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Poetry by

Richard M. Leland III

These are a few of the poems I have composed over the years, there are two missing that I know of, the first poem of the Precious Moments series, and one that I wrote many many years ago, that I will try and remember, It was a poem of "young love."   The "Circle," is a poem I wrote in celebration of my sister's marriage of 51 plus years, it is dedicated to Margaret (Peggy) and Maurice Duvic, may they be forever young. Here is a link to Christian's Poem , it was written at the time of his death, at less then two years of age.


How many hours are in my day?

If you say twenty-four, then add this way

The hours I spend with you,

the hours I spend thinking of you,

added to the hours spent asleep with dreams of you.

Make many more hours in my day.

Precious Moments -1986

Precious Moments

Remember Precious Moments which were all I had to give?

They filled me with a hope that I could begin to live.

I took that hope and gave it, for you to hold and nurture,

You warmed it into something where I can see a future.

It's a future bright with promise, of joys yet to come,

as long as we remember, when each day is done.

That each day is all we have for as long as we may live,

So it is still these Precious Moments, which is all we have to give.


Precious Moments

When we met we had no future
Although one was surely planned.

For it was decided by another
that we would walk together hand in hand.

We lived then for the moments,
precious moments we had then,

And we made each moment last,
like years that had no end.

The tomorrows we could not hope for,
have become the yesterdays of dreams,

And our future is bright with promise,
with a sun that always gleams.

But always we must remember,
that our love is for today,

And if we keep it just that simple,
it will never go away.


Precious Moments - Ashley

We have made a Precious Moment,
one you can touch and see.

We have made this precious moment,
and named her Ashley Marie.

She was given to us by our Lord,
for us to care for from this day forward.

To give her the love he knows we share,
so she may grow without a care.

That she may learn, in love is power,
from making peace, to growing a flower.

And if we can teach her just one thing,
It is love is hope that flies on wings,
to bring us joy and precious things.

Among those things, I write this line,
That she may live One Day at a Time.

This was written after the birth of my daughter, Ashley Marie Leland, who was born nine weeks early, on March 17th, 1988, at 3 lbs, 8 ozs.  She came home on April 20th 1988 and has been our joy ever since.

A Circle has no end

We faced each other hand in hand
A circle did we form
Four hands two hearts together did we stand.

Our world was safe, our hopes were high
our dreams had yet to form.
We faced each other hand in hand,
the circle had begun.

Two by two the hands would join
to make the circle grow.
So small at first, so innocent and pure.

And each day with love and care
ever stronger they would grow,
to help to grasp two more
small hands, and make the circle grow.

Year after year the circle grew,
not only with our own.
But with those who felt our
circles strength, and wanted so to share,
their hopes and dreams with ours you see,
and make our circle grow.

Four, six, eight and ten
twelve, fourteen, sixteen then,
Eighteen, twenty and ever more it grew,
too numerous to count now,
each one sharing with the other,
and bonding yet anew.

War then peace, pain and joy,
Fear and hope, a lost little boy,
but always has the circle stood,
since the day that it began,
so many wonderful years ago,
with a woman and a man.

The circle never ends you see,
hands may fall away,
But the two who joined the four,
the two to whom we pray,
will ever keep the circle strong,
that began upon that day.

This is our legacy,
that where ever you may be,
whatever joy or pain you have,
reach out your hand to God and find

The Circle has no End.

22 April 2001