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Redd Sites
  • visit historic sites important to the Redd's history

                    Would you like to visit the site where John Hardison Redd is buried or the coast in North Carolina that our sea-faring ancestor called home?

  •  family reunions

                      Connect with your Redd cousins by sending us information on past and planned reunions.

  • view family heirlooms   

                   Visit "artifacts" to see John Hardison Redd's glasses and Keziah Jane Butler Redd's homespun art. 

    Help us build this gallery of Redd artifacts. If you have or know of something belonging to the Redd's of 1800 or earlier share and preserve it with us through pictures. 

SEARCHING FOR:  John Hardison's Scabbard and Sword (we know this item exists from Lura Redd's account in The Utah Redds and Their Progenitors: "When I was a child my father [William Alexander Redd] had John's sword and scabbard. I played with it many times; pulling the sword out and then putting it back in the scabbard."


Elizabeth Hancock Redd's fine china brought across the plains to Utah in 1850

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