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Welcome to The LEMBCKE Family Genealogy Pages !

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This site is the official websight of the LEMBCKE Family Association. It is dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the history of the LEMBCKE Family. Currently there are branches of the LEMBCKE Family in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The United States, Canada, Peru, and Australia. With time, and patience, and improved communication, it is my hope to document the links between these groups and additional LEMBCKEs around the world. One of my main objectives in working on our family genealogy is not to make just a list of names and dates, but to collect all the wonderful little stories, to tell how lovers met and heroes fought, how pioneers endured and even how we've managed on occasion to embarass ourselves. I invite all LEMBCKEs and related or interested persons to contribute. So if you hear of any, or know of any, anecdotes or events, please let's record them. As well, I'm looking for anyone else interested in this too, who would like to contribute and can help keep this project on track and making progress, so that those who follow behind us will know and understand us, as we strive to know and understand those who came before.
Tyler Lembcke, M.S., Medical Physicist
rev. 18Jan2000