; died 8 Jun 1884 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried 10 Jun 1884 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh.  He married (1) on 20 Nov 1828 in Holmes, Oh. Margaret Holderbaum, born 20 Nov 1808 in Pa; died 5 Dec 1844 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh, daughter of Peter Holderbaum  and Rachel Dibert; (2) on 18 Sep 1846 in Holmes, Oh. Hannah ROW(E), born 2 Jan 1819 in Oh; died 24 Jun 1886 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried in Benton, Oh, daughter of George S. Row(e) and Mary Magdelene SNELLENBERGER (photos) 

Notes, Chronology, Sources for Isaac Snyder

      1820 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek

George Snider (Isaac's father)

males, 2 under 10, 2 10-16, 1 16-18, 1 26-45

females, 2 under 10, 1 16-26, 1 26-45

4 engaged in agriculture


      Marriage Record:  I do hereby certify that on the 20th of Nov I joined together in the bonds of matrimony Isaac Snyder and Margaret HULDERBAUM.  Also on the 17th of Nov I joined together in the bonds of matrimony Frederick Fry and Catharine HULDERBAUM all of the county of Holmes and State of Ohio.  Given under my hand and seal this 28th day of Nov 1828.  Peter Peirsol J.P.


      1830 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek

Isaac Snyder

Males, 1 20-30

Females, 1 under 5, 1 20-30


      1840 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek

Isaac Snyder

Males, 1 under 5, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

Females, 1 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40


      Marriage Record:  The state of Ohio Holmes County thereby certify that on the 18th day of Sept 1846 I joined in marriage Isaac Snyder and Hannah Row.  H. Coloredo


      1850 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek, dwelling 2249, family 2290

Isaac Snyder 43, farmer, real estate 4500, born Pa.

Hannah 31, born Oh.

Margaret 16, born Oh.

Michael 14, born Oh.

Mary 10, born Oh.

Leah 2, born Oh.

Elizabeth 1, born Oh.

Sarah 3 mos, born Oh.

Jacob WEYMAN 29, laborer, born Pa.

John LOUTHER 44, no profession or trade, born Germany, insane


      1860 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek, p. 233, dwelling 1607, family 1628

Isaac 55, farmer, real estate 6000, personal estate 1000, born Pa.

Hannah 41, born Oh.

Mary 20

Lea 13

Elizabeth 12

Sarah 10

George H. 7

Anna M. 5

Jacob G. 2

Susanah C. 5 mos.

Conrad SNELLENBURGER 19, farm hand (found with George S. Row and Magdalena Snellenberger Row in 1850 census)


      1870 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek, p. 25, dwelling 192, family 189

Isaac Snyder 63, farmer, real estate 12800, personal estate 927, born PA, Citizen

Hannah 51, keeping house, born OH

Elizabeth 22, at home, born OH

George 17, born OH, attends school

Annie 14, born OH, attends school, cannot write

Jacob 12, born OH, attends school, cannot write

Susan 10, born OH, attends school, cannot write

Johnathan 9, bornOH

Rachel  9, born OH

Nancy 5, born OH

Mary 3, born OH


      1880 U.S. Census, Ohio, Holmes, Salt Creek, p. 12, dwelling 121, family 122

Isaac Snyder 73, farmer

Hannah 61

Jacob G. 21, farmer

Susan C. 20

Jonathan 19

Nancy J. 15


      1883 Salt Creek Quadrennial Enumeration

P.M. Snyder

Adam H.


















Jonathan Jr.



      1878 Will Written--In the matter of the last will of Isaac Snyder deceased.  The last will and testament of Isaac Snyder deceased late of this county was this day presented to the court for probate and record, and it appearing to the court that the widow of said decedent and all the next of kin residents of Ohio have been duly notified of the presentation of said will for probate thereupon Benjamin TAYLOR, C.E. SCHLEGEL and W.A. DAVIDSON subscribing witnesses to said will appeared in open court and were duly sworn and examined according to law, and their testimony thereon was reduced to writing and filed.  And it appearing to the court from the testimony so taken that the said will was duly executed and attested and that at the time of executing the same the testator was of full age and of sound mind and memory and not under any restraint the court now admits the said will to probate and order the same together with the testimony so taken to be recorded according to the schedule in such cases made and provided.  I Isaac Snyder of the county of Holmes, State of Ohio and township of Saltcreek do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.  Item 1st.  That my wife Hannah shall have her support from the real estate of which I may die possessed and if there are any minor heirs living at the time of my death they shall have their support in like manner during their minority.  It is further my will that my wife Hannah and said minor heirs shall have the use of my dwelling house and out houses situated on the farm on which we now live necessary for their support and convenience.  Such support and use of said houses to be hers so long as she remains my widow.  Item 2nd.  It is further my will that my son Jacob G. shall have the right to farm and use all my real estate during the natural lifetime of my said widow providing he farms and uses the same in good and husband like manner, and it is further my will that my son Jacob G. shall account annually to my heirs in equal distribution the ordinary and customary rent for said real estate and further it is my will that my son Jacob G. shall use no more timber than required for necessary repairs and firewood during the natural lifetime of my said widow.  Item 3rd.  It is further my will that my said real estate shall remain undivided and unsold for the time of two years after the death of my said widow and that during said two years my son Jacob G. shall have the use and farming of said estate real as aforesaid, and it is further my will that at the expiration of said two years my lawful heirs shall equally divide my said real estate among themselves if they can agree upon the same, and if they cannot agree on the same it is my will that my real estate be appraised by three disinterested persons selected by my said heirs, and it is further my will that my said estate shall not be sold for less than the appraised value thereof and the proceeds of such sale to be equally distributed among my lawful heirs, except two hundred dollars to be deducted from my daughter Mary's share and given to her daughter Margarette Rachel.  Item 4th.  I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Jacob G. executor of my last will and testament hereby authorizing and empowering him to compromise adjust and discharge in such manner as he may deem just and proper the debts and claims due me.  I do also authorize and empower him to sell by private sale or in any manner upon such terms of credit or otherwise as he may think proper all or any part of any real estate if necessary to pay debts and deeds to purchasers to execute acknowledge and deliver in fee simple.  In testimony hereof I set my hand and seal this 29th day of November in the year 1878.


      Household inventory:

All of the wearing apparel of the family and deceased, six beds, six bedsteads and all of the cooking utensils and tableware for the use of the family.

1 clock

1 sidesaddle

1 2-horse buggy

1 double bitt harness

2 stoves

3 family bibles


1 cupboard

2 tables

4 setts chairs

1 bureau

2 chests

2 stands

4 rocking chairs

1 sink

1 desk

1 lounge

1 cow

1 steer

2 hogs

25 bushells of wheat

2 loads hay

2 bushells corn



1 watch & chain

3 hogs

2 iron kettles

1 copper kettle

Total appraisement 2007.44


      To the honorable R.W. Tannyhill, probate judge of Holmes Co. Ohio.  The undersigned, all heirs of Isaac Snyder deceased of Salt Creek Township, Holmes Co., Ohio respectfully request of you that you require and accept of the present executor of the estate of Isaac Snyder deceased as aforesaid, different and more responsible, bondsman than the present.  And in case the present executor fails to give sufficient and responsible bondsman then it is our request that you appoint one of the other heirs of the estate to administer and settle the same and that you do not appoint any person outside of the heirs to said estate as we propose to sell and settle the same amongst ourselves.  Signed this 2nd July 1886.  Heirs names Leah KELLER, Elisabeth SCAR, G.H. Snyder, Sarah SPEELMAN, Anna M. Scar, Nancy HENRY, Jacob G. Snyder, Michael Snyder, Miss Susana C. Snyder, Jonathon Snyder.


      15 Jul 1886 advertised sale of farm in the Farmer for 4 weeks, also Holmes County Republican.


      Administrator's or Executor's Accounts.  Jacob G. Snyder, executor of the estate of Isaac Snyder deceased in account with said estate.  First account.  Said executor charges himself as follows:

To cash received of:

Geo Snell for corn 25.00

C Keller for corn 1.50

Geo H. Snyder for corn 3.75

C E Schlegel for oats 5.25

J Peterman for wheat 21.99

Geo H Snyder for hog 13.00

J Peterman for wheat 28.62

Wm Hall for wheat 73.07

Hannah Snyder, wagon etc 71.00

Jacob Henry for corn 4.50

A D McCulloch for hay 21.00

B F Calhoun for corn 13.50

Eli Rowe for corn 4.28

Ab Ross for corn 5.00

Scott Holderbaum for corn 2.25

Jonathan Snyder for corn 5.85

J Snyder for corn 2.02

Uhl Snyder for corn .90

Eli Crile for hay 9.00

Sam Janion for corn 1.00

John Tailor for oats 11.55

Uhl Snyder for corn 3.75

W Lemon for oats .70

C Keller for cow pasture 6.00

W Hall for oats 35.48

Uhl Snyder for corn 4.50

Uhl Snyder for corn 2.50

W Lemon for corn .25

Jacob Henry for corn 2.45

Account of Jacob Henry 6.00

W Hall for oats 24.13

____ Franks for corn 7.65

S W Calhoun for corn 9.60

To cash in hand at death of decedent 24.25

Total charge 451.24


      He asks to be allowed the following credits:  By paid:

B Taylor 2.00

M C Fry .50

S Painter .50

R W Tannyhill 17.50

Newton & Barton 1.00

Newton & Barton 1.50

A D McCulloch .50

C E Schlegal 1.00

Hannah Snyder widow 22.00

Hannah Snyder widow 5.00

For hauling wheat to market 1.00

G H Snyder .50

Hannah Snyder widow 10.00

C E Schlegal .25

Hannah Snyder widow 10.00

Hannah Snyder widow 30.09

Taxes 34.47

Hannah Snyder widow 25.00

For hauling wheat 5.00

Hannah Snyder widow 3.00

R W Tannnyhill .50

Hannah Snyder widow 10.00

Hannah Snyder widow 8.65

J E Whitmore 12.00

C E Schlegel 5.25

Ilijah Rowe 10.60

L Rottman .36

W A Davidson 2.60

C E Schlegel .25

Hannah Snyder widow 5.00

Taxes 28.56

For hauling oats to market 2.00

C Almaroth 50.00

Hannah Snyder widow 5.00

C E Schlegel .25

Mary Brenly 3.00

A Holderbaum 5.00

Hannah Snyder widow 1.00

W H Amsbaugh 13.30

Hannah Snyder widow 2.00

Hannah Snyder widow 2.00

Jacob Henry 12.95

Hannah Snyder widow 13.75

Hannah Snyder widow 4.25

S W Calhoun 9.50

C D Almaroth 20.00

Taxes 33.58

Probate for this account 8.00

Margaret Snyder 12.00

Elijah Rowe 4.28

Chris Kelly

Total credits 458.69

Amount overpaid 7.40


      To the judge of probate court of Holmes County Ohio the undersigned executor of the last will and testament of Isaac Snyder deceased respectfully reports that in issuance of the order of said court he made distribution of the amount found in his hands upon final settlement as follows: (42.58 to each person to total 510.96)

Sarah Speelman

Nancy Henry

Leah Keller

Michael Snyder (by ___)

Mary Fett

Anna M. Scar

Elisabeth Scar

Susana C. Snyder

Jonathan Snyder (by credit in acct)

G.H. Snyder (by his accts & cash)

Jacob Snyder

Margaret Snyder

Notes mentioned for Jonathan Snyder and G H Snyder were heretofore reported uncollectible but were used as herein stated on distribution.  Jacob Snyder being sworn says that the foregoing account of the distribution of the estate of aid Isaac Snyder deceased is in all respects correct.  Signature Jacob G. Snyder Sworn to and subscribed by said Jacob Snyder before me this 5th day of April AD 1890 R.W. Tannyhill probate judge


      Bible entry:  Came to Ohio in 1817.  Married and settled in 1828.  Died June 8, 1884.  Age 77 years 9 months 13 days.  Text preached by Rev. J.F. Sponsellor was the Psalm 90 Chapter l0.ll.12 verse, hymns sung 5.58, 5.56, 5.60, 5.55.  The name of Poll "bears" G. Rottman, Abe Drushel, Eli Drushel, John Arnold, Isaac Speelman, Ambrose Fry.


      Native of Penn.  Occupations were farmer, stock raiser and dealer.  G.A.R.


      1875 plat of Holmes Co, Ohio shows he owned probably more than a half section of land just north of Benton and additional land just east of Benton.


      Died of heart disease and dropsy in Benton.


      Article in the Holmes Co Hub on Thursday 31 Jul 1884:  Isaac Snyder dies, age 77 y.o. 


      Buried in Fryburg Cemetery, one to two miles northeast of Benton.

Notes, Chronology, Sources for Margaret Holderbaum

      Bible entry:  Margaret Snyder first wife of Isaac Snyder died December 5, 1844,

age 36 years 15 days.


      Buried Fryburg Cemetery.

Notes, Chronology, Sources for Hannah Row(e)

      Bible entry:  Hannah Snyder born January 2, 1819, died June 24, 1886, age 67 years, 5 months, 22 days.  The text preached by Deninger was the psalm 96, chapter 10 verse and text by the English Luthers Preacher was 2 Corinthians 5 chapter 1 to 6 verse.  The name of poll "bears" Alfred Snyder, Abe Drushel, Snider Ewing, Pierce Halfhill, August Wolf, Fred Wolf.


      Will of Hannah:  Named all children and spouses of female children.


      Buried in Fryburg Cemetery.

Children of Isaac Snyder and Margaret Holderbaum were as follows:

      74        i           Rachel4 Snyder, born 25 Dec 1829; christened 14 Jan 1830; died 30 Dec 1846.   Notes: Bible entry:  Rachel Snyder died December 30, 1846, age 17 years, 5 days. Baptised by Henry Sonedeek.

      75        ii          Margaret4 Snyder, born 4 Sep 1833; christened 8 Dec 1833.  She married on 9 Jun 1853 in Holmes, Oh. John H. Snyder.   Notes: Bible entry:  Margaret Snyder born September 4, 1833.  Baptised 8 of December 1833 by David Shearer Preacher, Confirmed on the 22 day of April 1848 A. G. Georgie Preacher. Ohio 1850 Census, M432 #696, pg. 246 and 247. Moved to La Grange, Ind. Feb. 1854.

+    76        iii         Michael4 Snyder, born 15 May 1836 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; died 11 Nov 1904 in Clay, LaGrange, In.  He married Elizabeth GARMIRE.

+    77        iv         Mary4 Snyder, born 27 Jan 1840 in Oh.; christened 28 Jun 1840.  She married Phillip FETT

      Children of Isaac Snyder and Hannah Row(e) were as follows:

+    78        i           Leah4 Snyder, born 28 Jun 1847 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 24 Jul 1847; died 22 Jul 1909 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh.  She married Christian KELLER.

+    79        ii          Elizabeth4 Snyder, born 9 Aug 1848 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 19 Sep 1848; died 3 Feb 1911 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; buried 11 Feb 1911 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh.  She married Henry SCAR.

+    80        iii         Sarah4 Snyder, born 29 Mar 1850 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 7 Apr 1850; died 22 Apr 1930.  She married William SPEELMAN.

+    81        iv         George Henry4 Snyder, born 9 Apr 1853 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; died 4 Apr 1916 in Canal Fulton, Stark, Oh.  He married Lucinda J. CALHOON.

+    82        v           Anna Magdalena4 Snyder, born 6 Dec 1855 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; died 20 Mar 1926 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Ok; buried in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Ok.  She married (1) William SCAR; (2) Emanuel LOWER.

+    83        vi         Jacob Gerhart4 Snyder, born 20 Jul 1858 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 1 Aug 1858; died 23 Feb 1926 in Millersburg, Holmes, Oh; buried 26 Feb 1926 in Millersburg, Holmes, Oh.  He married Sarah Margaret CALHOON.

      84        vii        Susana Catharine4 Snyder, born 14 Feb 1860 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 11 Mar 1860; died 14 Jan 1922 in Danville, Knox, Oh.  She married on 27 Mar 1890 in Holmes, Oh. John B. WANDER, died 2 Apr 1921 in Danville, Knox, Oh.   Notes: Bible entry:  Susana Catharine Snyder born February 14, 1860.  Baptised March 11, 1860 by G. Doepkin.  Confirmed on the 27 day of September 1873 by G. Doepkin. Susana raised her sister's (Nancy Jane Snyder HENRY) daughter, Lucy Henry ZIMMERMAN.  Susana and John Wander lived near Danville.   Picture of Susana and John growing what looks like tobacco.  Article in The Daily Record, Friday, August 18, 2000 about an auction at the Gish home near Rittman, Ohio.  The name Gish was long associated with the production and brokering of tobacco in Ohio and the family operated one of the state's most successful tobacco plantations. Today, few area residents recall that Wayne County was once a major tobacco producing center, the culture transplanted here with German settlers who migrated from the Lancaster, Pa. area.  Often the initial cash crop that a frontiersman would plant, it was typically discontinued in favor of wheat, corn, sheep and cows when conditions permitted.  Jacob Gish and his sons, however, were very successful exceptions to this pattern by perfecting the skills needed to grow, cure and ship high-quality tobacco.  Largely through their efforts, the Chippewa and Styx valleys became a major tobacco growing area by the end of the 19th century.

+    85        viii       Jonathan4 Snyder, born 14 May 1861 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 2 Jun 1861; died 6 May 1931 in Canaan, Wayne, Oh; buried in Holmesville, Holmes, Oh.. He married (1) Elizabeth MORELAND; (2) Rosie L. HITES; (3) Mary A. YOCKEY; (4) Ida Mary WOLGAMOT.

+    86        ix         Nancy Jane4 Snyder, born 4 Mar 1865 in Salt Creek, Holmes, Oh; christened 19 Mar 1865; died 10 Feb 1924 in Cuyahoga Heights, Cuyahoga, Oh.  She married Jacob K. HENRY Schneider Descendants, Page Five

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