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Wicomico Parish Church

Monument erected at current church to honor Colonial Ministers serving a year or more and Colonial Wardens, 1702-1794.

It is a strange thing that John Leland is on the monument, yet John Leland, Jr., who served from 1775 to 1789 is not.  Perhaps there was confusion as to who was who.

Our thanks go to Ann Bender, who discovered in the Fulham Papers the date of John Leland's licensure; 24 September 1744. In the confusion with dates from manuscript of J.A.C. Leland, John Leland's first mention in the Vestry book according to The History of Wicomico Parish including 1703-1795 Vestry Minutes is March the 11th 1744/5. The monument has the dates reversed for David Currie and John Leland.