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The Descendants of The Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia

Generation Three

4John Lee3 Leland (John2, Jno1) was born circa 1777 VA.50 He married Mary Pusey circa 1807 Norfolk,, VA.51 He died on 16 Jun 1809 Norfolk,, VA, USA.52

Children of John Lee3 Leland and Mary Pusey both b. VA were as follows:

5Baldwin Mathews3 Leland (John2, Jno1) "Baldwin Mathews Leland was a lawyer and planter. He was born on 11 Mar 1780.59 He married Elizabeth Haggoman, daughter of John Haggoman (III) and Mary Anne Jamison, on 6 Mar 1806.60 He married Rebecca Ann Travers, daughter of Henry Hicks Travers, on 25 Jan 1828 VA.61 He died on 27 Aug 1832 Northumberland, VA, USA, at age 52.62 He was buried after 27 Aug 1832 in the family burying ground,, Northumberland Co., VA; with his first wife, her mother Mary Jamieson Haggoman is also buried there. The graveyard is badly overgrown (1940's), but two slabs are visible, Thomas Banks died 1684, and William Keene died 1697. They both married the same woman. She evidently outlived her two husbands and was not given a stone.63

He  furnished supplies for the United States Army in the War of 1812 in 1812.64 If he had lived a few more years, he would have been a resident of the State of Ohio as he was negotiating for land near Cincinnati at the time of his death. His intention was to free his slaves and come to the free state to bring up his children. After his death the family separated, some going to Illinois, some to Kentucky and later Alabama, and some to Ohio.65

Children of Baldwin Mathews3 Leland and Elizabeth Haggoman were as follows:

Children of Baldwin Mathews3 Leland and Rebecca Ann Travers all b. VA, USA, were as follows: 6Leroy Peachy3 Leland (John2, Jno1) was born circa 1781 Lancaster, VA, USA.70,71 He married Ann G.(Nancy) Haggoman, daughter of John Haggoman (III) and Mary Anne Jamison, on 14 Feb 1807 Lancaster, VA.72 He died after 1850, he is listed on the 1850 census for Lancaster Co.73,74

Children of Leroy Peachy3 Leland and Ann G.(Nancy) Haggoman were as follows:

7Maria3 Leland (John2, Jno1) was born before 1788.81 She married John Conway Eustace, son of William Eustace and Mary S, on 26 Jun 1806.82 She died on 26 Jun 1844.83

Children of Maria3 Leland and John Conway Eustace were:

8John Dudley3 Leland (Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1797 VA, USA; Mother died in childbirth or soon after?84 He married Sarah Lee Gaskins/Gaskoyne, daughter of Henry Lee Gaskins/Gaskoyne and Judith Ball, on 11 Sep 1821 Northumberland, VA, USA.85 He died on 6 Jun 1847 Fayette,, MO, USA.86,87
The letter from Lucy Leland Rea in 1940 states her father John Dudley Leland DDS, was youngest of 13 children. Confusion between Chas. or Henry. and still others missing circa 1940.88

Children of John Dudley3 Leland and Sarah Lee Gaskins/Gaskoyne were as follows:

9Dr. Charles Henry3 Leland (Charles2, Jno1) practiced medicine 30 years at Lancaster Court House, VA was born after 1798.109 He married Eliza Mitchell on 14 Jan 1834 Northumberland, VA.110 He married Mrs. Susan Waddey on 14 Sep 1842 VA.111 He died in 1863 Lancaster, VA, USA.112

Children of Dr. Charles Henry3 Leland and Eliza Mitchell were as follows:

Children of Dr. Charles Henry3 Leland and Mrs. Susan Waddey were as follows: 10Samuel Alexander Mangan3 Leland (Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1799.127 He married Eliza M. Campbell, daughter of Eliza F. Campbell, on 5 Dec 1836 VA.128 He died after 1860.129

Children of Samuel Alexander Mangan3 Leland and Eliza M. Campbell all b. VA were as follows:

11Lucius Cary3 Leland M.D. (Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1802.141 He married Cynthia M. Quinn, daughter of Col. Peter Quinn and Martha Moore, on 8 Sep 1835 Holmesville,, MS; Conflicting dates could be 8 Oct 1835.142,143,144 He died before 1860 MS, USA.145,146
He was educated on 28 Oct 1830 Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia,, PA; entered 2nd year of studies, from Lancaster County, Virginia.147 He deeded old homestead at Point Pleasant (Cecakawone) to Fleming Bates, moved to Mississippi. Record from Jefferson Medical School has him in Panola Co., MS. Found on 1850 Census in Yalobusha Co., N of Yallabusha River, page 420 in 1832.148 He lived in 1844 Panola Co., MS; according to Jefferson Medical School.149 He appeared on the census of 1845 Panola Co., MS.150 He appeared on the census of 1850 Yalobusha Co., MS.151 He appeared on the census of 16 Oct 1850 Dwelling 622; Family 622; listed as Planter, value of Real Estate owned 1000.152 He appeared on the census of 1853 Panola Co., MS.153

Children of Lucius Cary3 Leland M.D. and Cynthia M. Quinn were as follows:

12Lucy E.3 Leland (Charles2, Jno1) was born circa 1803.166 She married John Leroy Chinn, son of Joseph Chinn and Elizabeth Griffin, on 12 Feb 1821.167 She died circa 1877.168

Children of Lucy E.3 Leland and John Leroy Chinn were as follows:

13Sarah Towles3 Leland (Charles2, Jno1) was born after 1810 Lancaster, VA.187 She married James Stokely Towles on 13 Aug 1833 Lancaster, VA.188 She died before 1900.189
While looking through The Ball Genealogy by Susan Smith, I discovered a new Leland. Sarah Towles Leland, no birth date, am assuming about 1810, born to Charles Leland & Sarah Towles. She married James Stokley Towles, 13 August 1833, Lancaster, Virginia.
Also Susan has William Conway Eustace, son of Maria Leland & John Conway Eustace, marrying Mary "Tomlin", daughter of Williamson Ball Tomlin. Opposed to J.A.C.'s manuscript which has him marrying Mary Ball, daughter of Williamson Ball, in 1833. More research to do, tend to follow Mary Tomlin link. R.M.Leland III

Children of Sarah Towles3 Leland and James Stokely Towles were:

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