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Rick's Picture Page

Here I am in my high chair, this chair went from Syracuse to Alabama and then back to New York, it lasted through my brother Bill, that is over ten years.  It would fold down andthe base would be a play table.


Graduation from High School, 1963. Notice what was supposed to be a flat top.


Then came the Navy, I went on active duty in November of 1963 and I was off activve duty in November of 1965.  In February of 1966 they had extended everybody.  I was a Hospital Corpsman 3rd class, and I was stationed on the U.S.S. Proteus (AS-19). At the end of my active duty I put in my request to extend to go to field med school and then to Vietnam, the Navy said they would extend my enlistment, but I was staying in Guam, I said forget it and I guess the Lord was watching over me. Over twenty-five (25) % of all Navy enlisted personel on the Wall are Hospital Corpsman.


After I was separated from active duty I attended the University of Buffalo, for two semesters. The first sememster I had no assistance at all other than money I earned or my parents helped with. The second sememster the GI Bill had taken effect and I recieved $100 a month, and Cornell paid my tuition and fees as part of their exchange program, I withdrew the beginning of my 3rd sememster.  While living back in Ithaca I became involved in community theater, the paper below is from the Interfaith Drama Group, at the same time as Casey, I was also in a production by the Community Players, "Grandmother Slyboots," I was the young woodcutter, and Frank Turner was the old woodcutter. It was a lighthearted production of Red Riding Hood presented for the children.


March 18, 1967, The Ithaca Journal, Ithaca, NY; Rick Leland and Mary Ames star in "Casey," an Ithaca Interfaith Drama Council production.  See story on Page 6.

Interfaith Council Sets Drama

     The Ithaca Interfaith Drama Council will prsent four performances of a religious drama, "Casey," starting Sunday.
     The show will be given in four different places in Ithaca.  The schedule:
     Sunday, March 19, 8 p.m. in St. John's Episcopal Church.
     Tuesday, March 21, 8:30 p.m., Anabel Taylor Hall Chapel.
     Wednesday, March 22, 7 p.m., Tompkins County Hospital Auditorium.
     Friday, March 24, noon, First Baptist Church.
     Members of the cast are Rick Leland of Ithaca; Mary Ames, Cornell 1969; The Rev. David Connor, Roman Catholic Chaplain at Cornell; Frank Turner, Ithaca; Toby Clary, Ithaca; Robert Kenner, Ithaca; and Kay Buckley, Ithaca.
     The director is Dorothy Purchase.  Head technician is Robert Allen and lighting director is Robert Allen, Jr.  The play was written by P.W. Turner.
     The council is made up of members from the churches in the Ithaca area.  The council hopes to present religious dramas throughout the year.

This was taken about 1990, from left to right clockwise we have my wife Theresa Ann, my step daughter Robin Ann Crist, my son Edward, me, and center stage is Ashley Marie Leland.

Next is my oldest daughter Melissa Ann Verrilli, the mother of David, who has his own page. Forgive the quality of the photo's I'm still learning things here.