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The Descendants of The Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia

Generation Four

14Judith Smith4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 10 Apr 1807 VA, USA.190 She married Elijah Stevens, son of David Stevens and Eleanor Bentley, on 19 Jan 1842.191 She died on 28 Oct 1896 Zanesville, Muskegan, OH, USA, at age 89.192

She was purchased property in Cumberland where Conway Garrington recently lived, and made a home for heself, Betty & Augustin. (Note: unclear whether "recently" means prior to Judith buying property, or prior to J.A.C.II compiling his manuscript.) in 1837.193 In a letter to her from Marie Ann Wiley in Dec 1855:
"Dear Aunt:- I have got another little sister, she is eight months old and we think that she is a very smart baby of her age and her name is Lura Leland, she looks very much like father only she has got blue eyes . . . . . . . I do not like the place where we are living now as well as the place where we lived in Momenco. It would not be so bad if it were not for the bugs" .194
She was living in Zeno, Ohio when General John Morgan made his raid through Ohio during the Civil War. Morgan's raiders were hotly pursued by the Union forces and as their horses played out they seized others. When they came to the Stevens place, the two girls, Eliza and Virginia were at school, some distance away and had there horses with them. Aunt Judith told Morgan that she grew up in Virginia and sympathized with the South and asked him not to take the girls' horses when they passed the schoolhouse. The General promptly sent a detail and escorted the young ladies home in style. Charles Wood Eberlein, Kiamath Falls, Oregon, told me in June, 1942 that this chivalrous action on the part of General Morgan did not prevent their taking all the horses when they left. "I don't believe Aunt Judith was ever fully reconstructed, and my father said she made a Rebel out of Uncle Lige, though he by descent was a Connecticut Yankee."195
Children of Judith Smith4 Leland and Elijah Stevens were as follows: 15Mary Jamieson4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 28 Jun 1809 VA, USA.199 She married Edward Cox on 21 Dec 1833 VA.200 She died on 13 Jan 1891 Ashmore,, IL, USA, at age 81.201

Children of Mary Jamieson4 Leland and Edward Cox were as follows:

16Dr. William Archibald4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 29 Apr 1811 Northumberland, VA, USA.202 He married Margaret Warren Ish, daughter of Peter Ish and Margaret McCune, on 19 Jan 1838Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL; according to the  marriage license.203,204 He died on 3 Jun 1878 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, at age 67; supposed to be in old cemetery next to a church, could not locate grave when visiting in 1985.205
He was educated circa 1830 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,, PA, USA.206 Family Group sheet list marriage on 19 Jan 1837 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL.207 He and Margaret were married by James H. Devotee, the Pastor of the Baptist Church although he was a convert to the Roman Catholic faith,he and his family were members of that church for years, from 100 years of Catholicity in Tuscaloosa. He died in Birmingham in the fall of 1878. . He was educated circa 1843 Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia,, PA; MD Degree.208,209 He was relieved of duty with 41st Ala, and assigned to the Army of Tennessee Hospital Service under Surgeon General S.H. Stout; Chatanooga, TN. It is interesting to note on orders name is spelled Lelland, and top part has him relieved from 41st, bottom part from the 45th on 26 Feb 1863 Headquarters, Tallahoma,, TN, USA.210

Children of Dr. William Archibald4 Leland and Margaret Warren Ish were as follows:

17Ann Maria4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 29 Dec 1814 Cherry Point,, Northumberland, VA, USA.235,236 She married Peter P. Cox on 6 Sep 1834 VA; 3rd marriage for Peter P. Cox, he was a cousin of Edward Cox, her sister Mary's husband.237,238 She died on 27 Apr 1841 Cumberland,, OH, USA, at age 26.239
She was a fine singer in 1830.240 She emigrated on 1 Jun 1836; arrived at Zanesville, went to Wood Grove, Morgan County and stayed with their old friends, the Woods', while Peter looked for a place. Early in the fall of 1836 he bought the farm near Cumberland recently owned by Mr. George Crow. (Note: unclear whether recently means prior to Peter buying the farm, or shortly before J.A.C. compiled his manuscript.).241 After her death Peter Cox married a fourth time, Eleanor Isabella Beall, and moved to Clark County near Springfield, Ohio. John & Lizzie returned to Cumberland, Ohio in 1842.242

Children of Ann Maria4 Leland and Peter P. Cox were as follows:

18Sarah Moore4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 13 Jan 1817 VA, USA; IGI record has erroneously listed <charleston>, Coles, Illinois, as birth place, Film # 1985747.245,246 She married Rev. Amos Wiley on 2 Jul 1839 Coles, IL, USA.247,248 She died on 22 Nov 1903 Marietta, Marshall Co., KS, USA, at age 86.249,250
She and Rev. Amos Wiley lived in Dec 1855 North Kingston, DeKalb Co., IL.251 In a letter to her sister Judith Stevens she recounts their hardships of the previous winter. They were running a custom tailoring shop and had not made enough to pay the rent, $8.00 oer mo. There was too much ready made clothing on the market. The house was cold and wood was $5.00 per cord and coal $10.00 per ton. Mr. Wiley, who was not well, was at their farm 16 miles from North Kingston, and 8 miles south of Belvidore, Boone Co., Ill. They had a cement house on the farm but it had fallen down and he was intending to build a shanty. The neighborhood was called "Rob's". She invites the Stevens to visit them. Mr. Wiley had stopped travelling on 13 Apr 1857.252 She emigrated in 1869 from Kansas.253

Children of Sarah Moore4 Leland and Rev. Amos Wiley were as follows:

19Baldwin Mathews4 Leland Jr. (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 20 Jun 1819 VA, USA.254 He married Elisabeth Frances Stevens, daughter of Elijah Stevens and Jocasta Harding, in Apr 1848.255 He married Rebecca Danford in 1858.256 He died on 16 Jun 1897 Caldwell,, OH, USA, at age 77.257 He was buried after 17 Jun 1897Sharon, Noble, OH.258
He emigrated circa 1836 from OH; left VA with the rest of the family and went to Tuscaloosa Al, where he read a course of medicine with his brother, Dr. Wm. A. Leland. This not being to his liking, he came to Ohio in 1844 and engaged in the General Merchandise business at Kieth's and Sharon, Noble County, Ohio.259 After 1861 items from Madge Leland Cochran's letters indicate that Baldwin M. Leland was a southern sympathizer during the war, as were many other residents of southeastern Ohio who had come from Virginia. This was a stonghold of the Knights of the Golden Circle, headed by Clement L. Vallandigham. The object of this organization was to help Rebel prisoners escape, or get them exchanged, and to destroy Government property. In the basement of B.M. Leland's store, the Hoskinville Rebellion was planned. Some of the leaders were prosecuted but B.M. was crafty enough so they did not get him. Hoskinville is between Sharon and Cumberland.260

Children of Baldwin Mathews4 Leland Jr. and Elisabeth Frances Stevens were as follows:

Children of Baldwin Mathews4 Leland Jr. and Rebecca Danford were: 20Elisabeth (Betsy) Fauntleroy4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 30 Aug 1822 VA, USA.263 She married William F. Stevens, son of William Stevens and Sophronia (--?--), on 30 Sep 1841.264 She died on 13 Nov 1912 Cumberland,, OH, USA, at age 90.265
Elisabeth (Betsy) Fauntleroy Leland was named for Elisabeth Fauntleroy; daughter of Griffin Fauntleroy who owned a neighboring plantation. Elisabeth Fauntleroy, born Jan. 23, 1731, died June 24, 1797, married June 24, 1747, Thomas Edwards Jr., b. June 19, 1725. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John Leland . This was according to J.A.C. II, however Elisabeth's mother was named Elisabeth Fauntleroy Haggoman,so she was probably named for her.R.M.Leland III

Betty, as she was always called, was 13 years old when they left Fredericksburg, Va. in covered wagons on May 1, 1836. They travelled mostly over the National Pike and arrived in Zanesville, Ohio, June 1, 1836. Here are some of the things she bought for the trip:

Miss Elisabeth Leland Bought of Jos. Deshields, Jr.
April 23, 1836 To 8 yrds gingham @ 38, 1 pr shoes 1.38 $4.42.
April 23, 1836 To 2 yrds check @ 25 8 yds. callico @ .13 $1.54

Received of Mr. P. P. Cox, guardian, the above in full J. Deshields, Jr.266

She emigrated on 1 May 1836 fromFredericksburg,, VA; Left in covered wagons, they travelled mostley over the National Pike.269  Arrived on 1 Jun 1836 Zanesville,, OH. After they reached Ohio she bought:
June 6, 1836 Paid Richard Dunahia for trunk $2.00.
Aug. 31, " " Wm. George for 1 pr shoes $1.25.
Dec. 10, " " Wm. McElroy for 1 pr. shoes 1.621/2
Dec. 1 , " " John E. Boyd for 4 1/2 yds of flannel @.50 2.25
" " " " colouring .66
Jan. 18, 1837 " Wm. Wallace for 1 Geography & Atlas $1.00
" " " Paid Cobbs Exposition 25cts. Masons Sacred Harmony 1.19
Dec. 24 " paid Sam'l Stranathan for Kirkhams Gram. .75
March 6 " paid Aaron Charlott for basket .25
April 1 " paid Wm. McElroy for 1 pr of shoes 1.87 1/2
April 24 " Paid John E. Boyd for sundries 6.03
June 1 " paid Aaron Charlott for board 7.00
" " " " Dr. W. Ballou 7.50
June 29 " paid Rev. Wm. Wallace for tuition 2.25.270 She  joined M. E. Church, being the last charter member.271

Children of Elisabeth (Betsy) Fauntleroy4 Leland and William F. Stevens all b. OH were as follows:

21John Augustin Charles4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 25 Jan 1824 Northumberland, VA, USA.275 He married Huldah Shepherd Stevens, daughter ofDavid Stevens and Eleanor Bentley, on 10 Dec 1845 OH.276 He married Ruth Kinsey in 1867.277 He and Ruth Kinsey were divorced in 1869.278 He married Sarah Jenkins circa 1870.279 He was buried in Mar 1895 McConnelsville,, OH.280 He died on 16 Mar 1895 Marietta,, OH, USA, at age 71.281
 J.A.C. Leland was about 5 ft. 10in. in height, very square shoulders, brown curly hair and brown eyes, weight 150 lbs. He had a loud voice. On one occasion he told the hired man to go to Cool's store one mile away and get some nails. When the man arrived the clerk handed him the nails. Though only a lad when brought from Virginia, he never lost his Virginia accent. He would go to the foot of the stairs of a morning and call to the youngest son, Hamer, "Hamah! Get up. My Lawd Amighty, its fo' o'clock." He supported the Union in the Civil War. I heard him say, "Ah can nevah fo'give the Democratic Pahty of Ohio fo' nominating Clement L. Vallandigham fo' Gove'nah, when this country was bleeding." Vallandigham was a Southern sympathizer and head of the Knights of the Golden Circle. He came to our place when I was about five years old and gave each of my sisters a silver dollar and me a five dollar gold piece. I thought it was a cent and set up a howl that I wanted one like the girls had. Mother rescued the five dollar gold piece that I had thrown on the floor, as Grandfather readily agreed to give me a dollar for it. It was customary in that part of Ohio to give a namesake his first suit. I wore kilts 'till I was six. How he stayed out of the Civil War is unknown to the writer. Maybe he hired a substitute. In the 60's he went to McLean, McLean Co., Illinois, and engaged in the mercantile business with Thornton Cotton. In 1902, the name" Leland & Cotton" was still legible on the building. He returned to Ohio in 1867 and bought the farm near Bristol. He added to it until it comprised 400 acres and was one of the best in the County in 1840 OH.282

Children of John Augustin Charles4 Leland and Huldah Shepherd Stevens were as follows:

There were no children of John Augustin Charles4 Leland and Ruth Kinsey.

There were no children of John Augustin Charles4 Leland and Sarah Jenkins.

22Lucy Rebecca4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 12 Mar 1830 VA, USA.289 She married William Morgan Newton, son of Major William Newton and Maria Louisa Morgan, on 10 Oct 1852 VA.290 She died on 4 Jun 1899 Baltimore,, MD, at age 69.291

Children of Lucy Rebecca4 Leland and William Morgan Newton were as follows:

23Fabricius Baldwin Mathews4 Leland (Baldwin3, John2, Jno1) was born on 18 Aug 1832 VA, USA.311 He married Rebecca Ann Barkley on 28 Feb 1856.312 He died on 5 Jan 1893 MD, USA, at age 60.313
 Was loyal to the Union in the Civil War and was conducting a store on the Virginia side of the Potomac. Hearing that the Rebels were on their way to take him, he and his family left everything and fled in the night across the bay to one of the Maryland islands. Later he moved to Cambridge, Maryland where he spent the remainder of his life.

* Material supplied by Martin Leland Goslin, D.D. "he fled to Hoopers Island. After his death family moved to Cambridge, MD circa 1862."314

Children of Fabricius Baldwin Mathews4 Leland and Rebecca Ann Barkley were as follows:

24John Walter4 Leland (Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born on 16 Dec 1808 Northumberland, VA; FGR does not have birth date.326,327 He married Priscilla Haynie on 21 Apr 1831.328 He married Elizabeth Frances Ann Lee on 10 Apr 1853.329 He died on 21 Oct 1885 at age 76.330
According to JAC, John Walter moved to Ohio with the Wood family 1830, Family search has him marrying Elizabeth Frances Ann Lee in 1855 in ,Northumberland,VA.
JAC has marriage 10 Apr 1853 & 1st child Priscilla b 20 Jul 1854, Family search has 1st child only as Leroy Lee, b 26 Jul 1856.331,332

Children of John Walter4 Leland and Priscilla Haynie were as follows:

Children of John Walter4 Leland and Elizabeth Frances Ann Lee were as follows: 25Leroy Griffin4 Leland (Leroy3, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1810 VA.353 He married Ann N. Hubbard on 30 Nov 1841 VA.354,355 He died before 1890.356

Children of Leroy Griffin4 Leland and Ann N. Hubbard were as follows:

26William Conway4 Eustace (Maria3Leland, John2, Jno1) was born circa 1807.357 He married Mary Tomlin, daughter of Williamson Ball Tomlin and Catherine Anne Carter, circa 1837.358 He married Maria Hall after 1845.359 He died circa 1867.360
14--1. Mary, m. William Conway Eustace, son of John Conway and Mary (Leland) Eustace, and had issue.COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE Southern States of America in 1837.361

Children of William Conway4 Eustace and Mary Tomlin were as follows:

Children of William Conway4 Eustace and Maria Hall were as follows: 27John Dudley4 Leland D.D.S. (John3, Charles2, Jno1) Was named William Fredrick but name changed when oldest brother died when he was quite young. Letter from Lucy Leland Rea, 1940 was born on 4 Mar 1844 Fayette,, MO, USA.375 He married (--?--) Page circa 1868.376 He died after 1900.377

Children of John Dudley4 Leland D.D.S. and (--?--) Page were as follows:

28Maria Payne4 Leland (Charles3, Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1843 VA.382 She married Peyton R. Carter after 1860.383 She died after 1920.384
Letter on 20 Mar 1941 William Edmonds Carter Rehoboth,, VA, states "Charles H. Leland's children were - Elisabeth M. Leland; Lucy F. Leland; Mary Benjamin Leland; Maria Payne Leland; Lucius Cary Leland. My mother was Maria Payne Leland and she married Peyton R. Carter. My brothers and sister are - Mary B. Carter Triplett, Lucius Benjamin Carter, Wayland Dunaway Carter, Leland Payne Carter.385

Children of Maria Payne4 Leland and Peyton R. Carter were as follows:

29Sarah4 Chinn (Lucy3Leland, Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1822.398 She married John Chinn Mitchell circa 1842.399

Children of Sarah4 Chinn and John Chinn Mitchell were as follows:

30Lucy4 Chinn (Lucy3Leland, Charles2, Jno1) was born in 1832 VA.404 She married J.Bailey Jett, son of Joseph Jett and Phoebe Chrisman, on 31 Jan 1856.405 She died after 1913 VA.406

Children of Lucy4 Chinn and J.Bailey Jett were:

31William4 Towles (Sarah3Leland, Charles2, Jno1) was born after 1834 VA.409 He married Ann Brooke circa 1855.410 He died after 1900.411

Children of William4 Towles and Ann Brooke were:

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