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The Walker Family of Shelbyville, Indiana

Ancestors of Maybelle Emeroy Walker

Generation One

This is the family of my mother, she was raised in Shelbyville, Indiana, between both World Wars.  She grew up during the depression, she was twelve years old on "Black Tuesday." According to letters from my cousin Don Vinson, the family survived on what they grew on their farm, and thanks to the mutual aid of their friends and neighbors.  I guess everyone pitched in and helped each other in those days.  She loved Shelbyville, loved being a "hoosier" and her philosophy of life always seemed down to earth good old "common sense."  Again I must caution anyone, some of this is fact, some conjecture.  The Vinson family is still full of questions, I haven't been able to get past James E. Walker, the Shaw line is pretty good until you get to Aaron, after him I took the evidence and made Noble his father.  The Brown line is well documented, with a lot of help from Phyllis Miller Fleming my maternal line has really developed.  Check out the great site at:


1Maybelle Emeroy1 Walker (Carl, #2) was born on 29 Mar 1917 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She and Lt Col (ret) Richard McLester Leland Jr were married on 25 Aug 1942 in Covington, KY, USA.1 She died circa Dec 1990 in Rochester, NY, USA.

Her Social Security Number was 311-10-9872 issued after 1930 in IN. Her 1st day of sobriety was on 23 Apr 1958 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.2 She moved to St. John's Home  in Rochester, NYon 23 Mar 1990.3 She was 83.6 lbs.on  2 Jun 1990.4

Generation Two


2Carl Jefferson2 Walker (James, #4) was born on 19 Feb 1880.5 He and Mary Shaw (see #3) were married on 30 Jun 1913.6 He died on 13 Jul 1942 at age 62.7 He was buried on 15 Jul 1942 in Shelby, IN.

    "Carl was a car salesman. Somehow, his circle of friends included some 'racing' people that were also connected with Koss" in 1910 in Indianapolis, IN.8

Children of Carl Jefferson2 Walker and Mary Shaw (see #3) were as follows:

3Mary2 Shaw (Kossuth, #6) was born on 22 Jul 1892 in Indianapolis, IN; from funeral card. She and Carl Jefferson Walker (see #2) were married on 30 Jun 1913.17 *she died on 21 Apr 1980 in Shelbyville, Shelby, IN, at age 87. She was buried on 24 Apr 1980 in Shelby, IN; from funeral card.
    She was educated in 1912 in Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; "Mary went to university in Chicago."18
Generation Three

4James E.3 Walker (UNK, #8) was born circa 1855.19 He and Fannie Brown (see #5) were married on 21 Dec 1876.20 He died after 1920.

Children of James E.3 Walker and Fannie Brown (see #5) were as follows:

5Fannie3 Brown (John, #10)must have been the Grandmother Maybelle blamed for being afraid of thunderstorms, she would stay at her grandparents farm and sleep in a "big old featherbed", if a storm stuck her grandmother would gather them all into the middle of the bed and pray, she was born circa 1858 in OH.27 She and James E. Walker (see #4) were married on 21 Dec 1876.28 She died circa 1930 in IN.29

6Kossuth Napolion3 Shaw (Morgan, #12) ggrandfather was born circa 1863 in Morgan, IN.30,31 He and Maude Vinson (see #7) were married on 26 Oct 1886.32 He died on 20 Apr 1936 in Shelbyville, Shelby, IN, USA; SHELBYVILLE REPUBLICAN; Tuesday, April 21, 1936, page 1 column 5


To Hold Fumeral at Home of Mrs. Carl Walker Thursday

Kossuth Shaw, 73 years old, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Walker, 525 South West street, at 9 o'clock Monday night. Death was caused by apoplexy with which he was stricken last Friday. For the past year and a half mr. Shaw had lived here with his daughter. He had been connected with men's furnishings stores in Chicago and Indianapolis for fifty years previously. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Shaw, who were natives of England. The deceased was born in Morgan County, Indiana. Surviving are the widow; the daughter, Mrs. Carl Walker; a brother, Frank Shaw of Indianapolis; and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at the Walker home at 10 O'clock Thursday morning with Dr. J.W. McFall, pastor of the First M.E. church, officiating. Burial will be in Crown Hill cemetery in Indianapolis.

Submitted by Barb Huff.33

Death Certificate:
Book: Jan 1935-Apr 1942, page 20
Died:20 Apr 1936
Late residence: 525 S. West St, Shelbyville, IN
Birthdate: 24 Dec 1862
Birthplace: Indiana
Occupation: Merchant
Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis
Married at time of death
Spouse: Maude V. Shaw
Mother's name: unknown, born in England
Father's name: Morgan B. Shaw, born in Morgan Co., Indiana.

Children of Kossuth Napolion3 Shaw and Maude Vinson (see #7) were:

7Maude3 Vinson (Erastus, #14) was born on 16 Jul 1865.35 She and Kossuth Napolion Shaw (see #6) were married on 26 Oct 1886.36 She died on 26 Nov 1940 in Shelbyville, IN, USA, at age 75; SHELBYVILLE REPUBLICAN; Thursday, November 28, 1940, page 1 column 1

Last Rites to Be Held Friday Morning at Home of Mrs. Carl Walker

Funeral services for Mrs. Maude V. Shaw, who died Tuesday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl Walker, at 525 south West street, will be held at the home Friday at 10:00 a.m. with Dr. J.W. McFall officiating. Burial will be made at Crown Hill cemetery at Indianapolis, in charge of Edwards & Kohlmeyer. Friends may call at the home at any time. Mrs. Shaw's death resulted from a cerebral hemorrhage and followed a week's illness. She was born July 16, 1865, in Lawrenceburg, the daughter of Erastus and Margaret Vinson. She was married to Koss N. Shaw, October 26, 1886, and has spent most of her life in Chicago. Following her husband's death six years ago she came to make her home with the daughter, at whose home she died. Survivors with Mrs. Walker are her grandchildren:

James Walker, Mrs. Chester McClain and the Misses Maybelle and Barbara Walker, of this city.

Submitted by Barb Huff.37
    She was buried on 29 Nov 1940 in Indianapolis, IN.38 She "Maudie was very well educated and 'proper".39
Death Certificate:
Book: Jan 1935-Apr 1942, page 87.
Died: 26 Nov 1940
Late residence: 525 S. West St, Shelbyville, IN
Birthdate: 16 Jul 1865
Birthplace: Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Occupation: housewife
Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage
Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis
Widowed at time of death
Mother's name: Margaret Glardon, born in Indiana
Father's name: Erastus Vinson, born in Indiana.
Generation Four

8UNK4 Walker was born circa 1830. He died before 1900.

Children of UNK4 Walker and an unknown spouse were as follows:

10John H.4 Brown (John, #20) was born on 13 Mar 1829 in Hamilton Co., OH.42 He and Sarah J. Ellis (see #11) were married on 20 Feb 1851 in Harrison, OH.43 He died on 5 Jan 1912 in Union Township, Shelby Co., IN, at age 82; at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Walker.44

Children of John H.4 Brown and Sarah J. Ellis (see #11) all b. in OH were as follows:

11Sarah J.4 Ellis was born after 1830 in Harrison, OH.57 She and John H. Brown (see #10) were married on 20 Feb 1851 in Harrison, OH.58 She died in Jul 1904 in Union township, Shelby, IN.59

12Morgan B4 Shaw (Aaron, #24) Obit has Native of England, Family Search has possible Morgan IN was born circa 1832 in NC, USA.60,61 He and Victoria Marvin (see #13) were married on 23 Oct 1860 in Morgan, IN, USA.62,63 He died before 1900.

Children of Morgan B4 Shaw and Victoria Marvin (see #13) were as follows:

13Victoria4 Marvin (Clare, #26) was born on 19 Dec 1843 in Morgan, IN, USA.66 She and Morgan B Shaw (see #12) were married on 23 Oct 1860 in Morgan, IN, USA.67,68

14Erastus4 Vinson (Zera, #28) was born in 1836 in Wilmington, IN.69 He and Margaret Glardon (see #15) were married, IGI Record: BATCH # 7824717, SHEET 78, on 13 May 1860 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, IN, USA.70,71 He died in 1912.72

Children of Erastus4 Vinson and Margaret Glardon (see #15) were as follows:

15Margaret4 Glardon (Joseph, #30) was born on 23 Jul 1839 in Dearborn, IN, USA.80 She and Erastus Vinson (see #14) were married, IGI Record: BATCH # 7824717, SHEET 78, on 13 May 1860 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, IN, USA.81,82 She died in 1912.83

Generation Five


20John5 Brown (Matthew, #40) was born in 1803 in SC.84 He and Sarah Herin (see #21) were married in 1824.85 He died on 30 Aug 1874 in Harrison, OH.86

   " He was born in South Carolina, in 1803, and came to Ohio with his parents. He has been a farmer all his life, and for many years was a member of the Harrison school board. In politics he is a Democrat. He married Sarah Herin, of New Jersey, in 1824. August 30, 1874, he died at the age of 71. He was the father of seven children: Jane, now the wife of James Charelton, of Butler County, Ohio; John, married to Sarah Ellis and living in Indiana; Martha and Rebecca, both living in Hamilton County; Sarah, wife of Jehu John, and now living in Illinois; Hannah, married to John Vanausdall, and now in Hamilton County; and Jefferson, remaining in the same place after 1803."87

Children of John5 Brown and Sarah Herin (see #21) were as follows:

21Sarah5 Herin;; also spelled Herm was born after 1803 in NJ.97 She and John Brown (see #20) were married in 1824.98 She died after 1874 in Harrison, OH.99

24Aaron5 Shaw (Noble, #48) Aron on census was born circa 1809 in NC.100 He and Jane (--?--) (see #25) were married circa 1831 in NC.101 He died after 1870 in IN.102

    He appeared on the census of 1850 in Monroe Twp., Morgan County, IN; listed as farmer, with real estate valued at $1200.00.103

Children of Aaron5 Shaw and Jane (--?--) (see #25) were as follows:

25Jane5 (--?--) was born circa 1811 in NC.114 She and Aaron Shaw (see #24) were married circa 1831 in NC.115 She died after 1850 in IN.116

26Clare5 Marvin (William, #52) was born on 6 Mar 1795 in New York, NY, USA.117 He and Rebecca Childs (see #27) were married on 6 Aug 1828 in Baltimore, MD, USA.118 He died on 14 Feb 1858 in Morgan, IN, USA, at age 62.119

Children of Clare5 Marvin and Rebecca Childs (see #27) were as follows:

27Rebecca5 Childs was born in Feb 1808 in Baltimore, MD, USA.144 She and Clare Marvin (see #26) were married on 6 Aug 1828 in Baltimore, MD, USA.145 She died on 4 Jan 1892 in Monrovia, Morgan, IN, USA, at age 83.146

28Zera5 Vinson (John, #56) was born circa 1805 in IN.147 He and Elizabeth Teaney (see #29) were married circa 1826 in <Dearborn>, IN.148 He died on 25 Dec 1857 in IN.149,150

Children of Zera5 Vinson and Elizabeth Teaney (see #29) were as follows:

29Elizabeth5 Teaney (Willian Teanny, #58) was born circa 1804 in PA.162 She and Zera Vinson (see #28) were married circa 1826 in <Dearborn>, IN.163 She died after 1850 in IN.164

30Joseph J.5 Glardon (John, #60) was born in 1814 in Niver-Noir, France.165 He and Mary Theresa Francis (see #31) were married in 1832 in Cincinnati, OH, USA.166 He died on 16 Mar 1870 in Dearborn, IN, USA.167

Children of Joseph J.5 Glardon and Mary Theresa Francis (see #31) were as follows:

31Mary Theresa5 Francis was born in 1814 in France.190 She and Joseph J. Glardon (see #30) were married in 1832 in Cincinnati, OH, USA.191 She died on 15 Mar 1887 in Dearborn, IN.192

Generation Six


40Matthew6 Brown died in Shelby Co., IN.193 He was born in 1753 in Ireland.194 He and Jane Jones (see #41) were married circa 1775 in SC.195

"He was a native of Ireland, was born in the year 1753, but emigrated to Ohio from South Carolina, and settled, in 1803, on the farm now owned by John Baughman, in Harrison. He was a farmer by occupation, a Democrat in politics. His wife was Jane Jones, a native of South Carolina. She had eight children: Nancy, married to Samuel Harlen, and living in Indiana; David, married to Susan Gladwell, and also in Indiana; Katie, the wife of George Harlen and living in Iowa; Robert, married to Katie Cotton, also in Indiana; Samuel, married to Betsey Atherton, and living in Indiana; Sarah, the wife of Thomas Goulding, of Indiana; Betsoy(sp), married to Isaac Ferris and residing in Hamilton county; and John, married to Sarah Herm, of the same county after 1753.196 He emigrated after 1820 from Shelby Co., IN; followed son Robert."197

Children of Matthew6 Brown and Jane Jones (see #41) all b. inSC were as follows:

41Jane6 Jones died in Hamilton Co., OH.223 She was born circa 1755 in SC.224 She and Matthew Brown (see #40) were married circa 1775 in SC.225

48Noble6 Shaw was born circa 1786 in Guilford, NC.226,227 He and Ciscily Nordyke (see #49) were married circa 1800 in Guilford, NC.228 He died after 1850.229

Children of Noble6 Shaw and Ciscily Nordyke (see #49) were as follows:

49Ciscily6 Nordyke (Aden, #98) also spelled Sicilly was born on 2 Mar 1790 in Union, NC.232,233 She and Noble Shaw (see #48) were married circa 1800 in Guilford, NC.234 She died after 1850.235

52William6 Marvin was born in Aug 1761 in London, England.236 He and Ann Wickman (see #53) were married on 30 Dec 1783 in London, England.237 He died after 1840.238

Children of William6 Marvin and Ann Wickman (see #53) were as follows:

53Ann6 Wickman was born in Sep 1767 in London, England.241 She and William Marvin (see #52) were married on 30 Dec 1783 in London, England.242 She died on 12 Jun 1848 in USA at age 80.243

56John6 Vinson was born circa 1778 in MD; 1860 census Dearborn Co., Hogan Township says 82, b in VA; 1850 census, Dearborn Co.; Clay Twp says age 65, b in Maryland, name spelled Vincen. Have a Mary T. Lindsay residing with them, 15 yrs old, b in Indiana.244,245,246 He and Abitha (--?--) (see #57) were married circa 1805.247 He died after 1850 in Dearborn, IN.248

He appeared on the census of 1860; fromVA age 82.249

Children of John6 Vinson and Abitha (--?--) (see #57) were as follows:

57Abitha6 (--?--) was born circa 1785; 1860 census,Dearborn Co., Hogan Township, by has Abigail age 75 from Virginia; 1850 census, Dearborn Co., Clay Twp, says age 53, Abitha from VA.264,265 She and John Vinson (see #56) were married circa 1805.266 She died after 1860; 1860 census.267,268
    maiden name may be Dumont, one of her Granchildren named Ebenezer Dumont Vinson in 1785.269

58Willian6 Teanny (Heinrick Tean(n)y, #116) Teaney was born in 1775 in PA.270 He and Hannah Griffith (see #59) were married circa 1800.271 He died before 1850.272

    He had 7 children according to census records.273
Children of Willian6 Teanny and Hannah Griffith (see #59) were: 59Hannah6 Griffith ((--?--), #118) was born circa 1785 in PA.274 She and Willian Teanny (see #58) were married circa 1800.275 She died after 1850 in IN.276

60John Peter6 Glardon was born on 9 Apr 1780 in France.277 He and Mary Petithory (see #61) were married circa 1800 in France.278 He and Mary Forton were married on 18 Feb 1828 in Dearborn, IN, USA.279 He died on 4 Jun 1858 in Dover, Dearborn, IN, USA, at age 78.280

Children of John Peter6 Glardon and Mary Petithory (see #61) were as follows:

61Mary6 Petithory was born circa 1781 in France.284 She and John Peter Glardon (see #60) were married circa 1800 in France.285 She died before 1828 in France.286

Generation Seven


98Aden7 Nordyke (Abraham, #196) was born on 19 Jun 1762 in Burlington, Burlington, NJ.287 He and Martha Johnson (see #99) were married on 12 Dec 1787 in Deep River Mm, Guilford, NC.288 He died before 1840 in NC.289

Children of Aden7 Nordyke and Martha Johnson (see #99) all b. in Union, NC, were as follows:

99Martha7 Johnson (Robert, #198) was born on 28 Aug 1766 in Deep River, Guilford, NC.308 She and Aden Nordyke (see #98) were married on 12 Dec 1787 in Deep River Mm, Guilford, NC.309 She died before 1840 in NC.310

116Heinrick7 Tean(n)y;; many spellings was born before 1750; PA, Germany or Alsae Lorraine(as are most of my others).311 He died after 1800.312

Children of Heinrick7 Tean(n)y and an unknown spouse were:

118(--?--)7 Griffith.

Children of (--?--)7 Griffith and an unknown spouse both b. in PA were as follows:

Generation Eight

196Abraham8 Nordyke (Henry, #392) was born on 16 Nov 1736 in Burlington, Burlington, NJ.316 He and Mary Rodgers (see #197) were married on 1 Jun 1761 in New Vienna, Clinton, OH.317 He was buried after Sep 1825 inNew Vienna, Clinton, OH.318 He died on 23 Sep 1825 in New Vienna, Clinton, OH, at age 88.319

Children of Abraham8 Nordyke and Mary Rodgers (see #197) were as follows:

197Mary8 Rodgers (Thomas, #394) was born on 13 Apr 1740 in Burlington, Burlington, NJ.340 She and Abraham Nordyke (see #196) were married on 1 Jun 1761 in New Vienna, Clinton, OH.341 She died on 13 May 1814 in New Viena, Clinton, OH, at age 74.342

198Robert8 Johnson and Virginia Cecelia Elmore (see #199) were married circa 1765.343

Children of Robert8 Johnson and Virginia Cecelia Elmore (see #199) were:

199Virginia Cecelia8 Elmore and Robert Johnson (see #198) were married circa 1765.344

Generation Nine


392Henry9 Nordyke was born in 1710 in Burlington, NJ.345 He and Rebecca Perkins (see #393) were married on 3 Jan 1731 in Wellingborough, Burlington, NJ.346 He died on 2 Jan 1770 in Wellingborough, Burlington, NJ.347 He was buried after 2 Jan 1770 in Wellingborough, Burlington, NJ.348

Children of Henry9 Nordyke and Rebecca Perkins (see #393) were as follows:

393Rebecca9 Perkins (Jacob, #786) was born in 1712 in Burlington, Burlington, NJ.359 She and Henry Nordyke (see #392) were married on 3 Jan 1731 in Wellingborough, Burlington, NJ.360

394Thomas9 Rodgers (John, #788) was born circa 1709 in Burlington, NJ.361 He and Ann Staples (see #395) were married circa 1739.362 He died on 21 Nov 1792 in Burlington, NJ.363

Children of Thomas9 Rodgers and Ann Staples (see #395) were as follows:

395Ann9 Staples was born circa 1714 in Burlington, NJ.378 She and Thomas Rodgers (see #394) were married circa 1739.379

Generation Ten


786Jacob10 Perkins and Sarah (--?--) (see #787) were married circa 1710.380

Children of Jacob10 Perkins and Sarah (--?--) (see #787) were:

787Sarah10 (--?--) and Jacob Perkins (see #786) were married circa 1710.381

788John10 Rodgers and Martha Middleton (see #789) were married circa 1708.382

Children of John10 Rodgers and Martha Middleton (see #789) were:

789Martha10 Middleton and John Rodgers (see #788) were married circa 1708.383

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