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Richard McLester Leland, Jr.
These are pictures of my father at various period in his life. He was born at the end of the last century so by the time I was born, 1946, he was "old", of course 2 World Wars might do that. The last picture on the next page should be right after or right before I was born, and he looked much older than late 40's.

Here is Lt. Col. Richard (Bull of the Woods) McLester Leland, Jr. as his Infantry Division never saw him, come to think of it niether did I.


This is a picture of Henry Walters Leland as an infant. 


These are of "Pete", Henry Walters Leland,(1900-1906), the middle picture is Pete with his older brother Richard.  He was only 5 1/2  when he died, that was about 3 yrs after his Mother had passed away,  My father to his dying day always blamed his death on his stepmother Lucie.

These are Richard, Jr. at play.
I would guess that R.M.L.,Jr. was about 8 to 10 in these stylized photos, he was living with his Grandmother Ella McLester Leland.


Moving on we next find him a young teen, the first picture is at St. Bernard's Prep. School in Culman, Alabama.  The second picture of the "Dapper" lad is in front of the house his father lost in a card game.  Later Uncle Henry H. Leland repurchased the home.


Photographs provided by Margaret L. Duvic.


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