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The Leland Family of Virginia, 1744 - 2000

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Table of Contents

Descendants of Rev. Jno (John) Leland
Generation One
Generation Two
Generation Three
Generation Four
Generation Five
Generation Six
Generation Seven
Generation Eight
Generation Nine
Index of People
Index of Places
Index of Marriages

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    The Leland Family of Virginia has family who served honorably on both sides during the Civil War. The confederate flag is the Battle Flag of the 41st Alabama Infantry (courtesy of Alabama Department of Archives & History) and is here and various places throughout this website because it is the flag my my great grandfather, great great grandfather and great grand uncle all served honorably under it. It is not meant as a symbol of racism, it may be interpeted as a symbol of States rights. The flags of Britain, Scotland and Ireland, that I know of could also be shown, Britain was defeated by the Federal Government, they introduced slavery into the United States and were active in providing transportation, yet no one objects to the Union Jack. It is a part of family history and not meant to be a subject of controversy.

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