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The Descendants of The Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia

Generation Five

32Eliza Wood5 Stevens (Judith4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) refrence to Wood distant cousins was born after 1843.412 She married Moses Pascal Adams on 29 Dec 1870.413 She died on 1 May 1933.414

Children of Eliza Wood5 Stevens and Moses Pascal Adams were as follows:

33Hannah5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1835 VA.419 She married Charles Pierce on 18 Sep 1855 Coles, IL.420,421 She died circa 1900 LA.422

Children of Hannah5 Cox and Charles Pierce were:

34Elizabeth B. (Lizzie)5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1838 IL.425 She married Henry Gallup on 20 Oct 1856 Ashmore, Coles, IL, USA.426,427 She married Capt. Thomas B. Rogers after 1869.428 She died before 1920 New Orleans,, LA.429

Children of Elizabeth B. (Lizzie)5 Cox and Henry Gallup were:

Children of Elizabeth B. (Lizzie)5 Cox and Capt. Thomas B. Rogers were as follows: 35William Leland5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 22 Jun 1839 Ashmore,, IL, USA.436 He married Martha VanSickle on 25 Feb 1869 Edgar, IL.437,438 He died on 4 Apr 1921 at age 81.439

Children of William Leland5 Cox and Martha VanSickle both b.IL were as follows:

36Anna Maria5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 5 Jan 1841 Ashmore, Coles Co., IL.440,441 She married Capt. Levi Calvin Thornton on 29 Feb 1872 Ashmore, Coles Co., IL, USA.442,443 She died on 14 Jan 1918 Dallas,, TX, at age 77.444,445

Children of Anna Maria5 Cox and Capt. Levi Calvin Thornton were as follows:

37Roberta5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 27 Dec 1845 IL.451 She married Frank O'Brien on 6 Feb 1873.452 She died on 6 Jul 1897 IL at age 51.453

Children of Roberta5 Cox and Frank O'Brien all b. IL were as follows:

38Ellen Miller5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 5 Aug 1848 IL.458 She married W.E. Kimball on 4 Jun 1878.459 She died on 17 Jun 1932 IL at age 83.460

Children of Ellen Miller5 Cox and W.E. Kimball were as follows:

39Charles Edward5 Cox (Mary4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 20 Aug 1850 IL.465 He married Effie (Dart) Roseboom on 28 Sep 1871 Mc Lean, IL.466,467 He died after 1940.468

Children of Charles Edward5 Cox and Effie (Dart) Roseboom were as follows:

40Mary Kate5 Leland (William4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1839.469,470 She married Major William Hume on 30 Nov 1862.471 She died on 1 Oct 1925 Nashville,, TE.472

Children of Mary Kate5 Leland and Major William Hume were as follows:

41Capt. John Drish5 Leland (William4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1841.475 He married Laura Jane Sims on 25 Aug 1869 Jeffeson, Marion, TX.476,477 He died before 1940.478

Capt. John Drish Leland was named for Dr. John Drish; a relative of his mother.479 He Letter from Margaret W.Leland to niece, Eliza W. Stevens, has John studying Medicine with his father on 23 Feb 1865 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL.480 He was In a Record of Students; 1860.; Graduates with Titled Degrees; is listed:

Leland, John D., A.B.,A.M., '87, merchant. Gilmer, Tex.

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. William A. Leland and Margaret W. Ish; b. June 8, 1841; 1st Lieut. and Adjt., 41st Reg., Ala. Vol., C.S.A.; Prin. of Grove Hill, Ala. Male Acad.; "Arthur Small Institute," Selma, 1865; Murray Institute, Tex., 1871; Concord Pub. Schools, 1896; Editor, Tyler, Tex., Daily Record, 1891; at one time a lawyer, now a merchant. m. Laura Janie Sims, Jefferson, Tex., August 25, 1869. after 1900.481

Children of Capt. John Drish5 Leland and Laura Jane Sims were as follows:

42William Archibald5 Leland Jr. (William4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 11 Mar 1846 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, USA.484 He married Margaret Ella McLester, daughter of Richard Castlereigh McLester and Mary Theresa Simonton, on 7 Dec 1870 home, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL; and were to have 8 children. He died on 17 Jul 1900 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, USA, at age 54.485 He was buried after 17 Jul 1900Evergreen Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, AL.486
He was wounded at the Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee circa Dec 1862.487 He was expected to spend the rest of the war at home in the Ordanance Dept., according to his brother, Capt. John Drish Leland, from the prison camp at Camp Chase, Ohio on 28 Mar 1863 in a letter. He was employed by in Tennessee learning merchandising with William Hume, his brother in law, according to a letter from his Mother on 23 Feb 1865.

Children of William Archibald5 Leland Jr. and Margaret Ella McLester were as follows:

43Lizzie V.5 Cox (Ann4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 13 Jul 1839 Cumberland, Guernsey, OH.494 She married Dr. Aaron Plumly on 25 Jun 1862; his third wife.495 She died circa 1900 Pittsburgh,, PA, USA.496

Children of Lizzie V.5 Cox and Dr. Aaron Plumly all b. Pittsburgh,, PA, were as follows:

44Marie Ann5 Wiley (Sarah4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 15 Apr 1841 Hillsborough, Montgomery, IL, USA.513 She married Volruvius Collins Poor, son of Amos Poor and Mercy (--?--), on 8 Apr 1871 Seneca,, KS, USA; Rev. Wiley did not approve of the marriage so the ceremony was performed by Rev. Rhodabaugh.514 She died on 19 Aug 1916 Globe,, AZ, USA, at age 75.515
In a letter to Judith Smith Leland, she wrote in Dec 1855: "Dear Aunt:- I have got another little sister, she is eight months old and we think that she is a very smart baby of her age and her name is Lura Leland, she looks very much like father only she has got blue eyes . . . . . . . I do not like the place where we are living now as well as the place where we lived in Momenco. It would not be so bad if it were not for the bugs" .516

Children of Marie Ann5 Wiley and Volruvius Collins Poor were as follows:

45Eliza5 Wiley (Sarah4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 21 Apr 1847 Malta, DeKalb, IL, USA.524 She married Charles Joseph Potter on 2 Jun 1869McHenry Co., IL.525,526,527 She died in May 1940 Oketo, Marshall Co., KS, USA, at age 93.528,529

Children of Eliza5 Wiley and Charles Joseph Potter were as follows:

46Mary Frances5 Wiley (Sarah4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 24 Sep 1852 Kaneville,, IL.563 She married Pierre Joseph Guittard, son of George Guittard, on 16 May 1876 KS.564 She died before 1932 Kansas City,, KS, USA.565

Children of Mary Frances5 Wiley and Pierre Joseph Guittard both b. Marshall, KS, were as follows:

47Lura Leland5 Wiley (Sarah4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 22 Apr 1855 Momence,, IL, USA.568 She married Matthew Joseph Balgue on 2 Apr 1876Marysville,, KS.569 She died circa 1932.570

She was confirmed on 15 Apr 1878 Episcopal Church, Marysville,, KS.571

Children of Lura Leland5 Wiley and Matthew Joseph Balgue were as follows:

48Amos C.5 Wiley (Sarah4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) Amos C. Wiley was agent for Ponca Indians when they came to Oklahoma. He afterward was in Hardware business in Arkansas City, Kansas was born circa 1859 IL.588 He married Nannie Dezell on 25 Sep 1888 Richland, IL.589 He died after 1932 KS, USA.590

Children of Amos C.5 Wiley and an unknown spouse were:

Children of Amos C.5 Wiley and Nannie Dezell were as follows: 49Judith Jocasta5 Leland (Baldwin4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born in Apr 1849 OH.591 She married Charles West after 1865.592 She died in 1912 OH.593

Children of Judith Jocasta5 Leland and Charles West were as follows:

50Ann Maria5 Leland (Baldwin4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 22 Mar 1851 OH, USA.601 She married Joseph Little Hyatt on 25 Oct 1877.602 She died on 2 Aug 1904 OH at age 53.603

Children of Ann Maria5 Leland and Joseph Little Hyatt were:

51Elijah Stevens5 Leland (Baldwin4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 10 Dec 1852 OH.606 He married Lavinia Benjamin on 6 Sep 1881.607 He was buried in Jul 1942 Malta Cemetery, Chauncy,, OH.608 He died on 31 Jul 1942 Chauncy,, OH, at age 89.609,610

Children of Elijah Stevens5 Leland and Lavinia Benjamin were as follows:

52Charles Asbury5 Leland (Baldwin4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 21 Nov 1859 OH.613,614 He married Cora McKee on 21 Dec 1889.615 He died on 18 Feb 1901 OH at age 41.616
Charles Asbury Leland was the most distinguished of the Leland's of Ohio. He taught school until 1887 . He was elected prosecuting attorney circa 1887 Noble, OH of Noble County, Ohio, serving 6 years in that capacity.618 He was State Representative, 1895-1897.619 He emigrated circa 1898 to New Mexico; appointed by President McKinley Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and Judge of the Fifth District of New Mexico.620 They were in New Mexico two years and three months. His failing health caused them to return to Ohio in Sept. 1900 where he passed away, Feb. 18, 1901 at the age of 41. His prospects of being one of the first Senators when New Mexico received Statehood, were very bright as he was a favorite of both parties.617 621

Children of Charles Asbury5 Leland and Cora McKee were:

53William Henry (Wm.)5 Stevens (Elisabeth4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 2 Jan 1843 OH.622 He married Ann Eliza Squier on 3 Apr 1864 OH.623 He died on 19 Mar 1922 at age 79.624

Children of William Henry (Wm.)5 Stevens and Ann Eliza Squier all b. OH were as follows:

54Charles Baldwin5 Stevens (Elisabeth4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born in 1845 OH.633 He married Elisabeth Johnson circa 1871.634 He died in 1919.635

Children of Charles Baldwin5 Stevens and Elisabeth Johnson both b. OH were as follows:

55Frances Lucy5 Leland (John4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 15 May 1847 IL.638 She married John Baker on 26 Feb 1874.639 She died on 23 Feb 1934 Waynesville,, IL, at age 86.640

Children of Frances Lucy5 Leland and John Baker all b. IL were as follows:

56Almon Stevens5 Leland (John4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 22 Dec 1849.650 He married Sarah Ellen Worthington, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Christopher Worthington and Margaret Douglas, on 9 Aug 1872.651 He died on 8 Mar 1932 at age 82.652

    He was employed as a brakeman on Chicago & Alton R.R circa 1867 IL.653 He rented farm from Rev. Worthington circa 1872 Brush Creek Township, Muskingum, OH.654 He lived in 1882 6 miles from Zanesville, Brush Creek, Muskingum, OH; bought place and resided in the township for the rest of his life.655

Children of Almon Stevens5 Leland and Sarah Ellen Worthington all b. Brush Creek, Muskingum, OH, were as follows:

57Minnie May5 Leland (John4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 7 Mar 1856 Bristol, Morgan, OH.658 She married Horace Greeley Porter, son of Francis Porter Sr. and Hannah Pyle, on 8 Feb 1875.659 She died on 21 Aug 1910 at age 54.660

Children of Minnie May5 Leland and Horace Greeley Porter were as follows:

58Hamer Wiles5 Leland (John4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 31 Oct 1863 Morgan, OH.665 He married Della Blanche Chrisman circa 1896.666 He married Amelia Magdalene Reed on 11 Nov 1902.667 He died on 29 Sep 1932 at age 68.668

Hamer Wiles Leland was named for Rev. Hamer Wiles; named for a Methodist Minister on the Lebanon Circuit.669 He As a young man he had travelled around the west as a cowboy circa 1880.670

Children of Hamer Wiles5 Leland and Della Blanche Chrisman all b. OH were as follows:

Children of Hamer Wiles5 Leland and Amelia Magdalene Reed both b. OH were as follows: 59Ella Virginia5 Newton (Lucy4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1854 VA.681 She married Robert Greenbury Harrison after 1870.682 She died circa 1919.683

Children of Ella Virginia5 Newton and Robert Greenbury Harrison were as follows:

60Lucie Rebecca5 Newton (Lucy4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1863.699 She married Charles Edward Rutter on 25 Jun 1891.700,701 She died circa 1932.702

Children of Lucie Rebecca5 Newton and Charles Edward Rutter were as follows:

61Maria (Ridie) Morgan5 Newton (Lucy4Leland, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1865.721 She married Harry J. Roberts, son of John B. Roberts, on 16 Jul 1902.722,723 She died after 1940.724

Children of Maria (Ridie) Morgan5 Newton and Harry J. Roberts were:

62Florence5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 26 Feb 1858 VA.729 She married William Adams circa 1880.730 She died circa 1929.731
She lost several children in infancy, including two pairs of twins after 1880.732

Children of Florence5 Leland and William Adams were:

63Madora5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1860 VA.733 She married John Parker circa 1880.734 She died before 1937.735

Children of Madora5 Leland and John Parker were as follows:

64Lucie Rebecca5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 14 Apr 1863 MD.744 She married Henry Ruark circa 1880.745 She died after 1930.746

Children of Lucie Rebecca5 Leland and Henry Ruark were as follows:

65Margaret5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) twin to Willie? was born on 8 Nov 1865.755 She married Capt. John W. Evans on 10 Dec 1890.756 She died after 1950.757
She was known as "Aunt Mag" to all nieces & nephews, according to Martin Leland Goslin, D.D circa 1920. She lived circa 1940 Baltimore, Baltimore City, MD.758

Children of Margaret5 Leland and Capt. John W. Evans all b.MD were as follows:

66Henry5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 17 Aug 1870 MD.759 He married Virginia Stewart circa 1895.760 He died after 1937.761

Children of Henry5 Leland and Virginia Stewart were as follows:

67Annie Basye5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 25 Feb 1876 MD.762 She married Eugene Mills circa 1895.763 She died after 1940.764

Children of Annie Basye5 Leland and Eugene Mills all b. MD were as follows:

68Bessie5 Leland (Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 28 Dec 1884 MD.770 She married Martin Leroy Goslin on 26 Feb 1904.771 She died on 24 Mar 1954 IL at age 69; died at son Martins' home.772,773
After 1941she resided with Rev. Martin Leland Goslin.774

Children of Bessie5 Leland and Martin Leroy Goslin were as follows:

69James Alexander5 Leland (John4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1832.775 He married Maryetta E. Harcum, daughter of Samuel Harcum, circa 1850.776 He married ? Gresham circa 1860; Why did James name his son John Gresham if he is not the other Leland mentioned on pg 19.777 He died circa 1900.778
I have taken liberties with J.A.C.'s manuscript, in marrying James to an unknown Gresham, otherwise why name his son John Gresham. According to J.A.C., on page 19-
"The farm of 100 acres owned by Mrs. Amadee and her sister Mrs. Davis and their Aunt, is part of a Glebe farm of 1000 acres that was set apart for the use of the minister, presumably Jno. Leland. This farm was sold by the Diocese in 1788 to a Mr. Gresham and remained in the Gresham family until confiscated at the close of the Civil War, perhaps by connivance of carpet baggers and local people. Shortly before the Civil War, two Gresham girls married two Lelands, Charles W. and John Peachy. After the confiscation the widows bought back 100 acres including the house, built before the Revolution and still standing. The above, which is from Mrs. Amadee, relayed by Mrs. Madge Leland Cochran, does not coincide with other information that Charles W. Leland married Willie Ann Harcum. He may have been married twice, or there is some misunderstanding" before 1863 VA.779

Children of James Alexander5 Leland and Maryetta E. Harcum were:

Children of James Alexander5 Leland and ? Gresham were as follows: 70Charles W.5 Leland (John4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born in 1833.792 He married Williel Ann Harcum, daughter of Samuel Harcum, circa 1855.793 He died after 1865; Lieutenant under Robert E. Lee. He came home a mere skeleton and died soon after.794

Children of Charles W.5 Leland and Williel Ann Harcum were as follows:

71Priscilla Frances5 Leland (John4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born on 20 Jul 1854.804 She married John W. Purucker on 21 Feb 1871.805 She died on 13 Apr 1929 at age 74.806

Children of Priscilla Frances5 Leland and John W. Purucker were as follows:

72Leroy Lee5 Leland (John4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born on 26 Jul 1856 Northumberland, VA.809,810 He married Clara Maria Holmes on 13 Apr 1886Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.811 He died after 1930 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.812,813

Children of Leroy Lee5 Leland and Clara Maria Holmes all b.Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, were as follows:

73Emma5 Leland (John4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1862 VA.820 She married James Culton circa 1880.821 She died after 1920.822

Children of Emma5 Leland and James Culton were as follows:

74Ann Maria5 Leland (Leroy4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) IGI has Ann Marie was born circa 1843 Lancaster Co., VA.823,824,825 She married William Hartwell Brent circa 1861.826,827 She died after 1910.828

Children of Ann Maria5 Leland and William Hartwell Brent were as follows:

75Elberta Alberta5 Leland (Leroy4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1845.837,838 She married Thomas Towles, son of Oliver Towles and Louisa A C Kidd, circa 1860.839 She died after 1900.840

Children of Elberta Alberta5 Leland and Thomas Towles all b.Lancaster, VA, were as follows:

76Lucy Lee5 Leland (Leroy4, Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1847 VA.851 She married William N. Cundiff circa 1865 VA.852 She died after 1900.853

Children of Lucy Lee5 Leland and William N. Cundiff were as follows:

77Lucy5 Eustace (William4, Maria3Leland, John2, Jno1) was born in 1838.856 She married Robert Graham Lowe circa 1858.857 She died circa 1900.858

Children of Lucy5 Eustace and Robert Graham Lowe were as follows:

78Nancy Carter5 Eustace (William4, Maria3Leland, John2, Jno1) was born in 1842.863 She married William Fellows circa 1860.864 She died after 1900.865

Children of Nancy Carter5 Eustace and William Fellows were:

79Mary Elizabeth5 Eustace (William4, Maria3Leland, John2, Jno1) was born after 1850 VA.866 She married Mr. (--?--) Brent circa 1870.867 She died after 1940 Kilmarnock,, VA.868

Children of Mary Elizabeth5 Eustace and Mr. (--?--) Brent were as follows:

80Lucy Carey5 Leland (John4, John3, Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1870.880 She married (--?--) Rea after 1890.881 She died after 1940 St Louis,, MO.882

In a letter to John Augustin Charles Leland ll she wrote in 1940:

My dear Mr. Leland:

Mrs. Milton Standley of Carrolton, Missouri forwarded your letter to me. I married her brother many years ago and have a son Leland.

I am a granddaughter of John Dudley Leland. He came to this state from Virginia fully one hundred years ago - for my father Dr. John Dudley - was the youngest child of thirteen and was born in this state Mar. 4th, 1844 I think. My grandfather was a member of the House of Representitives in Virginia before coming to Mo.

I am not sure I can give the names of the children. John, oldest (My father was Wm. Fredrick but was quite small when his oldest brother passed on and his name was changed to John Dudley). Chas. who I understand went to California and after a time ceased to write home - and later word came he had told some man he was going to cross a creek. This was very high at the time and he was never heard of again so Grandmother Leland gave him up for dead. Virginia died without issue. Marcella, Cornelia, Eugenia, Maria and Lucy Carey - for whom I was named. Grandfather came to Fayette, Missouri, where he died. One night he was going over a case in court and . . . . .

My father was a dentist and we moved to Carrolton when I was a little girl. On one of my visits in Cal. I saw a young lady named Juliet Leland - and she looked exactly like a cousin of mine named Juliet. This was at the "Glendale Sanitarium" where she was giving a concert. I am wondering if you are a descendant of Uncle Chas, who as I said before went to Calif.?

Grandmother Leland was Sarah Gaskins of Virginia. She was always very proud of being a cousin of Geo. Washington. Her ancestor and Mary Ball Washington's mother were half sisters - this brought down to Sarah Gaskins, wife of Judge John Leland, in the Ball Family.

My father had three children - Joseph Page; Cora Harrison - both these names are from the Page side - and my own, Lucy Cary - a family name on the Leland side.

I cannot go any farther back than Grandfather, but there is a tradition in the family that the oldest son was always called John Dudley and until my Grandfather was either a minister or a bishop in the Episcopal Church - the family were all Episcopalians.

I should be glad to answer any questions I am able and if you have any information about the earlier ancestors would appreciate any facts about them.

Since writing the above I have talked with my sister and she says she thought the Uncle who went to California and never returned was Henry, and that later the family received a notice of his death. This was years later than his supposed drowning.

There are so few of this branch of the family - my brother Page the only one bearing the family name, is the only one left and he has no children.

I hope this information will be of some service to you.

Cora and I are housemothers in the Mo. State School for the Blind in St. Louis, Mo.

Sincerely yours (Mrs) Lucy Leland Rea  3815 Magnolia Ave., St. Louis,, Missouri.883

Children of Lucy Carey5 Leland and (--?--) Rea were:

81Nannie H.5 Towles (William4, Sarah3Leland, Charles2, Jno1married John Gresham Leland, son of James Alexander Leland and ? Gresham, on 1 Mar 1896.885
   Diane Cukro has Nannie Towles marrying Alexander Leland.886

Children of Nannie H.5 Towles and John Gresham Leland were as follows:

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