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Grave Markers for the Leland Family in Gilmer, Texas

these photos sent by Leland Sonnier provided by Etta Withers, below is her description.

   "As we drove along the drive beside the old friend caught the name of LELAND on an upright marker a short distance away.  (I call these "family markers" when they just have the surname engraved on it.)  The drive curved right around beside the graves and they were only about 10-12 good steps from the drive. 
   There are three small flat rose colored granite markers plus the upright 
family marker across the head of the graves and one small marker the same 
size and color as the others at the foot of Laura's grave putting the 
upright marker at her head.  Standing toward the west looking down at the 
graves from my left to right, they are in this order:  D.C. Leland, J.D. 
Leland, L.J. Leland and P.W. Leland.    I also noticed a Barnwell marker 
not far from the Leland plot.  Would these be part of your "Anna Barnwell's 
inlaws?"  Just an idea.  If you are interested I can take photos of those 
as well.  For further reference:  the Old Cemetery and New Cemetery are 
divided by the "Old Coffeyville Road."


This is the Family Marker


The date of birth on this stone is incorrect, John D. Leland was born  8 June 1841 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and died 14 August 1922 in Gilmer, Texas.



Laura Janie Sims Leland was born 17 August 1853 in Clarkesville, Texas; and died 24 May 1942 in Houston, Texas.



These are the markers for Dudley C. Leland for whom I have no definate birth or death dates and Percy Warren Leland who was born 16 January 1889 and died in an oil explosion in Gladewater, Texas 7 March 1934.  Percy Warren is the great grandfather of Leland Sonnier.  It would be nice to know more about Dudley, in the Leland manuscript it simply states he was married and had children.  We also do not have what his middle name was, it is unclear where C fits in.

Death Certificate of Percy Warren Leland