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Photographs of Family Members
I hope to put these in some order but don't give up there are some real neat pictures in here, check out my father in a dress.

William A. Leland, Jr. & Family

Richard C. & Mary Theresa Simonton McLester

Richard McLester Leland, Sr.

Margaret K. Walters Leland

Cadet Richard McLester Leland, Jr.

William A. Leland, Jr. & Ella McLester Leland

McLester Hotel 1900

R. M. Leland, Sr., Lucie Martin Leland & family

 The Leland Family Burial Plot, Evergreen Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lt.(?) Richard M. Leland, Jr.

Margaret Ella McLester Leland

The "Snow House"

 Martin & Lucy Leland, Children of  Charles Leland

Staircase from the home of Richard C. McLester & Mary Theresa Simonton

Lt. Col. R.M. Leland, Jr.

Ella Leland Faulk

The McLester Home on Greensboro Ave.

 This was an UNKNOWN member of the family,, we have determined this is William Archibald Leland, IV, dressed for wedding of Ella Leland and Dr. Faulk, c.1904.

Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Leland's, McLester's, Kennedy's, 1 May 2000.


R.M.Leland, Jr. & his brother Henry Walters(Pete) Leland

Dr. & Mrs. Faulk with Margaret L. (Leland) Duvic 

 Saved for the "Kennedy" Home

Caricature of Lt. Col. R.M. Leland, Jr., 1944


R.M.Leland, Jr. at play

Margaret Ella Faulk, daughter of Ella & Dr. Faulk

The Drish House, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1985 



R.M. Leland, Jr. "the dude"

Carrie Snow Leland Jones & Martin Winthrop Jones

 Early joyride with Julia & RebeccaLeland, Carrie Faulk, Henry Leland, Jr., Margaret Faulk & John Leland

Henry Hume Leland, Jr., U.S.N.


Maybelle Emeroy Walker, 2nd wife of R.M. Leland, Jr., abt 1940


Donna Leland & Leland Sonnier; c1982


Maybelle Leland at retirement, about 1983





Party at Billy Roses Diamond Horseshoe, NYC,late 1940's 

Family of Peggy and Vic Duvic




 Richard McLester Leland III, 1946





R.M. Leland III, 1963 & 1964





 R.M. Leland III & family 1990





Ashley Marie Leland, daughter of R.M.Leland III



 Christian Alexander Niven
"Our Fighter"

Melissa Ann Leland Verrilli, David's Mother 

 David Mark Verrilli, 1st Grandson of R.M.Leland III






Richard M. Leland III; 2000


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