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Major William & Mary Leland Hume & family

taken March 16, 1885


from left to right
Foster, Mayes, Mary Kate, Leland, Maj. William. Fred on lap, Alfred & Willie.


    The Hume family was a major part of the Leland family from the time of the Civil War through the first part of the twentieth century.  My grandfather and great-grandfather both went to Nashville to learn business from William Hume.  Family members from Ohio also availed the Hume knowledge. It seems one of the mysteries of life that the smaller the world grows, the further families drift apart.
    The information I present here is a very limited presentation of what this particular family has accomplished.  It would seem that all members in this family took to heart the opening words on this site by Dr. Alfred Hume, and did not sit back idly and watch the world go by.
    I welcome the members of the Hume family to this site and hope that perhaps we may share information and defy the drifting apart.
    Below find links to the Hume family.

Richard M. Leland III
Great-grand nephew of Mary Kate Leland Hume

Letter from Alfred Hume to his mother on her 50th Wedding Anniversary
Hume Castle as visited by William Hume II
Funeral Oration given by Rev. William Hume for Mrs. Andrew Jackson
Hume-Fogg High School
 Eulogy for Mary Leland Hume
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