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LeMoine Genealogy End Points

The following is a list of the present "end points" in the research in the LeMoine tree. But the end points are not the only way to go, there are certain people in the lineage that we have less information, in particular, William Henri LeMoine (the second one, who moved to Ontario) and William Moore LeMoine.

Louis LeMoine and Jeanne Lambert

His sons Jean and Pierre, left Pitres parish, Rouen, France in 1650s to Canada. Louis is reputed to be descending from the counts of Normandy.

Francois de Chavigny and Eleonore Grandmaison

Came to Canada from Creancy, Champagne France in 1641, thier daughter married Jean LeMoine. Lived on Ilse de Orleans

Pierre LeBoulanger

Seigneur de St Pierre, possibly near Trois Rivieres. His daughter married Rene Alexandre LeMoine.

Jean Baptiste Guyon

Sieur de Montelevault and Montreal merchant. His daughter married Jacques Joseph Lemoine.

Marguerite Provencheur

Wife of Jean Baptiste Guyon, daughter married Jacques Joseph Lemoine.

William Robert Lindsay

Emigrated from Scotland to Quebec City before 1775, was assistant-clerk in the house of assembly then in 1808 became the clerk. He was also clerk of Trinity House. Reputed to be a descendant of the Lindsay Counts of Crawford.

His daughter married William Henri LeMoine

Marianne Melvin

Wife of William Robert Lindsay, daugher married William Henri LeMoine.

Honourable Anthony Manahan, M.P.

Daughter married William Henri LeMoine(II), in Kingston, ON.

Sarah Phobe Nugent

Daughter married William Henri LeMoine(II), in Kingston, ON.

Lucy Parent

Wife of Joseph Dubeau. Daughter, Celina married William Moore LeMoine

Micheal J O'Mera

A Toronto policeman. Daughter married Joseph Eugene LeMoine.

Ellen O'Sullivan

Wife of Micheal J O'Mera. Daugher married Joseph Eugene LeMoine